Garage Sale Ch. 03

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I climbed out of the car and looked at the reflection in the windshield of a tall man with a grey beard holding a grocery bag of garden tomatoes. And then I paused and looked next door at the two-car garage where just over two years ago I had met a brown-eyed women named Susan at a garage sale. That afternoon, we made love just once, before she flew to the Philippines. The next day, Carol, her neighbor invited me in for coffee and explained that I had been selected, at the garage sale, to be Susan’s final fling before going off to a mission school. Carol and I spent the afternoon together, then most of the night, and we have been close friends and lovers ever since.

I quietly slipped through the gate into a secluded back yard, walked softly past the lounge chair on the deck and opened the back door to Carol’s house. I am a lawyer who just turned 60, and Carol is still in her mid 40’s, happy in her job as a Nursing Supervisor. My wife left me years ago, and my children are grown. Her teenage children live with their father in London. We spend three or four nights a week in each other’s bed, although sometimes it is just cuddling. But we are either too stubborn or maybe too scared to consider moving in together, let alone getting married.

Carol was standing at the Kitchen Island with her back to me. So I quietly set the bag down put my arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck. She purred when I kissed her, but let out a loud yelp when I playfully patted her butt. All she was wearing was one of my old white shirts, over small but perky bare breasts and lifting the shirttail revealed that her naked cheeks were so burned that the red color of her twin heart tattoo had all but disappeared.

“Oh oh, looks like someone fell asleep in the sun again”

Carol turned around and with a pout on her face said ” I bought a new swimsuit that was smaller then the old one, and I was trying to erase the old tan lines.”

I took another look at her two small but shapely globes, and finally seeing a thin white line across her back, said ” maybe a thong, but hardly a suit.”

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said ” well I bought it for you, and now you can do something for me.”

Carol handed me a small bowl of white goop. When she saw my sour expression, she explained that it was a mixture of zinc oxide and vinegar that will sooth the pain and restore the Ph balance of the raw skin. She added a little wintergreen to improve the smell.

Carol smiled and pointed at the middle cushion of the couch and said, ” Now would you please stop being so judgmental. Just sit down, and gently rub this stuff on my butt.” Complaining about the heat, she took off the shirt, and lay across my lap.

It is almost impossible to fondle the hot butt of a naked woman and maintain the professional demure of a health care provider. But I tried, starting at the high point of each cheek, and slowly spreading the white stuff down the sides and then the length of her legs. Carol started to purr while I slowly and gently rubbed the red skin.

When Carol spread her legs apart so that I could cover the inside of her thighs, the compassion in my heart started to lose ground to more basic desires. The tips of my fingers slipped between her cheeks and brushed against the tender area between the lips of her vulva and her brown eye. She propped herself up on the elbows and looked over her shoulder at me. I continued moving them down until they rested just slightly within the lips. Despite that scowl on her face and shaking of the head, there was no doubt that my fingertips were wet, and her purring was getting Web Tools louder.

I was starting to get a little uncomfortable and when she complained that something was poking her tummy, I exclaimed “Oh”, while trying to keep the smirk off my face,” Do you think that you are the only one that is getting excited by this medical procedure.”

She laid her head back down on the cushion and sighed as she said ” yes, I remember your stories about playing doctor. OK, when you are done and if you do a good job, I’ll try to take care of that unprofessional bulge in your lap.”

I gently pushed the tips of my two middle fingers in between her lips, just past the first knuckles. Then I pulled them out until I could see the fingernails. Carol’s breathing started to get louder and kept pace as I pushed and then pulled back. The outer lips of the vulva started to swell, and the lubricant started to flow. Finally, after Carol started to pant, I pushed the two fingers all the way in and with my thumb, I gently caressed her brown eye. Carol got up on one elbow, looked over her shoulder at me. And let out a loud fart!

OK, in the past, we have enjoyed anal sex together on a few memorable occasions, but I did not need to be told that this was not going to be one of them.

When I rotated my hand so that it was palm down, she smiled and laid her head back down on the cushion. When I started gently drumming my fingertips in that warm and slowly expanding pleasure cave, Carol clenched her legs together and groaned, followed by a plea.

“Please Bob, have mercy. That is my poor bulging bladder you are shaking, and if you don’t want to get really wet, you had better stop.”

I gave it a couple more thumps, and then curled my fingers a bit and slowly dragged them back until I found the rough patch of skin that Carol had taught me to find. She relaxed her legs and spread them a little wider so that I could continue to massage what she called her G-Spot. My thumb was now hanging downward, so; I was in just the right position to caress her clit at the same time my fingers were pumping in and out. Hitting both hot spots at the same time was turning a normally cool and calm lady into a sweating, panting, moaning, moving body of flesh. When I slipped my free hand between the cushion and her breast and tugged at her nipple, it was all over.

Suddenly, her whole body stiffened, and started to convulse as she buried her head into the cushion and screamed, “Oh My God, Bob if you had done that to me the first night, I would have chained you to the bed frame.”

She just lay, across my lap panting and the bright red rash that had crept down from the nape of her neck to just above her waist was starting to fade. Slowly she got up on her elbows, looked over her shoulder at me and smiled.

” Don’t worry, love, I have not forgotten our bargain, but first I have to empty my bladder, that you so cruelly played with.”

By the time she had returned from the bathroom, I had taken off my clothes and my penis was making an attempt to stand ready for Carol’s attention. She had just started to lift her leg so that she could sit on my lap, when she looked down. There was just a very quick flash of concern on her face, but her years of experience as a nurse must have kicked in and apparently she was determined not to embarrass me.

Carol threw a pillow on the floor between my feet, and kneeled in front of my semi-erect penis. She gave the head a little kiss, and said ” Hey sleepy head, rise and shine, the fun has just begun.”

I could have accepted the pass, but my years of experience as a Online Web Tools trial lawyer told me that the obvious but unspoken truth could hang very heavy, so I broke the ice.

I gave my nearly stiff penis a little pat, offered a mock pout and said. ” I have an appointment to see Doctor Dalquist Tuesday.”

Her reply was “you mean the Peter Plumber that did your vasectomy.”

“Yes sweetheart, the same guy that made it safe for me to have fun, 25 years ago, is going to fix things so that I can keep doing it for another 25.” Then just to make sure that the tone did not turn somber again, I said ” Peter Plumber. Is really that what they call the Urologist.”

We were both laughing now and she shoot back, ” well it makes sense, but you really don’t want to know what we call our Proctologist. “

When I reached out to caress her beautiful breasts, she smiled, and said ” Just shut your eyes and relax, and I’ll prove to you that you aren’t the only one around here that has dancing fingers.”

” What? I don’t get to watch”

” Bob”, she purred, ” You were very kind to me, and your extra special treatment was mind blowing, but now it is my turn. This is all about you. You can watch if you want, but I think you will enjoy it more if you don’t exactly know what I am going to do next.”

“Ok, I am willing to do that. But will you tell what is going on, if I ask.”

Carol giggled a little and said ” maybe”

So there I was, my head flopped back on the back of the couch, my eyes closed and I could feel the warmth of Carol presence between my legs. The first sensation was feeling the point of her wet tongue on the sensitive spot just above my rectum. I could feel the tongue very slowly start the now familiar journey up the mid-line of my scrotum and the predictable tightening of the skin around my balls. We had done this many times, so I has not surprised to feel her continue up the bottom side of my penis and stop at the small V at the base of the head. The tongue did take a quick slurp, all the way around the base of my circumcised bulb, but just as I was expecting “the lover’s kiss” on the head, she blew a quick puff of warm breath right into the hole, and then she was gone.

Without opening my eyes, I said “what? That’s it.”

She just giggled again and said “Of course not, silly. Just be patient, while I get something off the table.”

I heard a scraping noise and then I felt a little pressure on my brown eye. It did not feel like she was rubbing across the pucker, but rather that she was getting ready to push in. Carol has been a nurse for many years so I was confident that she would not hurt me, and I tried to relax and let her in. When I felt an unfamiliar cooling sensation, I asked, “what is that?”

“That is the stuff you rubbed on my butt. The cool feeling comes from the Wintergreen. If you are uncomfortable, let me know now so I can find the KY Jelly.” She paused a moment and then said “on second thought maybe I better use the jelly anyways, since I was going to massage your prostrate. Do you want it au natural or with a glove.”

I opened one eye and sighed,” and what would you expect your students to do?”

Carol just grinned and said, “Smart Ass. Now you are going to just wait and see how long it takes for me to get back.” She threw the shirt over my naked body and I heard her get up and walk out of the room.

I really was not sure if the smart ass crack was a complaint or a complement, but after all, it was my ass that was about to be poked. However; there was no doubt that the playful sex between close friends today Çevrimiçi Web Araçları was a lot different, and more enjoyable, then the power lust that started this relationship two years ago.

I was just starting to doze off, when I heard soft footsteps. I felt my body being uncovered, and when I looked down through the slits of my half closed eyes, it was obvious that the rest of me was sound asleep. I could also see Carol’s warm smile of compassion quickly turn into a mischievous grin. Clearly she was not ready to give up on me, or be denied the opportunity to have some fun.

She knelt down again between my legs and kissed the head of my flaccid penis and said, “hey, sleepy head, I have a promise to keep.”

I shut my eyes again and laid my head back. Once again the warm tongue tickled the base of my scrotum and slowly traveled up the mid line and then on to the penis itself. Up the back side, slowly, ever so slowly over the top of a now more erect sexual organ, and down the other side. I heard the snap as Carol put on the latex glove, and moments later I felt the cool KY Jelly being applied to my brown eye. Submitting to a prostate exam is an annual event at my age, so I just tried to relax and let her slim finger slide inside. I felt a little uncomfortable when she stated to massage that walnut sized gland, but it was obvious that my penis was responding. Hmmm, I thought maybe I wouldn’t need the little blue pills after all, if I can convince Carol to make this part of the foreplay routine. Well, maybe not.

I felt Carol’s warm breath just above the head of my penis that was finally fully erect. When her lips slowly slipped down and over the flared edge, I could also feel my rectum clamp down on her finger. But just as quickly as the lips moved farther down the shaft, the muscle relaxed again. When she pulled back, and her lips came in contact with the edge, it happened again. And again, and again.

Carol must have noticed the same thing, and when she curled her finger and pulled her knuckle past the sphincter muscle just as her lips hit the base of the head, a jolt went though my body that made my eyes pop open and I let out yelp. I thought to myself, now I understand what Anal Beads are all about.

I saw that mischievous grin on her face and she said, “Oh, I think we have found a new game.” Once she had gotten into a rhythm of pumping her knuckle back and forth while bobbing her head up and down, all I could do was groan and flop my head from side to side.

But that game did not last much longer before I felt the pressure in my groan start to build, and my breathing turned into a pant. Soon afterwards that fuzzy feeling that started above my ears and traveled down through my body until suddenly my hips starts to buck. No doubt Carol could feel the constant spasms of my rectum on her finger, and she pulled back her head just before I let not one, but three squirts of semen that slowly flowed down the side and on to my tummy.

I laid my head back on the couch and trembled. I could hear Carol taking off the glove, and I felt her softly rubbing a tissue across my skin. After a few moments, she climbed on to the couch and laid her head in my lap. We lay there for awhile and I gently stroked her face and looked into her blue eyes. Finally Carol quietly said ” I got e-mail from Susan this morning. She married a doctor, and they are coming back here to live.”

I thought back to the day that I met Carol’s close friend and neighbor, and for just a moment relived my role as her going away present. I gently stroked Carol’s chin and said ” the housing market is pretty tight right now, I hope they like apartment dwelling.”

Carol crawled out of my lap, kissed me gently on the lips and said ” Oh, I thought maybe they would like to buy your house.”

And that, my friends, was the start of a very serious conversation. But that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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