Hartstein Ch. 07

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Illustrated version of chapter available on request to Author

Chapter 7

The Roomate

Although he didn’t know it at the time that was the last time he would see Joanna.

Three weeks later, Paul had finished a rough draft of his novel and took the train from Danbury into Manhattan to meet Carol for lunch.

On this occasion, Carol went without the black wig having had her blonde hair styled for the occasion. Under the London Fog raincoat she wore a dark blue business outfit, jacket and skirt with a white blouse. This time the blouse was fully buttoned and Paul took it as a sign that she meant business and not a mix of business and pleasure.

Carol read his manuscript, nodding as she quickly read his work. For his part, Paul winced every time she turned a page thinking that she might have missed an important paragraph or even a short, but vital sentence. But Carol was an editor and a highly skilled one at that, and she missed nothing, even memorizing several major changes that she would mention to him after they finished eating.

Moreover she managed to quell her lust for his touch throughout, committing herself to his novel and putting the sordid sex she had in mind for them out of her mind for almost the full duration of their lunch.

Paul couldn’t bring himself to eat a bit worrying that she’d find some glaring error or worse that the entire novel was amateurish and not worth the money they’d already given him. It wasn’t until Carol closed the manuscript and took a large gulp of her wine that she broke the prevailing silence at their table.

“Well, Daddy, you’ve really got something here,” she murmured softly, using her pet name for her client and lover.

Paul recognized the change immediately and smiled. “Do I?”

“Yes, indeed you do!” Carol said and waved to a passing waiter who quickly arranged for their drinks to be refilled.

“I’ve already praised this novel to Jubal … he’s the publisher and Operating Officer and he’s told me that if you continue to produce more chapters like the earlier ones we’ll have a big seller on our hands.”

Paul’s expression didn’t change. Carol felt she needed to explain herself better and said: “”Well, Paul … what I’ve just read is even better than the first few chapters. My guess is that after Jubal reads it—and he will—Hollywood will come calling.”

“What?” Paul gasped.

Smiling fiendishly at him, Carol nodded and repeated herself, “Hollywood will come calling—in the sense that they smell a best seller and want an option on it for the movie rights. You’re going to need an agent, Paul.”

They finished their drinks and Carol picked up the check and gave the waiter her credit card.

“Want to come up to my place, Daddy? I have a nice surprise for you.”

“I love surprises, Carol, but haven’t you surprised me enough for one day?”

“Oh, do you have other plans? No … don’t answer that, Daddy. You’ll love this … umm, surprise. Now come on, be a good boy for your little girl,” she purred and took him by the hand as they left the restaurant.

He hadn’t been laid since that memorable night at the Master’s with Celia, Jim and Joanna, and he was ready for sexual action, although he had thought he’d try his luck with the attractive bartender at Café Orlin named Terry.

But he was also a proponent of the old adage, ‘a bird in hand is worth two in the bush,’ especially with the kinky Carol and her quirky ideas, and so he went along with her ‘surprise.’

He was quiet as they entered her building, only suggesting once they were inside that they try the stairs.

Carol laughed and chided him, saying: “Can’t wait to get inside huh?”

His hand squeezed her ass, causing her to laugh raucously. “Not here, Daddy! If someone sees us I could be evicted.”

Her concern seemed genuine to him so he gave her derriere a light slap and followed her to the elevator.

He was quiet in the elevator and Carol felt a need to remind him of her ‘surprise,’ “Don’t forget I have a surprise for you,” she said and giggled nervously.

Paul already expected the surprise to be one of her roommates waiting for them, possibly already naked and on the bed, but said nothing about it.

The last time he had been in her apartment it was in a pristine condition and he knew that she and her roommates had just cleaned it. At the time he had wondered if she had planned on bringing him home with her.

But we hadn’t met previously, he thought, so it was possible the place had been cleaned for the other roomies date and he had shown up unannounced and ruined that girl’s night.

He decided then and there to be nice to whoever was waiting and not leave anyone with hard feelings.

“A penny for your thoughts?” Carol chirped after glancing at the bedroom door.

“I’m thinking about hard feelings,” he replied.

That surprised her, “Hard feelings?” she repeated.

“Well … I’m feeling hard anyway, Carol, and he pulled her into his arms and kissed her softly on the mouth, barely Fast link making contact.

“Oooooohh,” Carol sighed, taken aback by the gentleness of his kiss.

He kissed her again, this time softer yet, but only on her lower lip. Carol’s knees buckled. It was the most sensual kiss she’d ever received and he knew it. Holding her up until she regained strength in her legs, Paul kissed her again, this time flush on the mouth and finding it open sent his tongue in to trace over her teeth and gums.

Her hand drifted downward and groped along his upper thigh until locating his erection then she moaned as she grasped his manhood.

“Slow down,” he whispered. “There’s a surprise here, or on the way isn’t there?”

“Ooooh … yeah … I almost forgot.”

“Bullshit, you did forget,” he said, taking full control of her as he had the last time they were in the apartment.

She leaned forward and kissed him softly on his lips, and he returned the kiss.

“Let’s take our time, we have all night,” he said and began working her blouse out of her skirt.

Her blond hair had been tugged asunder and filled with static electricity when he had dragged her silken blouse over her head without opening all the buttons. Light from a nearby lamp near the door created a halo around her face. She was braless and her nipples were hardened pebbles, her breasts ghostly white circles proving that she had frequented a tanning salon during the wintery New York months.

Carol’s hand returned to his hardon. “You’re ready, Daddy,” and holding fast to his erection, she led him into what he assumed to be her bedroom and gently steered him to the bed.

Paul sat down and allowed her to push him backward so that he lay on the bed looking up at the ceiling as she straddled his waist and bent over to kiss him again.

This time it was her hands lifting up his shirt, and he allowed her to remove it. Now stripped to the waist she attacked his nipples with her mouth and teeth, gently nibbling on them, pleased by the soft groans she received from him. Keeping his mind focused on his nipples she took one of his wrists in her hand and brought it up over his head so that his hands were hanging off over the end of the bed. Working quickly she attached it to a restraint already installed to the top of the frame, and a few seconds later both wrists were bound.

“What are you doing?” he asked, although he had a good idea of what was coming.

“I promised you a surprise didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did,” he said softly, letting her think she had him worried.

“Okay then, just do as I say and you’ll have a good time. Don’t do as I say and you won’t. Got it? I’m in charge, and don’t you forget it,” she snarled at him.

It was all Paul could do to keep from laughing at her. Carol was no Dom; if anything she

was a sub and had proven it when he had spanked her and she began calling him Daddy the last time they were together.

She had also called him by that endearment several times that afternoon confirming his suspicions. He went along with her and watched as she left him to rummage around in the closet being careful to shield whatever it was she found from his view.

She turned to look at him and he saw her eyes shiny with arousal as she stood up, still hiding whatever it was from him and made her way into the bathroom. “I won’t be long, Paul, and I promise you’ll like what you see when I get back there.”

“I’ve always said the best things in life are well worth the wait, Carol. No problem on this end.”

They both laughed at that and Paul lay back and waited knowing full well it would be worth the wait.

Five minutes later Carol emerged a different person. Now standing in the room with him was a bitch goddess in heat. Her stockings appeared to be made of some acrylic material, or a shiny vinyl attached by garters to a leather-like corset that went from her upper thighs to covering her chest. Then there was a black collar and the long black leather gloves that ended just below the elbow.

His eyes also took in the riding crop and he hoped she didn’t decide to use it on him to any extent. She was also holding additional clamps that he thought might be used for his feet, although they appeared more suitable for a person’s hands or wrists.

“Oh, Carol … this is a surprise!” he said, meaning every word.

Carol went to work on him, removing his slacks and underwear. Then holding his cock with her fingertips she raked her nails up and down its length until it reached full size.

“Very nice,” she purred, and began a slow knee-walk up his body until her crotch hovered over his face. He could smell her excitement through the leather panties before she popped some snaps at the crotch and lowered her pussy to his mouth.

“Lick it good,” she said in a wickedly husky voice, “and if you make me cum, maybe I’ll return the favor.”

He attacked her pussy with his lips and tongue, his task made a bit awkward by the restraints on his wrists. Carol began to fast links thrash lightly against his head, small mutterings and moans escaping past her lacquered lips.

All too soon her mutterings turned to moans and ‘Oh Gods,’ as he concentrated on her clit, sucking, nipping and licking.

Carol’s upper body shook. Her aroused nipples were outlined against the thin leathery material covering her chest.

“DO ME DADDY!” she screamed, her voice already hoarse with lust. Then, unable to keep herself upright, she fell forward, her hands flat against the wall in front of her to hold herself off of him.

“You’re fuckin’ unbelievable!” she gasped s her breath slowly returned.

She lifted herself off his face and collapsed on the mattress next to him.

“Are you gonna release me now?”

“Maybe soon,” she said still panting, but with a smile on her lips. She gently took his cock with her fingers and began teasing him anew with her nails.

Paul heard a door squeak as it opened and knew his ‘surprise’ had arrived.

“Carol? You home? You’ll never guess who I saw tonight …. Carol?”

“Who was it, Sarah?” Carol answered calmly from the bedroom through the half-opened door.

“That fucking creep, Gavin. He tried hitting on me a…gain ….”

Sarah Mannix froze in the doorway on seeing her roommate geared up in her dominatrix outfit. On the bed next to her was a guy she’d never seen before, sporting the longest and thickest erection she’d ever laid eyes on.

Sarah lowered her eyes respectfully. “Oh … I’m so sorry, Carol, I’ll shut the door behind me,” she said reverently as she was already in awe of him.

“No—no Sarah. I’d love for you to join us,” Carol said.

“You mean it?” Sarah said her excitement already apparent on her face.

“Of course, but you have to get yourself properly prepared for him. Do you understand?”

“I think I do …” Sarah said as she began to unbutton her blouse.

“No Sarah … the special outfit … you know, add a few other things, if you want, but fix yourself that way if you want to join us.”

“Okay … yeah, I get it! Okay, I’ll be right back!”

“Now we’re in for some fun,” Carol said slyly to the handsome man she had cuffed to the bedposts.

“She seems a nice surprise. Thank you Carol.”

“You’re more than welcome, Paul.”

“Not calling me Daddy now?” he said trying to sound aggrieved.

“I didn’t say you could talk!” she barked, but the manner in which her hand languidly traced patterns on his muscular chest told him she was only playing with him.

“Show me your tits, Carol,” he said, putting a plea into his voice.

“These little things?” she said, covering her breasts with both hands.

“Yes, those lovely little things. They really are lovely you know.”

“Sarah’s got big boobs, Daddy. Wait and see.” Her subservient tone had returned.

The door to the bedroom opened and Sarah reentered wearing a halter over her breasts and a Turkish towel wrapped around her hips.

It took Paul a long second before he realized she was also wearing black dress gloves that ended just above her elbows.

“Sarah, just lose the top, will you?” Carol said, obviously put out that Sarah had covered her breasts after she had told Paul how lovely they were.

She turned to Paul and asked, “Want your cock sucked, Paul?”

He didn’t answer her for he was staring at Sarah, taking her in as it were: Her dark hair framed a blemish-free face with crisp angles to the cheekbones and a point to the chin. She had an understated tan and beneath the swell of her breasts, her body narrowed to a taut, flat stomach unsullied by the ripple of muscles. Then it swelled again to the smooth curves of her hips, enveloped by the towel so that he could not see her legs, although he knew they were near perfect in and of themselves.

Sarah adroitly divested herself of the make-shift bra, letting it fall to the floor, then stood tall and erect, her arms held slightly behind her, unmoving but for the gentle rise and fall of her chest and a slight flare to her nostrils. But he was completely captivated by her areolas and the nipples centered in them.

“That would be nice, Carol,” he finally replied so drolly that Carol burst out laughing.

She turned back to Sarah and found her still standing in place. “Sarah … did you not hear him? He wants his cock sucked!”

“Yes, yes, you wanted me to suck him ….”

Paul was impressed with her breasts, thinking them C-cups at the very least. His penis jerked as he allowed himself to think how tasty they would be if and when he got to sample them. Carol has nice pert tits, he thought, but those are bodacious.

His cock twitched again.

“Well I haven’t introduced the two of you, please forgive my carelessness. Paul, this is Sarah, my in-house cocksucker,” she said as if reeling off Sarah’s college degrees. Then she turned to Sarah who was already shivering.

“Doesn’t he have the loveliest cock you’ve ever seen?”

“I haven’t seen that many, Carol, but yes, it is certainly a lovely one. I especially like its size, both width and girth. Do you really think it will fit in my mouth? I have a rather smallish mouth you know.”

“I’m certain it will fit, Sarah. Now come pose for us in front of the mirrors, like the good girl you are,” Carol said commandingly.

Sarah obliged her, evidently finding it humorous for she began smiling and retained the smile for the next few minutes.

Paul thought he heard Sarah giggle, but couldn’t be sure; his pulse was beating in his ears, his eyes fixed on her breasts as they jiggled when she moved toward him.

“Hello, Sarah,” Paul said from the bed where he lay with wrists cuffed to the bedposts. “Come have at my cock. It won’t bite you, I assure you.”

Carol tried to stifle her laughter as Sarah climbed up on the bed and moved between Paul’s legs. But all she did was stare down at him.

Carol, frustrated by Sarah’s seeming incompetence, took the other girl by one ear and steered her to his twitching phallus. Jarred from her somnolent state, Sarah darted down and engulfed the entire head of his cock.

Paul groaned and strained against the shackles restraining his wrists for he wanted nothing more than to touch this marvelous looking woman who was fellating him.

“That’s right baby. Suck him,” Carol cooed. “Suck him hard. Suck him good. Yeah. He’s got a nice cock, doesn’t he, baby?”

Sarah nodded then came off his cock, leaving a long string of saliva hanging between it and her mouth. “Yes … he’s really tasty. I doubt I can take all of him, but I’ll certainly try.”

Carol reached down and took hold of his testicles. “Should I squeeze them or just tickle them … hmmmm?”

“I’d prefer you tickle them, if I have a say in it,” he said calmly.

“Okay … Daddy … tickle it is,” and she ran her long fingernails lightly over his balls while Sarah took him back into her hot little mouth and swirled her tiny tongue over his cockhead.

“He’s going to come down your slutty throat, and you’re gonna swallow it all. You’ll do that, won’t you, Sarah? You’ll swallow all of his man cream for me, won’t you?”

Sarah nodded again as even more of him filled her throat. But then she gagged—twice.

“C’mon slut,” Carol snarled, “he’s big, but not that big!”

“Yes, Mistress … I can do it! I can do it!”

Paul stifled a laugh as he was reminded of a favorite childhood book—The Little Train That Could and related it to Sarah’s effort to deep throat him. He decided to help her out.

“Sarah, if you don’t mind a little suggestion?”

“Oh, yes … anything!”

“Tilt your head slightly to the right.”

She did so.

“Mmmm, a little less …. Yes … that’s about it. Now just a little more … NOW HOLD IT THERE!”

“Like this?”

“Exactly like that. Now try it. Go slowly but hold that angle. It should alleviate most of the gagging and provide you with a clearer passage to taking me down.”

“Oh, thank you … its Paul, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s Paul.” He said and smiled at her. She smiled back and opened her mouth, forming a rather wide ‘O’ and enveloped his cock.

Then other than a few ‘gluck—gluck’ sounds, Sarah managed quite well.

Carol was so pleased with this development that she leaned over Paul and kissed him, mashing her mouth into his, and then her hot little tongue surged into his mouth.

Her torrid kisses lasted a minute or two and then she turned her attention back to Sarah, who was massaging his cock with both gloved hands.

“What a novel idea! How does that feel, Daddy?”

“Mmmm, wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!” he replied.

Almost ignoring him, Carol addressed Sarah, saying: “He’ll cum soon. Don’t miss a drop. Oh yeah, your nose buried in his pubes looks so nasty. You’re doing so well, darling … swallow it all when he cums, or I’ll punish you.”

Having told Sarah what she wanted, Carol suddenly began to scratch at her own crotch. Suddenly there was a puzzled expression on her face.

“What the fuck?” she said, and scratched even harder.

Paul still secured to the bedpost, watched, his first thought being that she was masturbating either for herself or for him or even both of them. But then on further observation he noted that there seemed to be an distinct lack of erotic play to her itch, and then speculated that the leather outfit was the root cause of her itching.

It was, and Carol was quick to act once she’d come to the same conclusion Paul had.

“Fuck it all!” she roared.

Sarah’s head was bobbing up and down his knob and jerking him off with those velvety long-sleeved gloves, but stopped abruptly on hearing Carol swear.

Carol tore the leather ensemble from her body and tossed it to the floor in the corner of the bedroom. “Fucking Internet garbage!” she swore and stood next to Paul and Sarah wearing only a garter belt, black stockings and four inch heels.

She had a rash from her neck to her groin and it was growing brighter by the minute as she rubbed and scratched at it.

“Stop touching it!” Paul said sternly. “How long have you had this?” he then asked.

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