Heather Ch. 12

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Heather Ch.12. Heather has a holiday weekend

All the characters in this story are over 18. It is set in England, so the words used are English not American. And this story continues after Heather Chapter 11…

By now I was getting so addicted to sex with Heather that my regular weekly trips were getting noticed. No-one had asked anything personal, just made odd comments about the time I was spending helping Heather out. Then one day as I came back from college I overheard Heather talking to my mother in our kitchen, so made my way quietly to the door…

“Yes, Ken’s going to take the girls away up to Yorkshire for the weekend, to see his folks. So I’ll be left here on my own – it’ll be very strange!”.

“I can imagine!” my mother replied, “I certainly wouldn’t like it here on my own. I always like to have a man about the house – you just feel safer somehow, don’t you?”

“Well,” started Heather, “I don’t know if I should ask this, but I was wondering if it might be OK for Andrew to come round and stop over in the spare room? It would certainly make me feel a lot safer, if you don’t mind.”

“This weekend?” asked my mother, “I’m sure if it would make you happier, I could have a word with Andrew and I don’t think he’d mind. After all he must know your house quite well by now, with all those weekend jobs he keeps doing for you!”

“Yes,” I heard Heather laugh, “he’s certainly been very useful about the house – you should be proud at having such a helpful son, Brenda.”

My heart was racing as I realised what was being planned, so tip-toeing back to the stairs, I then reversed my tracks, walking straight into the kitchen pretending I’d not heard anything. The two women were both wearing sweaters and skirts, my mother’s a dark pink round-neck with a darker red skirt, and Heather’s a beige colour v-neck, that seemed too tight but to my eyes looked just fabulous. As she was sitting I could see down to her cleavage and the soft swellings each side. I can’t remember her skirt colour, as her sweater-clad breasts made such an impression.

“Hello, Andrew! You’re home early today.”said my mother, smiling over to me. “We were just talking about you, weren’t we Heather? She’s going to be on her own next weekend because Ken and the kids will be away on holiday. You wouldn’t mind going round and stopping with her, would you? She’d feel safer that way, and I’m sure she’d give you a good breakfast to get you going in the morning.”

I half caught Heather’s eye, before my gaze passed down to her soft sweater and smoothly rounded curves.

“Well I suppose it would be fine by me.” I said. “When would it be?”

“This Friday, please,” said Heather, smiling at me: “Ken and the kids are going off in the afternoon, so they avoid the rush-hour, then they don’t get back till Sunday evening.”

“Well that’s settled, then” said my mother. “I’ll see that he brings some clean pyjamas round – it will be quite an adventure for you love, won’t it!” she smiled at me, “and you’ll be able to come back during the day if you like, and tell me all about it.”

So on Friday night, after I’d had tea at home as normal, I packed a rucksack with my essential supplies. It was not as though I was going far, but my mother fussed over me all the same.

“Now have you got your toothbrush, and your pyjamas, and some clean underpants, and some paper hankies too – you know how you get through paper hankies!”

I knew all right, but couldn’t say why. When all was sorted and packed, she kissed me goodnight.

“You will be good, won’t you – remember to say please and thank you!”

“Yes, of course.” I replied, knowing just how I would say please – and thank you too.

Heather came to the door as soon as I rang the bell, and showed me in. She was wearing a white v-necked sweater, with thick matching knitted tights under her dark brown skirt, making her look wool-clad all over. And obviously she was wearing no bra.

“I’ve been waiting for you ever since they left!” she smiled, looking me straight in the eye, with that twinkle that she had.

“I’m glad you’ve brought your bag with you – here let me show you up to your room!” and with that she led off upstairs.

I watched her closely as we went up the stairs, wondering if the tight white ribbed wool of her tights went all the way over her rounded bottom, then imagining the looser soft wool of her sweater meeting. I was sure she had no bra on, and as she moved I could catch glimpses of her breasts swinging free. God she was amazing! She went right at the top of the stairs, towards her bedroom, so gingerly I followed.

“I thought I might get very frightened if you weren’t close by, so instead of being in the back room, would you mind if you sleep in my bed next to me?” Heather asked, putting on a mock worried look.

“Well, if you are sure it’s all right…” I replied.

“Of course it will be!” she smiled back. “Just leave your bag in the corner and we’ll sort it out later.”

I put casino oyna my bag down and took a look around the room. It was much the same as my parent’s, with a double bed taking up most of the space, a wardrobe to one side and a dressing table in the window.

“Now as it’s Friday night, and we are settled in for a dreamy time – what about starting with a bath for you? I’ve filled the bath tub already! Come with me.” and she reached out for my hand, before leading me into the bathroom.

“Now, you just get undressed and into the bath. I’ll be back in a minute to see if your back wants washing.”

And with that she went out, leaving me getting aroused as I undressed ready for the bath. I folded my clothes neatly, then checked the water. It was fine, with a few bubbles floating around too.

She must have been really prepared, I thought to myself, as I stepped in to the lovely warm water and lay back to enjoy it. I’d barely had time to shut my eyes when Heather walked straight in – but now without her skirt on, just like I’d imagined her. But seeing it for real was much more exciting.

Her soft white sweater clung wonderfully to her full breasts, and the lack of a bra meant they moved and swung arousingly. The welt came just below her waist, and from there to her toes she was encased in white tights, the legs ribbed up to her hips and then plain in a panty shape above. I just stared at her, taking in all the rounded curves as her tights disappeared between her legs.

“So you like my tights, then?” asked Heather, smiling. “They’re very warm in the winter, and go well with this sweater don’t they?”

I just gazed, murmuring a quiet ‘yes’.

“And you look nice too!” she beamed down at me, looking up and down my naked body.

I’d tried to put my hands to cover me, but she thought differently.

“There’s no need to try and hide, now is there? I’ve seen your cock quite a lot now, you know – and it’s been right up inside me too, as you well know! So just put your hands by your side and let me see you properly.”

So I did as she asked. There was something exquisite about lying there and knowing she could see me naked. My cock stiffened as she looked up and down me, then twitched a little more as I watched her pull the sleeves of her sweater up her forearms.

“Mmm, I’m looking forward to this weekend, pet. First a good sponging all over should do you the world of good and relax you nicely. Now you just lie still and let me wash you.”

So I did as I was told, and felt the mounting pleasure as she ran the soapy sponge along and around my legs then my arms.

“Now sit up so I can do your back.” she ordered, so I leaned forward and she reached behind me soaping then rinsing.

“Now lie back so I can do your front, pet. Oh, and put your hands behind your head – I need to be able to get to you properly.”

Again I did as she said, and this time knew she would be touching my cock shortly. She washed my chest first, before moving down to my belly. My cock was now hard and firm, standing out of the water.

“Well before I do Mr Lighthouse, here, I just need to wash between your legs. Hold them apart please, and lift your hips out of the water for me, there’s a good boy.”

Now feeling totally submissive, I pushed my hips up and opened my legs against the colder sides of the bath. Heather soaped her hands into a good lather, then gently slipped her right hand between my legs, under my balls and straight to my anus.

I let out a cry of pleasure as she touched me, and my cock hardened further.

“Oooh did I hurt you, pet?” she asked, continuing to tickle me.

“No,” I panted, “no, it wasn’t pain, it is just so arousing.”

“That’s all right, then, now let’s just get you clean.”

And she continued to stroke between my legs, the white wool of her sweater nearly getting in the water as she reached under me. Her left hand had been resting on the side of the bath, but then she moved it deliberately down around the base of my cock.

It felt like heaven as she squeezed it tight.

“Well, let’s give Mr Lighthouse a washing too – I’m sure he’d like it!” she smiled, moving her left hand up and down my shaft.

I was getting really aroused now, with her wool-clad body tossing me and tickling between my legs. I panted and began moving my hips up and down in an automatic thrusting motion.

“Oh, you are getting frisky, aren’t you? Let’s see if we can get Mr Lighthouse to spurt out, shall we?”

She moved her left hand in a faster shafting motion, her bosom shaking under her sweater as I watched.

“Are you going to be a good boy for me, pet, and let it all come out? I know you want to!”

She sensed my body getting ready to cum, and went back to strong thrusting with her left hand, and fingered my bottom faster with her right. It was more than I could take, and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer.

She kept encouraging me with her gentle “Come on then, be a good boy for me! Let me canlı casino see Mr Lighthouse spurting out!”

So although I thought I could last for ages, I knew she would finish me off in no time at all. I just looked at her smiling face, then her bouncing breasts under the soft white wool, and my panting reached a climax.

With a cry of pleasure I came, splashing my cum all up the water over my belly, where it sank under the water leaving jelly-like blobs on my belly.

“There’s a good boy!” she smiled, as the last of my cum splashed on my chest, “you can certainly spurt very well, can’t you? And so quickly too! It takes Ken ages and makes my arm ache by the time he gets round to it.”

And she continued a gentle wanking motion, sliding her right hand from under me, and grasping my balls to pump the last cum out.

“Now we’d better wash this spunk off you, young man!” she smiled, washing my chest for the second time.

She reached behind her for a towel, showing off the gorgeous outline of her full breasts under her sweater as she stretched, then stood up.

“OK, out you come – you can have a lie-down in bed to relax in a minute”.

So I carefully stood up, and stepped out of the bath into the waiting towel. It was deliciously warm and fluffy, and as she rubbed me to dry me, I felt a renewal of desire – mixed with an aching sensation. I let her dry me, then followed her back into her bedroom.

She pulled back the covers for me to get into the bed, so I climbed in, feeling the luxurious cotton sheets against my nakedness.

“I had a bath earlier,” Heather explained, “so I’ll just get undressed and join you…”

She peeled down her tights, revealing tight white panties underneath. Facing away from me, she quickly slipped them off, putting them on a chair. Then, turning to face me she lifted her sweater up, showing off her naked breasts before she pulled it over her head.

“There,” she said, running her fingers through her hair, as her breasts wobbled freely. “That’s better! Here, you can have my sweater to keep you warm!” and she draped it over my face as she climbed in beside me.

The scent of her body clung to the sweater, and the feel of its soft wool over my face aroused me further. Then, still not able to see because of her sweater over my eyes, I felt her hand slip along the side of my body.

“Mmm,” she whispered, “You feel good… and I certainly feel a lot safer with you in the house. But there’s one thing you need to do before you go off to sleep. Do you know what it is?”

Her hands continued their gentle caresses along my side, and I felt myself ache as I began to harden again.

She didn’t wait for me to answer, but pulled her sweater off my face and got up on one elbow to look down at me – her face just a few inches from mine.

“I need you to taste me, like you did before!” she smiled, licking her lips before pressing them against mine.

As she kissed me so her hand slid over my belly to my cock, which was now fully erect and aching from my previous cumming. She encircled it then pressed and squeezed the base as her tongue explored my mouth. I was in heaven – again!

Suddenly she pulled away, lying back with her head on the pillow. She threw the covers down, exposing her sagging breasts and her gently rounded belly.

“God I need your tongue, young man.” she said, “but I’ll get cold like this, so I’ll just slip my sweater on to keep warm.”

She leaned forward and picked up the sweater from the bed. I stared at her breasts, dangling so nicely as she sat up, then disappearing beneath the white of her sweater. When she neatened it up, and slid it down under her bottom, she lay down again, tugging at the sweater hem to keep it straight. She’d pushed down the covers so far that now her pubic hair was showing under the bottom of the sweater. She slowly opened her legs, pulling her knees up slightly.

“Now Andrew, come and do your duty, please. I’ll just shut my eyes so you can surprise me!”

I knew just what she wanted me to do, so sat up then got up on my knees, my cock hanging straight out in front of me. She looked amazing, lying there, her arms behind her head, the white wool of her sweater revealing her soft swellings of her sagging breasts rising and falling as she breathed. The low light from their bedside lamp cast little shadows over her sweater where her nipples were pushing forwards – she was certainly already aroused in that area.

Between her legs the curly hair had parted, revealing the dark pink of her body in the shadows. I moved so I was kneeling beside her, facing down the bed, then I lowered my head towards her hairy cunt. As gently as I could I put my tongue out to lick her folds. She gasped and to start with I thought she was hurt, so pulled back.

“No, don’t stop!” she commanded, “that was gorgeous – just the right spot. Now more please, slave boy – lick me and suck me with that warm tongue of yours!”

I did as I was told, licking and sucking her kaçak casino soft warm flesh. She seemed saltier than I’d remembered, with that certain scent of arousal, but I didn’t care now, as her hips began moving gently under my mouth. I put my hand between her legs, partly to support myself, but then I thought I would finger her too.

It seemed quite an amazing place to be, leaning naked over my neighbour’s body, her legs wide apart as she urged me to excite her more. As my cock throbbed gently I eased my fingers to explore her vagina. She moaned as the first finger slipped inside, so after a while I became bolder and moved it around more, still sucking and licking her clitoris. She seemed to be getting very excited, and was now panting as her hips ground up into my mouth.

“God, you’ve got me going,” she breathed, “like I knew you would – but even better! Now how are you getting on?”

And with that she moved her arms forward, grabbed my cock and stroked my balls all at the same time. Now it was my turn to gasp.

“That feels good and hard, Andrew, so I think it’s time for you to come inside me before I cum, so you’d better get yourself in the right position. It’s OK, you can stop licking me for a minute.”

So I moved down the bed as she’d said, and knelt between her wide open legs, facing her. The pink flesh of her cunt was all exposed in front of me, and she watched me watching her.

“I’m ready now, slave boy, so just put that cock of yours inside my damp warmth.” And she put her hands slowly behind her head again, “Come on now, don’t be shy!”

I held my cock forwards, and lowered myself down till I could see and feel her body against mine. I pushed a little, then suddenly felt myself slipping inside her. She was so slippery inside that I just slid in, then we both began to move our hips, exciting each other more as we did. I had my hands each side of her chest, and felt her breasts stroke against me as she moved about. Suddenly I felt an urge to suck her nipples as they wobbled about, so dropped my head over the wool-covered mound of her left breast, my mouth filling with soft wool over her hard nipple.

She was moaning loudly now. “Come on slave,” she kept repeating, “Take me, have me, take me, have me.” and she thrusted her hips in time with the words.

I felt amazingly excited and powerful to be thrusting deep into her body, but after my bath-time tossing I wasn’t ready to cum, so could enjoy knowing that she was about to. Moving my mouth to her other nipple, I managed to get my fingers over her left one, feeling the wet wool where I’d just been sucking.

“Oh!” she exclaimed when both nipples were getting attention, “If you keep doing that I’m going to cum, you naughty slave boy!”

And so I kept up my pumping into her, feeling her get more and more excited and hearing her breathing rise until she was panting and moaning. Suddenly I felt her whole body writhe then stiffen beneath me as she let out a loud cry.

“Oh, don’t stop!” she whispered, as I felt her hips thrashing against mine in a frenetic series of pushing movements.

“Oh, again!!” she cried, and her moaning came in short pants as she came for the second time. I kept on thrusting into her body, slowing down a little as she did, until at last we were at rest.

“Well my slave, that was a wonderful treatment for your mistress,” Heather smiled, after our breathing had got back to normal. “You certainly know how to arouse me. But what about you – you’ve not cum yet, have you?”

“No,” I replied, “I’ve been concentrating on you, and besides, you had me in the bathroom just a few minutes ago.”

Heather smiled up at me: “Well, as a small thank you, you can have me know. Shall I keep my hands behind my head? Or would you like to see my breasts as a special treat?” She lifted up her sweater, exposing her left breast – the nipple still hard and red.

“Well, come on now my slave boy, you can have me now – just keep on pushing in me until you’ve cum again!”

And she put her hands behind her head again, then smiled up at me,

“Come on – please fuck me hard.”

So as I looked at her body beneath me, from the white v-neck of her sweater, down over the pulled up folds which showed off her sagging left breast, down over the soft pink of her belly to the damp hairs between her legs, I held my body firm, pulled in my stomach, and eased my cock into a rhythmic motion, my knees held together between her open legs. I knew it wouldn’t take long, as I felt the moistness of her slippery body gripping my cock as I pushed hard into my neighbour’s vagina, knowing she was old enough to be my mother. My eyes focused on her nipple, then I leaned down to suck it as my pumping came faster and faster.

“Come on,” she whispered, “please fuck me, oh please…”

Suddenly it was all over, and my cum was pouring into her in tight spurts. I cried out with pleasure and saw her smiling up at me as my cock pumped out my spunk deep in her body. I still ached but didn’t care as the pleasures of fucking Heather were just so great. After a while when my spurts had finished I slowed down my thrusting until I just held my self still with my cock firmly inside her but beginning to deflate.

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