Heightened Senses

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Having made the arrangements with your husband Ryan, I arrive at the hotel and check in. I go to the room to freshen up, before making my way back down to the bar area. It is early evening and the bar is busy with numerous businessmen and so, I find it easy to remain anonymous amongst all the other ‘suits’.

You arrive with Ryan shortly after and I can easily spot you, having provided clear instructions on what I wished you to wear; a short black skirt, heels and a white blouse. Your hair is down and I can already admire your fine ass through your tight fitting skirt. As organised, you sit in the bar with Ryan and enjoy a drink, knowing that one of the other customers will be enjoying your body shortly, but you obviously don’t know what I look like. As I subtly admire your beauty from a safe distance, I can only guess the excitement that you feel building, knowing that someone in that bar will shortly be using your body. I see you glancing round trying desperately to guess who. I see you fidget in your seat and imagine your pussy getting wet and tingling with anticipation.

I make my way upstairs, leaving my room number with the bartender for Ryan to collect as planned. Upon arrival at my room I ensure that the room is well lit and settle down in an armchair and wait.

Ryan holds your trembling hand as you walk along the corridor to my room. You pause at the door, long enough only for Ryan to give you a kiss and slip a silk blindfold over your eyes. He leads you through the door and into my gaze.

As planned, I sit and watch as your husband slowly removes your blouse, exposing your fine black bra and stunning tits. Already I can see your nipples stretching the bra material and Bycasino giving away your arousal. Next, Ryan turns you away from me and slips your skirt down your legs. This exposes the black stockings and suspenders that you have on, framing that most spectacular ass. As requested, you are not wearing any panties and when you turn I get a glimpse of your neatly trimmed pussy lips, already glistening and moist. At this stage Ryan kisses you once more, before stepping back and leaving you standing in just your underwear and heels.

As I walk over I see Ryan settle back into a chair and pull out his hard cock. He begins to stoke it as I approach you. Without saying a word, I place my hands on your shoulders and guide you to your knees. Blindfolded, your other senses are heightened and you can hear me unbuckle my trousers and pull my cock out. You can almost smell the pre cum on my rapidly hardening cock. As you feel the tip of my cock touch your lips you take me into your mouth. I can’t help but moan with pleasure as I look down at your mouth stretched round my cock and your perfectly clad ass resting on your heels. As I look across to see Ryan furiously stroking his hard cock, I enjoy your efforts as you suck my engorged cock. The shear energy with which you suck me gives away the excitement you feel at performing for an unknown stranger. As you fully lubricate my cock, I begin to thrust into your mouth, sliding my hands through your long hair to hold the back of your head as I do so. You gag momentarily, before I find a rhythm that suits us both.

Before long I feel the need to cum, but resisting the urge, I pull out, leaving your perfect lips, open and searching for my cock. I go Bycasino giriş to lie on the bed and signal Mark to assist. He guides you to the bed and helps you climb up straddling my legs. Fearing that the effects of your oral may shorten my pleasure I take hold of your hips and slowly begin to rock you back and forth. You can feel my rock hard cock beneath your pussy lips as you slide back and forward along its length, your pussy almost soaking my cock and balls. With each movement my cock rubs against your pussy lips and clit, causing waves of excitement. I cannot help but admire your stunning body as I slide my hands across your smooth stomach and encase your tits. How I manage to stay silent is a mystery as before long you begin to moan and after further teasing, quietly utter the word ‘please’. I then cause my cock to pulse which raises the tip and as you rock back, allows it to slide, balls deep into you wet pussy. This action causes me to break my silence and moan deeply. I grab your hips and guide you back and forth vigorously, fucking your sweet pussy hard and fast. The sight of your tits bouncing about within the confines of your black bra really does stimulate me and I go into overdrive, fucking you for all I’m worth – this is no tender sensual affair.

Ryan has meanwhile stripped off completely and comes round to the bed. Still blindfolded you can’t see this. Your mind is full of the sensations in your pussy and the sweet smell of sex that is now present. As your husband approaches the bed I pull you deeply onto my cock and hold you still, grinding pelvis to pelvis. As I do so I grab your gorgeous ass cheeks and spread them wide, showing your sweet ass to your spouse. Bycasino güncel giriş Up until now you had remained quite quiet, moaning softly as we fuck, but when Ryan quickly and purposefully thrusts his hardened cock into your ass, you omit a loud moan and collapse forward onto my chest.

Ryan then sets the pace and with each thrust, moves your pussy up and down my shaft. This double fucking has turned you into an animal, sweating and panting. A surprising string of obscenities flow from your mouth, as we both fill you full of cock. Your tight ass doesn’t take long to bring Ryan off and as he thrusts long and deep into your ass you actually bite my neck, clamping down as he fills you with his cum. This is too much for you and you start to shake as your pussy pulses and your orgasm rips through your body. As I feel you climax, I allow myself to cum, flooding your pussy with what feels like a never-ending amount of sperm.

I allow you and Ryan to recover as I dress and leave the room. As I glance back, I see you reaching over to kiss your husband, still blindfolded, as cum begins to leak from between your legs and trickle across one of your perfectly shaped buttocks.

I make my way back down to the bar, nursing the reminder that you left me with; a distinct bite-mark on my neck. As planned, Ryan eventually brings you back to the bar for a further drink. As you settle down at the far side of the bar I can see that your face is still flushed. I cannot work out whether this is still a result of the huge orgasm you have just had, or from your husband leaning across and telling you that I am still here in the bar somewhere. You again glance round the bar, this time trying to work out who has just ravaged your body and left their cum in deep inside you.

You momentarily look at me, but fail to notice the bite-mark. I know that you will soon walk from the hotel still not knowing who you just fucked, sucked and who’s cock you just came on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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