High School Crush

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This happened when I was just out of college and working for an advertising agency in Manhattan. It began as a ground floor level job, but I am very convincing when making presentations to clients, so I was rising fast. I was also working on my masters in marketing which the company liked to see.

It was February and I was working on a presentation and couldn’t leave work early that day. Many of my coworkers did because of the blizzard that was bearing down on the city. I made a call to a hotel that we have a business relationship with and was able to book one of the last rooms available for that night.

Apparently everyone was expecting the worse and didn’t want to have to sit at their desks all night or make what could be a treacherous trip home to the suburbs, which is where I lived.

I worked until about 7pm, not concerned about the weather once I knew I had a room, the hotel was only a block away.

One block seemed like a mile with the wind and snow blowing, but I made it without too much trouble. My plan was to go to the pub off the main lobby grab a bite to eat then go to my room.

The lobby was packed with people trying to find a room and a few lucky ones like me that had reservations. While standing in line to check in I noticed a woman sitting in one of the lobby chairs that looked so familiar to me. When she turned and I saw her full face I knew instantly it was Mrs. Graham my high school English teacher and senior class advisor.

As soon as I checked in I walked over to her and said “Mrs. Graham is that you?”

She looked up from her chair and gave me a big smile “Gloria what a wonderful surprise,” she said while standing to give me a hug.

We exchange some compliments and she asked about my brother whom she also taught, but two years after me.

“So Mrs. Graham what brings you here on such an awful day,” I asked

“I was in town meeting some friends for lunch and a show. With the storm warnings we had lunch and skipped the show. They live north of the city and went home. I figured since I was here I would get a hotel room and spend the night, I need a little vacation. However, every place is full and I’m at a loss as what to do now. I was just sitting here thinking about that when you walked up.”

“Not to bursa escort worry, you can stay with me, I have a room here,” I said.

“I don’t want to put you out,” she said.

“You won’t be putting me out at all. I’d love it, we can grab a quick bite to eat in the pub then go to our room,” I said

“As long as you don’t mind Gloria it sounds like a plan to me,” she said giving me another hug.

You know how kids have a crush on a teacher when in high school, well Mrs. Graham was the one I had a crush on. I discovered I liked girls when I was just starting high school, actually I thought I might be gay even though I like boys, the whole thing had me confused, but I know I had the hots for Mrs. Graham. I tried to let her know how I felt when she was my teacher, but she didn’t react at all, so I never knew if she didn’t hear me, didn’t care or didn’t know what to say.

We waited to be seated in the pub, the bar was jammed and you couldn’t hold a conversation so we waited for a table. We were lucky enough to be seated at a table for two in a quiet corner.

She told me about her husband and her children and I told her about my fiancé and how we met.

I must have called her Mrs. Graham a dozen times when she said “Gloria, I’m not your teacher any longer call me Marge.”

“Hello Marge I’m Gloria,” I said laughing.

It’s funny when she was my teacher she was an “Older woman.” She was only 25 at the time and I was 17, so here we are with me being 25 and she’s only 33, we’re almost the same age now, go figure!

We knocked off a bottle of merlot while eating dinner which loosened us up.

Our only past was teacher/student, but as it turns out we really hit it off as friends. We laughed and told antidotes of things that happened in our past.

She’s still teaching and loves it and I have a good future in my career, so we had a lot of fun things to share.

We decided to pass on dessert and planned on some room service when we got to our room.

We laughed on the elevator about checking into a hotel without any luggage, oh such bad girls.

The room was nice, only one bed, but a king size so we would be comfortable.

We had room service bring us each a giant brownie with and another bottle of merlot.

We were bursa escort bayan on the 22nd floor with a nice view of the city street below. We moved the chairs from around the table to face the window and we opened the drapes, turned off the lights and watched the blizzard which was in full swing.

She wanted to call her husband again to assure him she was safe. I told her I was going into the bathroom to freshen up and get comfortable so she would have some privacy on the phone.

“So is Hubby all relieved that you’re okay?” I asked while walking out of the bathroom.

“I think it would have been better if you were here to say hello to him so he wouldn’t think I’m shacking up for the night with some young stud,” she laughed.

She was looking out of the window when I entered the room and when she turned to face me she looked surprised to see me in just my bra and panty’s.

“I hope I didn’t shock you Marge. I figured I would get comfortable and save my clothes from getting wrinkled,” I said

“I was a little startled, but that’s a good idea I think I’ll do the same,” she said and headed into the bathroom. She came out of the bathroom in her bra and panty’s and I was pleased to see her body was as good as I had fantasized about when I knew her from school. She had full round breasts, flat tummy and a butt far nicer then mine. Put that together with her curly black hair, almond shaped eyes and olive completion, she was stunning!

“Damn Marge you’re hot, no wonder all the boys in school are running around with hard-on’s, “I said smiling.

“Oh Gloria stop it.” She said but she too was smiling.

We sat next to each other looking at the storm, eating our brownies and sipping wine, it was very pleasant.

I got up to pour us some more wine and I was feeling pretty tipsy and almost tumbled over. Before I returned to our window seat with the wine, I figured, what the hell, and removed my bra. I was more comfortable with it off plus I wanted to see Marge’s reaction.

I walked around to the front of her and said” Your drink madam,” and handed it to her.

“Oh my, a topless waitress and such a sexy one too,” she answered.

I was thinking she was going to be a little more shocked, but she was pretty cool.

I said” I just escort bursa had to get out of my bra I feel so much more relaxed now. I hope you don’t mind,” and sat down.

“Gloria, are you trying to seduce me?” she asked. I wasn’t sure if she was upset or just teasing me about it.

I answered,” Marge I’ve been bisexual since my early teens and I’ve been attracted to you since the first day I walked into your classroom, I hope this doesn’t upset you, but being here with you now has made me horny as hell.”

“Gloria do you remember when I was your senior advisor and you asked me meet you in the city for dinner.”

“I know I flirted with you, but I didn’t remember exactly how until you just mentioned it,” I said.

“It wasn’t as much what you said, but you left no doubt in my mind ,with your eye contact, smile and body language that you were asking for more than a dinner date.

“I wasn’t sure you even heard me or totally blew me off, because you never answered me,” I said

“I was your teacher what was I supposed to do?” she said.

“I can see now looking back at the situation I was totally wrong, you did the right thing. At the time I was just a smart ass kid, sorry,” I said.

“I have to tell you Gloria, I did think about you often. I never really had any experiences with other women, but I’ve never been totally against it, actually I’ve been curious.”

I kneeled down in front of the chair she was sitting in and took her face in my hands and gave her a warm tender kiss on the lips, after a second or two she returned the kiss. It was so warm and tender. When our lips separated she looked at me and said “let’s get on the bed.”

She removed her bra and panty’s and I kicked off my panties. We pulled the bedspread off and lay down next to each other. She was on her back and I was lying on my side next to her.

“Gloria, you’ll have to be the teacher now,” Marge said with a sexy smile.

I didn’t say anything I just moved my lips to hers and we kissed. My hand went to her breast and when I touched her nipple she let out a purring moan.

We kissed and I touched her and she her touch me. When I was moving my kisses down her body she spread her legs to give be total access to her wet pussy.

I nibbled, sucked and licked her until she cried out to make her cum, which I did!

She said “that was the most incredible organism I’ve had in years, oh Gloria, hold me.”

We fell asleep in each others arms as the blizzard raged on outside.

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