I Wasn’t The Only One

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Big Tits

The following story is entirely fiction. All characters are age 18 or older.

Special thanks to Marie Writer for editing and grammar correction!

* * * *

I don’t know what I was thinking. Of course it didn’t go well. I mean, I was seven years older than she was. What did I expect?! Still, I had gotten hooked on a girl that I wasn’t able to have, and I think that means I’m allowed to plead temporary insanity. Before this gets out of hand, let me explain.

Sara was a friend of my younger brother’s, and a stunning young woman. I had only known her for a year, but in that time, I was hopelessly enthralled. At first, I had felt bad about it. She wasn’t even 18 yet when we first met. Yet, “young woman” fully applied to her, even then. Long brown hair, about 5’2″, beautiful eyes, with a slim figure. She is the kind of girl who poses for fashion pictures without even meaning to. She had posed for a few fashion pictures, too, since her sister was an amateur photographer. It was all social media profile pictures and stuff, but I had downloaded all of them to my own hard drive as well.

By now, I’m sure you get the vibe that I’m a creepy stalker. Well, yes and no. I admit the difference in age between me and Sara meant that I was less than forthcoming about how I felt. It wasn’t any help that I was essentially a “friend of a friend”, even if that friend was related to me. The odds were stacked against me, and I knew it. She was just so damned beautiful, and I could not keep my eyes off her. I resigned myself to the knowledge that if anyone ever found out how much I liked her, I’d seem like a stalker. I hid my obsession rather well, and managed not to go overboard. No shrines, no secret life-size dolls, nothing that would indicate that I had anything more than a star-crossed obsession on Sara.

Overall, I had a decent balancing act going on. Until today, at her 18th birthday party. Sara invited me, too, which was nice of her. There were only a couple other folks my age there, since most of Sara’s friends would be from her school and such. It seemed pretty innocuous.

Sara, however, was wearing a knockout red dress. She had shorts or something on underneath, too, so I really should not have been so affected. This was the first time I’d seen her wear something straight out of her glamor shots in real life, though. She was perfectly modest, and just so unaware of how hot she looked. Not even her friends seemed to really notice, and that infuriated me. The cretins! Unrefined slobs! Nobody was appreciating just how much my angel was shining! Okay, that last one was really creepy. Sorry.

I had to tell her how much she lit up the room. Do you know how hard it is to have any semblance of privacy at a girl’s birthday party, when you’re trying to talk to the birthday girl? It wasn’t easy, and hopefully it didn’t look as awkward as it felt. Either way, I managed to meet her in the hallway and…I blubbered something stupid. I don’t want to remember what I said, and I’m certainly not going to tell you. The gist of it was that she looked beautiful, I loved her, etc. Yeah, great. So much for the balancing act!

To her credit, Sara didn’t outright embarrass me. She could have done a lot worse, things like calling her friends over or something. I know I was certainly cringing, waiting for something like that. Instead, she sighed and rolled her eyes. I was too old, of course. I did not talk to her very often, so she didn’t know me very well. However, she said, I wasn’t the only one who had been stupid in a similar fashion that day.

Wait, what? Better not be one of the boys her own age! That little…it wasn’t a fair fight! There must have been a look on my face or something, because Sara actually did laugh, then. She reached up a bit, placed one hand on either side of my head (oh, the joy!)…and turned it. I was now looking directly down the hallway, to where a girl from the “older siblings club” was just clicking the shutter on her camera. FLASH!

Now, look. I’m 5’8″ or so. Average looks, but not terrible. Normally I don’t care if I get my photo taken. Normally, twitter porno nobody needs to take my picture, either. Some small part of my panicking brain drily told me this would not be my best-looking photo ever. Before I could panic fully, it occurred to me that Sara’s hands were still holding my head in the direction of this other girl. “She did the same thing,” was what I heard. “Go talk to her.” With that, Sara let go of me and walked away, down the hall.

I actually sorta knew this other girl. Stephanie, I think it was. Roughly the same age as me, shoulder-length auburn hair that she dyed red, and closer to 5’6″. She was nice enough, and I think I’d shared a class or two with her before in community college. She was dressed in a hoody sweater and jeans. The camera in her hands was still a potential threat, but maybe I didn’t need to panic just yet. She snapped another picture or two, but she seemed focused on Sara, not me.

Sara reached the end of the hallway, turned, rolled her eyes, gestured in a way that suggested, “See what I mean?” and walked back into the main party area. I badly wanted to believe there was a little sashay in that walk, but I also knew I wasn’t thinking very straight. Talk to Stephanie. Right. At the very least, I can make sure she doesn’t have some sort of incriminating evidence of my madness. I walked to the end of the hallway myself.

“Um…” I started brilliantly. Stephanie was faster. “Let me guess. Too old? Doesn’t know you well enough?”

“How did you know?”

“I was standing here, from start to finish.”

“Look, I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. It’s just-“

“-that she’s so damned irresistible. That dress she’s wearing today is like a flame for unwary moths.”

I retorted with my full wit. “Bwuh?”

Okay, less than my full wit. I was disoriented, give me a break. Stephanie was looking over her own shoulder, sneaking peeks at Sara. Stephanie wasn’t taking pictures, but I could have sworn I saw a little drool in the corner of her mouth. She turned back to face me. “At least you didn’t also have, ‘I don’t swing that way’ added to the list for you,” she said.

“Wait…really? I mean, you…? I thought I was the only one! Kinda…hoped I was.”

“Uh, no. It certainly doesn’t seem that Sara’s friends have any clue how hot she is, but I’ve known for a long time. I can get away with bringing a camera, because let’s face it…nobody suspects the girl of having evil intentions!” Stephanie grinned wickedly, hefting the camera for emphasis. “Want to see what I mean?”

This was finally allowing me to calm down some. I think I even felt a little relieved. “I’m not at my best just yet, but you’ve certainly made me curious. What do you have?”

Stephanie turned to face the party, looking very studious as she worked her digital camera to bring up pictures she’d already taken. I realized that this was a good idea, as it made us look less like conspirators in a dark corner and more like fellow photographers comparing notes. Bless her!

“Here we go. I think you might appreciate this.” Stephanie tilted the camera so I could see the view screen. My eyes nearly left my head. Somehow, Stephanie had taken a picture just as Sara leaned over a table to grab something in the middle of it. There was just enough cleavage visible to be tantalizing, and apparently, Sara had been in the middle of laughing. Her eyes were radiant, and those soft shoulders…

“I know,” Stephanie said reverently. She thumbed the camera controls, and several shots taken in rapid succession made it look like a slow-motion video of the captured moment. We were both silent, watching. The moment passed when a new shot came up, not nearly as tantalizing, and I realized it was going to be rather awkward to walk into the party after this. My pants were just a bit tight suddenly, and there wasn’t a whole lot I could do about it.

Stephanie, for her part, seemed to be breathing a bit heavily. A slight blush graced the back of her neck, and I noticed she was wiggling a bit in place. If all of that was xhamster porno what I thought it was, she really did have the same problem with Sara that I did! Maybe a test was in order?

Since I was still looking over her shoulder, I could discretely caress Stephanie’s ass with the arm that nobody could see. She hissed, softly, and jumped a bit. Looking back suddenly, that blush was now touching her cheeks as well. Cute! “Would you like a little help with that problem, ma’am?” I offered.

“I- but…Sara,” Stephanie said, looking torn. “I still-“

I caressed her ass again, and she jumped less this time. “Me too. That doesn’t mean we can’t help each other. Neither of us can go back to the party like this.” Pointing to something imaginary on the screen with my visible arm and leaning in, I briefly pressed the bulge in my pants against her thigh. She smiled wickedly, again. I was beginning to like that look on her. It meant we were thinking similarly!

“I have an idea that can roll it all together,” she said. “Did you know that I actually helped Sara’s mom clean this place a couple times in the past?” Glancing around to make sure that nobody was looking for us, she turned and headed towards the other end of the hallway.

“No, I didn’t know that,” I said as I quickly followed her, “but so what?”

She stopped in front of a door at the end of the dark hall, grabbed the front of my shirt, and pulled me very close. She whispered in my ear, “Sara’s room is the last one at the end of the hall. It’s the opposite side of the house from everything else.” Still holding on, she reached behind herself and slowly, silently turned the knob. With one last glance over my shoulder, she opened the door and we tumbled inside.

Now, I’m sure you’re aware this isn’t exactly a normal chance to have sex. This is not some frat party, it’s Sara’s parents’ house! They’re both home, Sara’s home, and lots of Sara’s friends are over! We’re in Sara’s room! I didn’t care, and neither did Stephanie. We were both really turned on already by our mutual love interest. The atmosphere ratcheted that up to 11, as we realized the fantasy of finally doing naughty things in Sara’s own room. Neither of us were doing them with Sara, but…well, it was still arousing.

I gently closed the door, managing the same stealth as Stephanie, and then we launched at each other. Right there in the middle of the room, making out like crazy people. Stephanie set her camera on a desk right by the door, or we probably would have done harm to it – or to each other! Our lips locked and our tongues danced as we showered one another with the kisses of the unreasonably aroused. We broke for air a couple times, but somebody — I don’t remember who — started a game of whispering some exquisite feature or another of Sara’s into the others ear. Of course, that would drive us both back into a frenzy of kisses. I don’t remember how many times we did this, but it wasn’t actually very many minutes.

At some point, Stephanie made the mistake of mentioning Sara’s dress, and the way the scoop in back made her want to nibble across Sara’s shoulders. My hands were around Stephanie’s waist, under her sweater, at the time. I briefly saw red, and actually managed to grab and rend apart her bra hooks, in one motion. She purred and bit into my neck for that one, and the clothing rush began. First my shirt, then her pullover, then my pants, and finally that stupid bra that had gotten in my way. In the semi-darkness, I couldn’t see very much, but I immediately stopped what I was doing to kiss and nibble her breasts. They were rather nice, actually, probably a “B” or “C” cup. I quickly discovered that she also had very, very sensitive nipples. In our heightened state, her first orgasm hit her by the second time I’d changed from right to left. I could tell, because her arms went behind my head and she crushed me to her chest while she whimpered. I imagine containing her voice was rather difficult, so of course I couldn’t resist sucking harder on the mouthful I had. She yelped, once, and then her legs gave way.

We xnnx porno ended up in a bit of a tangle, and Stephanie recovered first. Still panting heavily, as I’m sure I was too, she whisked my boxers off. There was a moment of confusion as she seemed to be getting up, but it quickly made sense. Stephanie had deviously remembered her camera, and snapped off several shots of my nearly naked form sprawled out on the floor. Before I could get up and swipe it from her, she had turned it around and handed it to me. I lay back, surprised, as the view screen was now a slide show of pictures taken at the party. They were all of Sara, and I was transfixed. Stephanie had guessed well, and I was distracted just long enough for her to sink down and envelop my cock in her soft mouth. This time it was my turn to yelp.

Between the pictures, as innocent as they were, and the things Stephanie was doing to me, I was not going to last long. I groaned softly. “Stephanie-” and got no further. She immediately wrapped thumb and finger painfully around the base of my shaft, squeezing tightly. “That’s not my name,” she purred.

“What do you-“

“You know who I should be.”

Luckily, I had the pictures right in front of me, or I might have been too stupid to guess. “Sara. Sara, I love what you’re doing. Please don’t stop?”

“Sara” yielded the pressure immediately, a sort of strangled purr coming from her when I used Sara’s name. She began adoring my cock, sucking it almost to the base in long sensual strokes. I quickly fiddled with the camera, and managed to get it filming in night-vision mode. “Sara’s” erotic deeds were right there, and I knew I had to give as good as I got.

“Sara, baby. Do you like your first cock? Do you like having my dirty dick in that sweet, innocent mouth of yours?” Stephanie hummed appreciatively at my dirty talk, her free hand going south into her own jeans. I was getting close myself, but I wasn’t going to give up just yet.

“Oh, that’s it. Finger fuck your beautiful pussy while you get me ready to cum. You want me to cum, don’t you? I’ve wanted to shoot my load down your throat for so long.” Stephanie’s tempo increased, her mouth working just as furiously on my shaft as her fingers were undoubtedly working on her snatch.

“I’m gonna cum for you. Your mouth is gonna be full in just a minute. Swallow it all for me, OK? Make me so happy, Sara!”

With that, I came hard. I vaguely noticed a garbled hum from Stephanie as she went rigid too. Once, twice, three times, I fired, and she gulped it all down. It took a moment for both of us to recover, but Stephanie dutifully cleaned my shaft right up. I managed to stop the recording and put the camera back to slide show mode as if nothing happened, thinking revenge would be sweet when she discovered that little gem!

We both managed to recover our clothing, although I had broken Stephanie’s bra clasps beyond repair. She smiled oddly when she discovered this, and threw her pullover back on anyways. I admit, I got half-hard just seeing that. She then stuffed the bra under Sara’s pillow, though. definitely hard after that move. Stephanie and I met for one last kiss before leaving, and she noticed my condition. She gently pulled my shirt collar aside, covered my mouth…and then bit hard into my shoulder. I yelped painfully into her hand, but I have to admit it helped drop my bulge down to something far less noticeable. She whispered in my ear, “Just trying to help,” and then replaced my shirt collar.

We managed to make it back out of the room without anyone noticing, which was something that really worried me after I was sane again. The party went on, with none the wiser. One thing had improved, though. Stephanie would look at me after any particularly good shots she got — although she wouldn’t show me — and wink. Just before the party was over, I managed to slip her a note: “Check videos on camera when alone.”

Sara’s still my goal, of course…but I wouldn’t mind sharing with a certain someone now.

* * * *

This is my first published erotic story. I’d love feedback, especially if you feel this series should continue! Also, I currently lack a female perspective for input on further stories involving “Sara” and “Stephanie”. If you like this type of story, are female, and feel you could provide insight, please drop a note in my inbox.

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