I’m An Ass Licker

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I’m an ass licker.

Damn, that is embarrassing to write. But the fact is that, well, no matter how you slice it, I am an ass licker.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

I guess you could say it started about a year ago when I hired Brittany as my assistant. In the old days you might have called her a secretary, but in fact she does a whole lot more. She manages my office, keeps the books in tune, handles brittle situations that I just am not good at and basically takes care of things for me.

Working for my father-in-law can be quite challenging. When I married his daughter, Jackie, things changed for me. While he was against the marriage his mind was turned around by his daughter who loved me dearly.

He insisted I sign a prenuptial agreement, which I gladly did, and in return he set me up as the boss of one of his small offices. After turning in a strong performance, I was promoted, and not because I was married to his daughter.

Things went swimmingly for several years, but sometimes people do stupid things. I am a people, and I do stupid things. It wasn’t premeditated stupidity, just a rash act of dumbness. Again and again.

See, several months after starting as my assistant Brittany broke up with her boyfriend. Or, should I say, my 20-year-old assistant was dumped for another. She took it hard, and I was a tender shoulder to cry upon.

I was just being friendly, honest, I didn’t plan anything. But after work one evening a simple friendly kissed turned into a make out session and soon Brittany was rewarding me for being her best friend.

She sucked my cock.

Right there in the office. On her knees. Bobbing her head with a practiced motion, as apparently she had done such a thing with several guys I’d learned later. “That bastard knows what he is missing, too, because he’s had the nerve to call and ask to get together, slipping out behind her back,” said Brittany of her former boyfriend.

“I met with him on the sly, as had a nice dinner, and in the car after he wanted a blow job. He told me she isn’t good at it and I was the best. He wouldn’t come back to me, but he wanted me to blow him. I got out of the car and walked to the bus. Bastard.”

Brittany told me this in between bobbing her head on my dick. She’d tell some of the story, suck me some, and then tell me more. Then she’d suck like a champion, quite frankly the best over on my dick.

Clearly I wasn’t thinking of my wife when I shot my copious load into Brittany’s wet and willing mouth.

That event wasn’t a one-timer; it became the regular finish to our day, or sometimes at lunchtime. If the office was clear, and no appointments canlı bahis were on the schedule, Brittany found her way between my legs so suck me off.

I couldn’t leave well enough alone. I had to have more. But with more came more danger. You can get a blowjob in the office or in the car quickly. But sex, well, the old in out, in out takes more time, planning and effort.

Still, it was a magnet for us, and soon Brittany had found herself being fucked by me on the couch, in the car, on the floor, and one Friday night over my desk.

The latter tryst was especially hot because Jackie and I were supposed to meet at the theater that night. Unfortunately, when the door opened to my office — my wife had keys to everything —- I was rutting my assistant from behind. Brittany was draped over my desk, panties around one ankle, skirt up and me between her legs fucking like a porn star.

We had the radio on playing soft music and never heard the key in the lock or the door open. What we did hear is my wife shriek and then her feet kicking us. My ass got the worst of it, but when Brittany fell over my assistant also caught a high heel on her backside as well.

It was not pretty.

Jackie grabbed Brittany by the hair, and somehow flung her out of the office. She then proceeded to berate me, alternating slaps with kicks, for several minutes.

After the few minutes of mayhem Jackie told me to take a shower and get dressed so we would not be late for the show. “My father will be waiting for us there, and I can’t wait to tell him what you were doing,” threatened my wife.

I took that shower, I got dressed, and I went to the theater. Along the way I tried to speak to my wife, but to no avail. Uncomfortable was the word of the night, and her father could tell something was wrong. But Jackie didn’t say anything. At least, not that I knew of.

We went home and I slept on the couch, as I did for several nights before moving to the guest bedroom. Jackie and I barely spoke, and despite flowers, messages and gifts she barely recognized my existence.

At work, Brittany was absent. She called in sick for the next week and wouldn’t answer my phone calls.

That weekend came the “deal.” I call it that because it was really an ultimatum but I wanted my mind to at least think I had a choice.

Jackie made it clear. “You signed the pre-nup, and if I kick your ass out you get nothing. My father will blacklist you in this town, and you will leave this house with basically the shirt on your pack. I am betting, though, my dad will also have your ass kicked somewhere along the way, so you will be forever looking over your shoulder.”

My bahis siteleri wife glared at me. “I still love you, but I hate you. I am offering you a way to regain my trust, but it won’t be easy. So, leave now, look over your shoulder, or take my deal. It’s either, no compromise.”

Sitting there, I started to respond but she hushed me.

“Brittany has been promoted, she’s working across town, and if you ever see her again you will find yourself with your precious balls kicked in. Period. No exception. And you will find yourself penniless and on the street. In fact if you ever so much as think naughty thoughts about another woman you are toast. Agreed?”

Quickly I told Jackie I’d never stray again. That I loved her dearly. That I only wanted her.

Jackie, though, would have nothing of it. “I don’t believe you. I think you will fuck a hole in a cantaloupe if you thought it would feel good. You are s shit, an asshole, a cheater and I can’t trust you as far as I could throw you.”

She looked daggers at me.

Again I started to say something, but she cut me off.

“You are on probation for a year. You will be the perfect husband. You will give up golf on the weekends, and use that cash to buy me gifts. You will be the perfect husband. When I have girls night out you will be supportive. Maybe even serve us drinks.

“If, at the end of the year, you have been a good boy then I will consider having you back in our bed. I will think of keeping all this away from my father. You will be my adoring husband, and maybe, just maybe, you will regain my trust. Understand?”

It was honest when I said yes. Brittany was nothing but a plaything, Jackie was everything to me. I told her so, and told her I would do everything she asked and she would be proud of me.

Jackie gave a sort of leer, sort of smile, and ordered me upstairs to get a pillow and meet her in the basement. I did as I was told and when I arrived in the basement I was startled by the sight.

My wife was leaning over the pool table, her skirt lifted and her ass bared to me. She reached back and took the pillow and I started to unbuckle by belt.

“Don’t even think it, you bastard. You won’t be getting any nookie for a long, long time. If ever again.”

And then she said the words. “Get down on your knees and kiss my ass. Do it now.”

I don’t know about you, but to that point in time I had never really spent time around her or any other woman’s ass. Oh, I’d felt them, fondled them, caressed them. But I hadn’t kissed even one.

Jackie’s ass was bare in front of me, and I dropped to my knees and began planting kisses all over her bahis şirketleri behind.

“Brittany tells me she blew you several dozen times,” spat my wife. “You are a big asshole. Kiss mine. Kiss my ass.”

I did, I kissed all over. But that wasn’t what she meant.

“Are you a retard?” said my wife. “I told you to kiss my ass. Let me be more specific. Kiss my fucking asshole, and do it now.”

In for a penny, in fot a pound. I kissed and licked all over her ass, holding her by the sides as I slowly slithered my lips toward her hairy behind. Ok, not really all that hairy, but there was a bit of hair down her ass crack.

Licking the crack, I moved toward her asshole with the speed of a snail. S L O W L Y. I really didn’t want to go there, I didn’t want to lick there, but she insisted and I didn’t really have a choice. Her wish was my command.

Moving my hands toward the crack I pulled open the butt cheeks and saw the star-shaped hole. I stared at it a few seconds before she urged me on.

“Lick my ass!”

I closed my eyes and moved my heard toward it. I had her cheeks held open, and gave my licks a final lick before moving in. My lips kissed between her ass cheeks and then my tongue slithered out and against my wife’s hairy ass hole.

It was disgusting. Embarassing. Awful.

Still, my tongue wormed its way into my wife’s asshole. I guess I was licking, but really it was more like sticking my tongue in that tangy, awful hole.

“Fuck me with your tongue, you cheating bastard,” exclaimed my wife. “Lick my ass, you cretin. You jackass. You are one big asshole licking my asshole like a fucking whore. You worthless asshole licking whore.”

Words came out of my wife’s mouth I’d never heard before. Normally prim and proper, she called me all kinds of names as I licked, kissed and tongued her dark hole. Not only was the taste awful, but the embarrassment of the act brought blood to my head. I was sure I was totally red.

I didn’t look at my watch, it could have been two minutes or twenty minutes, but whatever it was it was clearly awful. She would push her ass back at me, slipping a little more tongue into her shit hole. I swear I could feel something awful that comes from there on my tongue.

“You are an ass licking fucking whore,” jeered my wife, almost spitting the words. “You are worthless, dickiess, a piece of shit. So you are right at home.”

At some point the masquerade ended. I was dutifully put into my place. Well, soon I was, because Jackie had started playing with her pussy while I was licking her ass and soon she brought herself off right there in front of me.

I felt worthless. But it was over.

“Get used to the taste,” said my wife. “You will be down there a lot over the next year.”

I soon found out she was true to her word as I have become a talented butt licker.

Yes, I am an ass licker.

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