Jane’s Happy Endings Ch. 03

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Ana Foxxx

As Saturday turned into Sunday, Jane began feeling more confident about herself. She decided to wear something a little bit sexier than normal for her massages. She wore a sports bra that showed off her tight body and small black spandex shorts that showed off her tight ass. It wasn’t like Jane to wear such a revealing outfit but knowing that she was going to massage Veronica that day gave her the confidence to try it out.

The cute Asian gave a couple of massages when she got to work. She did a good job and maintained professionalism with the girls that weren’t Veronica. Unfortunately, nobody complimented her outfit and it made her feel insecure again. “Maybe it was silly to wear this,” Jane thought to herself.

Jane finished her massages and began giving up on seeing her special client. “Maybe she came to her senses and decided not to see me anymore,” she thought to herself. Jane waited around and started to feel silly for looking forward to seeing Veronica.

“This was a terrible idea. What was I thinking?” Jane thought to herself, as she put a jacket on over her sports bra. “I’m going home, and work is totally going to be awkward and everyone will probably make fun of me tomorrow!”

As Jane was almost finished packing up her items, she heard a knock at the door. Her heart almost stopped as she slowly opened the door.

“Hola Jane!” said Veronica, standing at the door and looking sexier than ever.

“Veronica! I thought you weren’t coming,” said the excited Asian.

“I’m so sorry Jane!” said Veronica. “I got here as fast as I could! I got stuck doing some work for tomorrow. I’m really sorry!”

“Oh, it’s okay,” said Jane. “I’m happy to see you.”

“I’m happy to see you too! I was afraid you already left,” said the Latina.

“I was actually just about to leave,” said Jane.

“Maybe I can have your phone number just in case I’m ever late again?” Veronica asked.

“Oh my God!” Jane thought to herself. “She totally just asked me for my number!” Jane knew this was different than a guy asking for her number, but she still felt like it was a big compliment by having a beautiful girl like Veronica ask for her number. “Of course, you can have my number!” she answered.

“If it’s too late for my massage then I understand. But I’m glad I got to see you!” said Veronica.

“You’re so sweet!” said Jane with the biggest smile on her face. “I’ll make extra time just for you,” she said with a wink.

“You’re the best,” said Veronica as she began pulling her shirt over her head.

Jane got excited as she watched the Latina get undressed in front of her once again. This time Veronica was wearing a sexy baby blue bra. Jane got even more excited as she watched Veronica take her leggings off, revealing a baby blue thong with a wide black waist band.

“That’s a really nice bra,” said Jane. “I wish I had boobs to fill out a bra like that.”

“Oh stop! You look great,” Veronica responded. She noticed Jane’s sports bra underneath her jacket. “What are you wearing under there?”

Jane’s face got red. “Oh, it’s nothing. I should have worn a shirt,” she responded.

“No, no, no,” said Veronica. “You look great! Let me see,” she said as she helped Jane remove her jacket.

“I just thought I’d try this outfit out, but I don’t know how I feel about it,” Jane said.

“No, you look great! I really like it,” said Veronica.

Jane was grateful for the compliments and reassurance from her client. Thank you. I love your thong. It’s really sexy,” said Jane.

“I’m glad you like it,” said Veronica. “It’s one of my favorite pairs of panties. I like your little spandex shorts Jane. I don’t see any panty lines. Are you wearing a thong under it?” she asked with a wink.

Jane’s face got red. “Maybe,” she answered nervously. Jane didn’t have confidence wearing a thong the way Veronica did.

“Maybe you can show me your thong?” Veronica asked.

Jane became nervous and didn’t know what to say. “I don’t know yet,” she finally answered.

Veronica could feel the discomfort coming from the shy Asian’s voice. “Maybe if I’m a good client, you can show me the thong, as a reward?” Veronica asked.

Jane was surprised to hear how much the beautiful Latina wanted to see her in her thong. “Maybe if you’re really good!” she said with a nervous giggle.

“I promise I’ll be good!” said Veronica.

Veronica walked over to the chair that her and Jane used in the previous session. Knowing what her client wanted, Jane followed her to the chair and took a seat. After the masseuse sat down and patted her lap, Veronica obediently laid herself across Jane’s lap once again.

“Do you want to tell me about your day?” asked Jane as she began rubbing her beautiful client’s tushy.

Veronica was excited to vent about the work that she had to get done that day as she was having her ass rubbed. Although being bent over the smaller Asian’s lap was an awkward position, Veronica felt comfortable being able to talk about her day while her tushy was being rubbed down. Jane also enjoyed listening to Veronica Bayan Escort Antep as well as massaging her beautiful ass.

“Ready for some warm oil?” asked Jane.

“Yes, please,” said Veronica as she looked back at Jane.

Jane squirted warm massage oil all over her client’s ass. Veronica closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feeling of Jane’s hand rubbing warm oil all over her bottom. As Jane’s hand started rubbing between her legs, Veronica started to enjoy the massage too much to talk.

As Jane continued to massage her sexy client, she started gaining confidence again. She wasn’t shy about letting her hand indirectly rub against Veronica’s pussy as she massaged her inner thighs. She felt Veronica’s subtle moans. She felt her gasps of pleasure.

Jane began massaging closer to Veronica’s ass crack. She teased her Latina client by letting her finger tickle Veronica’s crack without actually touching her anus. Veronica held her breath every time, hoping Jane’s finger would rub against her ass hole once again.

As Jane continued to tease her client’s ass hole with her finger, she noticed Veronica getting frustrated. “What’s wrong Veronica?” she asked in a teasing voice.

Veronica continued to moan in frustration. “You know what’s wrong,” she finally answered.

Jane giggled, feeling more powerful than she ever did before. There was something about having the beautiful Latina squirming on her lap that made the masseuse feel desirable. The shy Asian never knew that she would enjoy this feeling so much. Jane decided to continue pursuing the feeling.

“I don’t know what’s wrong,” Jane said as she continued to tease the Latina. “What do you want?” she whispered.

“I want you to massage my ass hole!” Veronica answered in frustration. She was almost embarrassed to say it out loud, but Veronica had no other option than to beg.

Jane giggled but was happy to grant her client’s wish. “Of course,” she said as she moved the Latina’s thong to the side.

The young Asian masseuse applied warm oil on her index finger and began rubbing the Latina’s tight ass hole. Veronica let out a loud moan as she finally received the stimulation in her ass that she desired all day. She closed her eyes and struggled to catch her breath as she felt the warm oil rubbing up and down her anus.

“I love these panties, but can I pull them down a little bit?” asked Jane.

Veronica took a deep breath and opened her eyes. She looked back at Jane desperate for more of the paralyzing stimulation that the young Asian gave her. “Yes of course,” she answered. Veronica would have let Jane do anything she wanted in that moment.

Jane pulled the sexy Latina’s thong down to her thighs. “What do you want?” she asked with a giggle.

“Will you please keep massaging my ass hole?” asked the obedient client.

“What a good girl,” said Jane. She immediately went back to rubbing warm oil up and down Veronica’s anus. Her obedient client became frozen in a trance of stimulation and pleasure. Jane was pleased with the reaction from her client and rewarded her by rubbing her pink ass hole even harder.

All day Veronica fantasized about the things that Jane was doing to her, and now it was really happening. She resisted the ever-growing temptation of playing with her wet pussy before, but Veronica was no longer able to abstain herself. She slid one of her hands between herself and Jane’s lap. As Veronica used her fingers to touch herself, she became surprised to feel how wet her pussy was.

The Latina hoped that Jane didn’t notice her masturbating. But Veronica knew she wasn’t doing a great job of hiding it. She moaned from the double stimulation of her pussy and ass hole being rubbed. She was sure Jane felt her hand moving up and down. Veronica was sure that Jane felt her wet pussy dripping on her lap.

Veronica was on the verge of having an orgasm when Jane suddenly slowed down before coming to a stop. Veronica thought that this could be a moment for her to regain her composure, but it only made her desire Jane’s touch even more.

Jane helped her client up to her feet. As Veronica got to her feet, Jane stood up with her. “Follow me,” she instructed as she took Veronica by the waist and led her to the massage table.

Veronica struggled to walk to the table. Her thong was still wrapped around her legs forcing her to take small steps. She was thankful that Jane was there to hold her as she slowly made her way to the table. Her high heels clicked and clacked with every small step she clumsily took.

Jane instructed her client to get on her hands and knees. Veronica wanted to remain obedient, like as she promised Jane earlier. The Latina climbed on the table and poked her ass up in the air as she stood on her hands and knees.

The once shy masseuse approached Veronica from the side and unsnapped her bra. The beautiful client was a bit surprised at Jane’s newfound assertiveness. Veronica helped her masseuse remove the bra from her body. Jane enjoyed the sight of Veronica’s large breasts hanging down.

Jane moved towards her client’s ass once again. She slid her thumb in the crevice of Veronica’s ass and pressed it against her anus. Jane then slid her fingers against the Latina’s wet pussy.

Veronica was shocked to feel Jane rubbing her pussy and her ass hole at the same time. “Oh Fuck!” she said before letting out several moans.

“I saw you rubbing your pussy,” said Jane.

“Caught red handed,” Veronica thought to herself. “Um, yeah I was,” she said.

“I should be the one massaging your pussy,” said Jane. She continued to rub her hand up and down and she stimulated both Veronica’s clit and anus.

“Oh God that feels good!” said Veronica with a fragile voice. She turned her head and watched the cute Asian massaging her from behind and the sight drove her insane. Veronica knew that it was only a matter of time before the Asian woman was going make her experience her first lesbian orgasm.

Jane took a second to stop rubbing Veronica. “You were such a bad girl to try and massage yourself,” Jane said with an upset voice.

“I’m sorry,” said Veronica. “I’m a good girl!”

“No, you’re a bad girl,” said Jane as she rubbed Veronica’s perked up ass.

“No, no, I’m a good girl!” pleaded Veronica. “Please don’t take my reward away!”

Jane took her hand from her client’s wet pussy and used it to give her ass a smack.

“Ouch!” yelped Veronica. “No, don’t spank me!”

Jane smacked Veronica’s ass even harder. The sight of the Latina’s big ass being spanked was making Jane wet. She gave Veronica’s ass a couple more smacks. As Jane continued to spank her naughty client, she noticed Veronica’s breasts bouncing back and forth with every smack.

“You turn me on too much when you spank me!” admitted the naughty Latina.

“I thought you were going to be a good girl,” said Jane as she spanked Veronica again. “Now you might not get to see me in my thong,” she said teasingly.

“No! I’ll be good. I promise!” exclaimed Veronica. “I’ll let you massage my pussy from now on.”

“Now that’s a good girl,” said Jane as she went back to massaging Veronica’s pussy and ass hole.

Veronica moaned loudly. Her eyes were closed, and her body bounced back on forth. She was getting close to the climax. It wasn’t going to be long before her Asian masseuse gave her the best orgasm of her life.

Suddenly Veronica felt a new sensation. A hand was rubbing on her breast. She opened her eyes and saw that Jane was now using her other hand to massage her hanging breasts.

“Oh fuck!” the wet Latina exclaimed. “You’re massaging my pussy, my ass hole, and my breasts too!?”

Jane smiled at her client and continued making her feel good. “Yes, I am,” Jane whispered.

“It feels so good!” Veronica said as she closed her eyes and continued to moan.

Jane continued massaging Veronica’s ass hole and clit with her right hand. With her left hand she alternated between massaging the Latina’s left and right breast.

“I’m going to fucking cum if you don’t stop!” squealed Veronica. She wanted to give Jane the opportunity to stop before she unleashed an orgasm right in front of her. But this only made Jane rub her even faster.

“I’m not stopping,” Jane whispered in a sexy voice.

“Oh God!” Veronica moaned out.

“Cum for me baby,” Jane whispered in her client’s ear.

Veronica couldn’t take it anymore. The shy Asian girl had taken her over the edge. Veronica let out a long and large moan. She squirmed and her ass jiggled as her body experienced a large orgasm. The beautiful Latina had lost all control of her muscles causing her to plop down on her stomach.

Jane loved the feeling of Veronica’s moist pussy all over her finger. She slowed down but continued to lightly rub her client’s pussy. Jane eventually let her beautiful client have a moment to catch her breath.

Veronica panted as she tried to catch her breath. “Oh, my fucking God Jane,” she said breathing heavily. “That was amazing!”

Jane wasn’t finished with her sexy Latina. She rolled Veronica over so she was lying on her back. Then Jane took Veronica’s thong and moved it from her thighs all the way down and around her ankles. Veronica helped the cute masseuse remove the panties completely off, leaving her in nothing but her high heels.

“What are you going to do to me now?” asked the exhausted Latina.

“Can you cum for me one more time?” asked Jane with a smile.

Veronica’s eyes became wide with shock. “I might be able to,” she said as she gulped.

Jane began massaging the front of Veronica’s body. She massaged the Latina’s sides and worked her way up to her beautiful breasts again. Veronica moaned as the touch of Jane’s hands on her breasts was getting her wet again.

“Oh my God, you’re already turning me on again,” said Veronica.

Jane went from massaging the Latina’s breasts to pinching her nipples. As Veronica’s nipples were being stimulated, she let out a loud moan from the new sensation.

“God! What are you doing to me Jane?” moaned out the horny client.

The Asian girl began twisting Veronica’s nipples. Veronica could feel herself getting really wet again. This time she resisted touching herself and waited for her cute masseuse to take care of her.

As she heard the moans coming from her hot Latina client, Jane decided it was time to take care of Veronica. Jane used one of her hands to tease Veronica by rubbing up and down her inner thighs. Jane purposely let her hand get closer and closer to touching the Latina’s pussy again.

As Veronica’s moans became louder, Jane realized how much the Latina desired her. She decided to not make her wait anymore. She used her finger to find Veronica’s clit. Once Jane found her client’s clit, she slowly started massaging it in a circular motion.

“OH!! FUCK!” Veronica moaned out.

Jane continued to massage Veronica’s clit while she twisted one of her nipples at the same time. Veronica moaned louder and louder as she squirmed from the intense stimulation.

“That feels so good!” Veronica cried out.

“Yeah? You like that don’t you?” asked Jane with a smile. She began rubbing Veronica’s clit even faster.

Veronica looked up at Jane. The view of the shy Asian girl playing with her clit was too much for her to handle. “You’re so hot!” she said to Jane.

Jane was in complete shock that Veronica called her “hot.” She admired the beautiful woman’s looks for so long. To have someone as beautiful as Veronica call her hot made Jane feel more accomplished than she ever had before.

“Can I kiss you?” asked Veronica.

Jane was surprised and didn’t know what to say. Her fingers continued to play with Veronica’s clit, but her mouth was frozen in silence.

“Will you please kiss me,” asked Veronica once again. “Just a little kiss, please!”

Jane felt honored that her beautiful client wanted her lips so badly. She took her hand from Veronica’s nipple and placed it on the back of the Latina’s head. She brought Veronica’s head closer to her as she leaned towards her. Jane continued to rub Veronica’s clit as she placed her lips softly on her client’s lips.

Veronica moaned from the feeling of Jane’s kiss. She brushed the beautiful Asian’s long black hair out of the way and began kissing Jane’s lips back. Veronica moaned into Jane’s mouth as she tried to keep kissing her.

The Latina’s nipples were rock hard, and her legs squirmed as Jane continued to kiss her lips and rub her clit. “I’m not going to last long!” Veronica cried out. “I’m about to cum so fast!”

“Just keep kissing me,” whispered the Asian girl. “I’ll take care of everything else.”

“Oh God!” moaned Veronica as she looked into Jane’s eyes. Looking into the Asian’s deep brown eyes made Veronica feel safe and comforted. She closed her eyes and started kissing Jane again.

Veronica suddenly couldn’t do anything but suck on Jane’s lower lip. She couldn’t move because an orgasm was beginning to erupt throughout her body. There was nothing Veronica could do to stop it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Veronica moaned loudly. Her eyes rolled back as her body began rising off the table. Veronica’s entire body flinched as the orgasm continued to make her entire body spasm. The exhausted Latina opened her eyes and looked deep into Jane’s eyes. Behind those deep brown eyes was a woman that was capable of making Veronica feel a sensation that no other person had ever given her. Veronica felt vulnerable for the first time in her life and wrapped her arms around Jane.

Jane felt the embrace and could feel the response that Veronica needed. She wrapped her arms around Veronica and held her tightly as the Latina rested her head against Jane’s chest. Jane stroked Veronica’s hair and gave her forehead a little kiss.

When Veronica finally caught her breath, she let go of Jane’s embrace. She once again looked into the Asian’s eyes and found comfort in them.

“That was so fucking amazing,” Veronica confessed.

“I’m glad you liked it,” Jane said with a giggle.

“Oh my God, I loved it!” Veronica responded.

Jane placed her hand under Veronica’s chin and gave her another kiss on the lips.

Veronica moaned after she received the kiss. “You’re so fucking sexy,” she said.

Jane gave Veronica another kiss on the lips before letting her get dressed.

As Veronica finished getting dressed, she asked, “Was I a good girl?”

Jane paused before answering. “Uh, yes you were.”

“You promised I could see your thong if I was good,” Veronica responded. “May I please see your thong?”

As Jane lead Veronica to the door, she decided to come through on her promise. Veronica began to walk out when Jane called her name. Veronica turned to look back. The shy Asian girl turned and poked her ass out before pulling her spandex shorts down enough to show off her tight ass in a black G-string.

Veronica moaned at the sight of Jane in her G-string. Jane was insecure about her ass. She didn’t think it was big enough. She thought it looked bad in a thong. There was also a centimeter sized red birthmark on the top of her right cheek. But Veronica thought it was perfect. She was turned on yet again. Veronica wanted a piece of Jane’s ass but knew she would have to wait till next time.

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