Lena’s Shopping Trip

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It was a hot Thursday afternoon in the middle of August when Lena decided to stop by the mall for a quick shopping session. She praised her idea the moment she walked in—immediately feeling her nipples harden from the cold air blasting above her. She glanced down watching her nipples poke visibly through her thin white button down top.

Lena wasn’t fond of her catholic school uniform, but rather looked for any moment slip out of the starchy white top and outrageously long skirts. Yet when she couldn’t escape the skirt—like today—she’d pull it up higher and roll the waistband around a few times until you could just barely see her plump ass.

She didn’t know what she was particularly looking for as she began to wander around. Shoes? No. Clothes? The thought of looking at more layers made her feel hot again. The thought made beads of sweat begin to form again causing her to glisten.

Truthfully, Lena wished more than anything she could just buy a guy who would bend her over and spank her willing ass in that moment. This brief image made Lena more conscious of the wetness between her thighs as she kept walking. She sighed in a small bit of frustrations as she reminded herself that would never happen.

Though she was often told she was a cute girl and her friends swore she had the perfect body, Lena’s long held 18 years of being a virgin made her doubt these beliefs. After all, if she was really the hot thing everyone said she was shouldn’t more guys be trying to fuck her than the zero that were at that moment?

To up her lacking sex appeal, lately Lena has been pushing the boundaries more and more. She rolled up her plaid skirts a little higher, stopped wearing bras and made an effort to make sure her nipples were visible, and stopped wearing panties. On the days she wore skirts—which was becoming more often—she made sure to always make an effort to drop something from time to time. Bending down at the waist, she knew her tight and ready pussy could be seen during these brief moments; she always tried to maintain a fake obliviousness to it.

Lena walked into a nearby department store, dying to find a place to distract herself. Lena strolled leisurely through the sections as she tried to not think of the small ache that was beginning to form between her legs. But in this time that she was painfully aware of the need coming from cunt. Lena began to lose focus of her surroundings as she tried to keep her head from wandering to the endless fantasies she wished could play out in that moment. She wouldn’t snap back to it until she was walking in between racks of men’s clothing and plowed straight into something.

In an instant she felt herself falling towards the ground before being scooped up with a hand on her waist and one slid down her ass and cupping her pussy briefly. As one hand left her waist and the other hand around her pussy slowly slid up, and away, she felt a finger slid perfectly between her slit cause a slight euphoric gasp. Finally, something was touching her where she needed it the most. That something happened to be a man. Lena realized this tall stern dark brown eyed man with light stubble across his sharp jawline and slicked back brown hair had the perfect amount of muscles. As Lena looked up into his eyes and he stared down at her intensely, she noticed her hands were braced against his chest steadying herself. She tried to not think of how good her hands felt against the soft cotton of his shirt.

“You should be more careful,” the man chided. His voice was a rich and deep kind of raspy that made Lena want to hear grunting in her ear more than anything.

The man smiled slightly at Lena as her brain began to mentally panic—realizing that she had almost fallen on her ass in front of this hot 30 something man. Lena held her breath as he slowly moved his mouth to her ear and felt his stubble graze the side of her face.

“If you’re not going to wear panties under that little skirt,” she gasped in shock when she felt his hand quickly snake under her skirt again and two thick finger plunge deep inside her fucking her for a brief delicious moment.

“Then don’t be surprised when a man decides to claim this tight little pussy of yours.” Lena bit her lip trying to stifle a moan as she noticed the near by people oblivious, for the moment, to her. The man, noticing the need in her eyes, continued slowly diving his thick fingers in and out of her. When she felt his thumb begin to circle her clit, she thought she was going to draw blood from her lip trying to bite out the scream she was holding in.

“Please,” Lena begged. Her pussy was aching so badly she wasn’t sure how much longer her body could keep itself from responding more than it was. She knew she’d explode then and there if he didn’t stop soon. But in that moment she wasn’t sure if that’s what she wanted. In an instant she realized what she wanted. “Please make me cum,” she panted quietly as she began rocking her hips on his hands.

The man moved his mouth away from her ear and grabbed her Ataşehir Escort chin, looking her in the eye. He eyed her with a particular lust in her eyes that held all the dirty possibilities that could come from his eye fucking alone. This intense stare caused Lena’s cunt to begin to flood with her juices that began to run down her legs as she slumped over the mans shoulder. She was painfully aware of the sound her wet pussy was making as he moved quicker in and out of her.

“Tell me you want it. Tell me how bad you want to cum,” he demanded.

“I want it so bad. Please let me cum,” she pleaded. She was painfully aware of her inexperience in dirty talking and prayed that she sounded as hot as she felt.

“Your such a little slut, getting finger fucked by a stranger in the middle of a store. I bet you haven’t even noticed the woman staring, watching me fuck your little dirty hole.” Lena tried to pull away from his hands at this, searching for this woman who was witnessing the assault he was doing on her pleading cunt. The man wouldn’t let this happen though as her gripped her chin tighter and straightened her head again.

“Nope, you don’t get to worry about anyone watching when you’re acting like the little whore you are.” Lena let out a small moan laced with a scream when he came down hard smacking one of her hard nipples through her shirt. Her hands began to paw against his back begging for mercy or release—whichever could come first.

“You’re such a dirty little girl. No panties, or bra, I bet you walk around ready for anything to ram itself up this little cunt of yours.” He moved his fingers in and out more as Lena began squeezed to close her eyes tight. This was all becoming too much for her.

“Answer me,” he squeezed her chin tighter prompting her to open her eyes as her lips parted in bliss. “Tell me you’ve been waiting on a guy like me to come and give you this.”

Lena nodded her head eagerly, too lost in the feeling of his fingers deep in her and his finger on her clit. “Tell me out loud whore.” He smacked her tit hard one more time evoking a small squeal from her.

“Yes,” she panted. His strong hand came down on her swollen tit hard again.

“I’ve wanted a man to fuck me like this for so long,” she continued. Another smack came down to her.

“I wish it was your cock pumping deep in me instead though,” she was getting louder now—lost in the ecstasy as she felt her orgasm coming. Typically, she was always quiet, even when on the verge of cumming, but there was something about this guy that was bringing the sex fiend out of Lena. Suddenly, she was not the quiet girl who was silenced when her friends talked about sex or one who bit her pillow to silence her lustful screams at home. No, this girl was the dirty whore he seemed to think she was as she took whatever he’d give to her.

“I wish you’d bend me over and fuck my virgin hole,” she was speaking mostly through moans at this point as she felt her juices pouring down her thighs. The shock that this was her saying such dirty things barely registered in her head. She just needed more of whatever ever he could give her.

Lena watched as his eyes lit up at those words as he continued. She felt his fingers hit the right spot in her pussy and she let out a fairly loud groan as she felt the beginning of her orgasm.

“Well I’m happy you want that because I am definitely claiming this little virgin pussy of yours,” he said as he watched her finally come undone.

Her hips rocked hard against his hand as he felt her clamping down spraying his fingers and the floor with her cum. She was completely done holding back as she finally began loudly crying out as she rode out her orgasm.

“That’s my girl,” he hissed in her ear.

Lena felt her knees grow weak as she continued to cry out slowly going limp against his hands and body. As she slowly began to grow more quietly, he slowly pulled his fingers from her causing her body to writhe as she tried to suck them back in.

He released her face as he took his two fingers into his mouth and groaned. This caused Lena’s pussy to begin to throb.

“Please fuck me,” Lena pleaded as she stared deep into his eyes. She tried to ignore the slight look of amusement on his face. This was fun and games for him but for Lena this was her chance at finally getting the fucking she’d craved for years. “I need your cock deep in me right now.”

Lena went to drop to her knees and reach for his zipper when he brought her back up. His eyes grew stern again as reached for her breast, squeezing her nipples hard through her top.

“Did I tell you you could have my cock yet, little girl?” His eyes stared tauntingly in hers. “You follow my rules today and maybe I’ll let you feel the tip of my cock.”

Lena dropped her head nodding somberly. Though he had just given her the most intense orgasm of her life, she needed so much more. She longed to feel his stubble against her smooth thighs and hear that raspy voice dirty talk her Anadolu Yakası Escort as she took his cock to back of her throat.

“We should probably get going, by the way, you’ve seen to had gotten the attention of a couple of sales people.” He laughed as grabbed her wrist hard and began pulling her with him out the store. This suddenly brought Lena back to reality. It was then that she realized the breeze blowing between her legs drying her slick thighs.

“I don’t even know your name,” Lena called as he continued to drag her out of the store. Her slickness kept causing her pussy to rub in the right way every so often which made Lena desperately wish they could stop and he could finger her again.

“Liam,” he called back. Her wrist was still in his hand as he pulled her through the parking lot before stopping in front of a foreign looking sports car.

“Liam this was hot and all but I don’t know you. Why would I get in the car with you?” Lena tried to rationalize as he went to duck down into the car.

“Because you want cock more than you want to feel safe.” He smirked cockily at her and Lena knew he was right. She probably would’ve followed him anywhere as long as he gave her what she needed. Slowly, she slid into the car with the cool leather feeling perfect against her hot pussy.

Wyatt started the car and nodded in approval when the engine began to hum.

As Lena went to buckle her seatbelt she felt Liam reach across her throw the seatbelt back causing it to recoil back. She looked at him confused. Did he want her to really risk her safety?

“Take your shirt off,” Liam demanded. Lena felt herself begin to grow my self conscious as the high of this all began to simmer down. She dropped her head down and looked skeptically at her top and then back at him. Lena went to ask why when Liam cut her off.

“If you want to get fucked whore, you’ll do as I say.” Lena nodded at Liam’s words and slowly began to unbutton her too before dropping it to the floor. She had to admit it felt good to be out of the scratchy top and have her tits freed.

Liam’s eyes lit up as he watched large and perky tits bounce out. “Good,” he said as reached over and began playing with her nipples. Lena dropped her head back lightly moaning—enjoying every minute of his rough hands in her smooth skin.

“Now I want you to lift that little skirt up and play with that sloppy cunt of yours.” Lena nodded obediently as she began to stroke her slit. This caused her to let out a small throaty “fuck” as she continued.

“I want to hear you,” Liam said. “I want to hear you scream while you touch yourself.”

“Yes,” Lena cried as she plunged her fingers into her cunt. She tried to push in as deeply as possible though her tiny hands did not compare to thick long finger of Liam.

Liam reaches over for her nipple and pinched hard causing Lena to let out a small scream of pain and need.

“Yes what?” He continued pinching hard waiting on her to answer as she continued to finger her sloppy cunt that was now starting to drip all over his leather seats.

“Yes, I’ll be as loud as you want.” Lena cried as she began to stroke the other tit. This cause Liam to pinch harder.

“That’s not what I wanted to hear slut.” With that he violently snatched her hands out of her pussy causing Lena to cry out sadly as she ached to feel her pussy filled again. Quickly Liam shoved his finger into her and began playing with her clit like earlier. This caused Lena to lose herself as she began crying out obscenities and rocking her hips to pull his hands in deeper.

“You will call me titles of respect little girl,” Liam said. “I am not some football player finger fucking you in his moms Kia. I’m a man and you will refer to me as such.”

Lena would’ve agreed to call him anything he wanted in that moment. Yet she wanted to see how far he was willing to punish her—missing the brutal smacks on her tits from earlier.

“You’re right,” she panted. “You’re not. Those boys are younger than you and I bet they fuck a whole lot longer than you which is why you won’t fuck me yet. You’re scared that I’m going to make you cum and that’ll be it.” Liam’s fingers began to slow down as her words continued. He looked particularly unamused at her statement.

This expression didn’t last long though because in one movement he was pulling Lena on top of his lap as he undid his pants and freed his cock. Lena’s eyes looked down in delight and fear as she saw the throbbing thick monster before her. She watched Liam stroke himself for a moment before picking her up and slamming her down on top of her. Lena screamed as she felt herself stretching more than she’d ever been.

Too in shock, she sat there as Liam grabbed her hips and began using her body as if she were just a sex toy. The pain she felt as he continued to slam her up and down was a pain she’d never quite felt before and she felt her hands go to her tits. As she slowly began helping him—bouncing up and down now—she Kadıköy Escort began to cry out loudly. Liam’s loud grunts began to match her moans as they sat in the parking lot with his car still roaring.

When Lena felt herself close, she cried out, “I’m going to cum.” With that Liam picked her up again and tossed her back on her side of the car. She rocked her body against the seat desperate for something to make her finish. Yet, she knew the only thing that could was Liam.

“Look at the mess you made all over me,” Liam taunted as he gestured to his cock, slick with her juices, and the wet spot on the crotch of his pants.

“Clean it up.” He barked. Lena tried to not look uneasy though she was. She’d never tasted herself before, and even worse, blew a guy. Yet she knew that Liam was not for games anymore.

“Yes,” Lena said quietly as she went to move over towards his lap. Liam grabbed her face lifting her chin up towards him to meet his eyes—the same stern eyes that she’d seen when they first bumped into each other.

“Yes what?” He prompted. His eyebrow raised and she suddenly felt like she was back at school being given a glare by her domineering history teacher. He demanded only words like “sir” to address him and suddenly Lena understood.

This turned her on more than anything—thinking about getting fucked by one of her teachers. She’d always loved the naughty school girl trope. Lena looked into his eyes with as much innocence as she could portray—though she was topless with her ass out and dripping all over the place.

“Yes Sir,” she said obediently nodding with enthusiasm. Liam groaned in approval as she then wrapped her lips around his cock. She could barely get her whole mouth around it. So she used her hands to help with her stumbling first blowjob. Moving from kissing his tip to the underside of his pulsing cock, Lena then took one of his balls in her mouth as she continued pumping. Though this was her first time she had her extensive knowledge of porn to thank for this.

Liam seemed to like this as he began running his fingers through her hair alternating between stroking and pulling. When she came up from his balls and tried to take his cock as far as she could in the back of her throat, he let out the my horse “fuck” Lena had ever heard. This made her pussy begin to ache for him more.

Lena gagged aggressively as she kept ramming him deeper in her throat with Liam’s hands now assisting in forcing her head down further. Spit was beginning to run down her chin as she struggled for air. She braved her hands on his hard thighs before prying herself up breathing deeply. She sat up for a bit trying to catch her breath as she lazily strokes his dick.

Liam didn’t seem to like this though as he planted a hard smack on her ass. “Keep sucking or I will kick you out of my car with no top and you can drive home to mommy and daddy looking like the whore you are.”

Lena nodded quickly, her breath still ragged. Quickly she took him back into her mouth sucking and stroking him with more determination. She want him to cum. Hell she needed him to. After all, the quicker he did the more attention would be back on her.

Lena then got a wicked idea. Stopping quickly grabbed her tits and squeezed them around his cock. Spitting violently over the tip, she then began to jerk him off with tits. She dropped her head to suck off his tip as Liam pulled her hair harder.

“Good girl,” he grunted as he began to fuck her tits with more enthusiasm. Lena could tell he seemed close and she braced herself for him as she took his tip out and began tracing circles around his little hole. Liam grunted in approval and she knew it was only a matter of time before he came.

“Where do you want it Sir?” She questioned as he began to pulse around her tits.

“Your face slut,” he demanded. “I want it all over that pretty little face of yours.” Lena nodded as she began to stroke him faster with her tits wanting to finally see him cum.

With one intense groan, Liam pulled Lena’s hair with both hands and shot his cum all over her face and tits. She felt hot ropes shooting all over her face, coating her eyes and lips. As he he let out the last bit, Lena looked up into Liam’s eyes and licked her lips happily.

“You’re a cute little slut with cum on,” he mused as he stroked her hair. Lena thanked him quietly.

“Where’s your car?” Liam asked. Lena explained it was two lots over causing Liam to nod approvingly. “I want you to walk there to it…just like this.” Lena went to open her mouth to protest but Liam shushed her. “Do it slut.”

Slowly Lena got out of the car. The breeze immediately began to caress her sopping cunt, dry the cum on her face, and make her nipples even harder. The sun was beginning to set as she realized that she’d been under Liam’s control for hours.

Lena looked around as she tried to find the less trafficked route to her car. Hurriedly she wrapped her arms around her tits began walking to her car, with Liam following from a distance in his car. She knew he was getting a sick enjoyment out of this as mothers shielded their children away and boys howled at her. Everyone seeming to comment on the cum splattered on her face or her tits bouncing behind her arm as she continued to power walk by.

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