Lesson Two

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It was two weeks later. The doorbell rang at exactly 9:00 AM.

I opened the door. Suzy stood there with a smile on her face and announced, “I’m ready for my next lesson!”

“Now wait a minute, Suzy,” I said. “The last time you were here I spent and hour and a half finishing the cleaning you didn’t get done. Let’s at least wait until you finish this time,” I laughed.

“OK. I promise to get everything done, but I’m going to hurry,” she said.

“I’ll be in the office doing some research,” I replied. Come get me when you finish”

I spent the next two hours trying to concentrate on finding information on the Internet for the paper I was writing. But my mind kept wandering to Suzy. I could hear her as she quickly moved from job to job in the house.

I had never thought of her in a sexual way before. After all, she had been my children’s baby-sitter. In high school, she occasionally asked me for help and direction in her studies. She had sought my advice on selecting a college. I was like another father to her. I considered her an adopted daughter. Now, she was looking to me to help her discover her sexuality. I must confess, though, I was looking forward to another lesson as much as she seemed to be.

I thought to myself that Suzy had grown into quite a young woman. She was about 5′ 7″ tall. Her long brown hair fell down over her shoulders. I had never noticed her eyes until that first lesson two weeks ago. They were deep brown and had a sparkle that intrigued me. She had a woman’s figure: strong shoulders, large breasts, well-shaped thighs, and muscular calves. “Yes, Suzy,” I said to myself, “You have Beylikdüzü escort become quite the young lady.”

“I’m finished.” Suzy’s words startled me out of my thoughts.

“I’m glad,” I allowed myself to say. “Meet me in the bedroom.”

On my way, I stopped in the bathroom and picked up an item that I had in mind for today’s lesson.

When I got to the bedroom, Suzy already had her clothes off and was lying on the bed. I stopped for a moment to enjoy the look of her. Against my will, I began to feel a familiar sensation in my penis and felt it start to rise. Hoping Suzy didn’t notice, I quickly walked to the other side of the bed and sat down.

“Have you been practicing what you learned in our last lesson?,” I asked.

“Every day!,” she responded. “And, do you know what? It feels better each time. I really like it when I can make myself come three or four times in a row. Now, what are you going to teach me today?,” she demanded.

“Today I am going to introduce you to the joys of a vibrator. If you liked the feel of coming with your fingers, you are going to love the feel of a vibrator.”

I told Suzy to begin stimulating herself and to let me know when she felt on her way to having an orgasm. I watched as she started by fondling her breasts. As her nipples became erect, she moistened a finger and traced circles around each one. With one hand, she went from nipple to nipple, squeezing and twist them. Her other hand worked its way to the cleft between her legs. She began caressing her mound. Slipping a finger inside her outer lips, she began stroking the length of her opening. She slipped in Beylikdüzü escort a second finger and I noticed her juices begin to flow, covering each finger. I head a sharp intake of breath and saw her body tense as she found her clitoris.

“Stop now, Suzy,” I said.

“Oh, no,” she moaned. “Why?”

“Because you are going to discover what a vibrator can do for you,” I told her. “I’m going to turn it on now, so don’t be startled by the sound.”

Suzy looked over as I twisted the base of the vibrator. “That thing is huge. Are men really that big?,” she asked.

I laughed. “Maybe in the movies. I want you to take the vibrator and begin using it like you use your fingers. Move it over your body. If you turn the base, you can vary its speed.”

She did as I explained, gradually working her way from her breasts to her swollen opening. “This feels so cool,” she said excitedly.

“Now, Suzy, I want you to put the tip of the vibrator on your clitoris. That’s it. Now, find a speed that feels best to you. Close your eyes and focus all of your attention on the sensations you are feeling between your legs.”

I watched as her body filled with sexual excitement. She moved the vibrator from her clit, down her inner lips, then back to her center of pleasure. She began to moan, her hips moving involuntarily as she pressed the vibrator harder against herself. Suddenly her body stiffened then shuddered. Suzy came with a scream of pleasure. Not moving the vibrator from her clitoris, she continued until she had another orgasm so intense that she dropped it.

“Oh, no” she cried. “Where did it go? Where did it go?”

Without Escort Beylikdüzü really thinking about it, I reached over and picked up the vibrator. I turned it to its fullest and pressed it hard against her clit. She began to writhe with pleasure again. I moved it up and down just inside her outer lips. I allowed it to brush against her anus causing a squeal of delight. I pressed it again to her clit. Moving it to her inner lips, I moved it back and forth. Finding her opening, I shoved it deep inside of her. Her eyes opened wide with surprise. I pulled it almost completely out and then pushed it in again. I began pushing and pulling with the vibrator. As I pushed it inside, I pressed the knobs on its base against her clit. Her hips found my rhythm and moved back and forth with it. Suddenly, her back arched. She reached for my shoulders and pulled herself against me. She came with a shout. I continued moving the vibrator. She came a second time then a third. Finally, she lay back exhausted.

I let her breathing return to near normal. “So, Suzy,” I asked, “How do you like a vibrator?”

Barely able to get the words out Suzy said, “Wondy, just wondy.”

“You can keep the vibrator,” I told Suzy.

She gave me a smile and asked, “Can I come back next week instead of two weeks? I don’t want to wait so long for my next lesson.”

I did not have to think twice about her request, so I said, “Yes, next week is great.”

I watched as Suzy dressed herself, admiring her sensuous body.

As I walked her to the door she asked, “What is next week’s lesson going to be?”

“I have something in mind already,” I answered. “But I don’t want to tell you. I’ll just keep you guessing!”

As she left, she smiled and said, “Oh, goody. I like surprises!”

As I watched her walk down the steps my mind was already at work planning next week’s lesson.

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