Love Ain’t No Stranger

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“NO, Steve, You can’t, were in the men’s bathroom for cripes sake!”

“I don’t care, I can’t take this anymore!”

“Allen and your girlfriend are out there waiting, we can’t, we…”

He was in me, pushing deep, shoving me up against the stall wall of the bars restroom. I was moaning for everything I had, and didn’t care who heard me.


Steve was my husband’s best friend. And the charismatic charm he had, would be my downfall. I knew this ever since the day I met him at the company Christmas party in New Orleans.

My husband was transferred to this district, and we moved south from the southwest. He had trained with Steve and a few of the other guys for a month, and then he and Steve worked together in the central part of the district.

I had gotten to know him a bit at first, but that night of the party, and after when we all went out to party on Bourbon Street, set the wheels in motion.

I had been drinking since we arrived in New Orleans that after noon, and it just continued through dinner and into the night, and we danced, we all danced, I danced with him, Allen danced with her, we had a good time.

The months passed, we had dinner parties, super bowl parties, drinking parties, you name it. The three of us would meet for lunch because they were working together, and I just wanted to get out and be with Allen.

I didn’t mind Steve’s company. He was fun, always something naughty to say, and he just had that thing about him I loved in my men, which was my downfall.

Steve was only a few years older than me, where Allen was ten, and we all liked the same things, music, cars, bikes, the three of us clicked.

Once, I heard him asking Allen if he would share me, I was impressed by both Allen telling him no, and Steve even asking. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to fuck him.

Occasionally, Allen would go out of town, and I would find Steve at a job sight alone. I made it a point to stop and say hi, talk a little, seeing what game I could play with him and if he was accepting. Of course, it was just a tease, but the look in his eye knew what I was doing and what the prospects were.

We had always visited each other’s homes over the first years, and Allen found a haven away from home at Steve’s, he was having difficulty adjusting to the difference of the south vs. the southwest. Myself, I found things to keep my mind and body occupied, and picked up a job as a bartender for some extra money.

We went over to Steve’s house for a Labor Day bash and things got a little hot between us, he teased and of course, I flirted openly, not like I didn’t do that at work to earn my tips, but I saw that they both noticed, and Steve was eating it up. The more I drank the friskier I got, just like in New Orleans.

He showed me around his house. Allen already had tuzla escort told me about his snakes and other things, but Steve had to show me. Of course, I humored him, I have no use for pet snakes, but he adored them, and it gave me a moment to get closer to him.

He showed me the rest of his house and his bedroom, whether intentional or not, I took note of the bed. We talked for a bit longer and then Allen came to find me. Probably a good thing.

Time passed, I would tease, and BS with him when I saw him, mostly at lunch or just stopping by somewhere I saw his work truck parked.

Our next company Christmas party came, and he had a new girlfriend that year, I didn’t think much of her, but ok, he found something in her and it wasn’t my place to judge her, but the distinct sexual tension was still there between us, and you could almost smell it.

It was cold that Christmas in New Orleans, and this year we were in the Garden district, a smaller hotel, and a fancier restaurant. They served drinks and appetizers before our dinner and everyone sat around and chatted, late comers trickling in.

We all sat together at dinner with two other couples and my flirting and charm overwhelmed Steve, and he brushed my left leg several times. I even held his hand a few times to keep him from tickling me, not that anyone would notice because we were all giddy and laughing anyway.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and changed our dress clothes, and hitched the trolley from the Garden District to Bourbon Street to party.

We found our way to the bars and wandered through the crowded streets finding somewhere that had a live band with music that we all liked. Steve bought Jell-O shooters for all of us, that was the first time I had one, I was more of a shot girl, and they were pretty cool.

I was well on my way to a good buzz again from the drinking before dinner and the occasional drinks at the bars we stopped in, including the Everclear Daiquiri I had been sucking on through out our journey down Bourbon.

I had finished off two beers and had to pee really bad. I told Allen where I was going and gave him my bottle; he was enjoying the music and nodded.

I disappeared into the back of the building, following some of the other women, I found the ladies room. It took me a bit because I had to wait, but that was cool, it gave me a chance to look over my hair and makeup, and see just how fucked up I was getting.

I laughed silently at myself, drunk or not, I still felt fucking hot and thought I looked good. One girl even smacked my ass and asked me if I would eat her pussy, I laughed and told her to find me after I pissed. I don’t know what happened to her.

As I came out of the bathroom I felt a hand grab my arm and pull me backwards. I was about to scream when a hand went over my mouth, “Shhhh.”

I looked up to see Steve, “Shhh, its’ just me.”

“What tuzla escort bayan the fuck!” I turned to face him, hitting his chest with my hand, “You scared the shit out of me!”

“I saw you come over this way. I thought I’d take a chance.”


He pulled me back towards men’s room and through the door. He stopped to look and see who was in there, and luckily, no one at that moment, that we could see.


“Shhh, I don’t want us getting caught.”

“Caught for what?”

He pulled me to the farthest stall in the darkened corner, dragging me in behind him, locking the door. I looked at him like he was insane. He turned back to me and put his arms around my waist, bringing me up to meet his lips, he smelled of beer and cigarettes and I pushed away from him.

“Damn it, what are you doing?!” I whispered in a heightened panic.

“Fucking you, I can’t stand it any more.” he was pulling my mini skirt up and my panties down.

“Steve!” I was holding on to him and pushing him away at the same time.

“Oh hell no, you fucking teased me all though dinner. And for two damn years I’ve been wanting to get my hands on you. Now, I get my chance.”

“No, come one Steve, not here not…uhhh.” I gasped; his hot solid cock running deep inside my wetness. He pulled my leg up, my heel catching his calf as I pushed into him.

He managed to hike up my shirt and expose my bra, skillfully pulling my Double D’s from their confines. His lips were soft and aggressive against me while he masterfully stroked in and out of my confines.

“Fuck, I’ve wanted you for so long, you feel so good under me.”

“Oh Steve!” I arched my hips to meet his thrusts and pushed hard into his body.

He caressed my breasts with his hands and worked his tongue up and down between my chest, neck and lips. I gave into his cravings and sexual abduction of my body. Honestly, I wanted it as fucking much as he did, maybe more.

He smothered himself in my long hair, whispering naughty things in my ear as he kissed me, pumping me hard and full. I moaned, and he put his lips to mine, tonguing me to soften the sound. I’m sure who ever came in and out of the room heard us, but I didn’t care. This was a hell of a Christmas gift.

He stopped and pulled free of my body, shaft shiny with juices from my sex. Steve pushed me back against the wall and lifted my leg again, kneeling down before me.

He looked at me once as if looking for approval, and I nodded yes. His tongue was almost as hot and stiff as his cock as it masterfully worked on my swollen lips and protruding clit. I came, moaning and squirting liquid all over his face and down his neck.

He cleaned me quickly and worked for more, making me cream three more times. When I could take no more, I put my hands in his hair and motioned to him to stop.

He stood up, cock stiffer escort tuzla than before, and turned me around so I faced the wall. He pulled the back of my skirt over my hips and pushed deep into my pussy, holding my hips tightly. I pushed against the stall wall and forced harder onto him, moaning and coming again.

Feeling it run down my legs, he moaned, tightened his muscles, and let loose the fire he held back for so long. I felt the heat all the way up to my breasts.

He pumped up into me, filling me until he went soft and the pulled away, catching the cream that came with him in his hand and rubbed it on my ass. What a turn on.

He grabbed some TP and wiped off his legs and around his balls a bit, and then wiped a bit of the cream from my legs. He turned me back to him, holding me up until I was able to account for my balance, kissed me softly, tenderly stroking my swollen, creamy pussy.

“God your good.” he whispered, pressing against me.

“So are you,” I breathed heavily.

We heard a few people come in and out, and I was finally able to gain my composure and adjust my skirt and shirt as he tucked himself away and fixed his clothes.

He handed my panties to me, and I folded them up into his hand, “Keep them, we may never get to do this again.”

I put my arms around him and kissed him deeply, “thank you. I’ve wanted to be with you for a long time now. I just didn’t think it would be this way, or in a place like this.”

“Me either, but, what the hell, it was exciting.”

“God yes! Maybe next year we can do it again?”

“I don’t want to wait until next year.”

“Maybe we won’t have too. You know as well as I do Allen goes out of town a lot, maybe we can slip away then.”

“Yeah, that would be great.”

“Steve, we better get back.”

“I know. You think they would be looking for us by now.”

“Who knows, maybe they forgot about us.”

“Unlikely, Allen watches over you like a hawk.”

“Yeah, but he can’t be with me all the time.”

“No, he can’t.” He collected me and kissed me fully, I pushed softly up into him, not wanting to let go.

“Come on, before we get found out.”

I shook my head, reluctantly.

He slipped out of the stall, looking to make sure no one would see me, and then motioned to me to come on. I hurried to his side and we eased out the door as someone came in, they were drunk, and I doubt they even thought anything of it.

We worked our way through the crowd, back to Allen and Charlene, but before we got to where they could see us he pulled me back to him for one last kiss. It was soft and loving, with angst and passion. He touched my face and I saw something there I hadn’t before, he smiled.

“Thank you.” he whispered in my ear, brushing my cheek, “Merry Christmas Monica.”

“Merry Christmas Steve.”

We made our way back, knowing that the passion ignited between us would flare a few more times and keep us close.


*Steve, wherever you are, I miss you. May the Goddess keep you safe in Summerland my love.RIP.

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