Lovely Little Quickie

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It’s 4:00pm, and in I come, here to pick up my sweet child from daycare.

The other children have gone home, but my baby is still sleeping when I arrive.

“So, anything I can do to help?” I ask.

You’ve only been in the new place for less than two weeks, and the place is still a bit of a mess from the move.

The boss decided to give you the keys after the move, especially since you agreed to sometimes stay until closing time if she needed to be somewhere.

“Oh, yes. The kitchen stove. For some reason it won’t light. Would you mind taking a look?” you ask.

The big main room has a small doorway in the left wall, near the corner. Just inside is the very narrow kitchen.

The fridge, cooker, sink, counters and everything are all in a line, and if somebody is standing in front of one of them, another person would have to squeeze past them, between them and the wall.

Since you’re leading the way, you stop in front of the stove with me beside you. You turn the dial on the stove and we can hear the pop-pop-popping as it tries to light, but nothing happens.

“Oh, it’s probably this.” I say, and reach down into the center of the burner. The mechanism at the center shifts slightly under my fingers and settles a little lower.

“Try it now.”

Sure enough, as soon as you turn the handle, the popping lights up a small flame on the stove.

“Oh thank you.” You smile up at me, so sweetly, and always with that spark in your eyes. It’s impossible not to smile back.

For weeks, more than a month now, I’ve tried to resist the temptation, tried to avoid being in situations like this. I know that it’s impossible for anyone to see us here, nothing to stop us…

I know that I cannot stop myself. And this is my chance.

My lips come down to yours, and yours raise to mine.

The first kiss is short, almost friendly. I can’t help but wonder if you have changed YOUR mind about me.

I have to try again, have to check.

The second time our lips meet, yours are immediately softer, drawing me in for a deeper kiss.

My bursa escort hands move to you quickly, to your back and sides. After I moment, I pull you close to me, against me, while our tongues start to flick into each others’ mouths.

The kissing, the holding, the pressing, the caressing… these things continue for several minutes, and the sound of our empassioned breathing grows louder in the confined space.

My eyes peek open, without my mouth ceasing to kiss you, to check the countertop right behind you. Empty as I’d hoped. My hands have found positions appropriate for my next move.

Almost as a very strong embrace, I lift you up. At first you protest, but soon my intentions are clear, up you go, to sit on the counter in front of me.

You kindly part your legs so that I may stand in front of you with our chests touching, still kissing each other hungrily.

The dress you are wearing is loose and long, but bare on the shoulders.

In this position, we can both wrap our arms around each other, and very soon my kissing begin to drop to your elegant neck.

I know I should be slow, we haven’t been together for weeks, I don’t want to assume that you want me as much as I want you…

But it’s the pent-up sexual tension of those weeks that steals my ability to control myself. I’ve been waiting, against my judgement, for this since the last time I had you in my arms.

My hands go to your thighs and push the dress up your legs.

Up, up, up. My palms rest on your bare knees, close to my sides.

My hands slide under the dress and up your thighs, on either side of your body.

As they move toward your hips, the dress also moves higher.

The passionate kissing continues, mouth-to-mouth for the moment.

Not entirely unexpectedly, I find that there is no underwear.

This makes my breath come even faster.

I suddenly drop down in front of you.

On my knees on the kitchen floor, I look up into the dress, between your legs, to the bare skin there. Your pink lips are still hidden, but not for long.

You lean bursa escort bayan back obligingly, so that your hungry little pussy is angled more to me.

My kisses start on your left thigh but only a few kisses land their before reaching the center.

The best control I can manage is to first kiss all around your sensitive parts there, eagerly enjoying the rough skin where you keep it shaved.

Finally my tongue starts probing for the center, teasing the lips out of their little hiding place, getting my first taste of your tangy juices.

The cute little moans you make start now, making my hard cock throb in anticipation.

Now my tongue is actively swirling around your little pink hole, around your clit, playing with your lips…

A few times, I suck your lips into my mouth, and then slide my tongue around them and into your tight little hole. The moans turn to gasps when I do that.

Your hands move to the back of my head and sometimes, involuntarily, you find yourself pushing my face harder against you as I lick you.

You tense sharply, arching your back, and your entire body seems to tense up. It is your first orgasm, and it delights me.

As soon as your body settles a bit, although I’ve continued to attend to your hungry pussy all the while, I suddenly stand again, in front of you. I bend my head down to kiss you again, hard on the lips. The taste and smell of you provoke an immediate reaction. You begin kissing an licking my face, trying to suck up every delicious drop of your juices.

While your attentions are on this, I have unbuckled and unbottoned my pants, and they fall to the floor, followed by my underwear.

I try a bit to step out of my pants, but with my cock so close to you, I quicky become too distracted to continue trying.

Before either of us expect it, my cock as at the opening of your vagina.

I slightly move side to side, to coat my head with your juices and move your lips there a bit to the right or left, to get them out of my way.

The head of my cock gets in 3, 4, 5 centimeters, just long escort bursa enough for it to give you the feeling of something entering you.

Your hands go to my back and press me toward you, although our chests (still clothed) are already pressed together. I know what you want. I push further into you. Again, a gasp. A loud one this time.

I pull out a bit, then push deeper in. Again, out and then deeper in…

I stop and, without seeming to move at all, my cock slowly slides deeper and deeper into you.

Playtime is over. I want to do it the way it’s supposed to be done now.

I pull out to the head, then plunge myself deeply into you.

Again, out to the head and then all the way in.

I know I could be more subtle, play games with my penetration… but I just don’t have the patience for it anymore. I want you too badly.

My speed increases, but I still insist on using long, deep strokes.

Your fingertips are pressed strongly into the muscles in my back now, but your head has fallen backwards, against the kitchen cabinet behind you. Your breath comes out in shallow gasps constantly now.

Your legs rise up a bit, and then when you bend your knees, you wrap your legs around my hips.

My hands grab your ass, on the counter, and pull you closer to me, to penetrate you even deeper… and that’s what puts you over the edge.

The force of your orgasm is like an explosion. The hands that pressed into me now seem to be grasping for flesh. Your legs wrapped around my waist now seem inescapable, not that I would want to.

It was the only signal I needed or wanted, so that I could join you in ecstasy. I explode inside you, showering the innermost part of your pussy with my cum, surge after surge.

When my surges and your spasms stop, we stay together for several minutes, arms and legs intertwined, still inside each other, our breaths slowing and relaxing.

I squeeze your beautiful, sweet body in my strong arms. A bear hug.

After a few more minutes, I raise my chin and kiss your lips again. Your lips are again as soft and tender as those second kisses today.

We both know my baby would be making noise if she were awake, so there’s no reason to rush… or to stop…

Slowly, more gently this time, I begin to move into and out of you…

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