The Blind Date

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I let out a sigh of relief as the final scan completed, I’d been fighting a pretty nasty set of viruses on my sister’s computer and I’d finally finished. I unplugged my drives and shut it down to take to her.

“Here you go sis, all clean and working again.” I said, handing it to her.

“Fucking sweet, did I lose any of my music and pictures?” She said, bouncing to her feet.

“What do you take me for? Your pics, even the nudes of yourself, are all fine. I installed a new antivirus too, one that will keep you away from that shitty site where you got the virus. I put a better one in your search bar.”

“You looked at my nudes you perv?”

“In fairness Carla your face isn’t in most of them, I didn’t know it was you at first.”

“Fine, just don’t tell mom I have them, she’d freak.”

“I won’t, why do you even have them?”

“I like to drive boys nuts on anon posting sites, gets me off.”

“Holy fuck sis, I probably didn’t need to know that. Anyways, for fixing it I want a favor.”

“Oh? Handjob, blowjob?” She said with a grin.

“One of these days your teasing is going to get you in to trouble lady. No, I want you to get me a date with one of your cheerleader friends.”

“Ohhh. I’ll see what I can do okay. Thank you though, my friend Ashley put her computer into the shop, they charged her $150 and they stole her pictures and tried to blackmail her.” She said and hugged me.

“You’re welcome.” I said then walked off.

I didn’t tell her that I kept a copy of her pics, was it wrong? Sure but at 19 and in the Junior College cheerleader team she did have an amazing body, nice small but sexy breasts and even a shaved pussy. I deleted the ones of her face and intended to jerk off to them, I didn’t care that I knew it was my younger sister.

A few days later she came to my room, my door was open but she still knocked, came in smiling.

“So, I’ve asked around and have a date for you.” She said.

“Oh yea? Is she cute?” I replied, sitting up.

“I believe so, lot of guys like her a lot too. She’s pretty outgoing, friendly, fun but most guys are afraid of her.”

“Really? Why is that?”

“I’ve heard she’s really kinky, lot of guys are not into that so she keeps to herself.”

“Do you have a picture of her?”

“Nope, she insisted it be a blind date.”

“What the hell, fine but if she’s ugly I’m going to be pissed.”

“Why do you need me to set you up anyways, you’re good looking, senior in college, most girls I know like that.”

“I kinda have a thing for cheerleaders and since I don’t play football I don’t know how to meet one.”

“Well okay then. She’s not ugly, I promise. She kinda has a stalker ex so is it okay that you guys meet in the city?”

“I suppose, I can’t afford those city restaurant prices though.”

“So take a blanket, cooler of water and take her on a walk, dates don’t always have to be wine and dine silly.”

“What if she thinks that’s lame?”

“Then she sucks. She’ll love it I promise.”

“Fine, when?”

“I’ll make the arrangements and let you know okay?”

“Cool, thank you.”

The next day Carla came bouncing into my room with a huge smile on her face.

“So, she’s excited, here’s where your going to meet her. She’s not expecting an expensive dinner and actually prefers just walks and talking.”

“Red bench on south side of the park, 2pm? What if I can’t find it.” I said, reading the piece of paper Carla gave me.

“Marcus, there are 6 blue benches and only one red one, I promise you’ll find it.”

“Wear canlı bahis something blue, did you tell her it’s my favorite color and is mostly all I own?” I said, reading the note again.


“Well thank you for arranging this, I hope I don’t make an ass of myself or something.”

“You’ll be fine, just be yourself. She’s not had a guy in a while so don’t be surprised if she wants to jump you on the first date too.” She said, grinning.

“Oh great, now that will be all I can think about, thank you.”

“Well I’m going to stay with Lisa, can’t wait to hear about your date.”

“Thank you Carla, really. I appreciate this.” I said, hugging her.

“You’re welcome, have fun!” She said then was gone.

The next day, the day of my blind date, I showered, ate breakfast, showered again then dressed in a blue shirt, nice shorts and got on the train, stopping for flowers on the way. The park was pretty quiet and Carla was right, the red bench was easy to find and I sat waiting for my date, my heart pounding in my chest. Right before 2pm (I was early and checking my watch every 3 seconds) I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, I jumped but a woman whispered in my ear.

“Close your eyes, I’m your blind date.” She said. I did as she asked.

I nervously closed my eyes and next thing I knew she’d straddled my lap and held my face as she kissed me. After the initial ‘WTF’ moment passed I kissed her back and enjoyed her tongue dancing with mine. When she finally stopped she let me go but stayed on my lap.

“Aww, are those for me, you’re so romantic!” She said.

“C… Carla? What the fuck? Where’s my date?”

“I’m your date silly, I just told you that.”

Carla got off me and stood up, she was wearing her cheerleader uniform.

“So everything you told me was a lie to wind me up? This isn’t fucking funny Carla.”

“Oh you can be so blind at times. Except the stalker ex and going to stay with Lisa, everything I told you was true. I’m your date, I want to walk and talk with you and I want you to fuck me when I take you back to my room.”

“Wh… what? You’re my sister Carla, you’re not supposed speak like that to your brother.”

“And you’re not supposed to spank it to naked pictures of me but you do. I’ve wanted you for years, the site that I got that virus from was a brother sister porn site, I watch you jerking off to me then I masturbate imagining what it would be like with that big cock inside me. Nobody knows us here, you’d be just a cute guy with his cute date.”

I tried to find reasons against giving her what she wanted and my brain went blank. She was right about her pictures, it was all I looked at when I jerked off. The thoughts I had while I stroked left when I came but they were of actually touching her body, exploring her nipples and pussy with my tongue. I gave her my answer with a kiss, my hand on the back of her neck and my tongue meeting hers again.

“Am I to take that as a yes?” She said, grinning.

“Yes.” I said and handed her the flowers.

“You’ve no idea how happy this makes me.” She said and held me tight.

“I’m still a little in shock but I am not going to deny getting really turned on at your pictures, you’re sexy as hell.”

“I’m glad you think so. I can wait to feel you inside me, oh, you should walk with your hand on my ass, I’m not wearing any panties and this skirt is pretty short.” She said then put her arm round my waist.

We walked together and got a cab to her hotel, we didn’t really talk much but as soon as we got into the room we were all over each other, bahis siteleri kissing and pulling at each other’s clothes. I wanted to take my time and explore her body but she had other ideas and pulled me to her on the bed.

“You can take it slow next time, I need you inside me.” She said.

I climbed on top of her and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy then looked into her eyes as I pushed inside her. She gasped in pleasure as I began to thrust then pulled my face close to kiss me again. I wanted to last for hours inside her but when she came, her pussy tightening round my cock set me off and I pushed in deep as my cock exploded, spraying my hot seed deep into her. I stayed on top of her as we caught our breaths but eventually rolled off and onto my back.

“That was more amazing than I imagined, thank you.” She said, cuddling into me.

“I’ve been jerking off looking at your pussy, can I eat you now?” I said.

“You’ve just cum in me, that doesn’t bother you?”

“I don’t care.”

“I’m not going to stop you.”

I let my own seed dribble over my tongue as I licked her but focused on her clit, still not believing I was eating my own cum from my sister’s pussy. She came a couple of times and eventually had to push me away.

“Oh fuck I could get used to that.” She said, catching her breath.

We spent pretty much the whole night making love, the next morning we were woken by room service looking to clean the room, Carla decided to tease the poor maid.

“Sorry, my brother is still in bed, give us 5 minutes and we’ll get out of your way.” She said, answering the door naked.

We got dressed and left the room, a $50 bill on the dresser for the maid, she winked at me as we passed her which cracked Carla up. We cuddled together on the train, not caring that we still smelled of the sex we’d been enjoying all night.

We got home expecting nobody to be around, we were making out in the hallway, Carla was rubbing my cock through my pants and I had my hand on her bare ass.

“I want this big hard cock in me again after we shower.” She said.

“I’m going to fill you with my hot cum my naughty slut.” I replied.

“Only a slut for you and your juicy cock.”

“You know, you both should be a little more discreet if this is going to carry on.” Said Mom, we both leaped out of our skins and split up.

“M.. Mom, we were just messing around.” Said Carla.

“Kitchen table, both of you, now.” Replied Mom.

We both sat down facing her at the table.

“Now, you both smell like sex, I heard every word you said in the hallway so do me a favor and don’t lie to me okay? Were you using protection?” Said Mom.

“I’m on the pill.” Said Carla.

“I was worried about you, I called Lisa’s Mom to give you a message since your phone is off and she said you weren’t there, is the only reason I’m home, excuse me a second.” Said Mom as her phone buzzed.

Mom answered texts for a few minutes while Carla and I sat in silence then put her phone down.

“So, if this between you is to continue there is a price.” She said.

“What do you mean?” Said Carla.

“If you are to continue having sex under our roof you will both have to pay a price. Both of you go and shower, get some rest then be back down here at 6, no clothes.” Said Mom.

“Wh.. what for?” Said Carla.

“You’ll find out at 6.” Replied Mom.

Carla and I quietly showered together and held each other when we were dry.

“What do you think we’ll have to do?” She said.

“Whatever it is I’ll do it, being with you was amazing bahis şirketleri and I want more.” I replied.

“Okay, I’ll do anything too.”

We both went to our rooms, I set an alarm and was up by 6, I made sure Carla was awake too.

“Can’t believe we’re going to be naked in front of Mom and Dad.” Said Carla.

“I think after making love to each other we really don’t have any barriers left sweetie, I would have preferred they didn’t know but I’m thankful they’re not having us locked up or scrubbed with holy water and bleach.” I replied.

“Always looking at the positive, lets go get this over with.” Carla said with a smile.

We both walked into the kitchen and sat at the table, Mom and Dad were already sitting there, both just wearing their robes.

“Take a seat.” Said Mom. We did as we were told.

“So, neither of us are upset that you two are fucking, your Mother and I are very open minded and have enjoyed things that other people see as taboo or wrong. When it comes to sex, since you’re under my roof and having sex with each other we expect a tribute. In return, you’ll have your privacy and freedom to fuck each other as much as you like.” Said Dad.

“What do you mean by tribute?” Said Carla.

Mom detailed what would be expected of us, Carla and I looked at each other and both said yes.

We all moved to the bedroom, Mom and Dad dropped their robes and stood naked. I was given a chair to sit on while Carla got to her knees and started sucking Dad’s cock. Once he was hard, Carla got on the bed on her back, Dad got between her legs and pushed his cock into her and started fucking her while Mom sat on her face to have her eat her pussy. Dad lasted a lot longer than I usually do in Carla but as Mom started moaning that she was cumming, Dad groaned and he too climaxed, spraying his load into my sister. Mom got off her face and sat on the bed then when Dad was happy he’d given her all of his seed he pulled out and had Mom suck him.

I was nervous when I took my place, I got between Carla’s legs and started eating her, Dad’s cum oozing from her pussy and into my mouth. Dad’s viagra was doing it’s job too, Mom kept sucking until he was hard then he coated his cock in lube and slowly pushed it into my ass. I looked up at Carla as he began to thrust, she mouthed ‘I love you’ and stroked my hair I as kept eating her. Dad lasted for ages in me, it actually felt good after a while and to my surprise I actually started getting hard. Eventually though my Dad climaxed again and I felt him spray what seed he had left into my ass.

“He actually got hard honey, he’s ready for you.” He said to Mom as he pulled out of me.

“Mmm, good.” She replied.

Carla got up and Mom took her place but got on all fours in front of me. I pushed my cock into her and built up a nice pace, her pussy felt really good but she was really wet so I was able to last a while, the dull ache in my ass helping keep my climax away longer too. Doggy always had me going quick though, before too long I felt the familiar tingling in my balls then I groaned and pushed in deep as I sprayed the contents of my balls into my own Mother. I pulled out only when I started to soften, Mom got onto her back and Carla took my place between her legs to eat my cum from her. When she was done we both knelt beside the bed as instructed.

“Well, I’m satisfied, you can both fuck all you want, try keep it in your room and in private though okay. Anytime you want to join us you’re welcome too.” Said Dad.

“Thank you Daddy, I’ll talk to him, watching you fuck him turned me on so much.” Said Carla.

“I liked it too.” I replied.

Carla and I still make love every chance we can, we play with our parents at least twice a month too, both of use have never been so happy to live at home…

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