Lynn’s Journeys Ch. 14

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“Betts, are you absolutely sure?” waving my empty coffee mug towards Ali for a refill. Ali had a coffee maker and fixings that she kept in her master bath, for those mornings when a trip downstairs, to make coffee, would take too long.

I was on the phone to my office, with my right hand, Betsy; she had just told me that I could stay a couple of extra days next week, but that I had a ‘must-be-there’ meeting scheduled for the end of that week, on Friday.

When I told Ali the news, she smiled broadly, the happiness clearly showing on her face.

“Miz Alice, Miz Lynn,” we heard Momma Jo calling from the bottom of the stairs, “you girls get on down here before these grits and eggs get cold, ya’ll hear me up there?”

“Yes, Momma, we hear you and we’re coming,” Ali shouted back to Momma Jo.

“Not yet you’re not, but you will,” I said to Ali, slapping her playfully on her fine ass.


Speeding down the boulevard, towards the river and levee, Ali was trying to beat the rain that the dark clouds above us promised to deliver to the city.

Top down on the roadster, hair flying behind us, the smell of impending showers was palatable in the air as we rushed to beat the weather.

We had decided to spend a couple of days at Ali’s Quarters apartment, to fully immerse ourselves into the craziness that is, living in the French Quarters.

“Artists, street performers, weirdoes, crazies; they are all there in the Quarters,” Ali said to me, laughingly. “My personal favorite thing to do, though, is to browse the Artists’ stands that ring the Square.”

She was speaking of Jackson Square, the epicenter of activity in the French Quarters.

We pulled into the garage just as the first raindrops fell, splattering on the dusty brickwork of the patio. Rushing into the apartment, Ali dropped the duffle bag onto the floor of the entryway as we shook off the little bit of wetness that had ‘gotten us’.

Turning, facing me, she started playfully pushing me with her hands; pushing me backwards, towards the living room area of the apartment, laughing at me when the final push made me fall over the arm of the sofa, onto my back, on the sofa, looking up at her.

Staring down at me, a wicked grin on her face, she ripped her blouse from her body, buttons flying asunder.

“I believe you mentioned something about me coming?” kneeling down, lowering her naked breasts to my mouth, placing her hard nipples against my lips.

“I believe you’re right about that,” taking her offered breast into my mouth, closing my eyes and enjoying the sensation of my tongue swirling over her nipple, and of my hand slipping under her skirt to cup her wet sex, pantiless, of course.

The rain stopped in the early afternoon, the sunlight waking us from our nap, our naked bodies entwined together in her bed.

Walking out onto the second floor balcony in our nakedness, the sun was already turning the rain puddles into steaming wisps of humidity rising from the bricked courtyard below.

Hugging me to her body, Ali kissed my forehead, smiling at me afterwards.

“What say we clean up, throw on some clothes, and hit the streets, baby,” she said to me as we walked into the apartment through the French doors.

“Works for me, sweetie,” I answered.

Rising from my knees, the water cascading over the both of us, I had gone down on her, in the shower.

I can’t seem to get enough of her, I told her, as I nuzzled my lips into the side of her neck, her hands stoking my wet hair, and running over my ass.

“Yeah, I know the feeling, baby,” she answered, “Since I’ve met you, I can’t seem to get enough of you, either,” shutting off the water, reaching for towels for us.

Smiling at me as she dried me, her hands caressing and fondling as she did so, she offered, “But, that’s not a bad thing is it?”

No, it’s definitely not a bad thing.

We browsed a few shops on the way to the Square, not buying anything, just ‘nosing’ around.

As we made our way around the wrought iron fence perimeter of Jackson Square, we saw almost every style of art for sale, hanging on the fences or on easels.

There were portraiture artists knocking out ‘quickies’ of visitors and tourists; cityscapes, landscapes, cubism, neo-realism, etc.

If you didn’t see it here, it probably didn’t exist.

I took some ‘arty’ photographs of our day, spending some time for different views of the Saint Louis Cathedral, that triple-spired landmark of the Quarters. Using shadows, textures of the old stonework, I blew through seventy images before I knew it.

I discovered photography in high school and have been hooked ever since, enjoying the creative release that it provides to me.

That first night with Alice-she’s right by the way, I did seduce her- the night I brought her home with me? She commented when walking around the condo, during a break from the sex play, about my wall hangings.

I had enlarged some black and white photos from my portfolio, hanging them, making them art-work. Escort Bayan Gaziantep She told me that she thought that they were definitely of ‘show’ quality, good enough for galleries.

Ali ‘got’ my photo-style, and that made me happy.

“Ready for some food, baby?” kissing me after she asked.

We had been walking around all afternoon, holding hands, kissing openly with small, little pecks of affection. Any fool could see that we were two people who were seriously into each other.

I was as happy that afternoon as I had ever been with another human being.

“I could eat,” letting her lead me away from the Square.

“After we grab a bite, I’m taking you to someplace I know you’ve never been,” she said, smiling wickedly. “I’m taking you to a strip club.”

“I’ve been to strip clubs,” I protested. It was only once, but still.

“Not like this one, you haven’t,” she laughed.

Try as I might, she wouldn’t divulge any more info than that.

Ali took me to Felix’s Oyster Bar, world-famous I was told, and following her instructions to ‘sauce’ the oysters first, I had raw oysters for the first time in my life.

It took me a couple to get the technique down, but soon I was sucking oysters from the shell with the best of ’em, followed by long pulls at ice-cold bottled beer.

“How do you like ’em,” Ali asked, sucking her last one into her mouth.

“I like them, especially with the beer; not a bad combination,” I answered, sucking my last one down, as well.

Leaning in towards Ali, just so she could hear what I was saying, I whispered, “Honestly, though, the way they feel sliding down my throat reminds me of swallowing cum after a blowjob,” laughing as I said it.

She beamed a big smile and said, “Me, too; whew, glad I’m not the only one who thinks that,” joining me in laughter.

As we approached the Strip Club, it was jammed with people tying to get inside.

The posters on the outside walls showed some gorgeous damned women, long slender legs, beautiful skin, lips, and tits. “Good looking women,” I told Ali.

“They not women,” she said, “at least, not yet they’re not. They’re ‘trannies’, most of them needing that final operation to give them a vagina, to make their transformation complete.”

I stared at her, open-mouthed, like some damn farmer from Nebraska.

“I shit you not,” she said to me as she walked us up to the doorman.

Of course, she knew him; she knew a hell of a lot of people in the Quarters I was to find out.

He ushered us inside, found us a small banquette facing the stage and told the waitress that our drinks were on the house.

It’s good to know a lot of people in the Quarters, I figured out.

Those two hours we spent there were the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on in a hell of long time.

The ‘girls’ were all fucking beautiful and sexy; the drunk tourists and business people making fools of themselves over the performers.

The dancers hustled the guys for drinks and lap dances, they hustled the touristas and their wives, flirting with them, shaking their silicone boobs in their faces.

All were having a ‘bon temps’, as Ali would say.

Not having the luxury of the doorman to plow a path for us through the crowd that had filled the club, it took us nearly fifteen minutes to fight our way to the outside, to the fresh, cooler air.

“Damn, girl, it was only thirty feet but I’ll bet my ass and boobs were felt and pinched a dozen times,” shaking my head in disbelief.

Pulling her top to the side, she revealed some red pinch marks on the side of her breast.

“Bourbon Street tattoo; wear it with pride,” she laughingly said.

She walked us down a side street, heading back towards the Square, our arms around each other, our heads against each other’s. Stopping every once in a while, we’d embrace, we’d kiss, we’d fondle the other.

It was good, I thought, so damned fine.

“One more stop before we go home, Lynn; Harry’s is an old established bar that most tourists don’t find, except by accident, which is just fine with the locals. It’s been a favorite haunt of some notable writers and musicians, I’ve been told.”

“Sounds just fine to me,” I dreamingly said to her, my hand squeezing one of her ass-cheeks, liking the curve of her butt in my hand.

Being a Monday evening, Harry’s wasn’t crowded and we had no problem finding a couple of seats at the bar.

“Hey girl, where the hell have you been?” a smiling cute face asked in greeting to Ali, but including me in her smile.

“Kay, this is my friend, Lynn.”

Taking my hand in hers, Kay leaned over the bar and kissed me on the cheek.

“Any friend of Alice’s is always welcomed in this bar,” smiling brightly at me.

“Thanks, Kay, I appreciate the kind words.”

“How ’bout you surprise us with something for a nightcap or two,” Ali smilingly said to Kay.

Winking at us both, Kay turned and walked to the other end of the bar, her ass looking mighty fine in those tight pants, I thought.

“Want to pull those eyes back into your head, girly?” Ali jokingly remarked to me.

“Well, hell, Ali, don’ tell me you’ve never noticed her great looking ass before.”

Leaning her head against mine, while her hand stroked my leg through my skirt, she said, “You forget, baby, that before you, I wasn’t looking at other women ‘that way’.”

“Oh sure, blame the new gal,” I joked back with her, squeezing her leg in return.

Kay had fixed us a local concoction known as a ‘Szarac Cocktail’; it was developed back in the 1800’s by a local barkeep here, in New Orleans.

I don’t know what’s in it, I don’t really care; I do know, though, that I found a new favorite drink whenever I’m going to be here.

It was delicious to drink and a quick trip to a buzz, at least for me it was.

Kay hung out with us at our end of the bar, leaving the conversation to serve customers or wait-help with orders.

She was very easy to talk with and made me feel very welcomed, as if we’d known each other forever.

Ali was kept a little busy returning ‘hi’s’ and ‘hellos’ with some of the regulars who drifted in and out of Harry’s.

“You kittens want to step out with me for a few minutes while I catch a smoke?” Kay asked us.

Cautioning her second bartender to keep an eye on our ‘stuff’, we stepped out into the cool, night air and followed Kay as she walked down the block a bit.

Stopping in the shadows, she lit a cigarette, took a couple of puffs, tossed it to the ground and stepped on it with her shoe.

“Well, that didn’t take long,” I commented to her.

She reached into her pants pocket and withdrew a small, tight joint, lighting it, saying as she passed it to me, “This is what I stepped out for; I knew that Alice smoked, so I assumed you did as well.”

Passing the ‘J’ to Ali after my hit, I just nodded my head in agreement, trying to hold in the smoke and began coughing afterwards, causing them to laugh at me. They started their own coughing fits, which allowed me to laugh back at them.

So there!

“You two want to hang out for about another half-hour or so? I get off in just a bit and I thought we could head over to my place and hang out for a while, share some really good smoke?” Kay asked, her eyebrows raised, as if in a question.

“Sure,” Ali answered for us, “sounds like a good idea to me,” looking at me brightly.

While we finished our last Szarac, Ali told me that Kay had been asking her to ‘hang out’ with her after work for quite a while, but she never did.

“So, why tonight?” I asked, taking a sip, enjoying the taste of my new-found favorite drink.

“Because there are two of us; safety in numbers and all that,” she joked.

“What? Did you think that she’d jump your bones or rape you before tonight?”

A somewhat serious look overtook her face as she thought about her answer to that question.

“Honestly, I don’t know that I thought about that possibility before; I wasn’t exactly tuned in to other women then, not like I seem to be now,” Ali said, “I just didn’t take her up on the other invites, don’t really know why.”

Kay was bending over at the far end of the bar gathering her stuff before clocking out, her pants stretched tight over her firm ass. Ali’s eyes had followed mine, and were taking in the view of Kay’s ass, just as I was.

“She does have a good looking ass,” Ali commented, “you’re certainly right about that.”

Looking a bit pensive for a moment, she went on to ask me, “Do you think she’s looking for a possible threesome or something with us tonight?”

“Could be,” I said, “I get some definite girl-friendly vibes from her.”

“So, what do you think?” Ali asked, looking into my eyes.

“About a threesome between Kay and us?” I asked in return.

“Yeah, about that,” she mused.

“Could be fun,” I offered, “if you think you’re up for it.”

“Lynn, with you, I’m up for anything,” leaning and kissing me, a short kiss.

“Let’s just see which way the wind blows, okay?” I said,

She agreed.

Kay lived a short walk from Harry’s, just outside of the Quarters, in the top half of an old two story home. The Quarters and surrounding area did not flood during Katrina, they were fortunate compared to the rest of the city.

“I’ve got to jump into the shower and clean up from work,” Kay said to us, “there’s beer in the fridge and wine on the counter, so help yourselves, I won’t be long.”

She wasn’t long at all, appearing in the doorway just as Ali and I were breaking off from a kiss. Her hair was wet and she had thrown on a simple wrap-around.

She just smiled a big old shit-eating grin, but didn’t bust our chops for being caught.

The three of us made chit-chat while Kay prepared her ‘hookah’ styled pipe for us.

She placed some ice in the smoking chamber, pouring wine in the chamber as well. The pipe had four hoses, though we would only use three tonight.

Loading the smoking bowl, we took our hits, the smoke feeling cool and smooth as the stoning began.

“This seems to be much better weed than what we smoked earlier,” I commented, feeling the ‘high’ beginning to take a grip on me.

“Oh, it is,” Kay answered, “this is my good shit; that other stuff was cheap skunk weed. This is a lot better.”

Oh yeah, this was definitely a lot better, I thought as the room started to morph into different shapes to my senses. I hadn’t had a stone this good since high school, I remember thinking, not since I first started smoking.

I passed on my turn at the pipe, letting myself fall back into the sofa, watching Ali and Kay take their hits, both of them still able to handle it, seemingly.

I closed my eyes for a second, or maybe it was ten minutes or more, I don’t really know. I do know that I opened my eyes just a bit when I felt lips pressing against mine, and a hand unbuttoning my blouse.

Opening my eyes wider now, I looked to see whose tongue was sliding into my mouth and found Kay at the other end of that tongue. The kiss felt good, it felt hot, and I opened my mouth wider, letting my own tongue find its way into her mouth.

Glancing across from the sofa, Ali was sitting on the love seat, smiling at us, playing with her pussy. I saw that she was just in her panties now, and that her nipples were red and wet, obviously from a recent sucking.

Thinking that got me hot; thinking about Kay and Ali making out got me very damned hot.

Kay had my blouse off of me now, and Ali had reached over, pulling my skirt off, her hands parting my legs so that she could go down on me. Kay’s head dropped to my breasts, sucking them, licking them, while Ali busied herself in my crotch with her mouth and tongue.

My hand found Kay’s pussy and began playing with her, my fingers sliding easily into her wetness. Breaking off from sucking my tits, Kay said to us, “Let’s take this to the bedroom, ladies, where we can get comfortable.”

We did just that, Ali and I placing Kay between us and the two of us assaulting her body with lust. I went down on Kay, as Ali straddled her head, letting Kay make love to her pussy, Ali’s head thrown back in delight.

My nostrils sucked up the freshly washed scent of Kay’s trimmed-bush pussy; the aroma driving my lust even more so as I explored her essence with my mouth and tongue.

Kay’s undulating hips sent me the clear message that she liked what I was doing to her, and when she orgasmed, her hips humped upwards, so that she could rotate her love bud against my tongue, her juices flowing freely, excitedly.

Ali came very soon after Kay; she was leaning backwards, supported by one arm behind her while her other hand was behind Kay’s head, holding her tight to Ali’s gyrating crotch.

Ali collapsed onto the bed on one side of Kay, and I crawled from between Kay’s legs to lie on the other side of her.

The three of us cuddled, blissful from the orgasms; at least they were, for I had yet to come, though I wanted to very badly, the heat between my legs keeping me reminded of that fact.

Leaning over me, reaching into a nightstand drawer, Kay’s breasts brushed over mine, making me hornier yet. She pulled out a strap-on harness, a large, black dildo-cock, attached to it.

“Alice, Lynn hasn’t gotten off yet,” Kay was saying as she got into the harness, kneeling on the bed as she attached the straps around her, “and I think we need to make sure that she does, don’t you?”

“Oh, yeah, I do believe that we need to make sure that my baby comes,” Ali cooed, stroking her hands over my breasts, bending down to lick her tongue across my hard nipples.

“I’m going to fuck her now, and when I finish, it’ll be your turn, sweetie,” Kay said to Ali, addressing her but staring down at me.

“Would you like that, baby?” Ali whispered to me, her tongue flicking in and out of my ear, “Would you like for us to fuck you with that dildo, baby?” she asked me.

My pussy was on fire, my need to orgasm taking over my very being and I looked at them both pleadingly, begging to be fucked.

They did, both of them, they fucked me hard, completely sinking the large black play-cock into me, while the other sucked and kissed on my breasts, on my mouth.

While Ali was fucking me, Kay’s fingers were teasing my asshole, her wet fingers rubbing across it, making it wet and honestly, feeling good to me. Surprisingly, when Kay began fingering my butt, slowly, easing her finger in, it made my orgasm rush to the surface of my body.

They made me cum, both of them, and I loved them for it.

After a bit of rest and breath-catching, they hooked me into the harness and had me take turns fucking each of them.

It was fun, it was different, and it was satisfying for all of us, thankfully.

Kay wanted us to spend the night but we opted, instead, to make the walk back to the apartment.

It was just after three in the morning, and there were few others on the street as we made our way back home, enjoying the quiet and coolness of the early morning air.

If you’ve never walked the streets of the French Quarters early in the morning, early when there were few others about, I highly recommend it.

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