Madison is Out of Control! Pt. 01-03

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This is a series I have been writing for a special person for a while. They agreed to have me share it here. The first two parts were smaller and quicker with the later parts nearly doubling in size.

Part 1

Tim could hear voices echoing from below the bleachers. They were loud but he couldn’t make out what they were saying. There was something else. Was it crying? Or maybe grunting? Probably just the players fucking about after the game he thought. They played well and deserved some time to be rowdy boys.

“Hey Ryan I can’t believe how tight this cunt is. How come you didn’t bring her around earlier?” One voice said.

“What?” another deeper voice responded.

“I said” the first man breathed deep to catch his breath before continuing. “The bitch’s snatch is tight.”

Tim now realizing what was happening decided he needed a closer look. He walked the bleachers trying to pin point where the noise was coming from. As he got closer he heard the slapping sound of thighs on thighs. Whoever this slut was, she was taking it like a champ. When he started to feel the slaps vibrating through the steel benches he knew he was in the right place. Tim got down on his hands and knees to see if he could find a way to see the show.

There she was. His daughter Madison-Step daughter really. Some roided up football stud was going balls deep while she was bent over a picnic table. He was giving it to her hard. Her cheerleader outfit was still on from the game but with the skirt flipped up onto her back. She was up on her very tippy toes to make up for the height difference. Cleary and enthusiastically taking what the kid had on offer.

Tim flushed with anger he didn’t even understand himself. He reached for his pocket and pulled out his phone. He found the contact labelled “Maddy” and hit call.

“Oh shit it’s my Mom’s guy…Hi Tim, I’m a little busy now can I call you ba…” she said.

“For Christ’s sake you can call me Dad. Forget it. I need you home now. Your mom is in trouble.” Tim lied.

Madison began to panic as she pushed the player off of her and started to sprint home. She was quick on her feet but Tim had wheels and knew he could beat her home.

Madison flung the door open as she entered the room glistening and breathing heavily.

“Where’s Mom.” She asked

“Mom’s fine, she’s with your aunt.” Tim paused to give her a moment to relax. “I saw what you were doing with those boys.”

“You saw me? Were you stalking me Tim?”

“It’s Dad you slut!…and no. I came to give you a ride home. It looked like you were finding yourself a ride though.”

“I bet you loved that perv. I’m basically Mom but thinner, younger and tighter.”


The word made Tim flush a bit.

“You’re still only half the woman your mother is and she’s plenty tight. Trust me.”

Madison had taken that as a challenge. She jumped into his lap and his instincts made him catch her. She was lighter than her mother and Tim’s hand felt that her body was firmer too.

“You know Tim. I never did have time to put my panties back on. Oh sorry you like being called Dad right?” she whispered into his ear as she leaned back and giggled.

Tim was only a man. It took him all of five seconds to have his belt undone and his pants around his knees. There would be consequences for sure but right now all he could think was that no one gets to their death bed and wishes they’d fucked fewer teen cheerleaders.

“Let’s see if you can work that hole like your mother.”

Madison’s pussy was already flooded in the way only a girl her age could be. She needed no coaxing as it swallowed Tim’s cock. All her cheerleading practice and made her thighs thick and strong. Tim could see them flexing as she bounced in his lap and he could help put touch.

“Come on Daddy, let’s see what you’ve got. There’s no way you’re keeping Mom happy like this.”

Tim rolled her over and dropped her to the floor. He laid her head and chest onto the chair he had been sitting on. Her knees touched the ground and she spread her legs to give him the perfect view. The women in this family have cunts kahramanmaraş escort ripe for fucking Tim thought.

“Ass up and face down just like your mother.”

“What the fuck did you say?”

“You don’t shut up like her too.”

Tim slammed home. Madison had started to respond but was now finding herself completely overwhelmed. The boys she been with may have had youth on their side but they didn’t have half Tim’s power or technique. She screamed into the pillows as her legs shook from the pounding.

“I can’t take it…I can’t…I can’t… Daddy please.”

“Please what?”

“I need you to cum.”

“You want it? Why should I give it to you?”

Tim new he had he now. She would do anything to get it. She had probably never been with a real man before this he thought.

“You really are a little slut you know that?”


“You want me to dump this load in you?”



Tim finally came with his hands firmly planted on either side of her ass. He left the tip in and spread the cheeks to view his handy work. He pulled out the last bit and watched their mixed juices trickle out to the carpet. Before he let her go he left a dab of his sauce on her tight asshole.

He stood over the now cumdrunk girl as she moaned into the cushions and her eyes rolled in her head. Tim put his pants back on he made himself very clear.

“Put your clothes and get cleaned up before your mother gets home. And clean the jizz stains out of your uniform. You’re going to need again tomorrow.

“Yes Dad.”

Part 2

Not a moment had passed where Tim’s mind wasn’t distracted by his step daughter Madison. Pussy like that changes a man’s priorities. He was only half in it at work and even when he was giving it to her mother, his wife. He was still thinking of her. Tighter, he remembered her saying that. She was right too but he wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of knowing it. He could see the smug look on her cute face. She’d have that devilish sparkle in her blue eyes. He hadn’t noticed them before or during the act but now he got the feeling they were always on him.

“Dad I’m heading out with the boys. I think we’re going to catch a movie or something.” Luke said.

Luke was Tim’s son from before. He was his spitting image or at least an image from two decades ago.

“Alright, be back by midnight and don’t forget your inhaler. I don’t want to have to come looking for you again. Last time it was date night with your mother and it spoiled the whole thing.” Tim said

“Didn’t mean to cock block you Dad.”

“Watch it.”

Tim had the house to himself now. His wife had finished some wine and crawled into bed an hour ago. He didn’t begrudge the drinking but he had hoped that it would have loosened her up. Blue balls and late night TV he thought. He still had a few hours until Luke was going to be home and Madison was staying at a friend’s. He was thinking he might just have to take care of himself when he heard a noise in the garage.

He opened the door from the house to the garage to find the one person he didn’t need to be thinking about right now.

“What the hell are you doing here? You are supposed spending the night at Stacy’s.”

“Well, I am not welcome there anymore.” Madison said with a stumble and sway to her step. She leaned on the family mini-van for support.

“Are you fucking drunk!” Tim started to yell but caught himself fearing he would wake the wife.

“I had a few drinks from Stacy’s Dad’s liquor cabinet. Big wooden one, very fancy office, probably expensive stuff.” She stopped to steady herself. “Anyway he was not happy when he found me so I showed him my tits. I think he might be gay cause he kicked me out and now I’m here.”

“Jesus Christ Madison. You can’t be doing that with married men.”

“You’re married.”

Tim stopped. What could he say?

“That’s different.”

“Why cause were family?”

Tim didn’t like where she was going with this. He moved passed her quickly opening the van door. He needed to keep her somewhere kahramanmaraş escort bayan safe until she sobered up.

“Get in.” he said while giving her a little push and he slammed the door behind them. She crawled in on her hands and knees. Her round ass was in his face. He wasn’t sure if she was trying to start something or just unaware. She lay on her back to entice him to get on top of her and it became clear but Tim had other ideas.

“Do you know how to suck cock?”

“mmmmmm” she smiled as she hummed to him.

“Well then? Oh, and tits out. I’m not going to let some other fucker get more out of my daughter than me.”

She dropped her top and let her breast lay on display. They were bigger than her mother’s even though she was few inches shorter. He cupped them briefly before pulling her by the blond hair and pushing her into his lap.

“Who knew you were such a good little cocksucker?

She looked up grinning. “Do you want a list?”

“Fucking whore.”

Outside Luke was returning to the house. His Dad was right and he had forgotten his inhaler again. He hoped he could sneak in through the garage and not be noticed. He didn’t want to give his Dad the satisfaction. Instead of his inhaler though, he found his step-sister. With her tits around his dads cock while he glazed her from nip to chin.

The van’s windows stopped Tim from hearing his son come in. He had no idea that someone was watching him feed Madison the runny cum from her chest with his fingers.

Part 3

Madison was happy for the opportunity to make some money. Tonight she’d be babysitting for a family friend down the street. His wife was out of town and he had to work. They needed someone to watch their younger son. They had an older son named Colt too but he would be out all night with Madison’s brother Luke. Luke had been the one to set the whole thing up. She didn’t know why he suddenly believed in her but the chance was appreciated.

Madison was also excited to see Dan. He was the father of the household and despite her teasing him with a flirtatious swerve every time she walked by the house, she hadn’t yet been able to get his attention. He was older, maybe even older than her step-dad but he must have worked out more. Madison had to admit to herself, she did have a type.

“Alright so Connor will want to play games all night but you have to make sure he’s in bed by nine. It’s important so don’t forget nine o’clock.” Dan said as he walked Madison around the house.

“Help yourself to the fridge if you’d like. Stay out of the liquor cabinet. I’ll be back late. Call if you need me.” He continued as he grabbed a heavy black bag.

Madison noticed that Dan was acting funny. He was rushing and wouldn’t make eye contact with her. Hungry for attention she put her body in front of him before he could make it out the door. Sandwiched between Dan and his exit she took the chance to get him talking.

“Where are you going tonight?”

“Local gig” he said holding up the bag.

“What’s in there?”

“Just some standard gear. Extra lenses and SD cards.”

“Like photography? Maybe you could take my picture sometime?” She leaned into him pretending to reach for the bag.

“I have got to go.” Dan said and he rushed out.

Madison smiled at how flustered he had become. She knew that she was wearing him down. If she could set up a few more babysitting nights she’d have him in no time. For now though she was going to have to take care of Connor.

The night was pretty uneventful as far as was Madison was concerned. Any other Friday night and her knees would be pressed to her ears by now. It was quarter after nine and the kid had gone down easy. Now she just had to relax and wait for Dan to come home. He hadn’t really said when she was going to back and Madison got a devilish idea.

Cocktail in hand she wandered up to the master bedroom. The bed had been made neat and tidy. She wondered if Dan or his wife had made it. Dan was definitely the neat and tidy type so she guessed him. She had come over wearing her classic escort kahramanmaraş “totally innocent” look. Tight sweatpants and a V-neck that was maybe just a bit too short. It wouldn’t show off her tummy unless she stretched or bended. It was the kind of outfit that grabbed attention but no one could fault her for it. It was just the way it fit her body after all.

Madison pulled her sweatpants down around her knees and got up on the bed. On all fours she reached around to snap a picture of her backside with her phone. She sat up to examine the picture. It was perfect except it needed one more change. She cropped her face from it and then sent it to Tim. She loved the idea of him seeing his phone and then frantically trying to hide it before her mother saw. She hoped he had been smart enough to change her contact number. Oh, well she thought.

“Taking some pictures?” Dan said

Madison nearly jumped right off the bed. She hadn’t even heard him come in.

“I’m sorry it was for my boyfriend. He put me up to it.” She replied.

It was only when she saw him scanning her body that she realized she still hadn’t pulled her pants back up.

“And that? Did he put you up to that too?” He said pointing at her bare shaved crotch.

Madison spread her legs a little to give him a better look. She loved the way his eyes were on her. She had dreamed of this but she never thought it could happen so soon.

“That’s for me.” She said

“Take off the top and lay down on the bed.”

Dan’s voice was commanding and she did as she was told. He disappeared for a moment and returned with his camera. Madison didn’t need more encouragement than that and she started to wriggle and pose for him. Her clothes fell to the floor at the bottom of the bed and her phone rolled out on to the floor.

“Now play with yourself.”

Madison slowly began to stroke herself, just long and sensual at first as a tease. She had never felt so sexy in her life though and before long she was working herself into a frenzy. Her fingers moved faster and faster in circles before she finally plunged them in and pulled them out wet. She showed her glistening fingers to the camera so he could see. Dan moved back and forth changing angles and taking photos. Madison could see the tightness in his pants.

“Let me help you with that.”

She sat up to help him with his pants but he pushed her back down.

“Stay.” He said.

He walked to a corner of the room to turn on a lamp and then set the camera down on a dresser near the base of the bed.

He must have seen the question in her eyes because he added “for lighting” as he stripped.

Dan was inside of her instantly. Madison’s back pressed hard into the mattress below as his fit body pressed down into her. She wrapped her legs around him as he took deep full strokes in and out of her. She ran her hands over his back muscles and pulled him into her. He wasn’t as passionate or maybe even as well-endowed as her step father but he had an absolute control of his body that pushed her to ecstasy. As she came he smirked knowing his power over her was complete.

“You should be paying me for tonight.” He said.

“No fucking way. You can pay me twice. Once for taking care of the kid and once for you.”

“But you haven’t taken care of me” he said.

Taking that as a challenge Madison bucked her hips. Cheerleading had given her a fit body too and she pushed back on him fast and hard. With her body holding him in place she knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out long.

“Wait. Wait.”

Dan reached for her phone as he pulled out and came all over her sweet soft stomach. He held it up and took a picture of her in all her painted glory. He turned the screen to her so she could see. Madison loved how she looked. She wasn’t sure she had seen so much semen in her life. It stretched from bellow her belly button to one last drop on her chin.

Dan turned the phone back to himself and Madison could see him doing something with both hands.

“There, sent. Your boyfriend can see what a slut you really are.”

“What the fuck!” Madison shouted.

“You know I have to thank your brother. I overheard him telling Colt that were into older men and a bit of freak. Glad to see it’s true.”

Madison went home with fifty dollars in her pocket and a shirt that was stuck wet to her stomach. She wondered how Tim was going to react. Giddy with the thrill of it she realized she didn’t care. This was getting more fun by the day.

Parts 4-6 Coming Soon.

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