Mansion Lesvos Pt. 03

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Mansion Lesvos: Canallinctus


Kumari’s Statement.

6:41 a.m.

She stood before me, leaning against the wall. Walking onwards, I could hear her shallow breathing as her big chest rose and fell in frisson. Those downturned eyes she had closed and full curvy lips opened without the utterance of anything, together with her thin Grecian nose and center-parted overflowing hair, uplifted the charisma of her oval face. The pleated pallu of her sari and the lustrous three-strand braid were primly draped over her left shoulder, with the swell of one breast in her blouse and the supple skin of her flat tummy exposed to my observant eyes. She had her arms slightly abducted on either side to brace her recumbent posture. The blue silk material fitted snugly around her wide hips and fleshy buttocks; the pleats, gathered and tucked below her tummy button, upheld the floral charm of her apparel.

The pink illumination of pleasure, emanating from my naked body, escalated as I halted; my eyes never leaving her face. The syrupy exudates of arousal trickled down my inner thighs as I reached up, teasing her left cheek with my fingers. Playfully moving them on her sweaty skin, I wrapped one arm around her slim waist and caressed her petal lips with my mouth. Sundari… or Mahila, as she was addressed in the letter, gave out a short low moan. She trembled, without kissing and hugging me back. I let go of her lips, inhaling the womanly wafts of her perspiration and letting her warm breath pet my face. Showering kisses on her tender neck, I placed my Bayan Escort Gaziantep hand on her left shoulder and clutched at the diamond brooch that had pinned her pallu in pleats. Snatching it free, I let the pallu glide over her button-up blouse.

Trailing kisses on her throat, I nuzzled into her partly exposed cleavage as my hand fumbled with the buttons of her blouse and opened it lickety-split. Her big round breasts spilled out of their silk confinement, lusciously jiggling around my face. I clawed at them, giving their firm flesh one playful squeeze. Yes, we were endowed with the breasts of nearly equal sizes. Licking my lips again, I ogled at her breasts. She stood still, keeping her eyes closed, letting me take advantage of her mouthwatering body. Each light brown nipple, like an eye-catching pearl, was set provocatively on the exact center of her breast. Trembling with desire, I parted my lips and clasped them on her left breast. Drooling and sucking, I took as much of her flesh as possible. Hearing a faint gasp, I drew more of her breast in my mouth until the feel of her right nipple tickled my palm. I relinquished her breast, bit by bit, before going for the other. Then and there I puckered my lips on her nipple; it throbbed against the tip of my tongue. Filling my mouth with her bouncy flesh, I grazed her warm skin with my teeth and sucked this breast as long as I could hold it tightly.

Giving her breasts the full attention and flicking my tongue, I licked her nipples one after the other, coaxing them to protuberant hardness. For a brief moment, I moved a bit backwards. The pallu went freely down to her feet, completely uncovering her tummy. I licked her skin, flicking my tongue on the midline of her tummy and tasting her salty sweat along. Kneeling, and giving a smooch on her tummy button, I roamed my hands over her substantial hips and to the full prominence of her buttocks. Retracing my hands, I took hold of the gathered pleats and untucked them, before passing her sari around to remove and cast away. Sighing contentedly, I kissed the wet spot on her see-through underskirt that I yanked down with no trouble.

She had opened her eyes or my attention delighted her forthwith, for she took her blouse off. Her bangles clanked as she moved her arms and fingered my braided hair. I fondled her legs, teasing those soft round thighs. Caressing the curvature of her hips and the bulkiness of her buttocks, I buried my face into her groins. Her pubic hair, ostensibly sprouting, tickled my nose and lips; all the same her musky odor and wetness relieved me of this distraction. I smiled, realizing that she was wont to shave her mons veneris.

To my right, a square marble pedestal stood fixed in the wall. Carved smooth and raised as high as my knee, it always sufficed for my need to assuage weariness. She posed no resistance as I clutched the pit of her knee and lifted her left leg until she had her foot placed on the pedestal. Letting my lungs be filled with her muliebral scent, I opened my mouth. The glans clitoridis poked out of her prepuce, evidently glazed and engorged at the top of her pink yoni. My tongue undulated like a snake, touching with her prepuce. I licked her glans, in circles and diagonals, before moving my tongue down between her labia and up again. Teasing her meaty clitoris with an upward flick, I closed my lips over her prepuce. Shuddering, she hissed as I sucked this fold of skin and contented myself with the pulsating feel of her clitoris.

Slurping, I let go of her prepuce only to lick her yoni again. Her creamy palatable liquor invigorated my gustatory delectation. Locating her orifice, I pushed my tongue through the vulnerable entrance. It coasted up the lubricated passage until my open mouth clamped on her yoni, halting its progress. I moved it in a successful attempt, savoring the tangy flavor of her morsel and withdrawing the viscid thread of her liquor sticking on its tip.

Licking her up, I clutched her leg and inserted one finger of my right hand into her yoni. Rotating my forearm and reinforcing the incursion, I flexed both the fingers to caress her excitable walls. She moaned, her body trembling with lust; in and out I pumped her yoni, massaging her morsel and sucking her clitoris all the time. Her liquor coated my fingers and knuckles, and she cried out as short spasmodic fits passed through her walls. Like a shot, replacing the fingers by tongue, I penetrated her yoni. Sucking it vehemently, I titillated her perineum with my fingers. She screamed, trembling at her anus being touched and instantly squirting into my mouth. I swallowed her rich delicious liquor, avidly sucking her yoni and appeasing my appetite. She heaved a groan, trilling and shaking with the gradual abatement of her climax. I licked her spent yoni, lapping up the leftover exudates and reflecting on the true reason of her accedence to my sexual advances. To find my Hymen out, she had to return the favor. The canallinctus, our lickfest in my mistress’ canal, wasn’t over yet.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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