Master Told Me to Pick Up a Woman

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When I left my house, I was so nervous I was shaking. I was a little turned on, and very anxious. This is something I had not done in a long time—go to a bar and pick someone up. Probably 12 years. Certainly the last time I did it I had alcohol to take the edge off and cigarettes as props. Now it was just me. With my collar in place and my corset so tight my tits were half exposed and I could barely breathe, I was on my way.

I had to stop and get gas first. Of course. Because I did not think that maybe I should get gas before I looked all super slutty. But even as I was cursing myself for being stupid, I noticed that I was getting some attention. One dude, in the passenger seat, leaned so far out of his car to track me leaned so far out of his car I thought he was going to fall out as the driver took them to the road. The guy pumping gas next to me started asking my name, and where I was from. It gave me a little boost of confidence.

I was able to park in the parking lot, which was both bad and good. Bad because it meant the place was not packed. Good for what came later. The lady carded me when I came in, charged me my two bucks, and told me my shirt was cute. I went to the bar and got a diet coke, and sat at a table since there were no open spots at the bar.

It was pretty dead at first, but it started to pick up after the band started. Even before that, though, I noticed this chick at the bar. She was alone and she was cute. She looked tall, and was lean, with a decent rack. She was wearing a sports bra, and a tight t shirt, and a pair of shorts, drinking a beer from the bottle. From the neck down she looked like Debra Morgan from Dexter. Her hair was blonde, and longish, and she had very little or no makeup.

My table was right in her eye line, so I turned so that I had my back to the wall and was facing her. I began making some light eye contact. Every few times she would look at me, I would meet her eyes. After several times, I would start giving her little smiles and ducking my head, being all sweet and shy. Sometimes I did the little hair flip with a nice inhale, making my bursa eskort tits stand out and jiggle a bit. I played with my straw, looking over at her while I sucked on it. It was starting to get busier, apparently the lesbians come out of the woodwork at 11.

She came over to my table and asked me if she could buy me a drink. I told her she would have to drink it with me, because my friend texted to say she was not coming, and I was feeling lonely and stood up. She looked at my tits and said what a shame that was, and went to get my drink.

I fell right back into the pickup ritual. I leaned forward a lot, cleavage totally visible. I made sure my legs were always touching hers under the table although not too obviously. I made lots of eye and physical contact. I chair danced a little to the music so that I would jiggle a little.

Her name was Dena. She was 27. She liked sports, especially basketball. We talked about that some, leaning closer together over the table to talk over the house music. She played with her friends every weekend. She worked in a warehouse doing shipping and receiving at some electrical company. She moved to GR to be with her girlfriend 5 years ago. They have an on again off again kind of thing. I said I was in town visiting family and needed a break from all of the drama at home. I like to establish up front that no one is coming home with me. It is one of my rules.

She asked me to dance with her and we did. I tend to dance with my hips and butt, and I was rubbing against her crotch, and she was rubbing her hands along my corset and then she pulled me against her and whispered in my ear that she I was pretty and started licking my ear. I could feel myself get wet as she kissed and nuzzled my ear and neck. She found the ring on the collar and pulled me up against her tighter. It made me think of you. I wanted so badly for you to be watching. I tried to act like you were.

She let me go, and I turned to kiss her, pulling her head to me, sucking and biting her lips. I love kissing, and I could make out for hours if allowed. It was not going to be allowed. bursa bayan escort I had to go to the bathroom, and she followed me, pushing me against the cinder-block wall pressing into me and kissing me. Even with heels on, she was a little taller than I was. I texted you one last time while I was in the toilet.

When I got out she was waiting for me. We went back to the dance floor and continued rubbing and grinding against each other. She pulled me against her again and started talking in my ear, which always turns me on. She told me she wanted to fuck me so bad, but we couldn’t go to her place, because her girlfriend was going to be home soon. She said we both needed a fun night before we went back to our lives and drama. I told her my car was in the parking lot. She grabbed me and we made a beeline for the back door. Goddamn if those steep wooden steps didn’t almost kills us leaving. We were too busy to really notice. We stumbled out to my car.

As soon as we got to the backseat of the car, we fell on each other. We started to kiss and fondle each other. She was a little drunk, and a little wild, and she was pushing me back against the door. She started kissing my neck and my ear, and I was trying to grind my pussy on anything I could. I pulled my tits out of my corset and she started to work them, licking one nipple while playing with the other. I was so wet and aching but I didn’t want her to stop. I was running my hands under her t-shirt and started pushing off her bra so I could do the same. Her breasts were firm and nice, and I pulled and played with her nipples while she sucked mine. She was making these little moans and sighs. Everything was so frantic and hot and wild and fast.

I got her shorts undone and pulled down and started running my fingers along the panties, touching and massaging her clit through them. I could feel them start to get wet, but it wasn’t enough. I pushed past the panties, and started rubbing her swollen clit with my thumb. She was riding my hand and I used my fingers to rub her slit before pushing into her bursa ucuz escort slick pussy. I fucked her tight little wet pussy with my two fingers, while I rubbed her clit with my thumb. She was humping my hand and playing and licking my nipples. I told her to cum for me and started really grinding on her clit. I could feel it when she did, getting all tight on my fingers.

I was so fucking hot I knew it would take no time at all to cum. My nipples were hard and tight and my clit ached so badly, I couldn’t think. I was pressed against the door with my legs open and she started pushing up my skirt and she kissing and licking my thigh. She ran her fingers up my thigh towards my pussy. She must have felt my plug, because she started playing with it, spinning it and sliding it in and out of my ass while she slides up my thigh. I can feel her blow lightly on my slick lips before she pulls them apart, leaving me exposed. When her tongue touches my clit the first time, I feel like I am going to explode. I cum hard and fast, but I hear her laugh and keep going.

She grips my thighs and yanks me forward, her face in my crotch as she starts sliding her tongue in and out of my pussy. I am trying to wiggle under her, and she is holding me firmly, fucking and licking me. I am so wet, and I start rubbing my nipples with my palms, just teasing them, while she eats my pussy. I am thinking that anyone could be watching me. I am thinking that I can’t wait to tell you. I am whimpering and as she starts sucking my clit I can’t help grinding against her face, pulling her hair, arching my back. I felt the orgasm hit in waves as she sucks my clit. I get all trembly. She laid her head against my thigh and then comes up and kisses me. I can taste my wetness on her lips, and it is great. We stay like that for a few minutes, riding the high.

Then it is all post coitus assembly: straightening clothes, tucking breasts away. It is always a little embarrassing afterwards. We got out of the backseat, and looked around. There were a couple of guys down the parking lot making out, and a few people up at the front of the club chatting and smoking. She says she should probably get home, and I made some innocuous comment about it getting late, and we kissed briefly, awkwardly, once more, before she headed off towards the street and I got in my car. I was still all trembly, wired and exhausted, and I headed for home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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