Medic’s Dreams Cum True

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I’m a first year Medical student who to say the least has an attention span of a goldfish, I often sit in my lectures or labs dreaming and fantasizing about my lecturer. She’s, to my estimation is about thirty years of age but no normal thirty-year-old. She’s about 5,9″; the longest sexiest legs that are always topped off with luscious stockings that she repeatedly flashes just to check were all still awake. Her breasts are massive, topped off with the roundest, firmest buttocks a man could wish for in a women, also her long flowing locks of golden natural blonde hair which curl round a face that makes me melt on the floor every time she looks at me.

This one particular morning after the night before, I was in her lab class, which, I never missed even with the worst hangover because she was the basis of its appeal. She was looking radiantly fresh that morning like a lady who God had just put on this earth to make every man jealous that they couldn’t have her or so I thought. She was wearing an outfit that looked as though she’d been poured into it.

Sitting there in my seat trying not to be sick as she reamed off facts about a person’s anatomy. She went to stand up to go to the blackboard and as she did I caught a glimpse off her silk panties as she opened those long legs. With the event that I had just witnessed I let out a smile that could only have been described as that of a Cheshire cat, just as I did she made eye contact with me and could see only too plainly that I was pitching trouser tents in my combats. She seemed at first a little embarrassed but let out a smile to me that suggested completely the opposite and then got back on with her teachings about the anatomy.

After the lab had ended we were asked to sign the register for the class. Bycasino I deliberately waited to be the last to sign it, so that I would then be able to go up to her desk and give the register back. I and a lot of my friends think I act like I’m jack the lad, so when I was walking up towards her desk I put on the best strut not knowing exactly what I was going to achieve by this but thought it might make me look cool in her eyes.

Setting it on her desk I looked at her and she said “you looked very interested in today’s lab sarcastically and laughed if only my lesson was on biology it might have had more appeal to you” I just looked back trying to work out what she had meant and then the penny dropped. She stood up and walked over to the door shutting it and then proceeded to lock it in the process.

She then walked over towards me and with one swift movement at which I was completely at her mercy she kissed me fully on lips, a kiss that was filled with desire and such passion. Pulling away from me to see what my reaction was, one look at me and she new I was completely under her love spell that mesmerized me with wild abandon. Slowly like a surgeon operating on a patient she slipped off her shirt which would reveal a sight that could only be described as legendary. Her breasts even larger and more perk than I could have originally anticipated. Her erect nipples were in direct competition with the bulge that had appeared in my combats. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground without any hesitation revealing a full set of matching lingerie that nearly made my pulsating member explode in my pants.

She then beckoned me to sit down on her seat, as I did so she leant over and started to straddle me. Then with ease unzipped Bycasino giriş the fly of my combats to release what was now a bulge that at any moment could have punctured a gapping whole in my combats. Like a bird sweeping in on its prey she started giving me head that could be summed up as heavenly. Stopping every now and then to glance at the expression on my face. I reached over her shoulder and tried unclipped the clasps that were holding in those perfectly formed breasts.

After a while of embarrassingly fumbling around the clasps freed themselves and released breasts that dreams are made from. As her breasts fell out of the bra cups her erect nipples brushed my thighs, that sent shivers of excitement up my spine and immediately delivered wad after wad of ropy jisim into her mouth. She mopped up every drop off cum of my shaft being careful that she hadn’t missed a drop. Then she slowly pleasurably wanked me straight back to stiffness again.

Standing up and like a scene out of the hit film American Pie she teasing slipped off those silky thoroughly wet panties off. My eyes could have popped out of their sockets as I say how beautifully made up her snatch was. With just a slight tuff of hair shaped like a triangle just above her creamy slit it was too perfect for belief. I could feel how erect her clitoris was as I slipped my fingers in and out of her soaked honeypot. As I continued my nubbin rubbin to moans and grunts of pleasure I could tell she wanted to feel me deep inside her.

But I wasn’t giving into her that easily and just as she had previously teased me I would now get my own back. Getting off the chair and kneeling in front of her I ushered one of her sexy legs up onto the chair that I had previously been sitting in. Bycasino güncel giriş I started to tongue her gentle at first but slowly but surely worked into a rhythm until I was tongue fucking her. She tasted so! Good as I worked my tongue in and out of her slit making sure that with each stroke my nose rubbed her love bud. She came flooding my face and tongue with love juice as with her I lapped it up as though I’d been in the desert for weeks and was only getting my first drink again. Her orgasm was earth shuddering sending waves of pleasure through her entire body from head to toe for what seemed like hours.

I got up from my kneeling position just in time watch what I could only describe ninth wonder of the world bend over her desk and beckon me to insert what was still my very hard love tool into her from behind. Her pussy was so wet still, that I slipped into her like a warm knife through butter. She said to me “I want it really hard” that suited me cause I was always a great fan of rampant animal sex.

This was even more intense than I could have imagined. Her moans of pleasure were drowned out by my grunts as I thrust in and out like a wild bull. She bucked backwards just as hard as I was screwing forwards, the momentum was nearly too much for me as I struggled at points to keep on gravity’s good side. With one last jolting thrust like my life depended on it, I felt her pussy tighten it’s strangle hold it had around my shaft. We both came together with such a noise that our hard pounding session could have been mistaken for a space shuttle launch. Finally slipping out of her saturated pussy my once fully erect monster dwindled away to the only size that could have been called normality after a marathon session like that.

I got dressed and walked out of the lab after two hours of that extremely rewarding extra curricular activity. Embarrassed we both were when I reappeared for her class later on in the week both it didn’t stop us smiling as we remembered fondly the memories of that day’s wild passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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