Mother: Virginity Admission

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After a while of relaxing and calming down, I was actually surprised that neither of us fell asleep. But mom continued to stroke my body soothingly and I continued to trail my fingers over her silky skin as I lay on top of her with her rubber cock still inside me. Neither of us seemed to want to remove it, and I was actually enjoying the connection that it seemed to give us. We were literally connected through our pussies by the big double headed dildo resting inside both of us. As I affectionately rubbed my face against her naked chest, mom rolled over onto her side but kept me firmly held against her body and her cock wedged inside my pussy.

I giggled as I found myself laying by her side and looked up at her with a smile on my face, as she continued to trail her hands and fingers over my skin. She smiled down at me and then tilted her head to the side as if she was deep in thought. She then asked, “Sweet heart, I know we have always respected each other’s privacy, but I don’t think you lost your virginity to Jamie. So tell me, baby girl, when and with who did you lose your virginity?”

I went wide eyed, knowing that I could not lie to her. I had never been able to lie to my mother my whole life. I nervously bit my lower lip and dropped my head, refusing to look her in the eye. She narrowed her eyes at me and lifted my chin up with her finger, forcing me to look up at her. I knew I had a look of fear on my face, as I looked up at her narrowed eyes as she seemed to look straight through me. I finally mumbled out, “Um, with someone from school?”

She continued to look down at me sternly, as she waited for me to continue. When I stayed quiet, she asked “A female student or a teacher?”

I felt my face flush, but answered evasively “She’s not actually a teacher, mom.”

She kept her face calm but I swear I saw fire in her eyes, as she asked “Who? And what happened?”

I jumped in, saying “Nothing bad, really. It just kind of happened.”

Mom stared down at me with her face still serious as she sternly asked, “Stop dodging the question, young lady! Who?”

I took a deep breath and answered, “Coach Stephanie.”

Mom’s eyes shot open and her mouth popped open in surprise, as she digested my confession. I was worried that I was in trouble, but I was surprised to watch mom’s face turn from one of total surprise to one of intrigue and finally a smirk. She asked with obvious interest, “Mmm…Tell me more, baby girl. I want all the juicy details.”

I sighed, both to relax myself and knowing that she really did want me to describe me losing my virginity. I looked back up at her and began my story…

Coach Stephanie Jenkins was the girls gym and softball coach. She had a very casual and relaxed personality. She insisted to being referred to by Coach Stephanie as opposed to Coach Jenkins, because she said that it made her seem more approachable. She made it known that she was available to talk if ever a girl needed someone to talk to. She had a well toned body, gorgeous tits, and a great ass. All the men and boys in town lusted after her. She never seemed to be interested in any of them and so word spread that she was probably a lesbian. No one could ever confirm it and no one ever had enough courage to ask outright. She had long blonde hair that she always kept up in a tight pony tail. She was almost always dressed in tight athletic clothing. It wasn’t what could be described as too revealing, considering it was really the same things that the female softball players and other female athletes wore during practice and games. But she always wore them, even just around town.

Her pants were always the tight stretchy kind that clung to every inch of her lower body. Her shirts were of the same material and showed off her assets amazingly. She never showed much skin, but with clothes that tight she really didn’t need to. I had stayed late at school, trying to master several new cheerleader maneuvers. I wasn’t overly athletic, but I practiced all the moves so much that everyone seemed to think I was Olympic material. I hadn’t had a lot of contact with Coach Stephanie, other than seeing her around the gym when she would help out our cheer coach. I was always comfortable around her, but at the same time nervous. At the time I didn’t worry about it, considering she was not my actual coach.

I was in the showers alone, after finishing my maneuvers alone in the gym. My coach had given me permission to stay as late as I wanted, as long as I made sure the gym was locked when I left. I had done this numerous times in the past, and never run into anyone else. I was startled and jumped when I heard a gasp behind me. I turned around and saw Coach Stephanie just as naked as I was, standing at the edge of the shower room with a surprised look on her face. I blushed and tried to unsuccessfully cover up my breasts and crotch. For some reason, even though I had showered with the other female athletes and never felt a bit self conscious, being naked in front of Coach Stephanie made me panic like Kurtköy Escort I had done something wrong.

I immediately stuttered out, “Coach Stephanie! I’m sorry. I was just taking a shower, before I went home. Coach said it was ok. I didn’t know anyone else was here.”

I continued to blush furiously and cover my naked body. Coach Stephanie finally seemed to get a hold of herself and return to her usual behavior. She shook her head at me and smiled, saying “It’s fine. You just caught me by surprised. I thought I was the only person here too. Relax, I just need to shower too.”

I nodded my head, but still was unable to drop my hands from covering up. She smiled at my behavior, as she walked across the shower room and turned on another shower on the other side of the room. I couldn’t help but watch her step under the hot water and begin to run her hands over her magnificent body. I felt my pussy tingle at the sight of her all wet and completely naked body. I forced myself to turn around and tried to concentrate on continuing my shower. She however brought my attention back to her, when she began “I do remember your coach telling me that you stayed late from time to time. I guess it was only a matter of time, before we ran into each other like this. I was working out in the weight room. I like to use the school’s equipment from time to time so I can keep up with the rest of you girls when I need to. You don’t stay late every day, just a few times a week, right?”

I was looking back at her over my shoulder as she said this. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled reassuringly at me. I finally worked up the courage to answer, “Yes, Coach Stephanie. I usually stay late a few times a week when I need to work on my maneuvers.”

She smiled back over her shoulder again at my obvious nervousness, before finally adding “You can relax, sweetie. We’re both women. It’s nothing we don’t have or haven’t seen before.”

I nodded and tried to return to my shower. We stayed quiet, as we both continued to wash ourselves. I glanced over my shoulders a few times and admired her sexy body. I even saw her glancing at me a few times. At this point in my life, I had already accepted and come out to my mother as a lesbian. So I was not overly surprised to be attracted to her, but I also wasn’t very confident in myself yet. So I wasn’t in the habit of hitting on other females or openly admiring them. We finished at about the same time and walked out to grab our towels and get dressed. As I dried myself off, I caught the sight of her hairless pussy as she bent over to dry off her calves and feet. I immediately turned my back to her, as my own pussy screamed at me and grew wet. I quickly began to dress, when she asked “So, does your mom pick you up at night or do you have a car?”

I stuttered out, “I have a car. My mom is ok with me staying late as long as I am home at a sensible hour and am able to finish all of my homework before dinner.”

She nodded her head at me, as she began dressing herself into her oh so sexy tight clothes. I knew what I would be doing tonight in bed, but I didn’t want to let on that I was overcome with lust in front of this beautiful woman. We both finished getting dressed at the same time, but just then the lights went out. I gasped and stood rigidly still. I wasn’t afraid of the dark, but this was unexpected and it was pitch black. Coach Stephanie then called out, “It’s ok sweetie. It’s probably just the storm kicking the lights off.”

I fearfully answered, “I didn’t even know it was raining. Shouldn’t the back up generator kick in? Why aren’t the lights coming back on?”

She soothingly replied, “Yeah, it started to rain a few hours ago. The news says it’s supposed to rain all night. Nothing serious though, so we should be fine. The generator isn’t set to kick in if it’s after school hours, unless there is some kind of after school event. We’re ok. Where are you now?”

I answered honestly, “I haven’t moved.”

She again tried to put me at ease, as she calmly said “Ok, just feel your way along the bench. I’m right at the end of it. I’ll guide us out of here. Everything’s fine. Ok, sweetie?”

I was being calmed by her soothing and calm tone, as she took charge so easily. I answered back, “Ok,” as I slung my backpack full of my workout clothes over my shoulders and felt my way towards her. I gasped as I accidentally grabbed her large breast in my hand, as I tried to feel my way to her like she had told me to. She laughed at my embarrassment and said, “It’s ok. That’s alright. Just take my hand, sweetie, and I’ll lead us out of here.”

I nodded, even though she couldn’t see it. I was liking the fact that she kept calling me sweetie. It made my pussy tingle every time she said it. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was already lusting after my mom who always used pet names for me and a lot of them involved “sweetie” in one form or another. So I was getting extra excited because of this beautiful woman doing the same thing. I held out my hand Pendik Escort at about where I thought her hand might be, but once again was shocked and utterly embarrassed when I felt and accidentally squeezed one of her ass cheeks. She laughed again at my difficulty and teased me gently, saying “No, that’s my butt. How about you stay still and I will reach for your hand. How does that sound, sweetie?”

I squeaked out a quick and slightly submissive, “Yes, Coach Stephanie.”

I stayed still and waited for her to take my hand. I tried to imagine how in the world had I accidentally grabbed her ass. Wouldn’t she have had to turn around for me to do that? And why would she turn around when she knew I was trying to find her hand, unless she wanted me to grab her ass? As I thought of it, I realized that I also should not have been able to grab her breast either. She was taller than me and my hand had been at about her waist height. Did she bend down on accident? Did I accidentally reach higher than I thought I had? Was she deliberately trying to embarrass me? I yelped in shock when I suddenly felt her hand squeeze my breast. She laughed her lovely laugh and said, “Ok, so I guess I can’t tease you anymore for making that mistake. Let’s try this, hold out your hand in front of you and we’ll both feel around until we feel our hands. How about that?”

I huffed out “Ok” and did as she said. After a few seconds I felt our hands meet. We grabbed on to each other, as she said “Ok, now that that’s over with. Just hold onto my hand and I will get us out of here.”

I felt myself calming even more with us hand in hand. I felt a gentle tug and began walking slowly behind her. I was a bit surprised when we both seemed to lace our fingers together, as we walked. I continued to trail after her as she led us out of the locker room and into the gym. I heard our footsteps echo inside the empty gym and pulled myself closer to her for comfort. I then bumped into her when she stopped and absentmindedly placed my other hand on her hip. She seemed to be having trouble opening the door to the gym exit. She finally stopped altogether as she huffed out, “Well, fuck. The magnets in the gym doors are holding them shut. We can’t get out this way. Ok, we have to go through the school and out the side door from my office. I think that is the closest door without the magnetic locks.”

I again answered nervously “Ok” as my fear threatened to build. Maybe I was scared of the dark after all. She then pulled me along after her, as we made our way across the gym and into the school. I was glad that at least the emergency exit signs were illuminated, to give us at least some light. I continued to hold her hand as we walked further into the school. She then guided us through the halls until we came to her office. She led us into the office and to her desk. I heard her open a few drawers and rummage around a bit. I again placed my free hand on her hip and drew myself closer to her for comfort.

She suddenly exclaimed, “Aha!”

I then heard a click and we were both lit up by a small electric lantern. I sighed now that I could see, but then looked at her in confusion as to why she would have that in her desk. I saw her smile and shrug her shoulders in the now well lit office, as she answered my unspoken question “I’ve been here before during power outages. I keep this handy just in case I’m here late and the power goes out. Kind like now.”

I smiled at her cute answer and behavior. I then glanced around for the door that she had mentioned for us to use, but the only door I could see was the one we had used to get in here. I turned back to her and was about to ask about the missing door, when she suddenly grabbed the sides of my head a pulled me in for a passionate kiss. I squeaked in surprise and my eyes went big, as I felt her tongue slide into my mouth in a wonderful way. I then squeaked again when I felt her run hr hands down my body, grab both of my ass cheeks, and use them to pull my body into hers.

I was so surprised, that it actually took me a few seconds to kiss her back. I had been planning on masturbating furiously tonight while fantasizing about her, and now here she was kissing me deeply and groping my ass. I finally moaned deeply into the kiss and brought my hands up to her body. She started to grind her crotch into mine, making us both moan louder into the kiss. She broke the kiss with both of us out of breath and me looking up at her with wonder. She then swiftly yanked off her shirt, revealing her gorgeous breasts to me. I gasped and felt my pussy tingle again at the very sight of them. She smirked at me and picked my up by my ass cheeks and deposited me on her desk.

I was still hypnotized by the sight or her gorgeous breast right in front of my face. I began to lean forward in an attempt to taste her breasts and nipples in my mouth. I was so transfixed on my goal, that I only absentmindedly felt her hand on the back of my head pulling me forward until my lips latched onto her right nipple. She Mutlukent Escort moaned loudly as she enjoyed my mouth on her hard nipple. I began sucking greedily, as I brought my hands up to feel both of her breasts. I moaned at the feeling of her large breasts in my hands and the taste of her nipple in my mouth. I began to flick my tongue over her nipple as I continued to suck. I felt my panties soak through as my pussy leaked my juices freely.

I then moved my mouth to her other nipple and repeated the action of sucking and licking, as I continued to grope her breasts with my hands. My eyes were closed, but I opened them when I felt her moving slightly. When I opened my eyes, I moaned louder around her nipple as I saw her shimmying out of her pants and panties. My eyes went wide at the sight of her glistening bald pussy. I gasped and moaned when her musky scent hit my nostrils. She then began pulling my shirt over my head. I lifted my arms and took my mouth off her nipple to allow her to strip me of my shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so I sat there with my own C cup breasts exposed to her. She moaned and brought her hands to my breasts and gently groped me. We still had not said a word, as we let out hands and mouths express our desire.

I gasped and moaned when she leaned down to capture my hard nipple in her mouth. I placed my hand on the back of her head and leaned backwards on her desk, providing her with easier access to my teenage tits. I moaned again when she moved to my other nipple and sucked it amazingly. She then brought one hand down between my legs and began to massage my wet pussy and clit through my pants and panties. My hips bucked under her touch and I moaned louder from the dual sensation of her mouth on my nipple and her fingers rubbing between my legs. She suddenly let my nipple fall from her mouth and dropped to her knees between my legs.

She grabbed then waistline of my pants and panties and pulled them down my legs to reveal my hairless pussy. I lifted my butt to allow her to strip me completely. She smiled as she pulled my pants and panties completely off and deposited them on the floor. She smirked up at my lust filled face, as she leaned forward and ran her tongue up and down my pussy lips. She moaned as she tasted my on her tongue, before standing up and pushing me back to lay down on top of her desk. She slid my young body across her desk, until I was laying all the way across her desk and exposed for her to see.

She leaned forward and spread my legs, as she gripped my hips to keep me as still as possible. I moaned out loudly and my hips bucked up against my will, as I felt her tongue begin to lick and probe my pussy. I held onto the desk with my hands fro support, as I felt her tongue sliding into my wet pussy. I had never felt anything like this before. When I pleasured myself alone in my room at night, I concentrated on my sensitive clit to bring me to a quick orgasm. She seemed to be exploring and worshiping my pussy with her tongue, as I lay there writhing in ecstasy. I guess she found what she was looking for, because she hummed to herself as she continued to probe me with her tongue.

I cried out in pleasure, when I felt her move her mouth to my clit and begin to suck greedily at my sensitive little nub. My body was writhing and thrashing uncontrollably, as I felt her running her finger up and down between my pussy lips. My orgasm was fast approaching, and my moans and whimpers of pleasure were becoming even louder than before. If anyone else had been in the building, they would have certainly heard me. My pleasure was building so fast that I felt like I was about to pass out from the sheer joy of it all. My back suddenly arched off of her desk, as my orgasm hit me so hard that I saw stars. I absentmindedly felt a slight sting in my pussy, but I was so far gone in the throws of my orgasm that I couldn’t even begin to dwell on what it could be.

She then moved her mouth back to my pussy and began licking and lapping her tongue deep inside me. I must have filled her mouth with my juices, because she moaned in pleasure as she continued to lick me. I felt my back fall back to the desk with a thud, as my orgasm finally subsided. I fell silent and all the sounds from the room were my deep breathes, as I tried to calm myself. She moaned again loudly as she stood up straight, before leaning over my body and capturing my lips for another passionate kiss. I moaned as I tasted myself on her lips and tongue. I recognized my own juices, having tasted myself on my fingers from time to time when I masturbated.

Breaking the kiss, she then sat down in her office chair and spread her legs for me to see her wet pussy. Still without a word spoken between us, I hopped off the table and dropped to my knees before her and settled myself between her legs. I mashed my face between her legs and tried to repeat what she had done to my pussy, as I plunge my tongue deep inside her and began licking furiously. I knew from the porn that I had watched, that any pussy licking that was seen on camera was just licking on the surface and on the clit. But I knew what she had just done to my pussy felt great, so I eagerly continued to plunge my tongue deep inside her. I moaned as I tasted her juices on my tongue and when her pussy clenched around me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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