My Best Friend’s Mom

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My best friend’s mother is hot, and no one would ever deny that if you’ve seen her. My friend’s mom is Stacy, and at thirty-eight years old, she had the body and looks of a twenty-year-old coed. Stacy stood at 5’7″ with long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Her body reflects the image of perfection at 33-23-33 with those beloved 34C cups.

Stacy is a single mother, with her ex-husband cheating on her with a high school girl. Stacy quickly divorced her husband and raised her son Alex on her own.

Alex, my best friend since childhood, has known about my crush on his mom. I’ve had one since we were in middle school. He would always laugh at me for liking his mom but never hated me for my affection for his mother.

We had graduated high school a couple of weeks ago and would be heading off to the State’s university. Alex still dates his high school girlfriend while I broke off with mine. It wasn’t serious, and she was heading towards another college, so there were no reasons to continue dating.

As the summer kicks in, I stayed with Alex at his place. I’ve always crash before, so this time before our college careers kick-off, I would spend my last summer at his residence.

That plan might have been more torturous for me than I initially thought. Stacy walks around the house mostly in those Capri leggings with a running sports bra that shows off her flat stomach and her breasts. I’ve never seen Stacy wear anything but these outfits every day.

Alex couldn’t help himself as he laughs at my discomfort. My cock rage with hardons every day as Stacy walks in the kitchen in her outfit before leaving for her daily run.

“Look, man, if you feel so strongly about my mom, ask her out,” Alex said a couple days back.

I knew Alex was joking when he said I should ask his mother out, but I couldn’t help but be serious about asking his mother out and even dating her. My dreams were filled with me, walking and talking to her on a more personal level. They soon turn with me fucking her incredible body with my raging cock.

I decided to give it a shot, but knew she would say no if I flat out ask her. I am her son’s best friend, so I knew I had to build the relationship first.

Alex left to hang with his girlfriend at the local park. I put on my running outfit and walk downstairs to see Stacy drinking some water before she took off for her run.

“Can I join you on your run?” I ask her politely.

Stacy looks at me in surprise, but smiles and says, “Sure, I would love that.”

I knew she didn’t mean ‘love’ as a personal affection, but I couldn’t help but feel my heart beat faster upon hearing the words, and my cock becoming hard again.

I am no slouch. I may be a video game nerd, but I’m also very athletic. Been on Track and Field and playing Basketball for years, I knew I am very fit.

We took off running as I follow her, keeping up and didn’t say anything. Every now and then, I would see men of all ages turn to look at Stacy as she runs past them. I could see some were even jealous to see me running next to her. One old man who sat on the park bench mutters, “Lucky duck” as we pass him.

I don’t know if Stacy is aware of the stares she receives, she acts like no one sees her and continues running.

I knew I could run, but Stacy kept running as if she was running for a marathon. After running nearly five miles, I had to stop to catch my breath. Stacy also stops as she looks at me with her hands on her waist, controlling her breathing.

“You don’t run often?” Stacy asks me kindly.

“Not this much,” I say truthfully. “How far do you run?”

“To the Lake,” Stacy says as she waits for me to catch my breath.

That would explain much about why she is gone for an hour when she runs. The lake is nearly seven miles from her house.

“Can I ask why you run so far?” I ask her nicely.

Stacy’s face suddenly appears sad.

“No reason,” Stacy says quickly. “we can walk back if you want.”

“Okay,” I say, agreeing to her requests, thinking I could use this time to talk to her for the first time.

We didn’t say a word to each other as we walk back to her house. Stacy appears lost in thought as there was something about the Lake that meant a lot to her.

Once inside, Stacy retreats to her bedroom and takes a shower. I did the same in the guest shower, taking a cold shower. My cock had been raging hard during the walk, and I either had to fuck my best friend’s mom like a madman, jack off, or try to cool off before I go stir crazy.

For the next several days, we continue to go for the run. Nothing spoke between us. After a couple of weeks of running, the days grew hotter, so I stop wearing a shirt and only ran in my basketball shirts.

Running with my rock hard abs next to Stacy had to be a dream come true, and could have been the closest I’ll ever have into having sex with Stacy.

Our time together also increase as I would go with her when she went shopping. Before she would pick things, gaziantep bayan escort numaraları she tends to like, but I also point out the things Alex and I like to eat.

As much as I enjoy spending time with Stacy, I found it becoming harder to resist my urge to force myself upon her.

After three weeks together, Alex looks at me funny and wonders what was going on between his mother and his friend. I wasn’t sure how this would affect my relationship with Alex. I love him like a brother, but I also love his mother.

After two weeks of this routine with Stacy, I walk into the kitchen to see Stacy flush a shade a red before she mutters an apology and walks out of the room. I turn to see her go, admiring her tight ass as she walks away. As I admire her ass, I notice a wet spot forming between her legs.

As I thought about the wet spot, I thought she might have had an accident, but I slowly realize she had an orgasm while she was in the kitchen.

We return to our run, but we didn’t even make it two miles when Stacy decides to turn back. I wasn’t sure what caused her discomfort, but we run back to her house. Stacy says nothing as she goes to her bedroom and takes her shower.

I didn’t return to the guest bathroom to take my shower, and I didn’t hear Stacy’s shower running either. I walk up the stairs and peer inside her bedroom. I could see Stacy lying flat on her bed with her Capri leggings pulled down to her knees as she rubs her pussy with her left hand as her right begins grabs her breasts, her sports bra lies on the ground forgotten. Stacy lets out a moan as she arches her back upwards.

This is the closest I’ve seen Stacy to being naked, and I’m in a state of shock at seeing Stacy fingering herself half-naked in her own bed.

I want to come into the room and fuck her right then and there, and I’m sure she wouldn’t object. I nearly enter her room too, only to have some nagging voice in the back of my head warning me this wouldn’t keep her in the long run.

I knew Alex is taking his girlfriend out tonight and wouldn’t be back until morning. I decide when Stacy came out of her when she calms down, I would ask her out to a drive-in movie dinner.

I wasn’t sure if she desires me, or if she is thinking of someone else. Still, I knew this would be a bold move on my part.

I turn and leave and enter the shower to clean up before putting my clothes in the hamper and went back downstairs to cook us lunch.

Stacy came downstairs and ate the lunch I gave her as she gives me a warm smile. She’s always smiled at me before, but this time I could see some affection in her smile and conflict.

“Instead of you cooking tonight, why don’t we go out to eat?” I ask Stacy.

Stacy looks at me in surprise at this suggestion. I suspect she’s in no condition to cook dinner after her little orgasm in her bedroom.

“Sure,” says Stacy. “is Italian good tonight?”

‘Damn,’ I thought, hoping to get her alone in a car to make out with her.

“Sure,” I reply kindly.

Later that night, I dress in a casual outfit. Jeans with a t-shirt. Stacy came down with a blouse, and her hair for one wasn’t in a ponytail. Apparently, she took her time looking nice and presentable as if trying to look like a goddess.

Looking at Stacy in a blouse only made my dick rage harder in my pants, and I knew I had to let it out or it would explode if it didn’t get released.

During dinner, we talk for the first time, allowing me to get to know her on a personal level. She didn’t work a day her in life. Her father had been a big-time lawyer for the State, and her mother was a real estate owner. When they passed away, they left her with a fortune that would allow her to never work a day in her life. She sold her mother’s real estate for even more substantial finances in her bank accounts.

I finally understood why she drove the latest Mercedes.

I told her I wanted to attend college, but I wasn’t sure about a career path I wanted to take. I did tell her about my dreams of having kids and settling down with the woman I love for the rest of my days.

“That’s wonderful,” Stacy says kindly with a warm smile. I could see she’s happy I have a positive dream, but also seem a bit sad.

After dinner, she drove us back to her house with a smile on her face.

Our routine of running together continues every day, and soon enough, I discover she stop wearing panties. I could tell because she no longer had any outline of her panties in her Capri leggings. Once in a while, I could actually see wet spots grow between her legs, and I knew she is starting to develop feelings for me, and that made my cock become rock hard.

I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out without going crazy and forcing myself ontop of Stacy.

The end of June soon arrive, and I offer instead of going out, to stay home and watch a movie.

Stacy agrees, as it was a hundred gaziantep escort bayan reklamları and two degrees outside, the heat beat down made it difficult to go out without water. Stacy put on a white bikini and heads to her backyard pool and dips inside the water. I quickly join, but I didn’t have any swim trunks, so I wore my boxers and jump inside the pool.

I don’t know if that was a good idea or a bad as my dick only had a raging hardon as I relax in the water with Stacy. My dick would escape my boxers as I nervously adjust my boxers and my cock back inside.

Stacy smiles as she relaxes in the pool before we rest on the edge and talk.

“So, Mark, do you know where you’ll be living for college?” Stacy asks me kindly.

“Not really,” I say truthfully. “Can I ask you something?”

“You can ask me anything,” Stacy says with a smile.

“Why did you never remarry?”

Stacy smiles fade as she looks at me before she leans back and looks upwards towards the sky.

“Men are pigs,” Stacy says simply. “I married Daniel because I was young and naïve, believing he loved me. I gave him my virginity and my heart. He got me pregnant quickly despite my parent’s protests. I was a fool. When I learned he’s been cheating on me for years, and he was married to another woman at the same time, I ended things off with him before I made a bigger mistake in staying with him. After my divorce, I soon learn of the countless men staring at me with lust. I couldn’t trust another again.”

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Stacy and her terrible relationships. I had a feeling this Daniel had been the only relationship she’s ever had, and it ended badly.

“Tell me about you and your girlfriend,” Stacy asks me in changing the subject.

“We broke up,” I say simply.

Stacy looks at me in surprise. Along with Alex and Nicole, Jasmine and I were the power couple in High School.

“Why?” Stacy asks, unable to hide her curiosity.

“We had no long term plan to stay together. We simply dated because we had things in common in High School. We’re not going to the same university, and she’s heading towards the city. So the odds of us keeping in touch is very slim.”

Stacy says nothing as she looks back up towards the sky.

“Come, we should get clean up,” says Stacy as she climbs out the pool. I watch as the water drip down her perky breasts that have never shown any signs of sagging.

I had to take a second to get out, as my dick had once again escaped my boxers. I did want Stacy to see my dick, but I didn’t want her to think I was the same as those creeps who stare at her with lust.

Stacy looks back at me as she grabs a towel and quickly goes back inside without saying a word. Once I knew Stacy was back inside, I climb out and stuff my cock back in my boxers that were soaking wet.

I took a shower, and no matter what I tried to do, my raging hardon wouldn’t go away.

I put on a white t-shirt and sweatpants. I didn’t bother with any boxers, my cock’s hardon didn’t go away no matter what I tried to think about, so I thought when tonight came, I would beat myself until my balls empty everything inside.

I walk back downstairs to see Stacy wearing a summer blouse making some lemonade. She places two cups and the jug on the coffee table before she sits down next to me as we turn on the tv to watch a movie.

I’m not into romance, as I prefer action and thrillers.

I eventually found something that had some romance, but action as well. It was a pirate tv show ‘Black Sails’ that is rated M for mature. I turn it on, and Stacy says nothing as she curls up next to me, and we watch Black Sails.

There had to be a lot of sex on the tv show, and it made me hard. I had to resist squirming in my seat as my cock threaten to puncture a hole in my sweatpants to stick right out.

I didn’t realize what I had done, but I reach around Stacy’s shoulder and slip my left hand under her blouse and grab her breasts. When I realized what I had done, I froze. Fearing she would lash out at me for touching her this way.

Stacy didn’t yell or do anything, she continues to snuggle up on my chest. Sensing her encouragement, I begin to fondle her breast with my hand. Twisting, rubbing, and pulling her nipple.

Stacy isn’t wearing a bra, and I wonder if she wasn’t wearing panties under her blouse, either.

I continue to massage her left breast with my hand. Once in a while, Stacy would let out a sudden breath as if trying to resist moaning. I kept pushing her to the limits, and she did nothing to stop me, only starting squirming a bit in her seats.

She suddenly puts her hand on my thigh and lets out a quick gasp as I knew she orgasms from my teasing. Only she didn’t grab my thigh. Her hand had grabbed my cock over my sweatpants.

Stacy pause as she holds my cock for a moment feeling it throbbing in her grip.

“Jesus,” Stacy breathes. gaziantep escort kız telefonları “you’re bigger than my ex-husband!”

I knew I had a big cock. Ten inches long, and nearly an inch round of pure hardness.

I remove my hand and quickly remove my shirt, unsure how far we would go, but I would push the boundaries as far as I could go. I toss my shirt on the ground before I remove my sweatpants to reveal my hardon raging cock that springs upwards like a springboard. Purple veins could be seen on the tip that was moist from all the precum I’ve been releasing all day.

“I knew you were big,” Stacy says as she grabs my cock with her tiny hands, giving a couple of jerks. “I didn’t think you be this big.”

Stacy flips her hair back before she bends down and kisses my cock with her lips. She sucks on the tip a couple of times as I place my hand on her head as she continues to suck on the tip. Her mouth looks so tiny as she sucks the head with her lips.

Then she plunges her mouth down my cock taking roughly three inches of my cock in her mouth. The head touches the back of her throat before Stacy pulls back till my head touches her lips again. She then goes down again and starts bobbing her head up and down at a rapid pace.

The sound of her sucking my cock could be heard as I watch Stacy give me a blowjob.

Only having sex twice with my ex-girlfriend, Stacy felt a lot better than I’ve ever dreamed of having sex with her. Her mouth is like a vice grip as she sucks my cock deeper into her mouth. The blowjob became too intense, and after weeks of torment on my cock and balls, I exploded in Stacy’s mouth.

Stacy was caught off-guard by my ejection but didn’t remove her mouth as she claps her lips around my shaft and starts swallowing my cum down her throat. I release so much cum, I’m surprised she was able to swallow every drop.

Stacy sits upright, breathing fresh air as she licks her lips from the blowjob. Her hands rub over her blouse to her breasts as she looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes. Stacy stood up and pulls her blouse over her head before tossing it aside, standing in front of me naked.

Stacy had the body of a model, and seeing her naked, nearly made me cum again. Stacy had no body hair of any kind, as her skin is as smooth as a baby. She didn’t even have any pussy hair, and signs showed she had a bikini wax recently.

Stacy quickly climbs on my lap, facing me as she grabs my cock with her hands and aims it at her pussy. The head touches her lips, and I couldn’t hold back my surprise at how tight her lips felt. I didn’t enter her, but I already knew she’s tighter than my ex.

Stacy starts to go down as my cock slips pass her lips and enter inside her body.

Stacy wraps her arms around my neck and holds on, gasping for air as she tries to push down further, to take all of me.

I knew at that moment, she wants me as much I want her.

I grabbed her ass and began to push her down on my cock as I start to go deeper inside of her.

It was clear I’m touching untouched regions inside her pussy as Stacy moans and gasps as I push deeper inside of her.

I quickly sit further to the edge of the coach and push her all the way down till her entire pussy had my cock deep inside of her pussy. Stacy wraps her legs around my waist and lets out a loud moan as she orgasms over my cock.

Stacy is tight, and I knew I would cum soon as her pussy is heaven, and I wanted no other pussy.

Her pussy continues to grip and milk my cock, getting used to my length and width before Stacy begins to rock her hips. I looked at her blue eyes and didn’t hesitate this time. I kiss her deeply and with passion.

Stacy offers no resistance and opens her mouth, allowing our tongues to dance as we kiss with passion. I reach up and fondle Stacy’s tits as her pussy flexes and grips my cock repeatedly on the couch. If the town knew of this, it would be a never-ending gossip.

Stacy is the most wanted bachelorette in the town with every guy wanting to fuck her, and here I was living the dream.

Stacy breaks the kiss panting heavy as she arches her back and holds me tight. I took this opportunity to bite down on her nipples and suck them like a newborn. Stacy lets out a moan as she holds my head to suck her nipples more.

All this action going on as I suck her nipples while she rocks her hips on my cock soon became too much for either of us as we both orgasm at the same time. Her juices flow down my entire shaft as I cum deep inside her pussy.

She holds me looking down at the mess between our legs as her juices and my cum run down to my balls. I couldn’t stop cumming inside of her as she looks down, wondering how much I was holding inside.

The moment I finish cumming, we remain in that position, enjoying the feel of each other, and I had a grin on my face as I got my fantasy of fucking my best friend mom.

Both of us were tired as Stacy rest her head on my shoulder and holds me as I hold her back.

Stacy’s eyes open wide as I couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed. My cock had once again become rock hard inside her pussy and wanted more action.

Stacy smiles as she climbs off my lap and stands up. My cum starts dripping down her legs.

“Come on,” says Stacy. “well, go to my bedroom.”

I nearly came upon hearing the words as I take Stacy’s hand and follow her up the stairs to the master bedroom.

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