My Night at the Marriott

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My name is Joanne and here I am, as usual, home alone by myself like I am on most nights. My husband Val works as a firefighter and begins his shift at 6pm on the nights he works. There’s not a lot to do in a small town in Texas, so most nights I just sit home and read a good book or watch a movie. I’m 59 years old and Val is 63. I just want to start out by saying that we have a good sex life, enjoy each other’s company very much, and that’s why what happened that night was so way out of character for me.

I was watching a romantic movie that had some nudity in it, but there was one scene in particular that really started all this The scene in the movie was a middle aged saleswoman who was on a business trip. She was in her hotel room, lying on her bed and feeling lonely, she slowly started to masturbate on the bed thinking about her lover, nothing unusual there, as I have seen that in movies before. But what she did next was the thing that got my juices flowing. After a few minutes of her lying on her hotel bed, she slowly gets up, walks over to the window completely naked and starts doing it right in front of the window. For some reason, and I’m not totally sure why, that scene really got me going. I was so horny watching that scene, I almost went up to my room to take care of business. But I suddenly had a crazy idea, Why couldn’t I do that?

About 5 miles from our house is a 15 story Marriott hotel, and the more Ankara travesti I thought about it, the more I realized that would be a perfect place for me to try this. So after a few minutes of talking myself into it, I grabbed my favorite sex toys, a bottle of wine and drove over. To this day, I don’t know what made me do it, but I’m happy I did. When I got there I asked for a suite. I knew it would be on a high floor and it would also have a large soaking tub in it. I knew this because me and my husband stayed there a couple years ago when we had our house re-painted.

I checked in and went right up to my room. It was a beautiful room. There was a large tub right in the corner of the living room, a big fluffy bed, and a large sofa, it was even more plush than I had remembered. I closed the door and shut the lights. I walked over and opened the curtains. To my surprise, there was an apartment building about a block away. This made me both little nervous and excited all at the same time. I ran a nice hot bath, poured some wine, took off all my cloths and climbed in. I stayed in the bath for about 1/2 an hour. With the windows open and the lights off, there was just enough light to see myself in the mirror relaxing in the tub, and dam, I looked good!

I finally got out of the tub and dried off. I put on my bra and panties, grabbed my vibrator and cautiously walked over to the window. As I stood there in my Antalya travesti panties and bra, I wondered if anybody could see me, so I turned on my vibrator and started enjoying myself. I guess the thought that I was doing this where someone could actually see me is what gave me my first orgasm. I was enjoying this so much, I didn’t want to move. I finally realized it was time go to the next level, so I took a deep breath, unhooked my bra and slid off my now wet panties. There I was, completely naked standing if front of a floor to ceiling window using my favorite sex toy. I just stood there for a long time, playing and enjoying myself.

In the corner of the room was a small chair, so I decided to drag it over in front of the window and I traded in my vibrator for my dildo. I sat down, put 1 leg over each arm, oiled it up and inserted it. I had this indescribable feeling just sitting there, playing with myself in front of the window. I can only explain it by saying that it felt freeing. I could not have felt more vulnerable knowing that someone in the parking lot down below, or maybe in that apartment building across from me could be watching this. It was such an overwhelming rush that I had 3 orgasms in about 5 minutes. It was a feeling I’ve never had before, and I didn’t want it to end.

After awhile I decided I would try something new. I went over to the door and opened it. I put the waste basket İstanbul travesti in front to hold it open. I re-warmed the bath and climbed back in. Now I was not directly in front of the door because the tub was off to the side, but the door was wide open while I was in the tub and now masturbating. WOW, my senses were so heightened. My vagina never felt so good. I eventually got out of the tub, and continued in the bed, still with my door and windows wide open. At one point I could hear people in the hall passing my door and one of them said, “who leaves their door open” but they couldn’t see me because I wasn’t directly in front of the door. I can’t tell you how exhilarating it was to be in the bed, masturbating with strangers only about 6 feet away.

In total I must have had 15 orgasms that night and I could probably have had more. When I finally finished up, I got dressed and headed back home. The next morning when my husband came home he immediately went right to bed, if only he knew what I was up to while he was at work. I called my girlfriend Lisa. We chatted like we do most days, but all I could think of while we were talking was what I had done the night before. I thought about telling her because in the past, we have actually talked about masturbation, nothing specific, just things like, “all woman do it”, “what age we both started”, things like that.

The more I thought about it, the more I knew she would have loved what I did because she is definitely a woman who is on the wild side. I think the next phone call I just might tell her and see if she wants to join me, I’m almost sure she would. If that does happen, there will definitely be a chapter 2 to this story…stay tuned.

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