One Night

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Big Tits

There was a note on my desk when I came back from lunch. My boss, Victoria, wanted to see me. I was sure she needed me to work on a project for her. So, after checking my voice mail to make sure there weren’t any additional messages from her, I grabbed my notebook and pen and headed into her office.

“What’s up, boss?” I asked as I took a seat across from her.

“I have a big favor to ask. We have service technicians coming in from all over the country and one from Mexico. They will be here tomorrow to train on the new model. After the Tech Director takes them to dinner, we need someone to take them out and keep them occupied. You know, like to a bar to play darts or something. Several of the guys asked for you specifically.” She rattled off a few names and I understood why I was asked. I talk to these guys on the phone on at least a weekly basis and most of the time the conversation is more flirting than work.

“Sure, Victoria, that shouldn’t be a problem. When they come in tomorrow for the training, I will try to figure out who wants to go and what they want to do.” Doing favors for her was not a stretch. I really appreciated her as a boss; she is a smart woman who takes care of her employees without constantly looking over our shoulders.

The next morning I debated what to wear since I had a few errands after work, I wouldn’t have time to change before picking the techs up at their hotel for a little bit of fun. I wasn’t sure what we would be doing, so I chose something comfortable and cute. The type of tops I tend to wear have a v-neck showing a little bit of my over ample cleavage. I chose a favorite, bright pink with a silver buckle under the deep cut neckline and a pair of my comfortable trouser jeans. Without specifically thinking about it, I chose a somewhat lacy black bra and matching hi cut, black lace panties. Shoes…hmmm…what to wear, I thought as I stood in my closet. Settling on a pair of low-heeled black leather boots, I climbed into the shower and tried to think of options for the guys on where to go. After a nice, hot shower, I applied my makeup and styled my hair, dressed and left for work.

On the short drive in to the office, I thought back to my last conversation with Ron late last week. He told me he was coming in for the training and was looking forward to meeting me. We have flirted quite a bit off and on for the last year since I transferred into this department. I knew how to charm these guys, most of who didn’t think a woman knew her way around a machine. His voice was sexy, but I knew from our discussions that he was old enough to be my father. Chris, Mel and several of the other guys I knew were coming in were also at least 15 to 20 years older than me so I was in a quandary deciding where to entertain the guys.

I settled into my chair with my morning caffeine fix, a large icy fountain diet drink…I can’t start my day without it. Emails to answer, phone calls to return, service bulletins to update; it was business as usual until about nine that morning.

The Tech Director, Gary, brought the techs around to meet everyone they worked with. I was finally going to be able to put faces to the voices I have chatted with at least weekly. They stopped by my desk and luckily I was between phone calls. I rose to introduce myself and shake their hands. Mel took my hand and shook it firmly, telling me it was nice to finally meet. Ron took my hand and kissed my fingers, with a mischievous glint in his eye. I made my way through the group, all of them pretty much fitting the mental image I had formed of them through our conversations. None of them was what I would consider overly sexy, but they were all nice looking in their own ways. I was right though, all were old enough to be my father. Oh well, I was sure we would find something that we all could agree would be a good way to kill and evening.

During lunch I talked with several of the guys and discussed plans for the evening. Gary was taking them to a very popular steak house in town for dinner and I was to pick up whoever wanted to go out about 7:00 that evening at their hotel. I gave a couple of them, Ron included, my cell number in case any change to the plans occurred. Since I drove a large SUV, I knew I would be able to chauffeur at least four of them. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful; my job is nothing if not predictable. I left the office a little before five and headed out to run my errands.

At twenty till seven, my cell phone vibrated on my hip. Since I didn’t know what the plan was for the evening, I didn’t want to drag a purse around and have to keep up with it. Chris was calling to let me know that he and several of the guys were having a beer in the bar lobby while they waited on me. The background noise sounded a little rowdy. All I could think was Victoria may owe me big after this.

I pulled into the hotel parking lot fifteen minutes later. After putting the car in park and setting the emergency brake, I escort gaziantep bayan haberleri took a quick second to check my hair and face. Not one to normally wear lipstick, I pulled a tinted lip balm out of my pocket and gave my mouth a quick smear. I really wasn’t trying to impress anyone, but I had to admit the touch of color really did make my face a little brighter. I locked the truck and walked into the hotel.

Standard hotel lobby furniture in shades of burgundy and beige greeted me. The requisite paneled oak front desk stood to the right, flanked by two horribly outdated and dusty fake ficus trees. The lobby bar was straight ahead, a restaurant/bar combo filled with the typical business travelers; men who must have had suits on earlier but now the ties were undone and the coats were hanging haphazardly on the backs of their stools and the loafers had lost a little of the shine applied that morning. The group I was looking for was different, all about the jeans, pullovers and tennis shoes. I found them at the far end of the bar, laughing at something funny just said…more than likely a dirty joke if I knew this crowd. I walked up to them and all the laughter stopped suddenly. Oh my, were they afraid to offend me? Wow.

After a quick minute or two of discussion and the finishing of their beers, we decided to go shoot pool. I haven’t played in several years and I warned them all I was lousy at it, but I was game if they were. Only three of the guys wanted to tag along, Ron, Chris and Mitchell, the guy from Mexico. We loaded into my truck and headed over to a sports bar I knew was close to the hotel. We walked in and the place was wall to wall. Apparently, I had chosen a popular place with the out of town suits like I had seen at the hotel. The guys quickly vetoed the location. I remembered a pool hall nearby that I used to spend way too much time and money in years ago and asked the guys if they wanted to give it a go. They all agreed and we made the short drive to Shooters.

The parking lot was mostly empty, but the lights were on inside so we headed in. Chris and Ron got us a pitcher of beer. Mitchell and I had a short conversation (very short considering his broken English and my rudimentary Spanish) while choosing cues off the wall. We easily found a table to play on, there was only one other table occupied. The pitcher found a home on a nearby table and the first round was poured. Someone made the decision to play teams, Ron and I versus Chris and Mitchell. I wasn’t sure at this point how evenly matched we were, I only felt sorry that Ron was stuck with me. Yes, I suck at pool! The conversation was light, mostly shop talk and the like. Soon the first pitcher was gone, but another quickly appeared. Turns out the teams were fairly well matched, Ron and Chris being pool sharks and Mitchell and I both equally lousy. Oh well, it was all for fun, right?

Two more pitchers later and Mitchell decided he was through for a while. Shooters also featured electronic darts and he decided to head to that side of the building for a while. Truth be told, I think the language barrier was getting to him. I tried, but other than the basic book Spanish I learned in high school and the cuss words I had picked up since, I really couldn’t hold a conversation with him. Another pitcher showed up on our table and Ron tried to poor me a glass but I need to switch to soda since I knew I had to drive them back to the hotel at some point. I figured they deserved to show up for training the next day in one piece.

The boys (as I started referring to them as after the second pitcher) were getting a tad rowdy. The conversation was turning a tad bit silly as we began a game of Cutthroat. Ron started with a comment about making sure to stroke the stick just right. Chris followed that with “what a good lay I am, er, have.” Soon it was more innuendo and double entendre than normal conversation. I really didn’t mind. Early in the evening I had warned them I was not easily offended and appreciate a racy joke as much as they did. It was soon clear to me that maybe my choice of attire was only encouraging them. Every time I bent over to take a shot, both men would strategically place themselves on the opposite side of the table. I have to admit, I was enjoying the attention. Although I don’t consider myself beautiful by any stretch of the imagination, I am well endowed and that tends to overcome any objection men find in the rest of my body.

I was trying to line up for what I knew was an impossible shot, but the only one I had. Ron walked up behind me and whispered in my ear that if I made the shot I had to give him a blow job back at the hotel. Since I knew I would never make it, I laughed at him and agreed. Chris had no clue what was said but he offered me a tip on how to make the shot. It was a little of a hard decision…do I take Chris’s advice, possibly make the shot and have to pay up with escort gaziantep hikayeleri Ron? The other option was to miss but make it look like I really tried. I really didn’t have a lot of real faith of making the shot even with Chris’s help, but decided to try anyway. I lined up on the cue ball as Chris instructed and pulled my cue back smoothly. The next few seconds seemed to take place in slow motion. The cue hit the ball exactly where I planned. The white ball rolled straight toward the seven ball which clipped the six. Next thing I knew both balls landed in the far corner pockets. I stood in disbelief. Not only had I made the shot, but I won the game. Uh oh, I made the shot! Ron had an enormous grin on his face and Chris came over and gave me a hug, complimenting me on making a really tricky shot.

I excused myself to make a visit to the ladies room. I didn’t really need to go, but I wanted a minute to think about what Ron had said. I hated to admit it to myself, but I was intrigued, curious and truth be told, quite a bit randy at the prospect. I could feel the electric shocks travel from my breasts and head south to my increasingly moist pussy. I messed with my hair for a minute and touched up my lips. Ron’s whispered words kept echoing in my head and every time they did another shock wave coursed through my body. I knew I had stalled long enough so I made my way back to the table, wishing I could have another beer but realizing it wasn’t a good idea. First, I had to drive. Second, I realized I needed my wits about me now more than ever.

The guys had started another game without me but I didn’t mind. I was too distracted to play now. I spent the time watching Ron. He looked to be in his early sixties, and a tad taller than me. The tight Levi’s he was wearing cradled his ass nicely. He wasn’t GQ gorgeous, but he had a sort of rugged good looks. Okay, I was attracted to him; I think I was attracted to his personality before we ever met. Now, seeing the piercing green eyes confirmed it. Chris came over to ask me a question while I was daydreaming about Ron. I felt stupid when I had to ask him to repeat himself, but I too engrossed in my thoughts to hear him the first time. He asked me if I was ready to take them back to the hotel. It was almost ten and he wanted to get to bed since they had an early morning the next day.

I agreed and went to the counter to pay for the beer and pool, knowing I could expense it with Victoria and everything would be cool. But, Chris and Ron beat me to it. The tab was paid and we went to hunt down Mitchell, who I had almost forgotten about. As we walked out to the truck, I thought I felt a hand brush across my ass but since both Ron and Chris were behind me, I had no clue who it might have been.

The drive to the hotel was quick; Ron sat up front with me. For the first time that night I noticed his aftershave, spicy and woodland, very manly. I hadn’t really planned to come in but Ron invited me in, just to talk he said. I wasn’t sure what possessed me but I agreed and we made our way inside and to the elevator. Chris bid me good night and thanked me again for the hospitality. Mitchell and I exchanged a brief farewell and Ron and I got on the elevator. Not a word was said as we made our way to the fourth floor. The dinging of the elevator bell was the only sound unless Ron could hear how my heart was beating a bit faster than normal. The doors slid open and Ron made his way down the hall with me right behind him. Quickly we arrived at his room and he slid the pass key into the door.

He let me in first and I set my keys down on the table. The room was just like many others I have seen, two double beds, dresser, television and a small table with two chairs. Ron offered me a bottle of water as I pulled a chair away from the table to sit down. He walked over to me before I had a chance to sit down. Standing there face to face, close enough to again smell his after shave, he looked at me softly.

“May I kiss you?” Did he honestly just ask permission to kiss me? The lightning bolts again shot through me as I took a brief second to formulate a response.

“Me?” Dumb response, maybe I should have taken another second to think that one through.

“Tracy, I have wanted to kiss you since I first heard that sexy Southern accent through the phone. I knew on the plane ride here that I would do whatever was in my power to get you to bed. However, I respect you and simply want to know if you will let me kiss you.” Sight unseen this man planned to take me to bed. Me. I barely whispered a yes when he took the last half step forward, touched my cheek with his hand and closed the distance between our mouths.

The kiss was warm and gentle. His lips were soft as the pressed against mine. I felt his lips slowly part and felt his tongue barely touch my lips. Almost involuntarily, my lips parted and we tasted each other for the first time. It was escort gaziantep bayan ilanları the sexiest kiss I had experienced in years. Slow and soft but full of heat and desire. His arms circled my waist and he pulled me closer as the kiss deepened. I could feel his desire press against me through his Levi’s. Slowly, he turned me so that my legs were against the back of the bed. Like out of a movie, we fell to the bed, still locked in the kiss and embrace. Feverishly our tongues explored each other and I could feel the heat build in my body. The room could have been on fire and I couldn’t have felt hotter.

We broke the kiss to catch our breath. Those piercing green eyes looked at me with lust and desire. I felt his hand caressing my side as my leg parted his. I felt him, hard against my body and knew with absolute certainty that his dare earlier would be paid. Our mouths found each again our hands wandered over the other. Tentatively I worked my hand down his stomach, and pulled his shirt free from his jeans. Unsure of what he liked, I slowly stroked his smooth skin right about his waistband. The sharp intake of breath as he sighed encouraged me. Our tongues continued their battle as I loosened the button on his pants to explore a little further. He broke the kiss and asked me if I was okay.

“Okay is a rather mild word” I responded. I could think of several other words that fit better, enraptured, horny even, but no, I was not okay. I chuckled “yes, I am okay. Are you?”

“Honestly, no.” My face must have fallen a bit because he quickly spoke again. “You are so incredibly sexy and I can’t think of one single thing I did to deserve laying here with you.” With that, his mouth found my neck right below my ear. How did he know this spot was so sensitive?

I suddenly felt more brazen that ever as I lowered his zipper. To my surprise, I discovered this man did not wear anything under his jeans. My fingers touched his hardening cock and it jumped, aching to spring free. His hand was inside my blouse settling on my tit and rubbing the nipple until it was as hard as he was.

“Please.” With one word, I knew what he was asking. In the back of my mind I knew that even if I had not made the shot earlier, I would fulfill his request. I sat up a bit and pulled off his shirt and kissed a path down his neck and across his chest. He made me pause long enough to remove my top and hurriedly unhook my black lace bra.

He gasped. “Oh god, you are so beautiful.” His fingers found my now hard nipples and he gave a gentle tug. Spasms shot straight to my pussy and I knew I was soaked. I kissed his chest again as I worked his jeans down his hips, his cock feeling the sweet freedom it desperately craved. His cock was hard, about seven inches long and I knew its girth would easily fit in my mouth. My kisses trailed to his stomach as I continued caressing his length.

“Are you sure?” I asked as my lips came close to kissing the swollen head.

“Oh god, yes. Please, baby, take me in your hot mouth” he begged.

My tongue darted out as I tasted him for the first time. His scent filled my nostrils as I ran my tongue along the length of the first cock I had tasted in a long time. He shivered when I wrapped my lips around him and slowly took him deeper into my mouth. My pace was slow at first as tried to learn what made his body quiver. Soon though, his hard cock was hitting the back of my throat in a rhythm he seemed to really enjoy. With one hand I stroked his length as my lips did the same. With the other hand, my fingernails lightly scraped across his thighs. I was so enthralled with pleasing him; I lost all track of the world. Was he still breathing?

His hand stroked my hair. I silently hoped he did not push my head further as I was not sure I could take him any deeper. His moans grew louder and I felt further encouraged. I sucked his length harder and faster. His hands knotted in my hair. I could feel his thighs tense against the sides of my head. I knew he would cum soon. I took his free hand in mine and squeezed. He seemed to sense what I wanted to know.

“Tracy, oh baby. Please let me cum. Swallow me baby.” I braced myself for what I believed would be a torrent of hot cum filling my mouth, gliding down my throat. His moans grew louder still and his hand squeezed mine tighter. “Oh, oh, Tracy, I am cumming now!” My mouth was quickly filled with the salty, sticky liquid. He seemed to go on longer than I thought possible. His grip on my hand stayed tight as he pumped my mouth to take him as deep as I could. I swallowed his cum as quickly as I could, for some reason, I didn’t want to spill a drop. His breathing slowed bit by bit as I licked him clean.

“Oh my, that was the best experience of my life.” I smiled when he said that, full of satisfaction that I had just pleased him so well. “You have an amazing mouth.” A smile erupted across my face.

I made my way back up the bed, trailing kisses across his stomach and chest. His breathing was still slightly labored as he tried to regain his composure. His arms wrapped around me as my lips fluttered across his neck. He pulled me closer and his lips found mine again. I was slightly surprised as other men I have been with wouldn’t kiss me after I let them cum in my mouth. The salty taste on my tongue mixed with the spicy scent that filled my nose assaulted my senses.

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