“Our First Meeting”

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Alexis Texas

There are nights like tonight, when I feel so hurt and alone that I cannot sleep. The bed I once shared with my husband, now has one occupant, me. Since he left me a month ago it seems that all I can do at night is cry and wonder what in the hell happened. I get so angry I want to shout, “Let me off this merry-go-round. I plan to divorce him as soon as the lawyer draws up the papers.
I’m a survivor and do not need him or any other man to keep me going. Some are great to play with but some lack the brains to figure out what a woman really needs.

Oh how I would love to be financially stable, I’d not only have my own personal masseuse, but go a cruise to some exotic island. Sure I may be hurting, and have some physical limitations, but find a way to enjoy everything including sex. I’m still the sexy green-eyed angel I was yesterday and a woman who loves life and sex. I just can’t seem to find a willing participant who will join me, love me, and stick by my side forever. After all life is too short to sit around and have a pity party.

So I’m doing something therapeutic, I’m writing another sexy, erotic story. It’s a fantasy, one that I would actually do, and it will not only brighten my spirit, but entice the readers as well. Please take a journey with me, as I begin.

I awoke to the sound of birds singing, and the sun shining thru my curtains. I stretched, yawned, and looked at the clock. It read ten am, and it was just too nice to stay in bed. I got dressed, ate some breakfast, and like many other days, I went out to them mailbox to check my mail. I wondered what I would get today, bills, bills, and more bills or something exciting.

I opened the mailbox retrieved the mail, started thumbing through it as I walked back into the house. I noticed there was a letter from my best friend, Don. He and I have been friends for a while now. I feel I can talk to him about anything, and he will listen. Our friendship goes deeper than just friends, we are falling head over heals in love with each other. Not only do I want to meet him, I want him to hold me and make love to me all night, until we are both totally satisfied.

Don is older than me, with a husky build, and light brown hair. I love his strong facial features which included deep blue eyes. His eyes burned with passion and when I gazed at his picture, surging through me to my very soul. He was handsome, and rugged, just the kind of man I liked, needed, and wanted to spend eternity with.

My thoughts went back to the letter and I wonder, why on earth Don is writing me, we just talked last night online. I tear open the envelope and out falls a plane ticket, when I examine it, I see my name and a date, two months from today.
At first I ask myself, ‘why is he sending me these he knows I am not divorced yet?’ I figured I’d better read the attached letter to find that out.

“My sweet darling,

I know you’ve been through a lot of stress lately and I have a wonderful solution. He can fly out here to meet me, and we can spend a week or more, together confessing our love to each other. Consider the ticket a gift from me, for your own peace of mind. It’s a place where he can forget that so called hubby of hers. So how about it honey, care to join me? I guarantee he won’t regret it and all you have to do is pack a bag. Then come and meet me. I myself have dreamed about this since the first time I laid eyes on you.
I love you, Don.”

I sat down for a moment too excited to talk. My thoughts were racing through my head a mile a minute as I thought of what we could do together. It made my mouth water, and juices start to saturate my panties.

“Join you, you bet I will! It beats looking at these four walls and wondering what tomorrow will bring.”

The only person I would call to tell where I was going is my daughter. She will tell me to have a safe trip and call her when I return. No questions, no judgments at all.
As my mind came back to reality I thought about what to pack. As well as the usual things, I’d make sure had some comfy clothes for a walk on the beach, an alluring outfit or two for the bedroom, and a swim suit. I can see the image now; me in an alluring outfit, and my red hair glistening in the sun, it will certainly make him want to make love to me right there on the beach. I assume it’s a secluded one or at least I hope so, as I may want to go commando.

My thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone. “Hello.”

“Hi baby, its Don, can he talk or is this a bad time?”

“Well if you’re worried about you know who, he never came home. So we can talk all we want.”

“Good, I was hoping he wasn’t around when he got my letter. I was worried because I know how angry he gets and I did not want he to get into trouble”

His voice is so is deep and sexy, it was exciting me so much, I damn near dropped the phone.

“I was thinking I would like to spend more than just a week with you, but didn’t know what your schedule was like. I paused, giggled, and then said, “Hum, I wonder what we’d do all that time.”

“Well for starters when we walk on the beach, it will be just the two of us, as I want to show you my favorite places. It has spots where if we want, we can do more than kiss and hold each other. Honey, I can think of a few things we can do.”

The sexy overtones of his voice almost made me want to drop my panties right then and there. “Just a few things huh, oh you’re making me hot!”

“You’re not the only one hot doll, just hearing that sexy voice of yours makes my pecker hard. However, I’m at the office, and it will have to wait. How’s about I email he later the details and pictures of places I’d like to take he. I do hope you can join me here, God I want you. I’d love to have my face buried in that beautiful pussy of hers right now. Baby, you’re not only beautiful, but delicious as well.”

“Oh my god, the mere thought of you doing escort jigolo gaziantep that to me makes me want to masturbate right now.”

“Hold that thought you sexy thing. I’ll call you later tonight around midnight, after I am home.”

“Okay love, talk to you later on tonight. By the way thanks for the ticket.”

I hung up the phone and headed for the bedroom. I wanted desperately to satisfy the hunger in my pussy. When I got there I decided to tabled the thought and go shopping. After all I wanted to a new swimsuit, some sexy negligees, and sundresses. I couldn’t wear shorts, because he wouldn’t have access to my pussy if it was covered up.

I took my time shopping, telling the salesperson I was going to the west coast for a visit. She helped me pick out some sexy outfits. All the excitement aroused me so much I hoped she wouldn’t smell it on me.

She just smiled, winked, and said, “Have a great trip.”

When I got home, I headed straight to the bedroom; my pussy was aching to be played with. Where’s a hot, hard male when he need one, oh well time to reach for Peter, my seven inch vibrator.

I then pretended a man was with me, why not? After all, I think fantasy is an essential part of sexual pleasure, and a lot of fun.

In my best male impersonation voice I ordered, “Take those clothes off doll; I needs some of your hot cunt!”

The fires of passion fueled my actions, as I removed my clothing. I lie back on the bed and let my fingers do the walking. I squeezed my breasts, then rolled, pinched, and pulled at the nipples. I brought them to my mouth, sucking and biting each one, making my pussy gush with delight.

Next, I reached for my toy, and slowly inched it toward my steaming snatch. As I slid it between the folds I envisioned it was Don’s hands, mouth, and cock enticing me.

When I shoved the vibrator deep inside, I purred, “Fuck me Don!”

I masturbated for over an hour, until I was satisfied. I then cleaned up, got dressed and fixed me a bite to eat.

Later on around midnight, Don called. To my surprise you asked, “Is your pussy hot yet?”

“Hello sweetheart, it’s always hot nowadays!”

“Good, because I’m sitting naked in the den, with my hard cock in my hand, thinking of you, my sexy green-eyed baby.”

“Mmmm, I love it when you talks like that. I wish your cock was in my hands, I’d be guiding it toward my lips, and tickling the end of it with my tongue, for starters.”

“Oh god, keep talking like that baby and you’ll make me cum!”

“That’s my intentions to make you cum hard! Damn-it, wish you were here.”

“I know baby, I wish I was too. Just think about it, we will soon be together, all alone, and able to make love in every way imaginable.”

“Sounds like a devious plan to me.”

“Aww shush now, and suck my dick.”

“Gladly baby. Do you feel me grasping your cock, kissing it and licking the tip and then up and down the shaft? I then slowly engulf it, sucking deeper, and harder, until it’s all the way in my mouth. I begin tantalizing it with my tongue just like you want it as my fingers caressing your balls.”

“Uh-uh mmmmm, I wish you were really doing that! I love the way you make me feel. Now, touch your hot cunt for me baby, that’s it play with your throbbing clit, and finger-fuck yourself.

“Oh, my god, baby you sure know how to push my buttons. I can see you jacking your cock, harder baby, that’s it, mmmmm, yes. Oh fuck, I’m rubbing my clit for you. Oh Don, cum with me, I’m so close!”

“Baby, I’d love to be fucking your mouth right now. I wouldn’t stop there either; I would bury this dick in your hot cunt too. Then fill you with cum. Are you ready, sugar, ooooh fuck, here it comes.”

“Uh-huh, yes, oh baby, I am cumming!”

It took awhile for us to calm down. We then began to talk about what we could do, besides laying nude on a blanket, on the beach, under the stars.

That night for the first time in a long time, I didn’t cry myself to sleep. Instead I drifted off to dreamland, to a sunny beach, with warm surf, a starlit sky, and Don.

The next day I decided to pack and got so excited during the process that I had to stop to masturbate.

Although the trip was just more than a month away, I swear each day went by slower than molasses. I passed the time by reading and answering my emails. You wrote me everyday with a sexy description about what you wanted to do with me when there. The words fueled many late night masturbation sessions.

One night, the following scenario played out it my head. It would not only be hot sex, but we would do things a little different, the way I always wanted to do things.

We were inside his house, it was mid afternoon and too hot to go outside. The first thing I would do it is tell Don to strip while I did the same thing. I thought for a moment, you were going to pass out when you saw my naked body.

You’d smirk and say, “Baby you need to work on a tan while here. Do you tan in the nude? I know a place where you can, my back yard.”

“I’d like that, but I must be extra careful because I burn easily.”

“Hum, I can help there and rub you down with sun blocker. Outside and in, after all, I do plan to make love right there in the back yard.”

I quivered and watched your cock twitch in anticipation. “What do you want me to do to you Amanda?”

I walked over to the window and made sure the curtains were closed. Following that, I walked over and stood at the end of the bed and spread my legs.

I motioned with my index finger for him to join me and purred, “Finger-fuck my wet cunt Don!”

“Mmmm, I love it when you talk dirty!”

You sat on the corner of the bed and slid her index finger across my wet slit and licked it, “Mmm tasty!”

You touched me again, moving it in circles around escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen my clit, then downward toward my pulsating hole. You pushed one digit inside me, then without saying another word, latched onto my right nipple, suckling it hard. When you added another finger and began finger-fucking my hole harder my arousal went into high gear.

“Ooooh, eeeeeee, mmmmm, wow, that feels good! Keep it up Don, make your baby cum!”

You didn’t answer, just continued sucking my nipple and ramming my hole. When you took your other hand and began to rub my clit, I thought I’d pass out. Then you bit my nipple.

Oh fuck, I climaxed, so hard shouting so loud, I thought I’d bust your eardrums.

You held me while the earth-shattering climax over took my body. Pulling me close, kissing me deep, you helped me lie down on the bed.

I breathlessly uttered, “What are you going to do now Don?”

“I thought about putting this hard dick inside your hot-box and making love to you.”

“Oh be careful, the long plane ride has my hips hurting a little. Remember me telling you that sometimes they hurt and interrupt my ability to fuck missionary style.”

“Well sugar I have a way to prevent them from hurting more. Lie on your back, and let me slide into you from position I call side saddle. That way all you have to do is place your legs over me and guide my cock into your steaming snatch. That way your hips would not feel the pressure and I can also rub your clit too.”

“Oh yeah, I love this position because I can play with myself too.”

I moved into position and reached for my hot nipples as Don slid his hard member inside me.

“Oh god yes baby, I love watching you play with those big tities. I want to see you suck and bite those nipples too. You know it turns me on more. Does you feel comfortable baby, I don’t want to hurt you?”

“It feels divine. Fuck me Don, ooooh yeah, just like that. I want you to cum deep inside my cunt too!”

“Ok doll and you began ramming it deeper. Is this okay, I do not want top hurt you baby?”

“No, please slide that cock a little harder into my hole. Oh yes, just like that. I love the way you make love to me.”

“I love how much you like sex. I also cannot believe you are here, and mine!”

“Enough talking baby, fuck me, and rub my clit, I’m close to cuming again!”

The two of us climaxed again. I then pretended Don was actually there and snuggled up in her arms. I fell asleep while dreaming of sexual delights with him.

The day of the trip I got up early, showered, dressed, and made sure I had everything I needed for my trip. I called my girlfriend who was going to take me to Nashville Airport.

I checked my baggage in, and made sure they had a wheel chair to take me down that long walk to the terminal. I felt like a teenager on her first date, as I made my way through the departure gate.

I boarded the plane, and settled in my seat, I spent the next few hours dreaming about the sites we could see and what we would do, at night. I wondered if he wanted me as much as I did him. My love deepens with each passing day, and I hope you feel the same about me.

I am lost in my own little world when the captain speaks through the intercom.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for flying United Airline. I hope you have an enjoyable trip.”

The trip was long, and I made sure to walk around, so I would not be stiff and sore. I tried to read the book I brought with me, but had to stop, because all I could think about was Don. A million thoughts rushed through my head, with the best being; I finally get to meet the one I love truly.

We landed, and they helped me off the plane, with another wheelchair because that airport is one of the biggest in the country. My heart beat a mile a minute. I wondered if I would cry when I saw him, or just run into your awaiting arm, kiss him deeply, and then cry tears of joy. I tabled that thought for the moment, or it would have made me start to cry.

The steward helped me get my luggage, and then escorted me to the place where I can meet him.

I got out of the chair, looked around, and wondered if you were already there. Then from across the room you walked, smiling and carrying some roses. ‘Hum, how did you know they were my favorite?’

I thought I would pass out; you’re more handsome than the picture I have. Your body makes me tremble with desire, and I wondered if our first kiss would set off a whole slew of fireworks.

Then you saw me, and rushed over too me. Our eyes met, and you took me into her arms.

“Hello you sweet thing, how was your trip?”

“Fine, oh honey, you do not know how much I dreamt about this day.”

“Yes I do, because I have had that same dream.”

You pulled me close and planted a kiss on my lips. It not only set off fireworks, it curled my toes.

I knew by the look on your face and the twinkle in your eyes, you felt the same reaction. As for me, I was too breathless to speak, which is a first.

You took my luggage and I took your free arm and we walked out of the airport to your awaiting car.

You put the bag in the trunk, and then opened my car door. Oh a perfect gentleman, I like that. You held me close kissing me deeply again.

“Oh babe, I just had to taste your sweet honey once more.”

“Sweetheart, I cannot wait until we are alone, I want to taste more than your sweet honey.”

I slid in, and you got into the drivers side and we drove to your place. You pointed out a few places of interest. I didn’t remember them, as my eyes were fixed on you.

We pull into your driveway, and you tell me, “Welcome home, as I feel like this is your home too.”

“You always know how to make me feel welcome honey, one day I hope this will be my home too.”

I say gaziantep escort masaj salonları nothing after that. You get my bag then lead me through the doorway of your home. Once inside, you set the luggage down winks and tell me we are all alone.

Before I can reply you pull me close, and kiss me deep and hard, as your hand caress my back.

I return the kiss parting my lips as our tongue does the dance of lovers. Staying that way for what feels like an eternity.

You are still holding me, smiling like the cat that just ate the canary.

”Well Amanda, what do you want to do, lie down, freshen up, or eat something?”

“How’s about you take me on a tour of your lovely house, then we can talk about what I want to do. After all I did not come all this way to lie down or freshen up.”

You showed me around, taking the opportunity to kiss me, passionately, often.

Oh my god talk about lighting my fire, it was a full blown raging fire by the end of the tour. This ended up surprisingly with us both standing in your bedroom.

I gaze into your eyes, as I hold you close, and feel the love you have for me radiating between us.

I spot the dresser near us, and I take off my glasses and place them there. I giggle when you to the same.

You put your arms around my waist, and I place mine around your neck. Gently, we kiss. Softly at first with yours pressed against mine, soft, smooth, warm, and alive. We kiss and kiss again, and a sigh escapes my lungs between kisses.

My arms tighten about your neck holding him tighter as your arms massage my back. My pelvis rocks forward into yours as our mouths open, and our tongues, meet; both tentatively, exploring, searching. A moan builds in my throat, and you growl with desire.

We stand there, not wanting to break the embrace, my heart beating faster and faster, matching yours in intensity.

We break the kiss, loosening the embrace, and look into each others eyes. As if searching for a sign to stop, or yield to out uttermost desires.

I gaze into your eyes, purr with delight, and respond my reaching down and undoing the top button of your shirt.

Your breathing has slowed; you don’t want to move, not yet anyways. Down the shirt I go, undoing button after button. After I have finished, I draw you close and kiss you again. Reaching towards your collarbones, I put my palms on your shoulders, and running my hands over your skin, I push the shirt off of you and onto the floor.

You reach for me and slide my top off, stopping and ogling at my lacy pink bra. Holding two beauties you cannot wait to get your hands on. You pull me close, reach around, and with little effort, unhook my bra.

You gasp with desire, my already erect nipples beckoning for your touch. Pulling me close, as they brush against your chest, you shiver in desire and smile.

I enjoy the feeling out your hands on my back, as we press close again. We kiss, not hesitating, our tongues greeting each other like two old friends. My pelvis pressing into yours, but with a difference, it encounters my stiffening penis.

You move me close to the bed, and pull me close again, as you chuckle huskily and wiggle your hips.

There is a flurry of fingers and clothing. Until we are both naked in each others arms. Teasingly you tickle my ribs, and we both fall to bed giggling.

We roll together and, lying on our sides, embrace once more. I throw my leg up over your hip, and press my crotch into your.
Taking the initiative, I tell you to lie on your back and begin kissing my way down your neck, across your chest, and follow the hair to your navel. Licking, kissing, and teasing you with my tongue as I go, while looking into your eyes watching your response. I then lick my lips and begin to kiss the head of your cock.

I stop, and sit back facing you, looking down at my breasts, reach for them, hold them in my hands, and slowly rub my fingers over the erect nipples.

Your cock, already erect, is beginning to pulsate as you watch me fondle my nipples. A saucy smile crossed your face.

“Lie on your back darling and let me return the favor.”

I move onto my back and spread my legs wide. “Oooh I like the way this is going,” I purr.

You sigh, and get between my legs, inhaling my intoxicating aroma. You touch my pussy lips, already puffy with passion, and gently hold them apart. Slowly, teasingly, you run your tongue over my slit, licking it from front to back, noticing how wet I am.

You begin tasting my sweet nectar, causing me to moan. You pull the hood back, and touch my sensitive clit for the first time. Then begin to move in small circles around the bud.

“Mmmmmmmm, you could do that all day long!”

You pull me close and ask, “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No. Oh please make love to me, slide that hard cock into my pussy.”

You spread my legs, grasped your member, and slide it the full length of my pussy. The shaft parting the lips, as my juices lubricate it. You shove your hips forward as you guide the throbbing tool into my hot, wet hole.

Simultaneously, we moan and gasp, almost crying out. Our lips meet as you push it in all the way, feeling it tightly held within my warm wet canal.

I raise my hips to meet yours as my pussy clenches your cock like a vice as you thrust in and out.

My eyes locked on yours, and I whisper, “I love you Don.”

Your gaze looks down on me, arms locked with hands on either side of my chest. “I love you too darling. God you’re so tight. I am in heaven!”

You reach for my breasts and I moan loudly when you suck in my right nipple and between your lips, hard. You do one and then the other, driving me wild with delight.

Together we move like a well oiled machine, harder, deeper, until your cock explodes its contents against the walls of my pussy. It triggers my own internal orgasm making both our hips tremble from the intensity.

You collapse on my check, with your cock still inside me. For a moment, neither of us can speak.

A minute goes by, two, and you roll off of me to the side, pull me close, and say, “Was it as good for you as it was for me.”

“Oooh better, when do you want to do round two.”

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