“Pick A Card, Any Card…”

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Because of the heavy pounding October rain, there were few customers for the five food trailers in the U.L.D. campus quadrangle. The University of Louisiana at DeGarde cafeteria was packed with students and faculty alike.

“Tracy! Emily! Over here!” the two girls heard someone call to them as they searched for somewhere to sit.

They saw a young man they had in their Algebra 101 class and scurried over, carrying their trays.

“Thanks, um, Calvin, right?” Tracy said as she took the seat at the crowded table.

“”Ted,” he corrected, no rancor in his voice. “Where’d you get ‘calvin’ from?”

“Yeah, thanks, Calvin,” Emily said, taking the other available seat.

“Damn, I don’t know,” Tracy giggled. “Guess you look like a ‘Calvin’ or something.”

“Or something,” Ted smiled and continued eating the enchilada pie.

The table was still crowded when they finished and both girls smiled when Ted offered to carry their trays for them.

“Thank you,” the cafeteria worker smiled when he neatly separated silverware from trays.

“Welcome,” Ted smiled.

He was slightly surprised that Emily and Tracy had waited for him just outside the cafeteria doors.

Tracy was a slender girl, with brown hair that just reached her shoulders, brown eyes, and long, narrow face.

Emily was shorter than Tracy, about five feet, two inches, with straw colored hair that reached just past her shoulders, brown eyes, and a few pimples dotting her chubby face.

Neither girl had much of a chest, Tracy didn’t have much to speak of in the rear either. Emily had slightly thick legs and a bit of a bubble butt.

“What class y’all got next?” Ted asked as he fumbled with his large umbrella.

“English one of five; Colonial Literature,” they answered.

“No kidding? I got English two ten, Vocabulary,” he said. “We cram in real tight, we’ll probably all fit under my umbrella.”

Tracy laughed, looking up at the handsome young man.

He had a strong, square face, with red hair, some cute freckles, and bright green eyes. The jean jacket looked like it was straining against some muscles and his snug jeans showed a nice package, and some tight looking buttocks.

“Like…” Emily said, looping an arm around his waist.

“And…” Tracy said, flanking his other side.

“And…” Ted said, pressing the button and it popped open a split second after they exited the building.

With squeals and giggles, the trio made progress to the building and broke apart just under the covered steps.

“Thanks, Calvin,” Tracy said.

“Yeah, thanks, Calvin,” Emily echoed.

“Damn, Knew I should have left y’all there,” Ted laughed at the two grinning girls.

He checked his stainless steel watch.

“I got twenty five minutes until my class; y’all?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Tracy agreed, checking her tiny watch.

They paused outside of Room four twelve, the girls’ classroom and sat down on the tiled floor.

“Know any card tricks?” Ted asked, taking a deck of cards out of his back pack.

“No, not really,” Tracy admitted.

“Fifty two pick up,” Emily said.

“Horrible trick,” Ted smirked at Emily.

He shuffled quickly and flipped a card in front of Emily so that it landed, face down in front of her.

“That’s one,” he said, then flipped a card to Tracy. “And that’s two.”

“Three,” he said, flipping a second card to Emily, then flipped a second card to Tracy. “And four. Now, look at one, then two, then three, and four. Got it?”

Emily and Tracy did. Ted took their cards from them, rapidly shuffled the deck, had Emily cut the deck, then had Tracy cut the deck.

“One,” he said, flipping over the top card, showing Emily her Queen of Hearts, then counted out two cards.

“Two,” he said, showing Tracy her Seven of Diamonds.

“Three,” Ted said, counting out three cards and showing Emily her Three of Diamonds.

“And four,” Ted said, counting out four cards and showing Tracy her Six of Clubs.

“Wait a cotton picking minute; how’d you do that?” Tracy shrilled.

He smiled, shuffled the cards and offered the deck to Tracy.

“Pick a card, look at it, show it to Emily, then put it back in the deck,” he said

Tracy pulled out the Seven of Clubs, showed it to Emily and then put it back in the deck.

Again Ted shuffled rapidly, again had Emily cut the deck, had Tracy cut the deck, then flipped over the top card, showing them the Seven of Clubs. He then shuffled and showed them the bottom card was now the Seven of Clubs. He then had them cut the deck again and again showed them the Seven of Clubs.

“How’d you do that?” they both demanded to know.

Oops, time to get to my next class,” he smiled and got to his feet, with both girls clamoring to know how he did his tricks.

After class, he found both girls waiting by the front door of the building.

“So, y’all going home this weekend?” he asked, ignoring their demands to know how he did his card tricks.

“No, ankara escort bayan went home last weekend,” Tracy said.

“Me too,” Emily agreed.

“Yeah, aren’t y’all from the same place?” Ted said.

“How’d you know that?” Tracy asked.

“Heard y’all tell the teacher’s aide in Algebra,” he said. “Where the hell is Turning Point, Louisiana, anyway?”

“Know where Stepping Stone is?” Emily asked.

“Up Four Sixty Seven?” Ted asked.

“Yeah, go just past that then turn left on Two Seventy Two,” Tracy said.

“Don’t sneeze or you’ll zip right through it,” Emily said.

“And don’t turn right; takes you to East Turn,” Tracy said.

Ted looked at them blankly.

“East Turn? Hearst Women’s Prison?” Tracy suggested.

“Oh yeah; I tried to get put in there a couple of times,” Ted said.

“Uh huh, I’ll just bet you did,” Emily giggled, playfully slapping his arm.

“So, what are y’all doing tonight?” Ted asked.

“Probably nothing; they’re still showing that ‘The Evolution Solution’ movie but we seen it,” Tracy said.

“All it is is a bunch of people running around all naked; they don’t even say anything,” Emily complained.

“Yeah they do,” Tracy said. “‘Woof!'”

“Yeah, I forgot; they’re all acting like they’re dogs,” Emily said.

“Well, I uh, I planned on making a pizza; I just got this pizza stone,” Ted hinted.

He looked around, but no one was paying them any attention.

“And I just baked up some marijuana cookies, peanut butter and M and Ms,” he said in a low voice.

The two girls looked at each other and nodded.

“Well, it let up some; you pick us up at Murphy?” Tracy said.

“Not a problem; oh, hey, y’all want to, I got a washer and dryer,” he said. One thing I do remember about living here, the laundry room sucks.”

“No joke!” Emily agreed. “All right, give us, what? About fifteen minutes?”

“I’ll be in the Ford F one fifty,” Ted said. “Black.”

“You going to fuck him?” Emily asked Tracy as they ran to Murphy Dorm.

“Maybe,” Tracy said. “You?”

“Maybe,” Emily said and the girls giggled again.

Emily’s roommate did not pause her conversation into her cell phone, in fact she turned her back on Emily.

Tracy’s roommate wasn’t in their room; Tracy couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen Collette.

They met at the door, made sure to sign out, putting a question mark in the ‘Back By:’ space.

Tracy got into the truck first, earning herself a glare from Emily. They jammed their laundry bags at Tracy’s feet, then Emily got into the rear of the truck, into the jump seat.

“All it is is this trailer,” Ted apologized as he drove toward the Waters Trailer Park. “But, hey, it’s paid for, you know?”

“Uh, ever seen Turning Point?” Tracy asked.

“It’s just a bunch of trailers and a gas station,” Emily agreed.

“Yeah, if it wasn’t for Hearst, we probably wouldn’t even have the gas station,” Tracy said.

He pulled up in front of Lot number Fourteen and both girls nodded in approval of the single wide unit.

“This a new one?” Tracy asked.

“No, should have seen it when I bought it,” Ted said with pride. “Vinyl was all ripped up; they’d gutted the AC, even took the refrigerator with them.”

He unlocked the door and let them enter.

“Love that carpet,” Emily said.

“Got it on sale at Flooring, Etc.,” Ted said and slid open the bi-fold doors for the washer and dryer units.

“We do ours together, it’ll probably save time,” Emily said to Tracy.

“Okay,” Tracy agreed.

“And,” Ted said, turning on his stereo.

“Oh, I love her!” Emily squealed as Carrie Underwood came pouring out of recessed speakers.

He then went into the kitchen and got a tin down from on top of the refrigerator.

“I mean, I don’t know if y’all are into marijuana cookies, but…” he said, popping the top off the tin.

“Hey, what you call someone who doesn’t smoke weed in Turning Point?” Tracy asked.

“A narc?” Ted asked.

“A visitor!” Tracy squealed and both she and Emily laughed as they dumped their blue jeans into the washing machine.

“Love peanut butter,” Emily said, digging out a large peanut butter cookie.

“Smooth and easy to spread,” Ted grinned.

“M and M?” Tracy asked, and found one.

“Shit, this is good,” Emily said.

A few minutes later, they were both feeling the effects.

“Damn, what you’d put in them cookies?” Emily asked.

“Put a drop of cannabis oil on them right before I put them in the oven; really kicks it up, huh?” Ted asked, chewing on an M&M cookie.

“What you got to drink?” Tracy asked.

“What you want?” Ted asked. “Got beer, got some Sangria, got oh, got some diet Coke; my mom drinks that when she comes over, got whiskey, vodka, um, gin, oh, and I got some Schnapps. What you want?”

“Schnapps?” Emily asked, crinkling her pug nose at the odd sounding word. “What’s Schnapps?”

“Some kind of liqueur,” Ted said. “Got Root Beer, Peppermint, and Cinnamon Schnapps.”

“Ooh, I love cinnamon,” Tracy said.

“Not me; peppermint,” ankara bayan escort Emily decided.

They watched as Ted got out two glasses, poured two jiggers of vodka into each glass, then got the two bottles of Schnapps down.

“And…” he said and poured a jigger of Cinnamon into one glass, Peppermint into the other.

He got two ice cube trays out of his freezer and put three ice cubes from one tray into Tracy’s drink and three ice cubes from the other into Emily’s drink.

“What’s that?” Tracy asked.

“That’s cinnamon ice cubes and hers is peppermint ice cubes,” Ted explained. “Got it out of a Parasols magazine.”

“Ew, you look at that magazine?” Emily screwed up her face.

“Oh, but I only read it for the articles,” Ted smirked. “I never look at the pictures of the gorgeous women all naked and stuff.”

He fixed himself a whiskey and Cinnamon Schnapps and urged them to the kitchen table.

“And, pick a card,” Ted said to Emily. “But don’t look at it. Just show it to Tracy.”

Emily did and showed Tracy the Queen of Clubs.

He then had Tracy pick a card and she showed Emily the Ten of Hearts.

“Okay, now, Emily, stand up, put your card on your seat, then sit down on it,” Ted said. “Tracy, you do the same thing.”

The two girls did. Ted took a sip of his drink and the two girls took big gulps of theirs.

Ted then took Tracy’s left hand in his right hand, took Emily’s right hand in his left hand and nodded for them to reach across the table and hold each other’s hand.

“Can you feel the energy?” he asked.

“I just feel fucked up,” Tracy giggled.

“That’s the energy,” Ted encouraged. “Feel that energy.”

Then he released their hands.

“Okay, Emily, why don’t you get that card you’re sitting on?” he asked. “And then take a look at it.”

She did and squealed when she saw the Ten of Hearts. Tracy also squealed when she saw that she’d been sitting on the Queen of Clubs.

“Now how’d you do that?” Emily squealed.

“Yeah, huh?” Tracy demanded.

Ted just smiled as he shuffled the cards with one hand, then shuffled them again with the other hand.

“Y’all know how to play poker?” he asked and rapidly dealt out the cards. “Five card draw, threes are wild.”

“Uh huh, and what we playing for?” Tracy asked and drained her glass.

“What you got?” Ted leered.

“Hang on, nuh uh,” Emily laughed as she looked at her cards and saw that she had a garbage hand. “Tracy, look at your cards before you say anything.”

“God! I got nothing,” Tracy exclaimed.

“And what you got? Royal Flush?” Emily asked Ted.

“Oh, come on, nothing that obvious,” he smiled. “Five Aces.”

“You can’t have five Aces,” Tracy said.

“Said Threes are wild,” Ted said, showing them the four threes and one ace he held in his hand.

“You got a bathroom?” Tracy asked.

“No, been going outside, behind the first tree,” Ted said, pointing to the door next to the washer and dryer. “Want another drink?”

“Want another cookie,” Emily said, also getting to her feet.

“Tin’s right there,” Ted nodded to the breakfast bar.

Both girls grabbed another cookie and went into the bathroom.

“Man, it’s clean in here,” Emily commented as Tracy sat on the commode.

“I didn’t know this were marijuana cookies, I’d swear they’re just normal cookies,” Tracy said as she finished her cookie.

Emily admired the shower curtain, then noticed, the light green pattern in the outer curtain matched the two light green towel sets that hung on the bar.

“So, you going fuck him?” Tracy whispered as she flushed.

“Yeah, you?” Emily agreed as she availed herself of the facilities.

“Yeah,” Tracy giggled as she washed her hands. “He’s cute.”

They noticed, when they sat back down at the table, that he had refreshed their drinks. Tracy picked up the cards and did a poor job of shuffling them. Emily held out her hand and shuffled them, doing a slightly better job than Tracy.

“Okay,” she declared, “Five card draw, nothing wild.”

“And what we playing for?” Tracy giggled as Emily dealt.

“Well, got to wash our clothes,” Emily suggested and both girls giggled.

“God, got nothing again, Tracy complained. “Give me four, huh? And see if you could do a little better?”

Emily flipped her four cards and looked at Ted.

“Um, give me, give me three,” Ted said.

Emily also took three cards.

I still got nothing,” Tracy admitted, laying down a nothing hand.

“Three jacks,” Ted said.

“Two sevens,” Emily said.

The girls kicked off their shoes.

Tracy again did a clumsy job of shuffling and dealt, stating that fours were wild.

She whooped when she won and Ted shrugged out of his blue jean jacket and Emily peeled off her fuzzy socks.

“Nuh huh,” Emily said when Ted held out his hand for the cards. “I’m stoned, not stupid.”

“Ted, you’re cheating,” Tracy accused when she was down to her panties and Emily was completely nude.

Yet he sat in his blue jeans and, presumably his underwear. He smiled, checking ankara escort bayanlar out their small breasts and hard nipples, then looked into her brown eyes.

“How? Y’all never let me deal,” he said.

“I don’t know,” Tracy admitted and dealt out the cards again.

“Wait a minute; Emily’s out; she doesn’t have anything left,” Ted said as Tracy put cards in front of the girl.

“If I lose, I got to kiss both of you,” Emily bartered.

“And if you win?” Ted asked.

“Then I get my panties back,” she said.

“Hope you lose,” he smiled and openly looked at her blonde bush.

She smirked and crossed her legs, hampering his view. But both girls openly admired his muscled chest, muscled biceps and flat belly.

Ted had to take four cards, so did Tracy. Emily took three cards then gave a disgusted huff when she looked at her three new cards.

He had a pair of sixes and both Tracy and Emily held nothing.

Tracy stood and slid her plain white cotton bikini panties off, revealing a neatly trimmed bush.

His cock strained in his boxers as Tracy and Emily kissed, using their tongues.

Emily then smiled as she walked around and leaned in for a kiss.

“All right, all right, come on,” Tracy huffed after Ted and Emily had kissed for longer than she wanted.

“Now what are you going to do?” Ted asked as Emily sat back down and picked up the deck of cards.

“Um, I lose, I uh, hmm,” Emily mused as she shuffled.

“You lose, you got to kiss my pussy,” Tracy said.

“I got to suck your nipples,” Emily said.

“And Ted’s,” Tracy threw out.

“Uh duh,” red sixes and black sevens are wild,” Emily said as she dealt the cards.

“Rather suck yours,” Ted said as he looked at a red six and a King.

“Okay,” Emily agreed and looked at Tracy, waiting.

“Um, give me, no, give me three,” Tracy mused.

Emily won and Tracy walked around the table. She kissed her friend for a minute, then bent and sucked one then the other nipple for a few moments. Ted sat in his white silk boxers and waited.

Both girls looked with interest at the lump in his boxers as Tracy picked up the cards.

“Oh, wait, I get my panties back,” Emily said as Tracy shuffled.

“No, you got your nipples sucked,” Ted corrected.

“Oh, whatever, you liked seeing that too,” Emily smiled.

“Damn right I did,” Ted agreed.

“Nothing wild; I can never remember what I said, Tracy giggled as she finished her third drink.

“Wait a minute; what are y’all playing for?” Ted demanded as she dealt.

“We got to fuck you,” Tracy giggled.

The heater kicked on, chasing the chill out of the trailer. Tracy won and did a little victory dance as Ted slid his boxers off, revealing a six inch cock. It stood straight out, a thick vein running from large flared head to just under the tuft of carrot orange pubic hair. His balls were sparsely covered by some carrot orange hair and hung down, large and proud.

He sat down and shuffled the cards.

“Pick a card,” he offered the deck to Tracy.

“I’m getting kind of hungry,” Tracy said instead.

“Yeah, didn’t you say you was making a pizza?” Emily countered.

“Yeah, and the dough’s been proofing; should be ready,” Ted agreed and got to his feet.

He turned the oven on and checked that the pizza stone was in the oven.

“And, uh, hey, we got them clothes,” Emily reminded Tracy.

“Legs broke?” Tracy countered.

“Okay, what y’all like on your pizza?” Ted asked as he took a ball of the dough out of a bowl he’d had covered with a clean dish towel.

“Like what?” Emily said as she stuffed their sodden blue jeans into his drier.

Bent over like she was, Ted admired her chunky butt, and little pink anus and slit.

“Like bacon, like pepperoni, like…” Ted said as he looked at Tracy’s miniscule buttocks as she bent to scoop up some more of their clothing.

“Yes,” Tracy agreed and stuffed the clothes into the washing machine.

“Yes what?” Ted asked as he worked the dough out then tossed it into the air.

“How you do that?” Emily shrilled, watching him twirl the dough.

“I’m magic,” Ted smiled.

“Oh, too cool!” Tracy giggled as she watched him work the dough.

He slapped the large pie onto the counter, brushed it with olive oil, and then opened his refrigerator.

“And, this is homemade pizza sauce,” he informed them, taking a Tupperware container out.

He flipped the pie over, and poured the thick sauce onto the dough.

“A little cheese,” he said, taking a second container out and spreading the shredded cheese onto the dough.

He then showed them the already cooked bacon and they both nodded their approval.

He loaded the pizza up with everything that they approved of, until the cheese was barely visible. Then he covered that with more shredded cheese. He then drizzled olive oil on top and opened the oven.

He used a hot pad, pulled the rack that held the pizza stone almost all the way out, then slid the Pizza from counter to stone as quickly as he could.

“And, in about ten minutes, that’ll be the best pizza you ever stuffed in your pizza hole,” he smiled and leaned across the breakfast counter and kissed Tracy.

He then kissed Emily and then kissed Tracy again.

“Hey, wait a minute; why’s she get two kisses?” Emily playfully whined.

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