Sex with hot guys is worth the $15 admission

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My last experience was so great I had high hopes for this trip. It had its good points but wasn’t as great as the one before. The main difference was the injection didn’t work on my tool this time. The weather has been hot and I think the solution warmed inside the insulated cooler. Whether that was it or I didn’t get it in the right spot, I was disappointed that the raging hard on failed to appear.

It is not uncommon in the dark room for guys to grope you. When there is no hard on, they tend to move on rapidly. Oral sex is out as well. Still, I had some interesting experiences, including giving oral to three guys. I even gave oral to two at the same time, which was a new experience for me.

I am not attracted to heavy guys with big bellies, and I seem to be approached a lot by those guys. Finally I found a guy with broad shoulders, thin, and muscular. I was about to approach him when another guy reached for his hand from the other side of the dark room and drew him to him. Sometimes the encounters are brief so I became a voyeur and waited to see if they broke up.

The second guy was a heavy set black guy, and they got into some serious making out. I enjoy kissing, so was wishing I was one of them! After a lengthy time of kissing, they looked like they were not breaking up soon and I was thinking about leaving, when the black guy reached over to me and touched me in a welcoming way. I stepped closer and fondled their pecs to help stimulate their passions. The black guy opened his mouth to me and let join me in a three way kiss, but the other guy wasn’t escort gaziantep ofise gelen bayan as welcoming.

I have had only about one really good three way, and I find that is the problem. Two of the three usually are turned on with each other in different combinations, but it is unusual to have all three equally interested in both the other two. The thin guy let me kiss him but didn’t show a lot of interest, so I started to jack them off. The thin guy had a nice thick tool with thick and large balls, so I dropped to my knees and started to give him an expert blow job. At one point, he pushed me over to the other guy, and I found he also had a really hard dick. It was unusual, in that it was only 4-5 inches long, but it was enormously wide at the base, though narrow at the end. It took my whole mouth to take it all in. I then pushed them together and got the heads of both in my mouth.

As hard as the black guy’s dick was, the other dick felt really good so I went back to it, alternating between taking it all the way down, then using the twisting hand and mouth to simulate fucking. I cupped his balls and then got a good taste of each ball, then the soft skin between them. I usually can get a guy off but in this environment a lot of guys want to edge and not be done so quickly, so I stopped to look around.

Another guy had his ass hanging out and was leaning over waiting for any and all comers. That proved to be one of the differences in this trip—there seemed to be a lot more fucking escort gaziantep öğrenci bayan and not just hand and blow jobs. This guy I later got to fondle. He was built like a quarterback, strong legs and muscular and handsome. Not the bottom you ever expect. The black guy put on a condom and I was wondering how the bottom was ever going to get the wide base into him. I couldn’t hear all the conversation but the fucking sequence stopped at some point before getting it in; maybe he was truly too wide. I did see the same guy getting plowed later. He seemed to be fully enjoying.

Speaking of fucking and the higher frequency, I saw other guys getting plowed in the dark room. They would lean over and wait for a hard dick, which sometimes took a while to locate. One room has a table with a vertical partition with a hole in it, and a guy had his head through the hole and was waiting to be plowed. I guess that adds to the anonymous aspect of the sex, since you can’t see who is fucking you.

In one hallway, there was a glass partition that separated it from a closet that you enter from another hallway. I saw some shadows and went over to the glass to see what I could see in the dim light. There, a thin guy was getting doggy fucked and making some erotic sounds I could barely hear over the piped in music. For some reason, I found his hands were a real turn on. They were on the nearby wall about head high, pulsing with each thrust. His fingers were spread apart and seemed somewhat gentle. He was escort bayan oğuzeli obviously enjoying the fucking he came to this place for.

I later felt him up in the dark room, kissing, playing with his pecs, and fingering his well lubed ass. If I had had a hard on, I may have risked disease by plowing deep that sweet ass.

The other oral sex I had was brief but a turn on. There was a tall, thin black guy in a white t-shirt, sort of a basketball player looking guy. I saw him in the dark room and reached for his groin. Sure enough, his dick was out and was exactly what I expected. It was very black, thick and long, and fleshy. I gave him some head but he didn’t get rock hard before he moved on, as I apparently wasn’t offering what he came for.

I haven’t fucked for a while and likely would have fucked the football player and soft hands guys if the equipment would have cooperated. Maybe there is guiding hand involved here, as the guys at these places that are so open to anonymous sex are likely positive, and in the heat of passion I might not make the safest choices.

Anyway, I got off masturbating in the dark room watching all the sex going on soon thereafter. New guys were coming in that were hotter than the ones there when I first arrived, but I was out of ammo. One guy, a thin black guy (my weakness), was walking around fully naked. He had great definition and was very hot. I saw him with another guy in my last tour of the premises, and he stopped to look at me as if to say either it is ok to join, or he might trade for me. His face was a little wild looking, and my horny level had declined, so I left without making more contact with him, or the other sexy latin that was staring at me. Still, that naked black guy vision is still a turn on!

I didn’t do too much making out and received no oral, but still some great opportunities to further turn on already hot guys. I expect I will keep coming back!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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