Siblings Teach Sarah Ch. 03

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Sarah finished a big glass of water and took a minute to soak in what had just happened. After 18 years of being in the dark about sex, Sarah had just had her first orgasm … followed shortly by her second orgasm. She could still feel tendrils of the pleasure running through her body. It was amazing.

If someone had told her last year that her older sister Kelsey was going to be responsible for giving her her first orgasms and teaching her everything she knew about sex – she wouldn’t have believed it. She would have been horrified. But what just happened was so beautiful and so erotic. Her sister was the one person in this world she could trust to guide her by the hand (or pussy as had just happened) through this new world and not make her feel self conscious or take advantage of her.

She put the glass back in the cupboard and ran back upstairs to her sister. She was still naked from when Kelsey had made her cum – she liked how it felt when her breasts bounced freely as she ran up the stairs. She realized that with living in a house with 7 other people, this was the first time she had gotten to run around naked! “Hmm,” she thought to herself. “A whole day of firsts!”

Sarah got back into Kelsey’s room and closed the door behind her. She looked to see her sister lying on her bed. Kelsey was still clothed, but her hand was rubbing at her pussy through her jeans. Sarah walked toward the bed, noticing that her older sister Rachel’s box of sex toys was still sitting on the nightstand.

Kelsey had a hungry look in her eyes. “So how do you feel now that you’re a big girl?” Kelsey said jokingly.

“Mmm,” said Sarah. “Every part of my body feels relaxed and tingly. I could get used to this.”

“Well welcome to the club. You know, you have really cute breasts,” Kelsey said, admiring her sister’s nakedness.

“Thanks,” Sarah said shyly.

“Ok, sorry I meant to cover boys next but watching you cum twice got me really horny.” Kelsey spoke the words fast. “I really need to cum. And I’d like you to help me if you’re willing to.” She took a breath and slowed down. “If not, that’s fine I can get myself off quick and then we can get back to you. But it feels a lot better for me when I have a second person helping me out.” Then Kelsey got a wicked smirk on her face. “And hey, college can be a wild place I’ve heard – who knows maybe knowing how to make another girl cum will come in handy some day.”

Sarah chuckled nervously unsure of what else to say. But Kelsey did just help her out a lot. And Sarah definitely wanted to learn a lot more. “What would I have to do?”

Kelsey smiled. “First, I don’t want of you to think of me as your sister. Think of me as just some girl you met at college. And it doesn’t even have to be a lesbian thing. Maybe you met a guy and he wants to have a 3-way. Maybe there is a group of guys and girls and you’re all having sex together.”

Sarah’s jaw dropped. “Wow! Does that really happen at college?”

Kelsey shrugged. “Not sure. But I bet it’s happened at at least one college somewhere. Who knows, maybe it will happen to you.”

Sarah let the thought fill her mind – a whole room filled with hot boys and girls, all touching each other and having sex. She felt her pussy start to get wet again. But then she turned her attention back to Kelsey. “Ok, you’re just a hot girl,” she said.

“Aww, thanks,” beamed Kelsey. “Ok, get over here and take my clothes off.”

Sarah gulped, but moved to her sister. Mechanically she pulled off each of her socks, then immediately reached up to undo the button on her jeans.

“Woah woah, what the hell is that?” Kelsey asked.

Sarah was surprised. “What do you mean?”

“Sarah, if you get to college and try to take someone else’s clothes off like that, you’re in trouble.”

“Well how should I do it then?”

“Be sexy with it,” said Kelsey. “Make me want it. Tease me, turn me on. Make me so hot that by the time you finally get all my clothes off I jump you because I’m so horny.”

“But how?” said Sarah, a hint of annoyance creeping into her voice.

Kelsey grabbed her sister’s hands. “There are basically two ways. You can be sweet and sensual, or you can be rough and badass.”

“Which do you want?”

“I want you to decide. But whatever you pick, commit to it. You have to make me believe you want me. So either do it slow and sweet and make me want to make love to you, or do it hard and fast and make me want to fuck you like an animal.”

Sarah thought for a moment as Kelsey looked at her expectantly. She was having trouble with this. Despite what Kelsey said, Sarah could still only see her sister in front of her. She thought about going slow and sensual like Kelsey had said. She reached out, then stopped herself. That one was probably easy to figure out. The point of this was to practice and get feedback. She thought she’d have a tougher time being an animal in college. Might as well give it a shot now.

Sarah closed her eyes to get herself in the mood. She wanted to do a good gaziantep özbek escort bayan job. She thought again about what it had felt like to cum. She wanted that feeling again. She needed it again. Just thinking about the pleasure that had so recently coursed through her made her pussy start to get wet again. Then Sarah pretended that Kelsey was the only person in the world who could make her cum. She pretended that Kelsey would never let her cum again unless she fought for it. And she had to fight hard.

Sarah let instinct take over. She looked deep into Kelsey’s eyes, trying to take control over the situation. Kelsey was looking at her with a mocking “yeah, so what have you got?” expression. Kelsey didn’t think she could be an animal did she? That started to make Sarah a little angry – she hated being underestimated.

Sarah threw out her hands. One hand grabbed Kelsey hard by the back of the neck. The other hand softly, yet forcefully cupped her by the cheek. Sarah pulled her sister’s face in close to hers and kissed her hard on the lips.

Kelsey sat there stunned. She hadn’t expected that.

Sarah kept going. She opened her mouth around Kelsey’s closed lips and used her lips to massage Kelsey’s. She felt Kelsey catch her breath, and saw her close her eyes. Sarah felt Kelsey’s lips open slightly.

Wow, she must have bought it. Sarah was proud of herself. It was the first time she’d ever kissed another person. At least Kelsey seemed to like it. Sarah pulled her mouth away from Kelsey’s and pushed her sister back on the bed.

Kelsey flopped back, her arms flying over her head. Sarah immediately jumped on top of her sister, straddling her stomach. The impact of Sarah’s naked pussy on Kelsey’s naked skin sent a bolt of sensation through Sarah’s body. With forceful hands, Sarah pushed the bottom of Kelsey’s t-shirt over her head, deliberately running her hands over Kelsey’s body the whole way up.

Sarah’s heart jolted a little when her hands ran over Kelsey’s bra. She felt her sister’s breasts beneath them. They felt a lot bigger and fuller than hers. She was surprised how excited she got when her hands touched them.

Sarah threw the shirt to the floor beside the bed and looked down at her sister.

“Fuck,” Kelsey breathed. The two looked at each other deeply. Kelsey grabbed Sarah’s hand and pushed it onto her left breast. “Feel that?” she asked. “Feel how fast my heart’s beating. Damn Sarah, that was really hot.”

“Was the kiss ok? I’m really sorry, I hope that didn’t make you mad. I’ve never done that before.”

“It was good,” breathed Kelsey. “A little strong. A little too much saliva, but it definitely got me wetter. Fantastic for a first kiss.”

Sarah beamed down at her.

“Ok, enough chatting,” Kelsey said. “Quick, get the rest of these clothes off of me and help me cum.”

Sarah climbed off Kelsey and kneeled down beside her on the bed. She undid the button of Kelsey’s jeans and pulled the waistband down forcefully. They were a tight fit on Kelsey, so Sarah ran her hands all over Kelsey’s ass and hips and thighs as she worked the material down. When Sarah had succeeded in getting the jeans past Kelsey’s knees, they slid off easy the rest of the way.

Kelsey was lying there in just her bra and panties. Sarah was kneeling next to her, completely naked. They were about to cross a line. They both knew it. Neither of them could pretend this was just about education anymore, they both wanted their bodies to feel good. Sarah looked down to see a wet spot had formed on Kelsey’s blue cotton panties. It made Sarah even more aroused to know something she had done actually made her sister so wet that she could see the result.

What Sarah was feeling was lust – not even for her sister specifically (like in a “I am your eternal soul mate kind of way), just generally. She wanted her body to feel good and her sister just happened to be the person who was going to help her with that.

That was how Sarah convinced herself that what she did next was ok. She placed one hand flat on Kelsey’s stomach to hold her in place. The other hand grabbed Kelsey’s panties by the waistband and peeled them off.

Sarah gasped out loud. Kelsey’s pussy was completely hairless. It looked so sleek. Sarah touched her hand to Kelsey’s mound. It felt so smooth. Sarah liked that a lot.

Kelsey saw Sarah looking at her naked pussy. “You really should think about shaving too. It feels so much cleaner. Plus, when you start having boyfriends it makes it feel a lot better when they go down on you.”

The idea intrigued Sarah. She had never thought much about her pussy hair. No one else had ever looked at it, so it wasn’t much of an issue. But Sarah filed it away in her brain as something to think about more later. She looked down again at Kelsey and noticed she hadn’t completely done her job yet. Kelsey was still wearing her bra.

Sarah straddled Kelsey again, leaning forward so that her face sat porno videolar above 8 inches way from Kelsey’s breasts. Sarah reached her hands under Kelsey, and Kelsey arched her back to give her sister more easy access. Sarah quickly undid the clasp on Kelsey’s bra. She ran her finger down the center of Kelsey’s breasts, hooking it around the flimsy bit of fabric when she reached it and gently slid it off of Kelsey.

The two sat there looking at each other again, now both completely naked.

Sarah broke the silence. “What do you want me to do?”

“That depends on what you’d be comfortable with,” Kelsey said. She looked over to the toy box on her night stand. “Rachel has a lot of toys that would do it. I could show you how to use them on me.” She paused, looking a little embarrassed. “But the thing that feels the absolute best is when someone goes down on me.”

“Goes down?” asked Sarah.

“Uses their mouth and their tongue on your pussy. It feels wonderful!”

“Eww,” said Sarah before she could stop herself.

Kelsey looked a little hurt. “I promise it’s not gross. It tastes good and the feeling is unbelievable. I hate it. Jason used to do it to me all the time, but Tim won’t because he thinks it’s gross.”

Sarah looked unsure.

“Look,” Kelsey said. “If you do it to me, I’ll do it to you next. And I know you’re excited about the toys. I promise we’ll get to them eventually.”

Sarah brightened at this. She really wanted to know what the hard wooden balls connected to the string were for. “Ok,” she breathed. “Just tell me what to do.”

“First get between my legs,” Kelsey said, spreading her legs wide apart.

Sarah shuffled off Kelsey and got between her legs, just a foot away from Kelsey’s pussy. She could both see and smell that Kelsey was really excited. Her pussy lips were all shiny from being coated in her juices. And it smelled sweet.

“Ok. Now, I want you to stick two fingers into me. Be gentle, but work them in. I want you to get a lot of my juices on your fingers.”

Sarah spread the lips of Kelsey’s pussy apart. She saw a long bead of wetness run out of her pussy and down her ass. Sarah placed two fingers at the bottom of Kelsey’s pussy. She gently worked them up and down her slit as Kelsey had done to her. When she had a little bit of the wetness coating her fingers, she gently pushed her fingers into Kelsey.

They slid in easier than Sarah expected, and Kelsey let out a low moan. It was tight, Sarah had to press firmly to push them in deeper. But Kelsey’s wetness didn’t give her any trouble. When Sarah’s fingers were in to the knuckle, Kelsey moaned again.

“Good,” breathed Kelsey. “Have a little fun. Wiggle them around, feel what the inside of a pussy is like.”

Sarah moved her fingers inside of Kelsey. It was wet and warm all around her. She pressed on the walls of Kelsey’s pussy, feeling them stop her fingers, but also stretching a little. “Doesn’t that hurt when I do this?” asked Sarah

“Noo,” Kelsey breathed. “It feels really good. Ok, now take your fingers out.”

Sarah’s fingers came out easily and were covered in Kelsey’s juices.

“Now I want you to put your fingers in your mouth and suck my juices off. This will let you know what it tastes like before you put your mouth on me.”

Sarah was still unsure. It had tasted good when she had sucked the juices from her own fingers, but would it taste the same when it was from someone else? Sarah opened her mouth and sucked on her fingers. Kelsey’s juices were the first thing she tasted. And she was surprised and delighted that it tasted almost exactly the same as hers – that mixture of deep sweetness.

“Ok, now I want you to kiss my pussy. Keep doing what I say until I tell you to do something different.”

Sarah got further between Kelsey’s legs and kissed her pussy.

“Mmm,” moaned Kelsey softly. “Wet your lips a little. Good. Put your tongue at the opening and run it up and down a few times. Yeah like that. Good. Ok, now take your fingers and gently spread my pussy lips apart.”

Sarah stared at Kelsey’s pussy opening before her. She thought it was strangely beautiful.

“Ok, do you see that small pea shaped thing above my pussy? That’s my clit. I want you to very softly place your lips on that and kiss.”

Sarah did, and looked back up. Kelsey’s hips gave a little buck in response.

“Do you see how there is a little flap of skin covering the clit? Well if you put a finger on it and slide it back it will expose it even more. That’s it. Now stick your tongue out and lightly trace it along my exposed clit.

Kelsey moaned in pleasure as soon as Sarah’s tongue made contact with her. It sent the familiar jolts of electricity coursing through her body. “Goooood,” Kelsey moaned. “That’s it, use the tip of your tongue and trace little patterns. You could try the alphabet! Use your tongue to write each letter of the alphabet really small on my clit.”

As soon as Sarah had gotten gaziantep rus escort bayan to “E” Kelsey was in overdrive. Every breath out of her was either a moan or a whimper. Her hips had begin to buck and writhe into the bed making it difficult for Sarah to hold her position. Kelsey’s hands flew to her breasts and began massaging her nipples. Unlike Sarah’s gentle tugs, Kelsey felt best when her nipples were pinched hard. She alternated nipples, pinching one first, then the other, then relaxing only to begin again. In her limited sexual experience, Kelsey had begun to realize that it felt good when things hurt a little, but not too much. Neither of her previous boyfriends had been into that, so it was something she didn’t quite understand yet. All she knew for now was that her clit was throbbing from Sarah’s tongue dancing over it and the hard pinching of her nipples was only making the pleasure stronger.

“Ok,” moaned Kelsey. “Now I want you to open your lips and take my clit into your mouth. Be careful not to scrape it with your teeth. Just suck on it gently and keep flicking it with your tongue.”

As soon as Sarah had her clit in her mouth, Kelsey screamed. “OOooh!!!” Her hips were bucking hard. The pressure of her fingers on her nippleswas sending her over the edge. Kelsey knew she was close to cumming.

“Sarah you’re doing really good. Perfect. Just keep it up a little longer.” Sarah grunted her acknowledgement and kept sucking and licking her sister’s clit. Kelsey was bucking wildly. Sarah had to use her hands to hold Kelsey’s hips in place.

“Sarah I’m…. oooh…. Almost there!” Kelsey gasped. “I want you to start sucking harder and licking faster. I only need a few more seconds, you won’t have to keep it up for long. And when … oooh ooh god… and when I say ‘now’ I want you to jam two fingers in my pussy and move them around hard. Ok?”

Sarah grunted her agreement again. Focusing on Kelsey’s clit she increased the pressure and began to suck the delicate little bud harder and harder into her mouth. Every time she sucked it, she imagined her tongue was like a whip and gave hit it hard.”

Kelsey’s eyes were clenched shut, her hands pinching her nipples so hard they were beginning to turn the faintest shade of blue. Suddenly Kelsey’s hips stopped bucking and she held them very still. Sarah could feel Kelsey clenching all the muscles in her body. Sarah didn’t stop. With renewed vigor she sucked and licked at Kelsey’s clit over and over and over again. A high pitched whine began to emanate from Kelsey’s mouth as her whole face was screwed up in what looked like a mix of fantastic pleasure, pain and careful concentration.

Without warning, Kelsey exploded, screaming wildly. “FUUUCKK!!!! Oh god oh god. AHHH AHHH AAHHHH!!!!!!” Despite Sarah holding her down, Kelsey bucked and thrashed and writhed beneath her. Sarah had to fight to keep her mouth locked on Kesley’s clit.

“NOOOWWWWWW!!!!” Kelsey screamed.

Releasing her mouth’s grip on Kelsey, Sarah jammed two fingers into Kelsey’s sopping wet pussy. As she had been instructed, Sarah moved them around inside her sister as hard and as violently as she could.

“Uhh aagh ahh ahh ooo yeah!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!” Kelsey wrapped her hands around the bed sheets to give herself something to hold onto. Waves of blinding pleasure coursed through her body. She was out of control. She could feel like every nerve in her entire body was alive and on fire with pleasure. She was vaguely aware of Sarah’s fingers moving hard inside her. Kelsey tried to grind her pussy harder onto Sarah’s fingers. Her pussy exploded one final time in orgasm and then dissipated.

Kelsey flopped back onto the bed spasming as the aftershocks went through her. Sarah kept pumping her fingers in and out. Kelsey reached a hand down and gently pushed her away. She lay there for a few minutes undulating her body and convulsing from the pleasure.

Eventually she came back to herself and looked up to see Sarah’s naked form staring down at her. “Oh my god,” she breathed. “Sarah that felt amazing. That might have been the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had.”

“Really?” Sarah said beaming. “You’re not just saying that?”

“No, that was incredible. It felt even better than when Rachel did it to me a few years ago.”

“Wow,” Sarah said, starting to become impressed with herself. “What was different?”

“Everyone always treats me so delicately,” Kelsey said starting to blush a little. “It always feels really good when it’s hard and fast. Don’t think this is weird, but when it hurts a little it actually feels really really good. What you were doing with your fingers was perfect.”

“Thanks,” Sarah said. “Do you think I would like it hard?”

“I don’t know,” Kelsey said. “Seriously every girl is different. I’ve heard some girls freak out if there is even a little pain. But you can experiment. You’ll know whether you like it or not pretty quickly.”

“I’ll have to think about that,” said Sarah.

“Ok, give me a few minutes to recover then we can keep going with you. You pick now, what do you want to do next? Anything you want to do or try or play with?”

Sarah thought hard for a moment. She had an idea but she was a little nervous. It was something that stuck out in her mind from when Kelsey had told her about her first time having sex. How she wanted it to be so special but couldn’t get past the pain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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