Sister, Brother, Friend

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I would like to thank PinkDelphi for editing this story for me and for taking it from its simple draft into something more exciting.


I am 20 year old, a guy, 5’9″ with brown hair, blue eyes, 180 lbs, and in good shape. I have a normal life, and date a girl named Kim, who just won’t let me fuck her. Stacy is my sister, 19 years old, and her friend Jane is also under 20. Stacy stands at 5’7″ with long brown hair, green eyes, is thin, athletic, and pretty. She is about 120 lbs with a firm, young, desirable body, and nice full perky breasts. Jayne was similar, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and about 110 lbs that she carried perfectly on a very sexy thin frame with cute firm breasts.. I came to my parent’s home one afternoon after school, and entered the house. I had no idea there was anyone there.

“What the hell are you DOING, Stacy?” I gasped as I stood in the living room of our family home. It was a huge shock to find my sister lying on the couch with a girl lying on top of her and both of them gyrating and kissing. My sister had her legs apart, and her friend was thrusting herself as deeply into her as she could. They both turned toward me and stopped, although the girl on top was STILL rotating her hips into my sister…she couldn’t help it.

“Oh God! What are you doing here?” my sister Stacy asked as she began to push the other girl off of her and she tried to cover up with whatever she could find. She grabbed her pants, and held them to her breasts.

“What….what are you doing?” I asked, although it was stupidly obvious. I was shocked with my sister, but oddly turned on in a way.

“Who is this, Stacy?” the other girl asked as she sat up. She did not seem to care much about her nudity. Her small breasts were beautiful, and my cock tingled.

“I am her brother. Who are you?”

“I’m Jayne…. Boy! Stacy, you always said Scott was cute but you never told me he was this hot,” she said, as she looked me up and down smiling at me.

“I… oh god…,” Stacy got up, started whimpering, and ran into her bedroom.

“Hey! Where do you think you are going?” I started to follow her, but Jayne got up and approached me……

“Scott….. please….don’t….” Jayne said, still displaying her hard nipples and black panties…That was all she was wearing. Her breasts were gorgeous, and my cock stiffened and I could not take my eyes off of them. They pointed UP, and her stiff nipples begged for lips to suck them off.. I wondered how many boys had been there already, and what Stacy had done to them before.

“Well, maybe YOU should tell me what is going on,” I said, still pissed off, as I sat down on the couch with her. I was trying not to stare at her body, but at the same time, I knew she wanted me to check her out. Jayne had an air of extreme confidence and control, and she looked very comfortable despite the unusual circumstances.

“Alright. Relax, big guy. You sister and I have been friends since high school. We were really great friends and always talked about guys but one night something happened. We both had separate dates and we both thought that finally we would finally lose our virginities. We had each dressed for the night, wearing our sexiest things, and as you know, just putting on things like that is a real turn-on. You know, lingerie makes women expect a good hard fucking. The two guys ended up canceling both of our dates to go to a stupid car race, so we ended up getting together in my room and talking about what happened. We were both so hot and ready to fuck that the more we talked about what we were hoping for, hot dicks and wet sex, coupled with the way we were dressed and perfumed, that the hotter and hotter we got, talking more and more nasty, and one thing led to another and we ended up getting it on with each other. We just started touching each other, and the next thing you know, we are fucking each other. Get it? We girl-fucked. Boys know they want pussy. So did we! We realized it was almost as good as cock. It was so great, and we both loved fucking a nice wet pussy…I finger fucked her, and she ass fucked me with her fingers.. I loved it. So did she. We didn’t think we were lesbians, we just wanted to get fucked. OK? You can understand, can’t you?”

No doubt, Jayne was in full control. She had no apologies to make to me.

“We started to do it more often. We both still like guys, but have mostly been with each other because it is so much simpler than screwing boys. Besides, a woman can feel very much like a man, if you get my drift…She is old enough and we both want it. Don’t be mad at her. You would do the same thing, I am sure. I know that if a guy were sucking your cock, I mean really sucking you good, you would find it impossible to stop him. You would enjoy that man-suck as well as any woman sucking on it, once you forgot about the person attached to those lips. Maybe you would even love seeing a man suck you off. You never know until it happens. That’s how it is…Men know cocks, ensest porno women know pussy. She is shyer than I am about us and is a sweet girl.”

My dick was rock hard, and I was ready to start fucking this woman right then, and would have happily fucked my sister at the same time, I was so hot listening to this slut tell me this stuff. I was getting a hard on listening to this woman describe her pleasuring my sister. I wanted some, too.

“Are you pissed off, Scott? Are you mad at her?”

I took a breath, and resisted the temptation to grab her by her hair and give her some real cock right there. I thought about grabbing her ears and forcing her mouth onto a hot dick right there. I figured that if she wanted to fuck so bad, I could just start mouth-fucking her instantly, plunge my cock into her, and feel the hot wetness of her mouth, and I wanted to take her right there, with my sister in the next room, listening. I felt she would happily take it, too. Instead, I stuttered out some words, not really listening to myself, and aware that something entirely bigger was happening right then, something way past words…

“No, I guess I am not really mad. I was more shocked seeing my sister doing what I walked in on rather than being mad… I wonder, though……….”

“What, Scott?” She moved a bit closer to me, lay back a bit, and still had no inclination to cover her breasts or to act the least bit shamed or embarrassed…This made it harder for me to concentrate on talking..

“What did you mean when you said that I am hotter than Stacy told you?”

“Well, sugar pie, to be honest, she really thinks about fucking you. She has seen you jerk off and she thinks you are really hot. She thinks you are a great guy, she is really comfortable about seeing your cock, and she admitted thinking about your body and fucking you someday if she was ever able to do it without there being any complications. She said she was ashamed, but that was how she felt. She said you made her hot. But, you are her brother and she is way too shy to ever say anything to you. I have to say, though, she was right. You are really hot,” she said, as she looked me up and down.

“Oh…. Ummm, this is way, way, too much information,” was all I said. I sat back staring at the wall trying to process this.

“I am sorry if I freaked you out. I’m really sorry. Forget about all this. Forget I said anything. Maybe I had too much Vodka tonight. I’m sorry. Just let me get up and go and get dressed right now,” She said.

Right then, I decided I did not want this tart going anywhere. I wanted her right there, right now. I imagined her in more elaborate lingerie, since that stuff turns me on, and for an instant, realized she would probably dress the part of any slut I could imagine, if she thought I wanted it….She was a dream come true, and there was no way I was going to let this slip away. My sister being in the next room, did, however, complicate things, as did the fact that she was already fucking my own sister. It also made it more of a turn on, in many ways. Two women. One my sister. I was getting really horny.

“Wait a second, Jayne. Don’t go so fast,” I said, as I grabbed her arm and she sat back down. “I need to talk to you more. Let me figure this out. I have to admit that when I walked I was a little mad or irritated but after a while I started to get turned on by what I saw. Actually, right now, if you want to know the truth, I am really getting hot.” I began to level with this bitch.

I could see her really light up at this point. I continued, my cock feeling hot flashes through it, and a surge of lust me. I went ahead, taking advantage.

“There have been plenty of times when I wished I was not her brother.”

“Oh really?” she said. I could see her thinking about the possibilities. She smiled at me, as if she was not fully vulnerable, and I smiled back.

We both were just silent for what seemed like forever, but it was actually only a few seconds before we both leaned forward into each other until our lips melted into a sensual kiss. Instantly, I knew she wanted whatever I could give her, and we started to kiss more passionately as I took her face in my hand and felt her tongue slide along, and then along my lips. I opened up, and we started to work our tongues as deeply as we could. I was plunging into her, fucking her mouth. Her breaths came more quickly, as she yielded to the lust building up. The kissing started to get more and more passionate, but before it got even more heated, I forced myself to slowly back away from her, and I pushed her softly back. My dick was ready, but I was not. It took a great deal of effort to slow it all down. I probably just screwed up a great fuck, I thought…

She looked hurt.

“What’s wrong Scott? Did I do something wrong?” she asked as she looked at me with a worried look.

“No. I just think we can’t just leave Stacy in the other room crying. Why don’t you go get dressed and fake agent porno go calm her down and have her get dressed and bring her out so I can talk to her?”

“Oh, she’s ok. Let’s go into the kitchen…”

“No. Get Stacy. I want to talk to her. And you, too…”

She caught on..

“OK. I’ll get her,” she told me, biting her lips in the sexiest way as she got up and put on a thin print satin robe that I had not noticed. It occurred to me that she had not bothered to get it before telling me all about their fun together. She knew what she wanted.

I just smiled at her as she got dressed and bounced over to the room with Stacy and knocked on the door and convinced her to let her come inside. Stacy finally opened the door and Jayne disappeared in the room. I sat there thinking over the situation and all I have learned today. I started to think over what the sight I saw earlier and how hot it was. My cock started to get even harder from thinking about Jane in between Stacy’s legs. I made a point of keeping my hand off of myself.

It took forever.

Soon, the two of them opened the door. Stacy was behind Jane, seeming very shy, but relaxed.

Jayne had on a silky robe and some slippers, but when the top opened a bit now and then, I could see she was wearing some kind of lacy black lingerie underneath, and she now had black stockings on peeking under the bottom of the robe. My sister was wearing a similar robe, multicolored and satiny. She had some high heels on, actually, very hot considering the circumstances. She also had on sheer stockings, light blue in color. I could not see anything else, but her breasts were not bouncing freely, and I could see the straps of a small bra through the fabric of her robe. They both had dressed for the evening, apparently. I hoped so.

“Ummm Hi Scott,” Stacy said from behind Jayne, “I hope you don’t think I am a total slut. You don’t do you?”

“No, sweetie. I don’t think anything like that.”

“Jayne told me what you said…is that really true? You really thought about me and wished I wasn’t your sister? I can’t believe that. Is that true?”

I could tell by her demeanor she had a couple of drinks. This, I realized, would make it all easier for everyone this night. My cock got stiffer. I did not try to hide that fact. Both women noticed.

“Ummm, Yes. It is not that hard to imagine, is it? Some things are just happen and you don’t have to explain them all, do you? I mean, who’s to say what is OK and what is not” I asked. I was looking at both of these hotties, and considering how this was going to play out. At this point, I was hoping I could be man enough for two women. Things were falling into place, and I was loving every bit of it.

“Alright, you two. Stop acting so dumb. I’m getting really hot. Scott, you were saying you had something in mind?” Jayne was running this show, and taking charge.

“Oh well, I, um, ah…Nothing, I guess,” I said, looking down at the floor. I couldn’t find the words. I knew what I wanted, what my desires were, but there were still taboos, weren’t there?.

The slut spoke up, “Well, what is it Scott? You will never know, if you don’t ask.” Jayne was now trying to get all there of us into one big fuck session, it became quickly clear. She moved closer to me and sat next to me, “Come on Scott. Tell us what you really would want to do if she was not your sister.”

“Um. Well…Um..”

“WHAT, SCOTT? Just say it. Tell us what you want.”

” God…This is so hard to say….I, I.”

“What? Tell me, please, Scotty, baby?….. Please, Scotty?” Stacy asked, softly.

“I….. I JUST WANT TO KNOW if I could get CLOSE to you and see what happens. God, this is so hard.”

“Scottie…… Easy, baby. I know you better than anyone. Just tell your little sister. I won’t tell anyone else….just say it, baby.”

” I just want to make love to you, Stacy.”

I said it. Now more words came…Some perhaps inappropriate, but given the potential, understandable….

“Baby … I would give anything to fuck you right now.”

There! The words tumbled out, and I could not take them back! Let the chips fall where they may. After all, I had seen Stacy starting to fuck Jayne, right? I was not the one to feel embarrassed, was I? I could say “fuck” to my sister, right?

“Well? Stacy? That’s quite a brother you have there. Look at his cock bulging, honey. He wants you, baby,” Jayne said as she looked over at Stacy still standing back.

“Are you serious Scott? You would want to be my first and take me? Would you take me gently? Would you make love to me?” Stacy asked. She gently looked at me and she started to walk closer to me. She was giving herself to me.

“Would I? I would love to. Let me take you, Stacy. I know you would feel soo good. It would feel so good going into you…sliding inside, watching your eyes…Let me take you, baby.. You would be my first lover.” I got up and started to walk fake cop porno to her.

“Oh God, Scottie! Your first? Really? I thought sure you were having Kim all the time by now! If I could be your first, I would always feel so happy, knowing I was the first. Then, Kim could have all she wanted. But I want to have you FIRST! God, I would be the first woman to let you deep inside……Scott I am so glad to hear that, that is so special to me….” Stacy came up to me and hugged me tight. For the first time, I made sure she could feel my stiff cock against her soft body as she squeezed me. She was free, for the first time, to hug me harder and rub herself hard against my member, knowing she would have it all. Tiny circular motions of my hips involuntarily started, but I became aware, and slowed it all down. I was actually ready to start fucking my sister right there!

I was a little taken aback at first but I calmed down and hugged her back. We hugged for a few minutes before we separated in each other’s arm and stared into each other’s eyes. Then we came together and kissed just as Jayne and I did.

We started to get more passionate when Jayne said, “Hey. I’m here, too. I’m not just here to watch, you know.”

“Oh ummm sorry we just umm…” we both said before starting to giggle.

“Scott, How about if you sit here on the couch and Stacy and I will do a little dance for you to make up for all the trouble we caused you today,” she said, discretely and softly pinching her nipple as she said it….There was much to learn about Jayne, as I was to find out. Much, much more.

I was now feeling a tiny bit dizzy. Things were starting to happen quickly, and all the years of jerking off were in the past. This was real, and my cock started to ache with the surge of blood. It was getting way too tight inside my pants.

“Umm, yeah ,sure. Let me relax a bit.” I unbuckled my belt, and undid the top button. The tip of my cock was starting to show, reaching past the waist of my shorts. The girls stared for a moment.

“OK. Alright with you?” I turned and asked Stacy.

“Um, yea, baby. It is fine with me. I have wanted to do this with you for so long. Just sit back and relax.”

She walked over to Jayne they moved to the center of the room.

I went and sat down on the couch facing the girls and just relaxed in anticipation of the night. I had to make an effort to keep my hands off of my cock, since I was so ready to jerk off to these hot babes ready to fuck. It was getting really too hot for me. Still, I kept my hands off my dick.

“Let’s put some music on,” Jayne said, “Do you have any good dance music, Stacy?”

The music started to play and both of them started to dance very slowly but very sexually and sensually. They started to slide their hands up and down their bodies slowly. I could feel my cock responding instantly as it got even harder. It was bobbing up and down in rhythm to my breaths. The girls started to stare at it, and Jayne began to slide her hands to the bottom of her robe and slowly pulled it over the top of her head, showing me the extremely sexy lingerie she had put on for Stacy and me. It was sheer black lace, and the bra encasing her small firm breasts had open tips, from which her nipples protruded in a very nasty manner. They seemed a bit more pink than normal, since she had glistened them up with a sparkly lipstick God. She was such a slut. She seemed to cry out, “Fuck Me!” silently. Just he dress and motions were enough to make me cum. She had a black garter belt holding up decadent black lacy stockings, and the garter belt was over a tiny pair of black open-crotch panties, from which her neatly trimmed pussy showed. Her slit was glistening ever so slightly with tiny drops of pussy juices, or lubricants and potions. I lusted to know the taste of her. I wanted to taste her insides. That pussy was the most inviting cunt I had ever seen. She had been worked up for some time, and kept it hidden until this show. She was swinging two of the sexiest breasts I have ever seen in some sexy sheer lingerie. Those nipples poked through the bra, and I lusted to latch onto them through the bra with my mouth, and suck milk from her…

I started for her….

“Relax, baby. Enjoy it, Show me your man-cock. I want to see your cock…Show it to me,” Jayne said as she stared directly at the bulge in my pants. “I am so tired of fake cocks…show me a real, hard, cock, baby!”

I smiled at them both and stood up.

I slowly took off my shirt and threw it on the ground before I reached down and fully unzipped my pants. I slid my pants down as well as my boxers and just as they got past my cock it sprang up hitting my stomach at full attention. I sat back down after removing my shoes and socks.

“Oh my! Stacy! His cock is even bigger and tastier looking than you said it was,” Jayne said as she looked at my cock with lust filled eyes. She began pinching and pulling both of her nipples, deliberately tormenting them. Her show was getting more torrid by the minute.

At this, I became even more turned on, seeing all this, and knowing that my sister had seen and lusted for my hard cock. I wondered what Jayne had done with my sister. I wished I had seen it all.

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