Southern Dominance Ch. 01: Officer Cox

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Thursday night was girls night at the local bar in town, I’d stayed till the damn thing closed and then hit Denny’s with some of my girlfriends. Drug my ass home at 3 a.m. and crawled into bed, only to have to be up at 8 a.m. for an interview at 9 a.m. Sleeping past my alarm I woke up at 8:30 a.m. and panicked. I had to shower and still drive to town, I was cutting it close but sometimes it was better to be late than not show up at all. I could always blame it on the fact I wasn’t familiar with the area. After all I had only been a resident of the state of Alabama for about three weeks. Never mind it’d been 15 years since I lived there, I was still new to this town.

Jumping into the shower I hurried to wash and dry myself. Adding a bit of mousse to my hair to keep the curls from frizzing up on me I was going to let it air dry. Being born with naturally curly hair it came in handy on hurried days. Slipping into my stockings I paired a red lace bra and thong panties together with them. I had managed to buy myself a sexy but elegant black skirt and black and red blouse the day before when I was out shopping. With ten minutes left to make it to town and it’d take me fifteen I put the pedal to the metal and took the country road. I knew but one shortcut to town and this had been it. I knew no one ever really traveled this road so I wouldn’t have to worry about the morning traffic.

With the radio singing me my favorite song as I matched in harmony I heard my phone ringing. Normally I wouldn’t answer it because I had a lil blue tooth device, but it was at home on the charger. One of my new girlfriends that I’d gone out with the night before called and said she’d left her party purse in my car. “It’s under the passenger side seat, Sweetie. Is it there?” she asked.

I diverted my eyes from the road for just a second to look. Sure enough, her shiny party purse all covered in sequins was sticking out from under the seat. She made me promise I’d get it to her as soon as I was done with the interview. “Don’t worry, I promise.” I told her.

I looked up and saw the lights flashing on the car behind me. “Shit,” I said aloud. An unmarked car had snuck up behind me. “I’m getting pulled over. I gotta go,” I told her. “Summer, hold on. I…” she added, trying to keep me on. I tossed her purse in the seat next to my briefcase. “Gotta go, girlfriend. Talk to ya later,” I interrupted and threw my phone into the seat.

“Great, this is all I need. Throwing more money down the drain for nothing at all,” I said to myself as I pulled onto the shoulder. In my rear view mirror I watched a very muscular, handsome man of about six feet tall, wearing sunglasses get out of the car. “I know how to handle this,” I whispered and pinched the hem of my skirt between my thumbs and forefingers and pulled it up my thighs until my stocking tops were showing.

Just a hint of my panties were visible to me as he tapped on the window with his knuckles. “Mmmmm, such a handsome officer. I’ll be on my way home in no time.” I thought as I powered the window down. He stood tall and held the typical Dominant stance as he lowered his glasses along his nose. The sexiest pair of brown eyes I’d ever seen looked down at me.

“May I see your license and registration, Ma’am?” the officer stated in a rather matter of fact yet still southern tone, not seeming to pay the least bit of attention to my legs.

“Hmmph,” I retorted in a whisper. I’d pulled my skirt up my thighs so far that my panties were almost showing and here he was, not even noticing. If he weren’t such a big strong handsome officer I might have given him a piece of my mind, but who am I kidding. I’d have done just what I was doing now, a bumbling mess.

“License and registration, Ma’am,” he said again. “Talking on your cellphone, weaving across the center line and speeding are all traffic violations.”

“Please call me Summer.” I replied as I handed him my license from back home. I’d changed over my license from the previous state of California to my now new state of residency, Alabama. However I guess I’d left that in my purse from last night.

While I rummaged through the glove box for my registration the good looking officer identified himself as Officer Cox. He informed me that my license was out of date. “This is an invalid license, Summer. Is this your car?”

Adding to my problems, I couldn’t find my registration and I was getting frustrated and emotional. “Well, of course it is Officer Cox. It’s just that I must have left my registration at home. I just moved here web tasarım to the city and I don’t know where everything is. I’m still trying to sort through it all”

I looked up to see him pull his sunglasses off, flashing me yet again those brown eyes and gave me a stern look. “Get out of the car, ma’am.”

In mere seconds, my mind was spinning and I felt flushed and tears started rolling down my cheeks. “I… I uhmm…I…don’t know where they are officer. I really don’t,”

He cut me off before I could explain myself. “Ma’am, get out of the car.”

Frustrated and emotional, I opened the door and swung my left leg around my seat. I didn’t mean to, but with my skirt already pulled way up my legs I gave Officer Cox quite a nice flash of my very skimpy panties.

I was too emotional to know if he looked. But, I’m sure that he thought I was doing it on purpose. With my eyes full of tears I couldn’t focus anyway and all I could think of was the trouble I was in.

“Hands against the car and spread your legs,” he said next. I thought that this was more than a bit unusual, most cops request a female officer present when searching a female suspect.

I wasn’t about to upset him and put myself into even more of a jam, so I did as I was told. I put my hands on the trunk lid and spread my legs wide. I was facing away from Officer Cox as I heard the sound of him pulling off his gloves, adding to the anticipation of what was going to be my first ever pat-down.

“Anything sharp in your clothes, ma’am. Any needles? Drugs? It’ll be much easier if you tell me now,” he stated as if he’d done this a hundred times.

My chest was heaving now and I was sobbing and gasping to catch more breath and I was too emotional to respond with anything rational and just blurted something out. “In this outfit? Where would I hide it? In my panties?”

Immediately after I said it, I regretted it. He tossed his gloves on the trunk beside me. “I suppose I’ll just have to find out on my own, now won’t I?”

To be honest, I’d always enjoyed fantasizing about a big strong policeman ravishing me in a setting just like this; All alone on a country road and treating me a little bit roughly. But, not today. I was already running late for my job interview and I was sure I’d never get the job now.

But, I couldn’t help thinking about my fantasy when both of his strong hands touched my shoulders at the same time, holding me firmly and sending an incredible warm rush through my body. I gave a feigned protest but quickly yielded to his touch as his thumbs pushed into the back of my shoulder while his fingers pressed into the front and I could feel his strength through his hands and I knew I’d best not resist.

I must’ve felt no heavier than a doll to him as he pulled me back towards him and then pushed me onto the lid of the trunk. My legs and full hips touching the cool metal while his warm hands moved down my sides and onto my waist. His fingers finding the zipper of my skirt he began to undo it. “Say a word and this will take all day, keep that sweet mouth shut and it’ll be over before you know it.” His words rushed around in my head as I knew this wasn’t the proper way to pat down a suspect. I could feel myself becoming wet and warm, my body shaking I still cried. Was it fear or the fact I was face down, legs spread and vulnerable to this man?

In one quick jerk he had my skirt down around my ankles, the cool spring air making me shiver slightly. I could feel my pussy walls clench and release as his hands again found my waist, running along til they hooked in the strings of my panties. As he pulled them down I started to speak but was hushed by his voice, “Shhh, not a word.”

His hands then swept under me, feeling warm as they separated my tummy from the metal and they moved up onto my ribcage and across the bottom swell of my breasts. My nipples were hard from the cold metal and his hands lingered on them, warming them and squeezing them ever so slightly, frisking them and then placing my hard little nipples between his first and middle fingers and closing them together.

His hips pushed into my bare ass and I could feel the material of his uniform push into me, the outline of a growing cock and instinctively I wiggled my hips back into him. He let out a moan and I closed my eyes, trying to focus on what was happening to me.

“Fuck, fuck, what have I gotten myself into,” I thought. This wasn’t proper. This isn’t right. But, what was I to do? And, why did it feel so good? He released my nipples and web tasarım ankara moved off my breasts and onto my sides. His big fingers seemed to glide gently across each of my ribs, one by one, as if erotically dancing down my side.

I had stopped sobbing now and my head was turned to one side while my mind was spinning. And in the middle of my thoughts I felt a wetness between my legs. “Oh no.. Oh no, I can’t be enjoying this. This isn’t right,” I said to myself as his hands swept down my hips and my pussy moistened. “Step out of the skirt and panties, turn around and face me.”

Officer Cox’s hands reached up as I faced him, slowly undoing each button of my shirt. “This should stop…right now.” I tried to speak but it all came out as a shaken mess of words. And then I felt the flesh of his hands touch mine and as it did, a quiver of arousal shot through me. He spread his hands wide along my ribs pulling me into his arms. “Tell me you want me to stop again.” Those brown eyes had me weak as well as his voice, how was I going to say stop when all I wanted to say was please don’t stop.

“Oh my,” I whispered softly as he ran his hands up my back and undid my bra. There was no saying stop, only a “yes”. With my legs spread wide, I could feel the coolness of the breeze as it blew across my labia. He paused with his fingers pressed into my skin and whispered “Take off your shirt.” Taking a step back he looked me up and down and I couldn’t help but do as I was told. Tossing my shirt and bra to the ground with my skirt and panties I stood before him in nothing but my heels and stockings.

I knew I was being violated and I should have tried to stop him, but I didn’t. I wanted him to touch me so badly that I could feel my pussy getting hotter. My clit ached to be touched, licked and soothed. Trembling I watched as he slowly undid his belt, then his zipper. Every movement he made was a step closer to revealing his hardening cock. Releasing it from his boxer briefs it stood nearly erect and a smile formed across his lips.

“Want out of these tickets?” He snickered as I took in every inch of his cock, unable to keep my eyes on his any longer. The thickness was perfect already and I knew by the time he was fully hard there was no denying he’d stretch my pussy. My mouth watered as I examined him. A long thick veined shaft down to the base and was attached to a shaved pair of balls, hanging nicely. I wanted nothing more than to get out of these tickets. But could I? Now was my chance to live out a fantasy and do something so very wrong all at once.

I wanted to yell out to him. I knew I should. I should yell, “Stop”. “This isn’t right”. But I was too scared to protest. And, I was too aroused to fight off my desires. I took a few steps to him and looked him straight in the eyes, softly whispering “yes”.

Before I could say another word his hand raised and landed it across my ass, giving me a spank. “Thwaakk!” And I let out a whimper more from the surprise of it than the pain. “Oh my gosh! Where’d that come from?” I thought to myself but, I didn’t say a word only a whimper.

Cupping my ass in his hands his thumbs then touched me. They pulled me open. How wide, I’m not at all certain cause my mind was a whirlwind of emotions, but it felt as if my lips were stretched far enough to expose my pussy to him and the thought of a large cock finding its way into me suddenly consumed me. And all I could think about was my arousal.

Then, he suddenly released me as the words “Suck it, I can see how bad you want to.” blurted from his lips. I was caught off guard and stood there staring for a brief second before I felt my body kneeling at his feet. His hand reached to the side and I heard a click followed by the clank of steel. A flash caught my eye and I heard him chuckle, “This way there’s no fighting back lil Ms. Summer.”

The handcuffs were cool against my warm skin and made me terribly nervous. I was having second thoughts already but it was too late. One big hand lifted my chin while the other placed the tip of his cock to my lips. “Summer, I told you..this could take all day or it’ll be over before you know it. Just suck it..I see you drooling for it.” He was right, gawd I wanted nothing more than to devour his cock. It was perfect and I bet it tasted amazing.

Closing my eyes I took a deep breath and began to enjoy the one of the many things I loved sexually, giving head. Swirling my tongue from tip to balls I teased and licked at his manhood. Feeling it grow to it’s perfect size of a good 8.5 inches and three fingers wide. My mouth wasn’t the only thing he’d be stretching. Every moan he made coaxed me into pleasing him more.

Sucking and licking at his balls I made him grip and tug at my hair demanding I show his meat some respect. Licking my way up the shaft I swirled my tongue around him and swallowed every inch I could til I gagged. Opening my throat as he let out a low growl and the last of his cock was buried in my mouth. My eyes locked on his as I watched his face, loving the way his eyes closed and his head went back.

As the minutes passed I no longer worried about my interview, all I wanted was this man to own my pussy as he was doing my mouth. His hands both now tightly wrapped in my hair he was pumping my face with his hips. Shoving every inch deep into my throat as the spit collected and I gagged, moans vibrating his cock.

Without a sound he jerked at my hair and growled, “Ass back up and bend over the car hood lil lady.” The hood was hot against my chest, but the mixture with the warmth of my skin made me moan. His hands were large and fit perfectly around my hips as he kicked gently at each foot forcing my legs wider. My arms were slowly going numb as they rested behind my back. In every daydream I’d had of this scene nothing about it was this intense. He was Dominant and rude, but yet had a gentle look to his eyes. This alone made me tremble. Everything about this was wrong but my body didn’t care.

My thoughts were subsided as he drove himself balls deep into my pussy, hands gripped my ass cheeks as he spread them. His growl was animalistic and drove me insane as I purred out to him. “Fuck, you’re going to break me!” His voiced was low and primal as he laughed, never saying a word he pounded away at my sweet cunt. The moans from us mixed with the slapping of our bodies were heard by no one but us. I was alone and being fucked by this man and no one could help me, the thought alone was enough to push me over the edge but the slap to my ass again did it.

Arching my back I cried out whimpering “Oh gawd…oohhh yesss!” My whole body trembled as my sweet pussy quivered around him. His hands slapped me one more time across the opposite ass cheek before he shoved himself balls deep and thrust hard and up. I could feel his whole shaft swell and his head explode as shot for shot he unloaded deep into my womb. His moans mixed with growls as he shook holding me tightly to him. I couldn’t catch a break before his orgasm sent me into another of my own and I shivered against him, juices running down my stockings. Gawd he was amazing. Another quick slap to my ass and I felt him pull out slowly.

“Turn around and see what a mess you made me.” He snickered to me as I watched him lean against the bumper of my car. Without a word I took two steps to him, leaned over at the waist and licked him clean. Standing back up he leaned in and kissed my cheek. “I’d like you to dress once you’re uncuffed. And meet me at the station in town in thirty minutes. I have a secretary position that you’ll fill just lovely. Don’t be late, other wise those ticket’s are going to cost you a pretty penny.” My whole body shook as he released me.

Standing there stunned I bit my lip and reached for my clothes as did he, smiling he took them from me and ordered me to dress before him. Handing me each piece of clothing. His smile grew when I was dressed and he tipped his hat to me. ” Go ahead, you may go. But remember, the station in thirty minutes. And tomorrow, I suggest you don’t wear panties to work. Never know when I may feel like enjoying that tight pussy of yours, it is mine now after all.” His smile slightly crooked as those hazel eyes of his looked deep into me. I was screwed, in more ways then one.

Unsure of what to do or how to feel I simply nodded back and walked to my car door. Stopping to open it I turned to look at him only to find him standing right there. He moved quietly and quick, something I’d get use to…I hoped. “I’ll see you in thirty minutes Officer Cox.” Knowing I couldn’t say anything else he smiled and kissed my cheek, turning around as he walked away I got into my car. Buckling up I tried to catch my breath and put the car in drive, pulling back onto the country road and went to town to let the other job know I had something come up and would no longer need the job.

Everything seemed like a dream, but the scent of sex and the slight soreness I felt between my thighs and ass cheeks was a reminder it was real. I’d taken a job as the secretary to the chief of police and would be forever taken care of, as long as he was. Not something I pictured doing with my life, but oh how fun it was going to be. Moving here was looking up for me after all.

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