Special Order 77

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My friend Linda and I arrived at school one morning during our last semester before graduation to finding a large piece of paper posted on the door. Several other students were there reading it as the Principal stood by watching them.

Special Order 77.

The following is effective immediately. Due to the drastic population losses we have already experienced and those expected in the coming years all females age 18 and older not afflicted by the Hebola plague are ordered to make all efforts to have at least 3 children in the next 10 years. Failure to comply may cause forced confinement and impregnation. All laws regarding public lewdness, nudity, adultery, and incest are revoked. Additional details to be provided.

The plague was first noticed almost 15 years ago and spread rapidly. It seemed fairly innocuous at the time people first started noticing it. People started to develop what looked to be bad cases of pink eye and it spread rapidly from person to person. By the time they realized it was not normal pink eye many people were already infected.

The pink eye cleared up in less than two week of the initial outbreak in a person but then the other changes started. First all their hair started to fall out and never grew back. After that they developed a gray complexion. Somewhere along the line they became sterile as well.

It wasn’t until a few years after it was first identified that those infected started to just suddenly die for no reason. Not everyone infected did at the same time but it seemed random. Some lasted only a couple of years and some lasted longer. Now it was know that once infected the person had no more than 10 years left before their bodies just ceased to work suddenly.

They have never been able to determine why they died. They would be going along as normal and just stop and fall into a sleep they never woke from. Once they fell into this sleep they were usually dead within minutes. No attempts to prevent this had worked to date.

It was determined that a person was only infectious for a short time when they had what looked to be pink eye. After that they were safe to be around but the damage to their bodies had already been done and there was no way to reverse it.

The method of transmission turned out to be through contact with any bodily fluid. The plague only survived a short period of time after leaving the body but that was enough for some terrorists groups to figure out how to easily spread it. Through use of contacts or sunglasses someone that was currently infectious could move though a crowd and though the simple act of spitting, coughing, or sneezing would infect scores of people around them.

All sunglasses and contacts were immediately banned. People were told to not group together and avoid contact with anyone you didn’t know. The spread slowed but didn’t stop.

Fortunately two years ago a vaccine was found that stopped the spread. Now almost everyone left had been inoculated through a worldwide effort. The world had suffered though. It was estimated that over 50% of developed nations, and 75% of undeveloped nation’s, had been infected and were either dead or would be in a few years. There was now a race on for the developed nations to repopulate as quickly as possible to avoid being overtaken by this crippling disease. This appeared to be the latest step.

Last year when the remains of the government finally announced that the spread had been stopped they enacted the “Rothschild Act” in the name of national security. It outlawed any form of birth controls and abortion and made things like Viagra all but free. The death penalty was also outlawed. Anyone that would normally get the death penalty was kept in prison for the rest of their life and “harvested” if they were not sterile. Men were milked and woman’s eggs were taken for insemination into others. Some women could get better treatment and reduced sentences by being baby factories while locked up.

Six months later the “Load Act” was enacted. Gay males were required to either submit to having sex with females, to attempt to make them pregnant, or make monthly deposits at sperm banks. Likewise lesbian females were either required to have sex with males in an attempt to get pregnant or go through artificial insemination at least twice a year unless they were already pregnant. Also when heterosexuals were having sex the only place a male was allowed to ejaculate was in a vagina. I am not sure how all this was verifiable though.

There were a slew of special orders also. It seemed about one a month lately. They ranged from “encouraging” anyone from 25 to 40 to have as many kids as they could to providing free insemination treatments to any female wishing it.

Government reproduction centers sprung up all over the place. Anyone could go there to get free fertility treatments and they doubled as sperm banks and egg harvesting locations. Most of the special orders didn’t impact high school students but they did some of the escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan teachers. There was always talk on what the next change would be.

All of this was done to boost birth rates and slow the population decline. Evidently it was not enough though. If this latest order failed to improve the issue, there were rumors that they would either lower the age limit or require any fertile females to report to a government center be inseminated and not rely on voluntary sex.

At least it appeared the rape laws were still somewhat in force. Females still had somewhat of a choice with whom she had sex with as long as she was having sex and trying to get pregnant. Although with this latest change I was beginning to doubt that would remain much longer.

Not all the religious groups were happy with these changes. Some of the early changes like the “Rothschild Act” gave them things that they had been wanting for a long time. But some of the latest special orders were starting to cause friction. I am sure this Special Order 77 actually went against several things they held most dear to them.

There was one girl in my class last year that had dropped out because her family had married her off to some boy they knew. Her family was extremely religious and didn’t want the chance that she would be subjected to any of this. They thought, that by having her married she would be safe.

On top of all this what remained of the healthcare industry that was not devoted to solving the plague had been taken over by the government to be rationed out because of the severe population losses. Now it seemed that unless it was related to you being healthy enough to get pregnant or producing a child it was almost impossible to get proper medical assistance.

One positive side effect of the work on the cure was that pretty much all sexual transmitted dieses were also cured. When people received their injection for the plague cure they were also inoculated for all other known sexual transmitted dieses as well.

But here we were. Being told I had to have three kids in the next ten years. I guess that meant college was out of the question for me. Still I suppose that being alive and pregnant is better than the 72 people in my class of 150 that we have lost to the plague so far. Not all of them had died yet that I know of, but if you have only a couple of years left would you want to spend them in school? They just tended to just drop out of site.

As Linda and I took our seats in homeroom she turned to me, “Well I guess I know what I am doing this semester instead of trying to get into a good college.” I am sure she was referring to her boyfriend of late Mark. I know she has had sex with him a couple of times already but she had wanted to wait until after college to have kids the same as me. The only difference was that I didn’t have a boyfriend and had yet to have sex.

She had been my friend for a long time and is an only child. She lost both of her parents to the plague and had been living with her grandmother since her parents came down with it.

I have been somewhat lucky that neither my father nor my two older brothers had been infected. My mother did not get the plague but had been killed in a car wreck three years ago when a plague victim had died at the wheel and crashed into her.

Since then I had not seen my father attempt to go out with anyone. He worked long hours and came home exhausted most nights. My brothers have gotten him to go to a bar with them a couple of times but could not get him to even try to pick up a woman from what they have told me.

My brothers were a different story. Since they received their shots to make them immune to the plague each had turned into a regular slut. Each of them had at least three different girls they are screwing regularly and at least one they have shared on occasion. They still live at home with their room right next to mine so I can hear them at all hours of the night. I have only heard of one girl getting pregnant from them so far. They are identical twins so it didn’t matter which one did it I guess.

Mr. Rogers walked into the class room and got everyone’s attention. “Calm down. I am sure you all know about order 77 by now. What was posted was the summary of the order like usual. What you may not know is that buried in the details of the full order is the requirements that all school systems begin a program that requires eligible females to engage in intercourse at least weekly. The initial suggestion was that it would be either a before or after school program. It was proposed and accepted by the government that the normal PE requirement will be changed to be a sex requirement for any female age 18 and older to comply with the order.”

There were several gasps before he continued, “Mats in the gym will be set aside and females on these mats will be available for sex during their normal PE time. A female is escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan required to receive at least 1 vaginal ejaculation during this time as long as there are males available. If the female has a preferred male, he can be with her there if available, otherwise any male wishing to have sex with them may. If the male finishes and there is still sufficient time in the class the female must have sex with another male. The only excuses for a female not to participate are menstruation and pregnancy and those are by doctor’s note only.

“Anyone wishing to have sex not at their designated PE time can use the mats as well as long as you are not skipping a class to do it. You will be allowed out of study halls but not out of other normal classes for this. You may use this area for sex before and after school as well as lunch breaks. This is not to disrupt your normal classes though and please make sure to clean up after yourselves. There will be towels provided to help you with that.

“Female and Male teachers may use the mats as well during their free time. A female teacher that does not have a male with her is open to any male the same any male teacher may approach any female on the mats that is not currently occupied.

“Any male caught ‘pulling out’ or not ejaculating inside a vagina will be severely disciplined. Any female who is not actively engaged with a male may not turn down an available male while she is on the mats or be disciplined as well. If there are multiple males available the female may choose which male they will have sex with. ‘None’ is not a valid choice. This is the law people. There are worse fates than having a little sex.

“Each female will be provided with a device to use to log the identity of the participants, the date, and the time they have sex. These devices unfortunately will not be here until tomorrow. I don’t know for sure what they need this info for but I advise each male to make sure they are logged at least once with a female. Remember the worse fates thing.

“Each of you should take a copy of the full order with you when you leave. If your parents have problems with this please inform the office.”

Everyone was still quiet when the bell rang. Most of the girls looked scared. Some of the boys looked scared as well. Most the boys looked like they had just been told the candy store was open and it was free to take as much as you wanted.

At least I didn’t have PE until Wednesday. I had until then to prepare myself. I felt sorry for those girls that had PE first thing Monday. There was no way I would be ready for that.

The rest of the day went as normal if not a little quieter than normal. I talked to Linda a couple of times during the day. She said that Mark had a study hall during her normal PE time on Tuesday so he would be going to join her in her PE class. Lucky her. I didn’t know who had a study hall during my PE time and none of the boys in PE with me appealed.

Linda and I met up on the way out for the day to walk home. Her grandmother’s house was less than a block from mine so we usually walked together every day. “Jan you better bust your cherry soon or it will get busted Wednesday. You want me to ask Mark to help you out?”

“No. I will figure something out. Thanks anyway.”

“You sure? He took mine. It hurt like hell but he had gotten a lot better since then.”

“Tell you what. If I can’t figure something else out we will call him in tomorrow night. Ok?”

“Deal,” Linda said as she started up the sidewalk to her grandmother’s house.

When I walked in the door at home no one else was there like usual. My father and brothers were still at work. One of the benefits of nearly half the population either dead or dying off was full employment.

Most of the remaining people infected with the plague didn’t want to work anymore because they knew they had very little time left. That meant everyone that wanted a job could have one and usually as many hours as they wanted to work in most cases. I am sure forcing women to stay pregnant was going to cut out some of the workforce as well.

Why my brothers had not moved out on their own I did not know, but I am sure it had something to do with me being a live-in made service. After I did my homework I started making dinner as I usual did. It tended to be something that could be heated up again later when the rest of them got home, if they came home in my brothers cases some times. When that was going and simmering on the stove I started gathering up the dirty laundry. I went from room to room picking up what I could find. In my brothers’ room I found yet another woman’s panties. Those two were such sluts. They would fuck any female that bent over in front of them.

Wait. Should I just ask them? The posting of the order said that the incest laws were revoked. I am sure they knew how to do it. From the noises I heard most nights escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan they must be at least ok at it. Was I their type? Come to think of it did they have a type? The only thing I could think of in common with the girls I had seen them with was their type was female.

I didn’t think I was bad looking. My 34B boobs might be a little small to some people but I liked them. My butt wasn’t huge either. At least I didn’t consider a 36 inch waist huge. My legs were toned from all the walking I do. I thought I was in decent enough shape.

Well I suppose it was either them, Linda’s Mark, or a random boy in PE Wednesday. I knew Linda’s feelings toward Mark. I also knew she had a bit of a jealous streak. I am sure she would share him with me but I wouldn’t want this to come between us. I knew I didn’t want my first time to be in the middle of the gym with others watching. That left brothers as the only answer I could think of.

So what should I do? Do I just ask them to do me or do I just drop my pants and bend over? What if each of them brought home another girl tonight? What would dad think if he found out I asked my brothers to have sex with me?

Maybe dad would be better. Should I go to him first? He hasn’t been with anyone that I know of since mom. What should I do?

All of this going though my head as I was standing there in my brothers room holding a pair of another girls panties when they walked in. I didn’t hear the front door open or them walk thought the house until both Jim and Jake entered there room.

“Jan what are you doing in here holding your panties?”

“Just cleaning up after you slobs. I found these here,” holding up the pair of panties.

“Whose are those?” one of them asked.

“Not mine.” I said setting them on a bed.

God was I going to do this? “I wear bikini cut and those are a thong. See,” I unbuttoned my pants and opened to the side so they could see my hip. I am sure they could see most of the pair I was wearing. I knew they were a lacy pair that was fairly see-through. My pants were open enough that I am sure they could see my little landing strip though them. Now to see how they react. If they don’t start yelling and turn away then I know they will do it for me.

Jake punched Jim’s arm because he happened to be looking the other way at something else at the time. “They look the same to me Jan. You sure they are not yours?” Well I guess that means they would help me if I want them to. Do I want them to? … Yes, I think I do.

“Have you guys heard about Special Order 77?”

“Ya. There was something about females needing to have three kids in the next ten years. Why you pregnant already?”

“No. Not yet. Far from it actually. I was wondering if either of you could help me though.”

“What you want us to set up you with a guy? Most of the ones at work are married or much older than us.”

I rolled my eyes at them, “No. Not that. We were told in school today that instead of PE we will be having sex.”

“AWSOME!” both of them high five’d each other.

“No. Not awesome. At least not for me. I don’t want my first time to be in front of everyone. How is that awesome?”

Both of them looked at me, “First time? You mean you are still a virgin? No way.”

“Ya way. Not everyone spends every free moment having sex. Now it seems like the government is mandating it though.”

“So what did you want help with? It is not like either of us could bust your cherry. If we get caught it is off to the milking farm and no more fun.”

“Neither of you read the order did you?”

“No. Why?”

“Part of it revoked the incest laws. Apparently three eyed babies are ok now. They just want the numbers.”

“So what, are you asking us to break you in?”

“Well it is either that or Linda had said she would get Mark to do it. I don’t want to risk my friendship with her over it. You remember how jealous she was when you guys got me those new shoes she liked for my 18th birthday a couple of months ago. I would hate for there to be a chance I could get pregnant from Mark first.”

“Well, I suppose we could help you. Which one of us would you want first? Or you want us to decide?”

God. What had a gotten myself into, “I don’t care. Let’s just get this done so I can finish making dinner.”

With that I pushed my pants off my butt and let them fall to the floor. “You know if you two go easy on me and I like this we might do it more,” thinking I was teasing them some. Who am I kidding? Once school lets out for the summer if I am not already pregnant I am going to have to find a boyfriend or let my brothers use me on a regular basis.

My brothers stood over to the side and talked to each other a little bit. Jake said to Jim, “Are you sure?” and Jim nodded to him.

It looked like it was decided something as the turned back to me, “You want our help and we will give it but we want something in return. We will break your cherry and make it enjoyable for you also but we don’t want it to be a one-time thing.”

That wasn’t surprising. What came next was.

“Starting now you are bottomless in the house. After tonight if anyone in the house wants sex you provide it.”

“What? You’re kidding right? It is bad enough me having sex with you two without him knowing. Dad would freak out if he found out we were doing it.”

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