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Mike was a huge man. He was a welder at a prefab steel shop in Buffalo. His wife of four years, Eileen, was also a welder at the same shop. She was a big woman, twenty eight years old, five foot eleven and a hundred and seventy pounds. Big Mike dwarfed her. He was six foot eight and two hundred eighty pounds. Together they made an imposing pair. Both of them were very strong from working all day with steel.

Friday had rolled around at last. Eileen got in the car beside Mike and they left the company parking lot. “Brewski?” asked Mike.

“Sure, why not,” replied Eileen.

They stopped at the Black North Inn, a tavern on the shores of Lake Erie. They were well known in the bar and it was only two blocks to their house. Perfect.

“Hey, Mike, Eileen,” the bartender greeted them as they strolled through the door.

“Give us a couple of brews,” Mike told him.

Mike and Eileen found a table near the back of the place. Soon their first beers of the evening arrived. Mike looked at Eileen. “I can kick your ass at shuffle board,” he challenged.

“Bullshit! Get your money ready!” Eileen retorted.

Eileen kicked his ass six out of ten. Her finesse game defeated Mike’s slam, bang style. “Now you owe me big time,” Eileen said with an evil gleam in her eyes.

“I guess I better start paying then. Let’s go home.”

They walked through their back door and directly into the laundry room. Mike hugged her tightly and kissed her. “Naked, naked, we need to be naked,” he stuttered.

Eileen stripped his shirt and t-shirt from him. She bent and removed his boots and socks. Finally she pulled off his pants and shorts. His seven inch cock flopped out at eye level. She sucked it greedily into her hungry mouth. They hadn’t had an after work shower Bostancı Escort yet so Mike’s dick was salty and a little funky. Eileen licked his sweaty nuts. “Mmmm, yummy,” she remarked.

Mike pulled her to her feet and removed her shirt and bra. He sucked a sweaty nipple into his mouth. As her sucked her, he fumbled with her pants. He let go of her tit and bent to remove her shoes and socks.

“Lick my feet, loser!” Eileen commanded.

Mike engulfed her right foot, enjoying the sweat and salt. Her feet were kind of stinky, but Mike didn’t care. He kissed them and licked them. At last he got her pants unfastened and jerked her pants and panties off.

“Eat my stinky pussy!” Eileen ordered.

Mike obediently rammed his head between her thighs and sucked on her smelly pussy. He licked and licked until it was clean. He took her clit between his lips and ran his tongue around it, peeling back her sheath with an expert sucking motion. Eileen moaned and pulled his head tighter into her womanhood. She was starting to leak cunt juice. “Fuck me now,” she commanded.

Mike stood up and sat her on the washing machine. She quivered in anticipation as she watched his cock near her pussy. “Oh, yeah!” she sighed as Mike sank all seven inches into her. He started his pumping action and she gratefully returned his tender attention. She wrapped her legs around him lifting herself off the washing machine. “Take me to bed,” she whispered.

Mike hoisted her off the machine and walked to the bedroom with his cock still buried deep within her. He flopped down on top of her on the bed. “Now you’re gonna see what the winner gets!” he told her.

She loved it when Mike’s big, hairy body was mashing her into the mattress. She held him tight and kissed Erenköy Escort him as he pounded her pussy hard. “Oh Mike, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she sighed. “Squirt it in me!”

Mike felt her pussy trying to crush his cock. He picked up the pace, pounding furiously into her. She was throbbing and shaking around his dick. He felt himself swell as she came on him. He released a massive burst of seed into her waiting cunt. She suddenly went limp and he collapsed on top of her. His half hard cock was still plugged into her, leaking semen.

“I love that stuff inside me,” Eileen said when she came to.

“I love putting it there,” Mike replied.

“We need a shower,” Eileen told him.

He grinned at her and rolled off. “Wait ’til I catch my breath.”

They cuddled for half an hour or so, sweaty, stinky, juicy, sticking together. Finally, Eileen got up and headed for the bathroom. “Come on tiger, I want to scrub your smelly body.”

Mike rolled out and followed her. He watched her fine ass swaying ahead of him, inviting him, teasing him. As she turned on the shower, he pulled her ass crack to his cock. She moaned and spread her legs. Mike’s cock slid easily into her from behind. Both his hands were full of her tits. He tweaked her nipples and sucked on her neck.

“Stop it Mike! You’re giving me a hickey.”

“I’m just marking my territory,” he replied.

“What will the guys at the shop think?” she giggled.

“They’ll think I’m one lucky son of a bitch and they’ll be right!”

“The water’s hot,” she commented.

“Let me lick up a little more of your sweat before we wash it all off,” Mike said as he licked her ear lobes.

She giggled again and pulled him into the spraying water. Soon they were soapy and slippery. Göztepe Escort His cock slipped out of her as they attended to washing each other.

They got out of the shower and toweled each other off. Mike still had his hardon. “I’m gonna eat you again. Then I’m gonna fuck you,” he declared as they headed for the bedroom.

She did a half gainer onto the bed and landed with her legs spread. “Come on get it!”

Mike devoured her now sweet smelling pussy. He rammed his tongue into her vagina. He licked her clit and stuck a finger into her, feeling for her “G” spot. Soon he located the rough little patch and fingered it vigorously. Eileen levitated off the mattress and screamed. His tongue on her clit and his finger on her spot were too much to take. She was shaking rapidly, her breath coming in short gasps. She screamed again as she came.

Mike crawled up her body and looked into her eyes. “That’ll teach you to play with the boys and win,” he told her and sank his cock all the way into her.

She was wriggling like a worm on a hook. The only thing she could think of was Mike’s cock ramming into her, making her feel so good, driving her to climax. She felt the first spurts of his cum splash into her depths. Her own orgasm soon overtook her and she fainted in his arms.

“What happened?” she asked as she came around.

“I fucked you to death and then I resurrected you.”

“You should have just kept on fucking. It was good where I was. I didn’t want to wake up.”

“I’ll try to remember that the next time,” Mike said.

“When would the ‘next time’ be?”

“That depends on how skillful you are at breathing some life into the cock you killed.”

She laid her head on his belly and sucked his cock into her warm, wet mouth. She happily realized that he was going to fuck her all weekend.

“You know honey,” he said, “I like this nice clean sex, but still, thinking back on what you did to me in the laundry room, I think I prefer those down and dirty, salty, stinky, sweaty fucks.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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