Sweet Surrender

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She sat astride him on his lap, looking into each other’s eyes. He ran his finger across the slit of his penis, capturing drops of his pre-cum, which was seeping out. Lifting the coated finger he raised it to Jean’s lips, smearing it on her soft lips and slowly pushing it into the warm cavern of her mouth. Jean sucked on her father’s finger, tasting his love juice, her eyes closed, sucking on his finger. Pulling his finger out of her mouth, he reached down to his engorged penis wetting it with more of his pre-cum. Gently, he rubbed it onto her nipples which was protruding out hard and he could see the goose bumps, now pronounced on her dark brown aureole. Jean’s body shuddered as her father’s fingers caressed her sensitive nipples. Pushing her slowly away from him, he lowered his head as his tongue ran across her nipples. Jean jerked involuntarily and gasped as his mouth clasped onto one nipple as he began to suck. Although she was pregnant with her first child, her stomach does not show that she was already in her sixth month. It swelled slightly and he was careful not to press against her. As he increased the suction on her nipple, he could taste her milk on his tongue.

Max was overcome with a erotic feelings as he drank his daughter’s swollen breasts. His penis had hardened and his pre-cum was flowing onto her thighs. Holding her shoulders, he pushed her back and looked at her pale body, the heaving breasts so full and firm, her nipples now freed of his hungry mouth, with a drop of fluid seeping out. He brushed her long hair back as his mouth seeked hers. Father and daughter held each other as they kissed deeply.

Max slowly pushed Jean backwards until she lay on her back on the bed. Still kissing her, he sucked her tongue. Both were lost to the world. His wife and her husband were not in their thoughts as the incestuous lust of their lovemaking overtook them. Taking his mouth off her, he took her hand and placed it on his penis. Her fingers could barely close completely around the girth of his shaft. He moved his body upwards until his crotch was at the level of her head. Opening his thighs, Max held Jean’s head in his hands as he gently brushed his turgid knob against her lips. Rubbing against her, he smeared the sticky pre-cum onto her lips as her fingers held his penis. Opening her mouth, Jean accepted her father’s cock, drawing him into her. He fucked her mouth tenderly as she sucked him. She felt him twitching and going stiff. His ejaculation spurted to the back of her throat as he came. The thick musky globs of sperm filled her mouth. Jean swallowed her father’s sperm, the same sperm from which she was created, as his penis spasmed in her mouth.

Groaning, Max lowered his head between Jean’s thighs as he clamped his mouth onto her vagina, sucking her. The wet, slippery lips opened to him as he penetrated her with his tongue, seeking her honey. As his penis left her mouth, she clutched the bed-sheet tightly with her fingers, lifting her buttocks and pushing her crotch up against his mouth. The orgasms came in multiple series making her moan and gasp. Max’s mouth was wet as she came, flowing into his mouth as he drank his daughter’s love secretion.

Finally, both were satiated, holding onto each other, knowing that they have committed the ultimate sin between a man and a woman.

As Max dropped off into a deep sleep, Jean tried to come to terms with the enormity of what has transpired. Her husband had left town to attend to business in one of the subsidiary. Being alone, and already six months pregnant, Tom, her husband did not want her to be staying by herself. So she agreed to stay for the week at her parent’s place. However, her mother was in hospital, recovering from a fracture she sustained when she met with an accident a couple of days before.

Max was 65 years old and Jean, his only child was 28. Both Max and his wife Mary loved Jean almost to a fault as they had her late. Jean was a beautiful girl, and Max was a wee bit jealous when she got married. Max always felt that no man was good enough for his daughter. And soon he will be a grandpa. Max was happy when Jean came to gaziantep escort stay. Seeing his daughter walk into the house, he was pleasantly surprised to see her looking so radiant and lovely. The slim body with just a hint of bulge at her midriff could hardly show that she was already in her sixth month. She was tall, almost 5ft 8, taking after her father who was a big man.

She cooked for him that night. After they had dinner, she washed up while he sat at the table, looking at her as she placed the dishes into the cabinet. He was taken aback when his mind began to wander as he looked at Jean. She was wearing a loose caftan and he could see the shape of her body, the full breasts and her slightly bulging tummy. He felt his penis stirring. Shocked by his feelings, he looked away, but the vision in front of him made him turn his eyes back to her. Max had always had a high sexual appetite even now, in his late years. But this was Jean, his own flesh and blood. He got up and walked to Jean. Without any real intentions, he held her around her waist from behind and said in a fatherly tone, “Goodnight sweetheart,” as he clasped her in his huge arms, kissing her hair.

“Night dad,” Jean replied. She stiffened when Max moved his hands upwards and brushed her breasts. The unexpected move made her nipples stiffened when he caressed her momentarily. As Max walked away towards his room, she turned around and looked after him. She tried not to think too much about what happened, maybe it was an accident, she thought. But the lingering touch would not leave her mind as she went into her room.

Jean had always slept in the nude at home and she did so in her father’s house too. She tried to sleep but she could not. Did her father felt her body just now? She trembled at the sinful thought. The lights were off in her room but it was not really dark. The gentle glow from the half-moon shone into her room. The soft whine of the air conditioner and the cool air made her shiver under her blanket. Suddenly she heard a noise and saw her door being opened. The figure of a tall person stood quietly and it approached her bed. Sitting up, she looked in fear and as the figure came to stand at the edge of her bed, she slowly made out that it was Max. “Dad,” she whispered hoarsely.

In total shock, she looked up at her father. He bends down to switch on the small table lamp light beside her bed. Jean gasped as she saw for the first time the naked body of her father, the hairy chest and the huge penis, stiff and long hanging between his crotch. He crawled up onto her bed and knelt in front of her, his eyes holding hers, almost magnetic.

Jean could not speak. She tried to open her mouth but no sounds came out. Max took her blanket and gently removes it off her. Father and daughter were now naked. He just looked at her body, savoring the wonder of her. Before Jean could make sense of what was happening, Max hands cupped her breasts, kneading her nipples. The electricity shot into her body as her sensitive nipples hardened against her will. Her mouth opened as she moaned. Holding her just by her nipples, he gently pulled her towards him and her head fell towards his chest.

As she gasped, he whispered against her hair, “Forgive me baby, please forgive me.”

He released her nipples and pushed her flat on the bed. She looked so small against his huge frame. Putting his arm under her knees he raised them up towards her chest, exposing her crotch. He could see her soft down hairs, covering her forbidden treasures. His large hand separated her pubic hair as his fingers opened the lips of her vagina. As he touched her clitoris, he felt her jerked her body as though a volt of current had hit her. In the soft light, he could see the sparkle of clear liquid wetting the folds of her vagina. He licked away the honey. As his tongue touched her, she spasmed, her whole body began to tremble. He pushed his tongue inside her. Making sure that he did not hurt her pregnant tummy, Max began to tongue fuck his daughter. Pulling his tongue out of her, he placed his engorged penis against her opening.

Shaking escort her head to clear her fogged mind, Jean cried out in anguish, “No, dad, please don’t,”

But Max had already penetrated her, the head of his penis was inside Jean’s body. Looking at her face, he could see her eyes wide open, looking at him as he pushed further inside her. Her vagina expanded, accepting his wide girth, the soft walls squeezing his penis tightly as he began the fucking motions. Jean’s head was turning from side to side as her father fucked her. Pushing her legs further up against her breasts, his penetration touched her cervix as his balls flattened against her upturned buttocks. At that moment, he stopped moving, holding her in place, his penis throbbing as he came. As his sperm ejaculated deep inside her, their eyes held, both gasping for air. He kept cumming until his sperm started to seep out between his penis and the tight sheath of her vagina, dripping out onto the mattress. Jean moaned as her orgasm hit her, her vaginal muscles gripping his penis as she spent herself. He held her in his arms, his penis still lodged inside her, as she spasmed against him. They lay in silence for almost five minutes and then he slipped out of her gently. Max was still hard. Sitting up, he carried her and placed her on his lap.

Jean let her father sleep as she got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. She wondered whether it was all a dream. Her legs were rubbery and she was completely exhausted. Sitting on the toilet seat, she looked down. She saw that her pubic hair was matted with sticky fluids. Her inner thighs too were wet. Her vagina felt swollen and tender. The memory of her father’s huge penis fucking her made her shake her head in shame. Standing up, she looked into the mirror. She could see his sperm still on her lips and cheeks. Only then did she realize that the taste of his cum was still in her mouth. His sperm was both in her cervix as well as in her stomach where she had swallowed.

As she wet the towel to clean her face, Max walked into the bathroom. Without a word, he took the towel from her hand and wiped her himself. He cleaned her between her thighs. He could see that her vaginal lips were still puffy from his fucking. Jean did not know how to react. She knew that she had cum and was weak in front of her ravisher. Placing the towel on the rack, he picked her up in his arms and carried her to his room. Jean could only place her head on his hairy chest, her arms around his neck.

He carried her to his bathroom. It was big with full-length mirror on one side. Holding her sideways, he released one arm, the other around the underside of her knees so that they were facing the mirror. Jean looked at their reflection and could see that his straining penis was between her buttocks. The sight was so erotic to the pair. His hand reached for the shaft and she could see him placing the bulbous head against her vagina. Her mouth opened to suck in air as she felt his penis entering her. Holding her in a fetal position, Max began to fuck her. Her wetness made a squishing sound as he lifted and lowered her on his thick phallus. She held on tightly as Max pumped into her. After a while he stopped, his penis lodged deep inside her.

She opened her eyes and he said, “Have you ever been fucked in the ass.”

“No,” she whispered softly.

“I want you there,” he said, as he started to lift and lower her on his phallus. “I will be gentle, please say yes,” he pleaded.

The erotic and incestuous ravishment of her father on her body made her unable to think clearly. Jean nodded her head in consent. She never had anal sex before.

Max carried her to his bed, his penis still inside her. Lifting her off him, he placed her on her side onto the bed. He turned back to head to the bathroom. Jean lay quietly, her hands clasped against her breasts, her mind unable to comprehend what ass fucking would be like. Then she felt him sitting on the bed behind her. He lifted her and placed her at the edge of the bed. He bend her knees so that her buttocks was jutting outwards at the edge as she laid escort bayan on her side. He was kneeling on the floor behind her. Jean moaned as she felt her father’s lips kissing the twin globes of her soft buttocks. She closed her eyes tightly as his lips moved between the crack of her butt. She clenched her buttocks as his lips made contact with her anus. She felt his hands pressed open the soft mounds and his tongue ran across her anal opening. The touch made her hands leave her chest as she held tightly onto the pillow her head was resting on. As his saliva wet her anus, the feeling Jean got was so sexual that her sphincter relaxed and surrendered to her father’s probing. As he pushed his tongue against her, the tiny orifice bloomed as he pushed in ever so slightly. Clutching the pillow tightly, Jean gasped as an orgasm hit her. At that moment, Max placed a finger against her anus and penetrated her. The virgin hole gripped his finger. Jean was in a throes of unbridled lust as her father began to finger fuck her. He pulled out and sealed her opening with his lips, sucking her anus. The musk odor of her was an aphrodisiac to Max as his penis expanded and his pre-cum seeping out. Jean felt a cold liquid being dropped onto her anus. Max rubbed in the jelly.

Max whispered against her ear, “I’m going to fuck you now, if it is painful, tell me. You must relax.”

Jean felt the mushroom head of her father’s penis against her anus. As he pushed for entry, she clenched her sphincter tightly closed.

“Relax,” he soothed her.

She broke out in sweat as she felt him forcing his stiff phallus against her tiny orifice. Holding her by her hips, he poured more jelly onto the opening. At last she gave way and he entered her, the head lodged in. Jean cried as she felt her anus opened up wide. She didn’t know that being fucked in the ass was this painful. Tears wet her cheeks as she bites on the pillow. Having penetrated her, Max pressed on slowly until almost half his penis was inside her rectum. Her head flailed on the pillow as she tried to ease the pain. Max knew that she was hurting, so he stopped and just held her, but his need was also in a heightened degree. Her anal muscle gripped him so very tightly that he could feel her clamping down on him. His hands moved to her breasts and he caressed her nipples, bringing them to hardness. Then he moved down to search for her clitoris, rubbing her until the hood opened and the projectile grew. The caressing of her nipples and clit made her gasped.

The grip on his penis slackened as she got used to the unnatural penetration. As her rectal muscle accepted his girth, Max turned Jean’s head around as his mouth descended onto hers. Their kiss was soul searching as he sucked her mouth. Sensing that she was ready, he pushed in further into her rectum. As his thick and engorged penis entered more inside her body, Jean tried to prevent his progress. But Max held her firm until his balls were tight against her soft buttocks. Breaking off their kiss, both father and daughter gasped for breath, as they knew that he was now completed inside her. Lodged deep inside her Max slowly pushed her towards the center of the bed. So they lay on their sides, Max with his arms around her, cupping her breasts, her knees bent and pushed upwards, his penis deep inside her rectum. Caressing her body, the palms of his huge hands moved to her pregnant belly, stroking his unborn grandchild inside. He moved his hands back to her breasts, his finger and thumb gently kneading her engorged nipples until her milk started dripping out. The sensation of his caressing and the feeling of being completely filled below gave her another orgasm. As he felt her body shaking against him, Max began to move gently, fucking her. When her orgasm peaked, Jean pressed her buttocks tightly against him. At that moment, Max started to fuck her rectum, knowing that he could not hold out any longer. His lips now sealed onto her shoulder, his hands on her breasts, he pulled her to him, pressing his penis as far as he could inside her, his ejaculation started, spurting globes of thick semen deep inside his daughter’s bowels. His body shivered as he pumped his sperm inside her lower intestines. Father and daughter cried out in sheer sexual contentment as he spent himself inside her.

Exhausted, he pulled the blanket to cover them, as they drifted into deep slumber, his penis still inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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