The Anniversary Vacation Ch. 05

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If you have ideas for something you want to see comment or message me and I’ll see if there is a way to work it in. All characters are 18 and up.

Hope you Enjoy!


I wake up and blink the sleep from my eyes. I roll over and check my phone and see that it is 9:36 am. I sigh and lay there, feeling much better after an exhausting day yesterday. I hear Kenzie move around on the other side of the bed before she turns to face me.

“Feeling better?” I ask her.

Kenzie smiles, “Yes. Thanks for asking. You still wiped out?”

I shake my head, “No. I’m ready to go again.

Kenzie laughs, “Of course you are. Maybe later tonight, after we see what Mom’s surprise for today is.”

I laugh, and roll back over to check my phone. I see a text from Mom in a group chat with Kenzie and I. It says, Your Dad and I went for breakfast then the gym. We’ll text you when we go to the beach.

“You see Mom’s text?” I ask Kenzie.

“Yeah. You want to get breakfast delivered to the room?” Kenzie responds.

“Sure.” I answer, rolling over to look at Kenzie again. By now she has sat up and is dialing for room service. Kenzie places an order for some food, while I go and open the blinds covering the balcony and let the bright sunlight in. Today is a cloudless, bright day and the ocean has small waves that gently push their way onto the shore. Kenzie comes up next to me and rests her head on my arm, looking at the view.

“Isn’t this nice?” She asks.

“The vacation or the view?” I ask with a small laugh.

“Both!” Kenzie says, and we kiss on the lips shortly before pulling apart.

I smile at her, “I’ve enjoyed the vacation more than the view.”

Kenzie giggles, “You’ve gotten plenty of views so far!”

I laugh back, “I can only hope for more!”

Kenzie and I continue to watch the beach and enjoy the view talking about nothing in particular until the food comes when we sit down on the room couch and enjoy breakfast. I turn the television onto the sports channel and watch highlights from the game last night. Kenzie gets up after finishing and begins to get ready for the day, mostly by fixing her hair and brushing her teeth. I wait until she’s done and get ready as well, finishing fairly quickly. When I leave the bathroom Kenzie is naked, facing away from me.

“You know what you said earlier abut enjoying the view?” I ask her.

Kenzie turns and smiles, obviously not worried about me catching her naked anymore. She says, “I’m just getting ready for the beach. Mom and Dad should be waiting for us down there. Kenzie then throws her loose fitting button up shirt and short shorts on over her naked body, while I undress and throw on basketball shorts and a tank top.

After I finish dressing I ask her, “You ready to go?” Kenzie nods at me and makes her way to the door. I follow, grabbing key cards as I leave. The two of us make our way through the halls down towards the beach. When we get in the elevator and the doors, Kenzie flashes her ass at me in a teasing manner.

“You love making me hard don’t you?” I joke at her.

Kenzie pulls her pants back up and laughs, “Just a little.”

We go the rest of the ride in silence, exiting on the ground floor. Kenzie and I make our way through the lobby before exiting the back of the hotel and starting our walk down the cliff stairs. The warm air feels pleasant on my skin and there is a slight breeze blowing off of the ocean.

Kenzie begins to scan the beach as we walk down the stairs. “There!” She exclaims pointing at Mom’s recognizable hair walking down the beach away from us. Kenzie leads the way down the stairs to the beach and I follow her, wondering why she is in such a hurry. I guess she wants to find out the surprise that Mom has planned for today, I think, as we reach the bottom of the stairs and Kenzie falls into step next to me once again.

“What do you think Mom’s surprise is?” I ask Kenzie.

Kenzie gives me a blank look, “I honestly have no idea. I hope it doesn’t involve sex and all of us. You and I hooking up is okay with me. Hell… even Mom, you and I wasn’t that bad. I don’t know how I’d feel if Dad got involved…”

I look at Kenzie with an understanding look, “I agree with you. I’m sure if anything makes us uncomfortable we can just tell Mom and Dad and they’ll understand.”

Kenzie nods in agreement but says nothing. We walk the rest of the way to Mom and Dad in silence. Upon arriving, Mom and Dad are setting up a large blanket on the sand, far away from the hotel beach chairs that we had used the past several times. We all greet each other as Kenzie and I walk up and watch Mom brush a little sand off of the blanket.

“Why are we all the way over here?” I ask.

Mom smiles at me, wearing a blue sundress as a cover up. “I wanted to maybe have a little family chat by the beach today and the other guests… well they might overhear us. Over here they certainly won’t.”

“What do we need to talk about?” Kenzie asks uncertainly.

Mom gives a teasing smile, “We’ll get to that later. Remember gaziantep escort bayan the rules of the beach though!” With that, mom removes her sundress exposing her sexy naked body to the open air. Dad removes his shirt and shorts at the same time. Dad lays down on the blanket while Mom stands looking expectantly at Kenzie and I. By now, Kenzie and I both know the drill and after last night, we are both more comfortable getting naked in front of Mom. I quickly remove my shirt and shorts, while Kenzie first unbuttons her blouse, revealing her sexy, firm breasts. Kenzie then drops her shorts, revealing her pussy. It looks normal again after all the use it got last night. It has returned to having closed outer lips with the tips of her inner lips poking out.

Mom looks at her daughter’s pussy and smiles. She says to Kenzie, “It looks much better after last night!”

Kenzie gives a small smile, “Ummm… Thanks… It feels normal too.”

“Good!” Mom responds.

Hearing this, Dad sits up, “Tom, Sue told me about you and her last night. How did you feel about that?”

I hesitate, glancing sideways at Kenzie. Kenzie looks at me interested, probably wondering how I would respond. After several seconds of silence, I say, “It was different… not in a bad way though! Mom certainly knows what she is doing.”

Mom smiles, taking what I said as a compliment. Dad nods, “I figured you’d answer like that… which brings me to the conversation we need to have.”

Kenzie and I both look at him, wondering what this will all be about. Dad continues, “Tomorrow, your Aunt Anne is coming here and the first night I know she is staying with your Mom and I. After the first night… well its completely up to the two of you if you want her to stay in your room or not. You two need to figure that out.”

“Is that all? We just need to figure out if our Aunt is going to spend alone time with us?” Kenzie asks, crossing her arms, and putting emphasis on the word alone.

Dad shakes his head no, “When Anne gets here tomorrow your Mom and I are going to be occupied with her. Either one of you or both of you are welcome to join us if you want.”

Both Kenzie and I’s mouths drop, “You Mom and Aunt Anne want group sex with us?” I ask.

Mom nods, saying, “Your father and I talked about this this morning and decided that you were more than welcome to join in, especially considering the developments the past few days. Your both adults and very beautiful. If you decide to do your own thing… just know no one will be mad at you. Please just let us know by tomorrow morning.”

Kenzie looks at me, her mouth still open in shock. I stare at Mom, “Ummm… we will. Was…that it?”

Mom nods, “You and Kenzie have a lot to think about. But for now, we can all just enjoy a day at the beach! I have sandwiches in the cooler when you two get hungry.”

“Thanks! Tom want to take a walk?” Kenzie asks. I nod and walk next to her as we make our way up the beach in silence, both lost in our thoughts. I look back at Mom and Dad and they both are laying on the blanket out of earshot.

I ask, “So… what are we going to do?”

Kenzie sighs and looks at me, “I don’t want to think about it now… just follow me.” I do, wondering where on this beach she wants to go. Kenzie leads me back towards the cliff on the beach, passing between some rocks and leading me into the grotto that Mom showed us.

Kenzie turns and looks at me, putting her hands on her hips, “I want it to just be the two of us here. Come in the water with me!”

With that, Kenzie walks away from me, hips swaying side to side as she steps in the water, as I follow. Soon, we are up to our knees, just standing next to each other. Kenzie looks at me and rubs her hand on my arm. I look at her and see that she is looking at me with a strange look in her eyes. “Why did you want to come back here?” I ask her.

Kenzie smiles when she answers, “To talk. This vacation… so much has happened with all of us so far. Remember when it would just be the two of us relaxing by the pool when Mom and Dad went away?”

I smile, “When it would usually end in us arguing about something? Yeah I do.”

Kenzie giggles, “God we were so petty. But those were simple times… before all this came about.”

“You don’t like it?” I ask her.

Kenzie shakes her head, “No! It’s not that, trust me, I really enjoy what we’ve become. I think it’s because when we were in high school, when you were dating Amy… I was… jealous.”

I laugh, “Really? I thought it was because you caught us having sex that one time!”

Kenzie gives me an annoyed look, “Don’t laugh! But catching the two of you certainly didn’t help anything. You are my older brother and at the time I thought you were kind of hot.”

“You still think that?” I ask her, leaning in close to her face.

Kenzie looks me in the eyes, “Yes! Do you think I’m cute?”

I smile, “Of course!” Then I lean in the rest of the way and kiss her lips. After a second, Kenzie opens her mouth and our gaziantep eve gelen escort tongues intertwine. My hands begin to run down her sides, resting on her hips.

Kenzie pulls away from me and says, “Let’s take this out of the water so we don’t get hit by a wave or anything.”

I smile, “You’re the boss!” I follow close behind her as she walks, occasionally she turns and gives me a teasing looks over her shoulder. Finally, she nears an outcropping in the wall of the grotto. Kenzie smiles at me and drops to her knees, grabbing my now erect cock and licks the tip. Kenzie then looks up into my eyes and begins to suck my cock. She is able to suck most of me off while looking into my eyes the whole time. After a minute or two of making my member wet with her spit, Kenzie removes my cock from her mouth and stands.

“Your turn. But make me cum!” She demands. She places one of her legs up on a rock, exposing her pussy to me. I smile and kneel in front of her. I run one finger over her beautiful pussy, feeling her outer lips and a little bit of her soft inner lips. I then place my mouth over her tunnel and begin to slurp at her clit, occasionally pushing my tongue slightly inside her. Kenzie begins to moan softly from the stimulation. I continue to taste her sweet juices, often lapping them up. Soon, Kenzie’s pussy is dripping wet and some of her juices begin to flow down onto my chin.

Kenzie finally gasped and closed her eyes as she began to cum. I pulled my face away from her pussy, letting her enjoy her orgasm. After several seconds, Kenzie began to recover from her orgasm and I came close to her once again. In her most pleading voice, Kenzie says, “Fuck me Tom! Please!”

I smile and reach down, rubbing my wet tip over her moist lips, causing Kenzie to let out a soft moan. After coating my head in her juices, I slowly sink inside her pussy, making her gasp. “Damn Kenzie your dripping!” I say as my cock reaches the back of her tight pussy. Kenzie simply nods back as I slide back out of her wet tunnel, puling some of her cum out. I begin to speed up my pace and Kenzie begins to grunt and moan as I thrust in and out of her warm depths. Soon, Kenzie’s body is covered in sweat like mine as we fuck like animals in the cave. Her moans echo off of the walls, making it sound like there are two of her.

“Keep… going! I’m close…” Kenzie gasps out as I continue my fairly quick pace. Not wanting to deny my sister the pleasure of another orgasm, I concentrate and think about anything but cumming. Soon Kenzie cries out, “That’s it Tom!” I feel a rush of her cum just as I blow my own load in her pussy. Her pussy continues to produce her own cum and clench around my rapidly deflating cock as her orgasm finally begins to subside.

I slide my soft cock out of her pussy and following it is a rush of white fluid, a mix of our cum. My cock is shiny with her cum and juices and some drip off of the tip. “Fuck that was amazing!” I say with a smile, whipping sweat off of my forehead.

Kenzie nods, recovering her breath, as sweat drips down her forehead. Finally, she stands straight, still red in the face. “Ready to go back? Mom and Dad are probably wondering where we are.”

“We’re covered in sweat and smell like cum. I think they’ll have a pretty good idea.” I laugh as I lead the way out of the grotto. We make the short walk back to our parent’s blanket and upon arriving, Mom looks up from the cooler at us.

“Where did you two go?” She asks, as Dad looks up from his nap.

“The cave you showed us…” Kenzie starts to answer.

Dad laughs, “Like parents, like children I guess. Clearly the two of you enjoyed yourselves!” Kenzie and I both give a shy nod. Dad continues, “Oh come on, it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Your Mom and I had a pretty good idea about where you two went.”

“Sorry…” I start.

Mom laughs, “What are you apologizing for? Did you both enjoy it?”

“Yes.” I say

“I did.” Kenzie says.

Mom smiles, “Good! If you two ever want some company…”

“Sue!” Dad interrupts. “They just finished. Give the two of them a break.”

“Right you are.” Mom says, giving Kenzie and I a knowing wink. “Want food?”

Kenzie and I both nod and Mom hands us sections from a sub sandwich. Then she takes two more and hands one of them to Dad as she sits down next to him. Dad sits up and begins to eat. I take a seat next to Mom and Kenzie sits on the other side of me. Our family eats lunch together naked, while making small talk. After eating, Kenzie and I go into the ocean to cool off a little. Kenzie gets her whole body wet by diving gracefully into a wave and the two of us talk about nothing of importance for a little bit. After several minutes, Kenzie decides to head back to the beach.

I remain in the water and watch her leave as Mom passes her on her way into the water. Mom’s ample breasts swaying side to side as she walks. After another few seconds, Mom reaches me and smiles. “Tell me honestly, “Are you enjoying the vacation? gaziantep evi olan escort And not just the sexual aspect of it!”

I think for a minute, “Honestly, yes. I’ve learned a lot about you and Dad. And I think Kenzie and I have gotten closer because of this.”

Mom nods, like she was expecting this answer. “And how is the sex?”

“Excuse me?” I ask.

“Was I good last night? Is Kenzie fun to be with?” Mom asks.

“What kind of… Both of you are good… why?” I stutter.

Mom smiles, “Mom’s just like to know about their kids. It just so happens that I’m interested… and involved in my children’s sex lives.”

I sigh, remembering last night, “That you are.”

We stand in the water for another few minutes before Mom asks, “How was Kenzie in the cave? You make her cum?”

I answer, “We fucked in a standing position, she came twice. Why? “

Mom smiles, “Good! I’m just being nosey for the sake of being nosey. Same reason I ask you all the other questions about her.”

“Why don’t you ever ask Kenzie?” I ask, genuinely curious.

Mom laughs, “What do you think happened when we went to go get massages. She told me a little about it. But I find that you are easier to get to open up on this vacation.”

“What makes you say that?” I ask.

Mom smiles, “Because if I really want to get you to do or say something then I know how to get you to tell me. With Kenzie… I feel that she isn’t as open to all this as you are.”

I nod, “I think Kenzie is slowly adapting to this though. Believe it or not, she was the one who wanted to come to the beach the first day anyway. I wanted to head into town and use that beach.”

Mom smiles, “Really? Well… who knows then. Maybe she’ll open up around Anne.”

I nod, unsure of how to respond. I spend several more seconds in the warm water before leaving it and making my way back to the blanket to dry off in the hot sun. Kenzie rolls over and lays on her stomach turning to look at me while I dry off, lying next to her. I smile at her and she smiles back, “Tom, can you get sunscreen on my back?”

“Yeah you got it.” I kneel over her as I see Mom leaving the water and coming back. Dad has his back turned to us. I reach in the bag and pull out the sunscreen, open it and pour some into my hands. I start with her shoulders and work my way down her back. Unlike the other day with Mom, I have no issue covering my sister’s ass with sunscreen. It is at this point that Mom has reached us and is watching with a mild interest. I then work down the back of her legs and reach her ankles. Finishing, I notice that I have an erection.

Without looking up, Kenzie says, “Thanks Tom!”

“Yeah no problem” I answer as I stand, trying my best to not let anyone see my erection. I go to lay down again, with the intent of covering my hard cock with my body. However Mom who is still standing sees my hard cock and smiles.

“Come here!” Mom mouths at me. I frown and do so.

“What’s up?” I ask her.

Mom smiles and looks down, “Your cock apparently. Want help taking care of it?”

I continue to frown and whisper, “Right here? In the middle of the beach with Dad and Kenzie?”

Mom smiles, “No! Let’s take this somewhere more… secluded.”

With that, Mom grabs my hard member in her hand and gives me a gentle tug towards the grotto before letting go again. Mom then begins to walk away, and I follow, watching her ass move from side to side with each step she takes. Finally, Mom slips between the two rocks and enters the cave. I follow closely, cock still hard from touching Kenzie. Mom goes to a spot near where Kenzie and I were busy earlier and leans against the smooth rock wall, spreading her legs. Mom reaches her hand down between her legs and rubs her clit with two fingers, teasing herself.

“Well… I’m waiting!” Mom says with a teasing smile, looking at me and removing her fingers.

I close the distance between the two of us and begin to run my hands over her breasts, feeling her large, pink areolas. My mouth connects with hers and the two of us share a passionate kiss, tongues exploring each other’s mouths. I reach one hand in between her legs and use a finger to trace a circle around her clit, teasing my own mother.

Mom’s hand reaches down and begins to slowly stroke my cock. Our mouth’s part and Mom gasps slightly as I slide two fingers inside her wet tunnel. I pull them out and Mom greedily tastes her own juices off of them. After I remove my finger’s from Mom’s mouth, I trace them between her breasts and down to her wet pussy. I slowly slide them back in, making Mom moan softly once again, before I begin to pick up my pace. Soon, Mom’s moans begin to become louder as I bring her close to orgasm, before she cries out as I send her over the edge. Mom puts her weight onto the stone wall as she struggles to support her weight because of her powerful orgasm.

Some of her white cum begins to ooze out of her pussy as her breathing slowly returns to normal. Mom pushes some of the hair out of her eyes before saying, “That was great, but now it’s time to get rid of that erection!” With that she grabs the tip of my cock and rubs it against her hot mound, coating my tip with her cum. Then she reaches behind me and pulls me closer, sliding my cock slowly into her. Mom closes her eyes and lets out a soft gasp as I reach her maximum depth, before pulling out and leaving my tip in her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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