The Curse of the Carnival Ch. 04

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As Sean opened his eyes, the morning sun forced him to squint. Lifting the sheets, he could see that his morning hard-on was present as usual. The pain and pressure in his groin was not though. Sean wasted no time in getting up from the couch. It was Sunday morning and nobody was home. After getting dressed, he peered over at the clock to see that it was a little past noon.

Driving home, Sean was still trying to make sense of what happened last night. He had waited a long time to pop Karen’s cherry, but wanted no part in doing her mom with her. It’s not that she wasn’t pretty; it was just that he never saw her as anything but Karen’s mother. The whole way home was filled with delight over getting Karen, and guilt that her mother was involved too. When he finally pulled into his driveway, he conceded to that fact that if Karen did not want her mother there she would have said something.

Sean noticed that there was no cars in the driveway, and assumed that his mother and sister were at church, or shopping. Walking inside, he could think of nothing else other than to relax and watch some TV. Plopping himself on the couch, and turning on the game became the number one priority. Time seemed to slip away as his favorite team played. All the time though, he was thinking of how he had more ass in two days then he had in all of his life.

As he got up from the couch to fix himself something to eat, he felt a familiar stirring in his groin. It was not as bad as the last time, but it was present. Sean paid little attention to it though. He felt that some food might help it go away. Going back to the couch to eat his food, Sean started to ignore the now slight discomfort in his genitals.

After watching TV, Sean went upstairs to finish some homework. When he reached his room, he noticed that his cock was erect. The pain was slight, but persistent. Sean fell back on to his bed and stripped off his pants. He was going to take care of business so that he could focus on some schoolwork.

While his pants were down, he took a strong look at his erection. He noticed that the veins in his cock were pulsing, and his balls were enlarging when he touched his manhood. Sean’s hand quickly worked his cock like he had done thousands times before. He let his mind wander to his sexual exploits. He still could not stop thinking of Karen’s tight pussy, how it just engulfed his entire cock as he pushed inside of her. Sean’s hand was working up a fury, but he could not get it to cum. The feeling was great, but his stamina would give in if he did not cum soon.

He heard the front door close, while he was working on his manhood. Sean’s only response to it was getting up from his bed and closing his door. He needed to relieve himself in a bad way. His dick would not cum for the life of him though. As his hand pounded on his shaft, he heard footsteps coming up the stairs toward his room. He knew that he should cover up, but his hand would not let go of his dick. His hand kept flying up and down on his fully raised cock. There was no stopping now. The door opened, but Sean never missed a stroke. He continued jerking his shaft as if there was no intrusion.

Walking in the room was his mom. “Honey, you should know better than that.”

Sean kept focused on his cock as he responded, “Know what?”

“That if your dick gets that hard and big, you should get me. I will always help you out when your cock needs attention”

Sean’s look on his face went from focused on making his dick cum, to confusion about his mom. He just remembered the other day, when she said that this should not happen again. Now here she is offering to help relieve him of his urgent need to cum. Sean still knew that it was wrong, but his mother’s attitude with wanting him was getting to him. If it did not bother her, it was not going to faze him.

“What about escort blog Sharon, won’t she be home soon?”

Lynda knew the answer to that, so she started to unbutton her blouse when she responded, “I left her at Grandma’s.”

Lynda just stared at the prize waiting for her. Her son’s cock was fully erect and waiting for her. What she purposely neglected to tell Sean was that Sharon wanted to come home too. However, she had felt a strong desire to have her son again, and this time she did not want to share. The desire was so strong that she could not contain herself on the way home. All she could do was get wet, while thinking about her son’s cock filling her wet cunt up with his seed.

Sean was fed up with her antics of wanting him, and not wanting him. He was going to give it to her no matter what she said. If she wanted his dick so bad, he was going to give it to her. He now stroked his proud member to his mother while she undressed.

He had never thought of his mom as a sexual person before the other day. He knew his mother was attractive, but never saw her in a lustful way. As his mother stood naked before him, he knew that he was going to fuck a hot woman. The thought of it being his mother had not slipped into his mind. He now stared at her breasts. They were a nice round D, and her erect nipples were almost an inch long. He could also see that his mother was nicely shaved.

Lynda knelt on the bed before her son, and gripped his throbbing cock. She was between his legs, when she dropped her head down to swallow his monster. She got only halfway before she backed off, almost gagging. She never seen a dick this large, and going down on it was a challenge she wanted. As her head bounced up and down, her throat adjusted to her son’s large member. She was cumming just thinking about the feeling she was going to get from her son.

Sean watched his mother try to take in his cock, as he held her long hair. He could feel her tongue swirl around the head of his dick. She was trying to get the whole thing in her mouth but she couldn’t. The feeling of her warm mouth on his now throbbing prick was making him want to cum.

Watching his mother’s head go up and down on his prick had Sean wanting to cum deep in her mouth. He wanted to put his hot seed deep in his mother’s mouth, but the desire to cum never came. The pressure in his balls was still ever present, but the urge to cum never happened. Sean pushed his mother off, and turned her on her back.

Lynda knew what was coming as she lifted her head off her son’s dick. She was now on her back, and opening her legs to her son. Sean, seizing the moment, lay down in front of his mother, ready to plunge his manhood in her now wet twat.

“Come on baby, give mommy what she wants.”

Sean pushed into his mother slow and steady until his balls were against her body. As he pulled out, the moan out of his mother sent chills down Sean’s neck.


Increasing his pace, Sean’s dick now plunged in and out of his mother’s vagina with full intensity. He could feel her cum coat the entire length of his proud cock. The walls of her cunt were now gripping on to his huge manhood, making the feeling more intense for him. Sean felt the pain again as he knew his balls were about to burst. The pressure began to build up, as he slammed in and out of his mother’s cunt.

Lynda could feel her vagina expel cum out, as her son’s body pressed up against hers. She could feel her cunt swell up as his cock pushed ever so deep inside of her. She could feel her son’s prick start to throb, as he entered deep into her, over and over. As he pushed inside her, she could feel his cock swell up and explode into her.

“Ahh, GOD your cock is filling me up!!!”

Sean collapsed on top of gaziantep escort blogu his mother, utterly exhausted. He had left his cock inside of his mother as the last of his seed emptied out into her. He lay on top of his mother like he did as a child, as he fell asleep.

Waking up, Sean noticed no one was around. He looked at the clock and it was 10am. He had missed school, and knew that he was going to be in trouble. As he got up, he felt the pressure in his balls come back. This time he was worried about this sickness. Before he thought it would pass in a day or two. This time, he knew he had to see someone about the pressure and pain he was feeling.

As he got dressed and headed out the door, he noticed he had missed calls on his cell phone. The calls came from Karen. She did not leave a message but called a couple of times. He wanted to call her back, but knew she was in class. He thought he could call her after he went to the doctor’s office.

When Sean reached the doctor’s office, he felt the pain and pressure from his balls again. This time it was a little more painful than when he awoke. Opening the door, he noticed only two people waiting in the office. It was a mother and her daughter. The mother looked like she was in her later 30s, and the daughter looked to be about thirteen. They were both reading magazines, when Sean closed the door behind him. The office was just as he remembered last year, pale and drab. The only thing that hung on the wall was an ugly painting of a bowl with fruit.

Walking over to the counter he noticed the secretary filing charts. She was very attractive, for an older women. She was wearing a low-cut blouse that showed much of her large bust. As he approached the counter, she looked up and smiled at him. Her blue eyes looked right into his and she smiled.

“Please sign in, and have a seat.”

Sean bent down and signed the list. After he signed the list, she turned it around to look at his name.

“Have you been here before?”

Sean was a little nervous, but the answer finally came out, “Yeah.”

“Okay, take a seat and the doctor will be with you shortly.”

Sean walked back with his head down and took a seat away from the two other people in the waiting area. He reached over and grabbed a magazine, with the hottest girl he could find. As he flipped through the pages, he noticed that the young girl and her mother were staring at him. He tried looking at the magazine, and ignoring them, but their eyes would not turn away. He then felt a familiar feeling. His pain started to return. Sean could feel his jeans bulging as his cock wanted freedom. The swelling of his balls only added to the great tension he was now feeling. He then saw the door open up and the nurse standing there with a chart in her hand.

“Sean, the doctor will see you now.”

He put the magazine down and headed for the nurse standing in the doorway. As he approached, she turned around to lead the way. Sean let his eyes wander down to her round shapely ass. It was not too big, but not small either. She must have been in her mid thirties. He could see that she had no panty line, as he stared at her ass in the skintight white pants she wore.

She walked to an open door, and put the chart in the holder on the door. Sean walked in and turned to the nurse. She looked at him and smiled. “The Doctor will see you shortly.” The nurse then proceeded to close the door.

The room was bare as could be. The only things on the walls were informational charts about certain illnesses. The only thing that got his attention was the chart on breast-feeding. The chart had the outline of a topless women. With that, Sean felt his pain again.

The door openly abruptly, and another nurse walked in. This nurse had on a long white coat though. gaziantep escort sitesi She must have been in her early thirties. Her brown hair was up, and her small frame was accentuated by her hourglass shape. Her breasts fit her petite frame perfectly. Her face lit up once she laid eyes on Sean. She walked over and took out a prescription pad.

“Could you please remove all your clothes?” the nurse stated as she was reaching for her pen. “I am going to give a scrip to help with some of your problems. But first what seems to be the problem?”

Sean was a little baffled. Here this hot nurse was giving him a prescription for a problem she didn’t even know about. He wanted to ask her why, but he was too embarrassed, so took off his shirt in silence.

As he took off his pants, he finally spoke up, “I seem to be having a problem with my erections.”

“Well, let me just look see.”

Once Sean had his pants off, he felt his pain come alive. It was mild the whole time in the office, but now it flared up. His massive cock now clearly poked through his underwear. As he removed his underwear, his dick was at full attention. He saw the nurse remove the stethoscope from around her neck and knelt down before him.

She placed the cold end right to his inner thigh. After about ten seconds, she removed it, and lifted up his sack. She then moved his dick as much as she could. The nurse just seemed to be examining it. The relief washed over Sean. For the first time his pain was going to be handled. After about a minute, the nurse looked up at Sean.

“I know exactly what is wrong with you. It seems that your genitals are over producing sperm, and its causing you pain when you don’t release it.”

Sean was relieved at her explanation. He let as if a weight had been lifted. He could now go about fixing his life. He still had questions though.

“Two questions. First how do I get rid of this problem, and how did it happen?”

The nurse seemed to smile as she responded. “Well, to get rid of this problem, you’re gonna need to be ejaculated. I can help you with that.”

Just as she finished her sentence, her warm mouth started to wrap around his massive erection. She took about half of it in, before her mouth retreated back. Sean was flushed with pleasure, as this nurse swallowed his dick. He could feel her wet mouth work on his engorged shaft.

The nurse could feel this boy’s dick swell up while it was in her mouth. She knew once she saw his genitals, she needed to have them squirt his load inside of her. She got up from her knees, and then pulled down her white pants. Only her white thong was covering her small tight ass. As she stood at the edge of the examining bed, she opened her legs and prepared herself for his giant prick.

“Come here and fuck me, Sean.”

Sean wasted no time in getting behind her, and positioning his rod between her moist lips. He pushed his dick in slowly until his cock was half inside of her.


The nurse had such a small backside, Sean wondered if she could take all of it. Her body did not seem to mind it, as Sean pushed the last of his cock inside of her. She could not believe how large this boy’s cock was. It filled her entire cunt up. Sean could feel the nurse cum as his dick was inside of her. He was moving very slowly at first, wondering how much of him she could take. “OH GOD, OPEN ME UP WITH YOUR COCK!

Sean was now moving his hips at a faster speed. He body slammed against her tight ass, as she accepted his large prick. He could feel her pussy close in around his dick as she orgasmed. He never felt a pussy as tight as hers; Karen’s pussy was tight, but the nurse’s was just really small.

He could feel his balls begin to swell up, as his pain was coming to an end. He could do nothing except push his entire shaft deep inside of her. He felt his sperm come up through his dick, and burst deep inside of her.


He stood there for a while, as his cock pumped the last of his juice deep inside of her. He could feel his body drained of fluid and energy. He got on the bed and fell fast asleep.

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