The Dream Gift

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Mom raised her head and adjusted her glasses with her forefinger as I walked in. She must have been grading the papers of some unfortunate kids. She was a teacher, but at least I was lucky to be old enough to be in college now. It had not been fun being in the same school where my mom had taught. She had been known as pretty strict, and I’d had to hear about it, among other things.

“How was your day?” she politely asked.

“Nothing new,” I said and moved towards the fridge.

“Hmmp…” mom mumbled and moved her attention back to the papers in front of her.

I recognized the tone in her voice. I opened a can of Coke asked: “What did you mean by that?”

“I didn’t say anything,” mom claimed, without raising her gaze from the papers.

“Yes you did.”

“You still don’t have a date, do you?” It wasn’t really a question. Mom had tried to set me up with a neighbor’s daughter, and she must already have heard what happened.

“It wasn’t my fault, damn it. She canceled it and went out with Kyle.”

Mom gave me a disapproving glance. “You didn’t even go to your own homecoming in high school.”

“I asked every damn girl in the school, mom. Even Lizzie, who no-one could stand. Even she said ‘no’.”

“Have you ever kissed anyone, Johnny?” mom asked as I walked towards the stairs.

I just waved my hands in frustration. I hadn’t, actually, but it shouldn’t have been any business of my mother’s.

My sister Jay met me on the stairs. Yeah, that was her actual name. Apparently my parents hadn’t been able to decide between Jessica and Jennifer, so they had settled for that. I couldn’t help blaming them for her turning out a bit weird. She still had that blue stripe in her dark hair, despite mom having hinted she should stop dying it now at nineteen she had officially been a respectable adult for a while. She was also so pale she must have been doing her best to stay out of the sun on purpose.

“Another lonely night?” Jay said as she passed me on the stairs.

“Shut up and stop take your panda cosplay elsewhere,” I said, referring to the black circles she had drawn around her eyes again in an attempt to appear cool and extreme. I pushed her as I moved past her. The stupid goth skull shirt Jay was wearing was quite tight, and I could almost definitely feel her perky breasts touching my arm.

I knew it was a pretty sad thing to think about before I had even reached the top of the stairs, but I often got some weird vibes from Jay. She had even smiled strangely at me when she had blown the candles on her birthday.

It might have been just mall-goth pretention, as if she wanted on purpose to be weird and different, but I occasionally had wondered how far it actually went.

Speaking of birthdays, my own birthday was coming up. Ever since we had been kids we had always written each other a letter describing what we would have wanted as a present. More often than not we had been disappointed, since the demands had been more or less unrealistic.

The last time Jay had wanted a silver mirror. I had jokingly asked her if she needed it to check if her reflection showed up in it every day, but despite that I had actually managed to buy her one. It probably was not solid silver, considering the price it had carried in the thrift store, but Jay had liked it. The strange thing was that I had noticed several ripped up letters in her trashcan later. She had obviously been thinking about something different before settling for a reasonably normal gift. Unfortunately she had managed to get rid of the trash before I had taken a closer look at them.

When I got to my room, I got a really weird idea which had been caused by Jay’s strange behavior. I did write it down immediately, like I had occasionally done with some other fantasies I’d had. This time I just happened to be thinking about my birthday letter, so I wrote this one down like it had been a wish in such a letter.

The result had been quite exciting, so my imagination was still running wild. I wrote another fantasy letter, and this one was for mom. Although I certainly wouldn’t have admitted it out loud, I had in fact thought about Jay in that way more than once, but I blamed the weird vibes she was giving for that. I had definitely not thought about mom until now. I wrote down some quite imaginative things about her in this letter. It felt weird, but not weird enough for me to stop until I was done.

There was no way I would let either of them see those letters, of course, although I secretly imagined Jay’s discarded letters having had something similar in them. I thought the details I had written down were too exciting to just rip up, though.

I didn’t actually think Jay or mom would go through my stuff, but I didn’t have any kind of a locked drawer or anything, and just the thought of them getting their hands on these made me feel queasy.

It might have been more sensible to write them on the computer. Jay did want to use it occasionally, but I could have kadıköy escort put them in a password protected zip or something. It’s not like there weren’t several of them there already.

Eventually I folded the letters up and shoved them into my wallet. I figured that would be the last place they would have a reason to look in.

It might well have been, if I had not screwed up.

I didn’t even realize it until a week later, when mom came and tossed the wallet on my bed. I immediately started to feel bizarrely both cold and sweaty at the same time.

However, mom just casually said: “Don’t leave your wallet in the pocket unless you want to have it washed, although I’m sure you don’t have any money in there as usual.”

I looked away and drew a deep breath. “Thanks, mom,” I said and watched her leave as quickly as she had arrived.

The momentary relief soon turned back into the same uncomfortable feeling intensified thousandfold when I realized the letters weren’t in my wallet any more. Everything else was there, but they were not. I panicked and leafed through my bills and cards several times, but the letters most definitely were not in there.

I wanted to rush to the cellar where our washing machine was, in case they had somehow fallen amongst the other dirty clothes, but mom would still be there.

I was rolling around on the bed, biting my nails, but nothing special seemed to happen. I finally got the courage to go downstairs, and I could hear the washing machine running in the cellar since the door was still open. The letters were still gone, though, and they must have gone somewhere.

I literally jumped when I felt a light touch of black-glossed lips against my ear, followed by a whisper: “I liked your letter, bro.”

Jay had suddenly appeared behind me. She had always been sneaky, but I couldn’t remember her ever been able to surprise me that badly. Knowing she had taken the letters was an even worse surprise.

“Come on now, Johnny. It was quite fascinating,” my weirdo sister said, and stared at me with her dark-rimmed panda eyes. They were actually supposed to make her look like a vampire, or whatever hell she was trying to be.

“Where’s the other one?” I whimpered in a panicked voice. It was bad enough for Jay to have read hers, but she at least might take it as a joke.

“I gave it to mom, of course, but I told her she shouldn’t open it until later.”

“What? Oh my God! Are you crazy, Jay?”

“Of course, but am I any crazier than you?” She gave me another creepy little kiss on the cheek and added: “It’ll be good fun, trust me.”

I stared at her with my eyes wide and exclaimed: “Maybe it’s a good laugh you, but what do you think mom will think of that letter?”

“Well, we’ll see about that, won’t we?” She flashed me a wicked grin and went for the stairs.

It was a very long week indeed. I furiously thought of every possibility, including running away from my whole family and committing suicide by banging my head against the wall, but I couldn’t think of anything realistic to do except to try and find the letter. The problem was I couldn’t really rummage through mom’s stuff without her noticing, and the letter certainly wasn’t anywhere where I managed to search. I could well have been in her handbag which she would always take to the school with her.

The best excuse I could think of was to attempt to blame Jay for the whole debacle, claiming it was all some kind of a weird joke of hers. It would have almost fit her twisted sense of humor, but I was pretty damn sure mom would not mistake my handwriting for Jay’s.

I thought of writing a new letter with something normal in it and giving it to mom, saying I had changed my mind about the gift, but I couldn’t trust mom to not read the first one anyway. She was far too interested in my business, just like a certain sneaky blue-striped panda of a sister.

The time quickly ran out, and I was expecting to get a serious and very embarrassing talk from mom at any moment. Strangely, though, nothing like that happened on my birthday. Instead I received perfectly normal gifts from all the family members. The most noteworthy one was the new wallet mom had given me. She had noticed my old wallet had looked worn out, so she had gotten me a new one. She had claimed the new one was really durable because it had been made of stingray skin. That sounded strange, but it was a pretty cool-looking wallet, so I did start using it immediately. Despite my deepest wishes, the embarrassing letters unfortunately still had not materialized when I emptied everything out of my old wallet. Gloomily I was reminded that Jay had already read the one I had written about her, even though she had not commented further about it since then.

Jay didn’t actually give me anything strange on my birthday, and neither did she mention the letters during the whole day. Her gift was simply the new PS4 game I had been looking at when we had been at the supermarket before. It seemed pendik escort far too boring for her to give even normally, much less in this situation. I tried to look her in the eyes when she gave it to me so I could figure out what was going on. She didn’t say anything, but she winked at me when the parents weren’t looking, which was scary.

After a couple of weeks I had begun to relax, although not completely so. I had not seen Jay that much, which wasn’t all that surprising since we went to different colleges. Jay also often slept at her friends’ places, or that’s what she at least claimed when she hadn’t been home at night.

I hadn’t thought anything special of this day, either, although it had been somewhat strange that dad had almost forgotten an important business trip. Jay had looked at him with worried eyes and reminded him of it, although I had no idea how she would have known about it in the first place. In any case, dad had been in quite a rush to get to the airport in time.

Now it was late already and I was sitting by my desk re-reading one of my favorite stories, Sheridan Le Fanu’s “Carmilla”. It was raining heavily outside, and the night was dark. The moon seemed to be strangely reddish tonight as it was glowing in the distance high above.

“Oh crap…” I sighed when the lights suddenly went out. That occasionally happened during thunderstorms, but I knew they usually came back after a while, so I didn’t immediately do anything about it.

Suddenly lightning flashed, and I noticed a pale face looming over my shoulder. I flinched so hard I stumbled backwards and fell out of the chair.

“Goddamn it!” I moaned when I realized it was just Jay, who had sneaked in behind my back, but the hairs on my arms refused to stop standing up despite that knowledge. How had she not banged herself against anything in the darkness? My room wasn’t exactly tidy, and the moon wasn’t that bright.

The lights blinked for a while and then they came on again.

Jay was standing perfectly still and staring at me with her panda eyes, intentionally trying to creep me out. Unfortunately I had to admit to myself she had succeeded at it quite well this time. She was wearing an oversized T-shirt which was hanging off one shoulder and which had a huge blood-red pentagram on it. Nothing out of the ordinary, in other words, although her legs seemed to be bare despite the floor being quite cold.

I got up and tried to sound calm and nonchalant when I spoke to her: “You have to stop doing that. You almost gave me a heart attack for real.”

Jay leaned uncomfortably close to me, as usual. I could feel her breasts touching me again. I don’t think she was even wearing a bra this time. She whispered into my ear in a theatrical ghoul voice: “It’s full moon. Blood moon. Tonight is the night.”

I pushed her a bit further away and wondered aloud: “Have you been inhaling those ‘wicca herbs’ of yours again? What night?”

Jay winked mischievously and said: “That night. You know exactly what I mean. The one you described so vividly in your letters.”

My eyes widened and my legs started feeling even wobblier. “Are you cr…” I started to ask, but I remembered she had already answered that question several times.

Jay grinned and then she quickly grabbed my hand and started leading me somewhere.

“What are you doing? Where are we going?” I mumbled, but I was still following her as if I had been transfixed.

“Not very far,” said my sister and led me towards our parents’ bedroom.

She opened the door and shoved me in. I wondered when she had become so strong. I was pretty athletic myself, and while I could remember Jay shoving be before for a variety of reasons, I couldn’t remember it having much of an effect before.

Mom was there, which was not surprising, but she also happened to be naked. The only thing she had on was a black bra which she had pulled down so it worked as a support underneath her heavy and sagging breasts.

I started rapidly apologizing: “Oh my God, I’m sorry, mom! It was Jay! She made me come…” However, instead of turning away, my gaze was still constantly flickering towards the heavy hanging shapes of my mother’s breasts, and especially the dark triangle between her thighs.

Mom came closer and gently touched my cheek. She did not seem nearly as embarrassed as I would have thought. She looked me in the eyes and said: “You seem nervous, darling. You don’t have to be.”

“Mom, this is kind of…” I tried to say, but then she hugged me. I had done that before, of course, but her naked breasts made it feel distinctly different. Then she cuddled my cheek and looked me in the eyes again, and flashed a warm and encouraging smile.

I tried to meet my mother’s eyes and I again muttered: “This is, umm…”

“Kiss me, Johnny,” my mom said.

I took a slight step back, although my mother’s hand was still on my shoulder when I said: “What? I’m not going to kiss you, mom!”

“Oh, bostancı escort why not? You always were so shy,” mom wondered. Then she glanced over my shoulder and said: “Oh well… Jay?”

I was about to protest again, but I only managed to say: “Mmmp!” because Jay had taken my face in her hands and kissed me on the mouth. She had taken off her shirt behind my back, and that had been all she had been wearing. She was lithe, slender and naked, and I could feel her perky breasts and nipples against my chest.

“There you go. Good boy,” mom said while Jay was playing with my tongue, and then she touched Jay’s shoulder.

My sister turned to look at our mother. They gazed each other in the eyes and then slowly leaned forward and then they kissed each other. I looked at how their nipples touched as they hugged.

“See, that’s the way to do it,” mom said and Jay stood smiling beside her. “It’s not so hard.”

“Oh my God!” I moaned.

“Now what was it you wanted us to do?” mom said and moved her hands to Jay’s small breasts. “Something like this, was it?”

Jay moved her hands to her mother’s breasts as well. She didn’t actually look any more experienced doing it that I would have, but her petite hands were playing with mom’s saggy breasts and rubbing the nipples in the same way as mom was doing to her. They kissed again and kept on fondling each other’s breasts. Mom moved her hand to her daughter’s tight ass and whispered something into her ear.

Jay bit her lip adorably and begun to blush a little when mom took her hand into hers and led her towards the bed.

Rain was still gently falling outside as mom carefully set a pillow under her head, and then she opened her legs and whispered to Jay: “Come on now. Sixty-nine. Need I remind you were the one who wanted to do this, young lady?”

My gaze kept flicking from between mom’s wide open thighs to her face and back again, as Jay got on top of her. Jay’s eyes were wide as they kept nervously glancing at mom’s dark bush and open vagina, and then at me.

“You have to give it a nice little kiss, Jay, just like you did to me,” I said to her sweetly.

She looked at me with her big eyes, and then she bent down and did it. She must really have had a serious crush on me.

“That’s it,” mom whispered to her.

I moved so I could see what mom was doing. She tenderly kissed Jay’s cute pink pussy and then she moved herself a little and slipped the tip of her tongue into it. I could actually see it shivering, and Jay shifted her legs and hips.

“You too, Jay,” I said.

Jay was apprehensive at first, but then she slowly went down again. She moved a little, her tongue was looking for the warm opening in the midst of mom’s thick dark bush. After a while Jay’s head started moving rhythmically just like mom’s, and I could hear wet sounds as my sister was thrusting her moist little tongue into her own mother’s hairy vagina.

Mom occasionally paused to give Jay some hints, such as: “It’s all about being close and sensing each other’s emotions.” She was also trying to guide her daughter with the movements of her hips. “That’s it, good girl,” she softly sighed, as Jay’s tongue moved in and out at a constant pace, driven by the motions of her head.

Since Jay seemed to be doing fine, mom moved her own lips to her pink teenage vagina again. It was quite tight, but mom’s saliva had soon lubricated it so well her tongue could easily and rapidly slide all the way in.

Jay raised her head, brushing her blue-striped hair off her face and whimpered: “O-oh God, mom…” I saw her ass and thighs shudder a little, and an adorable blush had begun to rise on her cheeks.

Mom’s thighs were wide open, and my little sister’s cute face was between them, close together with her mother’s hairy vagina. What an adorable sight. Jay’s petite hands were gently caressing mom’s wide ass, and soon she bent down and her head started moving again.

I could hear only heavy breathing, muffled little whimpers and moans, and the moist sounds of mother’s and daughter’s tongues thrusting, twirling and pistoning in each other’s shivering and warm places. This certainly was a nice and creative way for a parent and child to spend some time together.

It took a while, but they actually managed to do it.

“Nnn! Nnn!” my innocent pretend-goth little sister and conservative schoolteacher mother moaned as they came together, hugging each other’s hips and buttocks, wanting to be close. I loved how the orgasmic shivers made mom’s hips, thighs and buttocks twitch and jerk while her own daughter’s head kept bobbing in the dark thicket between her legs.

Even after the shivers had passed, mom and Jay still stayed in the sixty-nine position, giving each other sweet little kisses.

“You can be proud of yourself, young lady. I must say I’m quite surprised,” mom said and kissed Jay’s cute pink pussy.

“Thanks, mom,” Jay said. She bit her lip, still blushing adorably. She bent down and gave another little kiss to mom’s warm bush. It must have felt good for them to be close like that.

Then my sister turned to look at me, smiling mischievously. “Was that as interesting as you had thought it would be, Johnny? You look kind of flustered.”

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