The Interview

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A couple months ago, I benefited from the most amazing coincidence. I had met and fucked Sonya, a gorgeous young woman, while I was camping in the Smoky Mountains. Later that day, I recognized my parents’ car and found Sonya going down on my sister Marissa. That led to a threesome, fucking Sonya first and then Marissa! Any guy would be surprised if he got to fuck his sister, but until that moment, Marissa had insisted to me that she was a lesbian. (She hadn’t come out to our parents, though.) As she put it, I don’t count as a guy.

Last week Marissa texted me and said she had an interview for an internship near my apartment and asked if I’d like to get together afterward. Naturally I said yes. Her interview was at the end of the day, so she’d be by after six. I made chicken and rice for dinner, one of our favorites when we were growing up, and one of a handful of things I can make well besides hamburgers and spaghetti.

When she got here, she was wearing a crop top and short shorts. As soon as I opened the door, she hugged me. She was wearing an exotic-smelling perfume. Over dinner, we talked about the usual things that family members discuss, but after a couple servings each, Marissa let her guard down. “I don’t know about you, but I’m really glad about what happened on vacation.”

“Me too,” I assured her. How could I not be happy to fuck two beautiful girls in one day?

“When we were young, I had the biggest crush on you,” she told me.

“I used to think about you that way too,” I admitted. “I had to put those thoughts out of my head. Not just because you’re family, but because five years is huge at that age.”

Marissa’s face lit up. “So you don’t think it is now?”

“It’s borderline,” I said.

“Meaning what?”

“If someone my age said his girlfriend was your age, I’d wonder what they had in common. Case in point, I’m working full-time at a career, and you’re looking for an internship.” I stopped and looked at her. “Your shirt.”

She moved her hips back and forth, evidently trying to make her tits shake. “Do you like it?”

“I like it so much I want to take it off,” I said, “but that’s not the point. I know you. You’re not dumb enough to wear a crop top to an interview, not if you’re serious.”

“What are you saying?”

“You didn’t have an interview, did you?” I asked.

She smiled. “You got me. I just wanted an excuse to come see you.” She found my leg and ran her foot up and down my calf.

“You’re always welcome, Marissa! You didn’t have to lie to me.”

“Not to you, but I couldn’t tell Mom and Dad what I had in mind.”

Now I smiled. “And what was that?”

“For you to do what you said you wanted to do,” she said. I didn’t react, because I didn’t know what she meant. “To my shirt.”

“And shorts too,” I added.

Marissa had finished her second serving. (Her two were only a little more than my first.) She pushed herself back from the table and said, “Come and get it!” She ran out of the kitchen. I let her get just far enough that I couldn’t see her, and then I got up.

I saw her turn right, so I did the same. I couldn’t see or hear her. I could see that my bedroom door was open, but I couldn’t remember whether I’d left it that way. The bathroom was on the left, but the door was closed, and I thought I would have heard it close. I also figured that there wasn’t enough room in there for me to take her shirt off comfortably. I headed toward my bedroom. As soon as I was in the doorway, I heard her behind me. She jumped on my back and kissed escort resimleri me. “Help, police!” I exclaimed. “There’s a strange woman in my apartment!”

Marissa got down, and I turned to face her. “I’m no stranger!” she protested.

“No, but you’re strange,” I said.

“I don’t see you complaining,” she countered.

“Shut up and get in my arms,” I commanded. I put my hands out flat, and my little sister jumped up. I caught her under her butt long enough for her to wrap her legs around my waist. Fortunately, she was barefoot by now. I put my arms around her back and held her tight. We shared a long kiss, and I told her, “I’m so glad you grew up.”

Marissa pushed her shoulders back, raising her boobs. “And out,” she reminded me.

“Definitely out,” I agreed. I set her down on my bed, and I lifted the hem of her shirt. I’d seen those tits a month ago, but not long enough to enjoy the view. Marissa lay back. I moved over her and feasted on those beauties.

“Ever since the first I heard you and friends talking about boobs, I’ve wished I had ’em so you could do this,” she said. “I still wish they were bigger.”

I stopped sucking on her nipple long enough to tell her, “They’re beautiful.” I put my hands on her waist to hold her steady so I could keep licking and kissing her tits. My hands ended up at the waistband of her shorts. She took that as a sign to push down. I could see just the very top of her bush over the elastic, and I went from merely feeling aroused to being just plain hard.

I started to pull them down further, but she stopped me. “Rick, before you go any further, tell me the words I’ve wanted to hear from you so long.”

I was thinking so much about getting into her pants that I couldn’t think. “What’s that?”

“Do you love me?”

I moved up and looked her in the eye. “Marissa, I used to perk up every time you got home when I came home from college. The only thing harder than not kissing you in public was kissing you just the right way when we were somewhere that kissing you IS okay. Yes, I love you!”

Marissa pulled me to her and kissed me hard. “I missed you the same way when you were away. I’d always ask Mom or Dad if they knew when your last final was the week before. I love you too, Rick!” She pushed me onto my back and added, “And now I’ll show you how much I missed you.” She unbuckled my belt. I helped out by unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. She pulled them down to my knees and rubbed my cock through my underwear.

“Do the same with your pants,” I told her.

“You do it,” she said.

Marissa’s right hand was in my way, so I could only pull on one side of her shorts. I hoped the fact that I could see part of her bush already meant that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and when I pulled the side down, I wasn’t disappointed. She tugged on the other side, and I could see her full bare pussy. From there I could get her shorts off. While I was at it, I took my shoes and socks off. When I returned to her side, I palmed her pussy. I could see her lips separating, and I slipped my index finger inside. I went in and out a couple times and asked, “Do I do it as well as a girl?”

“I’ve only been with two girls, Rick,” she said. “I’m not some lesbian slut.”

“There goes that fantasy,” I sighed. I probed a little deeper.

“I don’t know about better, but you do it more lovingly,” she said.

I added my middle finger and told her, “That’s ’cause I love you.”

Marissa rubbed gaziantep escort resimleri my cock again. This time she put her hand through the opening in my underwear and fished it out. She pulled my fingers out of her pussy in the process, but neither of us minded. She stroked it a couple times. I sat up so I could take my underwear off, but she couldn’t even wait for that. She kissed the head before she took it into her mouth. I put my hands on her hips and had her move onto her knees. The view of my sister’s cute little butt was so sexy that it distracted me from the best blow job I’d ever had. She let me out long enough to ask, “Did I remember right from the first time?”

“You even added your own little touch,” I told her. “It’s amazing!” She continued to bob up and down on my dick. I warned her, “I’m gonna come!”

I thought she’d pull back like the first time, but instead she moved in closer. I could feel her teeth pressing lightly under my cock. The moment I felt my cum shooting into her mouth, she put her hands on my butt to keep her mouth close. When I stopped coming, Marissa let me out and sat up. “It doesn’t taste as good as a girl, but I like it better, ’cause it’s you.”

My dick had gone soft and retracted into my underwear. I reached forward and caressed the sides of her boobs. “What else did you want to do?”

“I think you know,” she said.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I do, but I wanted to hear you say it.”

“I want you inside me.”

“That’s what I thought,” I said. I got off the bed.

“Wait! Where are you going?” she protested.

I pulled a box of condoms out of my bureau. “I wanna be inside you, too,” I assured her, “but I don’t want anything else to be inside you come next month.”

Marissa laughed. “Up until now, being a lesbian is all the birth control I needed. But I want you to come inside me. I liked how it felt last time.”

“Go on the Pill and we’ll talk,” I told her.

I started to unwrap a condom, but Marissa took it out of my hand. “I wanna try putting it on you,” she said. She was able to unwrap it, but we were both too nervous for her to get it on my dick by herself.

“Too bad Sonya’s not here to lend a hand,” I joked.

Marissa didn’t laugh. “It was fun, but from now on it’s just you and me,” she said with a straight face.

I put the condom on while she spoke. “Understood,” I answered. Marissa lay back and I was able to slide my latex-covered cock inside her pussy. This time I got to watch my dick separate her adorable little cunt lips. “Don’t get me wrong,” I told her. “I’d like nothing better than to come inside my loving sister’s womb, but I also want you to finish college.”

“I know you do,” she said. She put her left hand on my neck and held me close so she could kiss me. She put her right hand on my butt to encourage me. I was already hard as hell, and I started thrusting in and out of her. I must have touched a sensitive spot, because she pressed harder and blurted out, “Oh, God, Rick. I really do love you.”

“I love you too, Marissa,” I panted between thrusts. She started bucking her hips to bring us even closer each time I thrust in. I varied my angles in hopes of touching as many sensitive spots as possible.

“Come inside me, honey! Come in my cunt, Rick!”

“I’m almost there, Marissa!” No sooner had I said that than I started filling the condom.

I felt her cunt walls squeezing my cock for all the cum I had to give her. “Oh, God, Rick. When I look gaziantep escort bayan resimleri up and see the face of the man I’ve loved all this time, I go all gooey inside, and I wanna have your baby!”

I didn’t think about the repercussions if that happened. Hearing her say it excited me so much that I came even harder. “Here it comes, Marissa! I’m giving you all my cum!”

As both our orgasms subsided, she repeated softly, “I love you, Rick.” Then she added, “Did you mean what you said about going on the Pill?”

“Did I mean we could have condomless sex if you’re on it? Absolutely.”

“Thank God they have a pharmacy and a health center on campus,” she said. “And once I’m back on campus, Mom and Dad won’t know when I come here for a weekend.”

“It’s June now,” I pointed out. “What about next month?”

“There’s gotta be another park nearby with camping,” she said. We both sat up, and Marissa took the used condom off my dick. She tossed it into the trash can. She was such a good shot, I wondered why she hadn’t made the basketball team in high school. “You had a box in your hand. Got another one, or was that all of them?” she asked.

“I’ve got two more,” I said.

“That oughta get us through the evening,” she said.

This time we weren’t as nervous, and she was able to get the next one on me. I sat with my legs crossed. Marissa sat on my lap and put her hands on my back. I did the same. I pulled her closer, and we kissed repeatedly while we ran our hands up and down. Once I was hard enough, she pulled back enough for me to push my cock down, and then she slid forward to take it back inside her. I could feel her pubic bone over my shaft as I went in and out. I could see her young pussy lips moving back and forth as my cockhead went in and out. “God, Marissa, you’re so beautiful,” I told her. “I love you so much.”

“I can tell,” she said with a laugh.

“‘Cause I’m fucking you?”

She got serious. “No, ’cause you care enough to use protection even when I sound like I want the opposite.” Instead of her palms, she ran her fingers down my back until she got to my butt. “That makes me want it even more. You. I want YOU even more.”

The sensation of her fingertips on my butt made me fuck her even harder, but I also responded in kind. Her butt was as sexy to the touch as it is to see, and my fingers had a similar effect on her. She pulled herself closer, put my hands on her tits and gave me an open-mouth kiss. “I don’t know how much willpower I have,” I panted.

“Come inside me,” she panted in return. “What do you mean?”

“I’m coming!” I announced. “Next time I might be so eager that I skip the condom.”

“What makes you think I’d mind?” she asked.

“Well, I think I just felt some cum dripping backward onto my shaft.”

Marissa responded by pulling herself off my cock, but she did it slowly. “You won that round,” she said. “I guess we just shouldn’t fuck any more till I’m safely on the Pill.”

“That could be agony,” I said.

“Doesn’t mean we can’t do other things,” she said with a smile. I moved her onto her back and moved toward her pussy. It had been ages since I’d eaten a pussy that I’d just filled. “But not tonight. If we do this now, I’ll never want to leave, and Mom and Dad will think I was out with a guy.”

“You are,” I pointed out. We said in unison, “You/I don’t count,” and I affirmed, “I got it.”

The next day she texted me about a state park not far from Houston with camping facilities. Coincidentally, that same day Sonya texted me some nature pictures she’d taken near her home. I texted her back and thanked her for helping Marissa and me express our feelings for each other. I’m hoping Marissa and I can have a swim like the one I had with Sonya. Meanwhile, once Marissa and I are secure in our love, I might try to talk her into inviting Sonya to get together with us again. A guy can hope, can’t he?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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