The Party House Ch. 01

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A Dom who uses just his voice to control some of the erotic swinging scenes that occur in his country home owns the “Party House”. I’m hoping that each of you enjoys this story and the sequels that follow. A very warm “Thank You” goes out to my editor who has taken a lot of his time and keeps me focused.

My first glimpse of Master was at a swinger’s party. He was laughing and talking, surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women. I just remember how sure of himself he was. Actually, I thought he was a bit spoiled, women either were bringing him sandwiches or sitting at his feet, engulfed in his stories. His drink never went empty; a woman was always there to refresh his cocktail. They ooohed and aaahed over him like puppies following their owner. I did not realize then that he was Master and those women were his subs.

The way the ladies were acting was foreign to me. I had never been submissive to anyone or anything. I knew nothing of the D/s world, but now that I look back, my parents would have fit perfectly into the D/s lifestyle. I had a rather chauvinistic father. Now, do not get me wrong, they definitely did not live in a D/s world, but Dad was the boss and he certainly dominated our household. He was the type of man who brought home the paycheck and Mom took care of the house and us kids. She was also the type of woman who took no guff off of anyone. However, when Dad came home in the evenings he expected dinner to be on the table when he stepped in the door or there had best be a very good excuse why it wasn’t — anything less than a funeral wouldn’t hack it.

Manners were not only expected in our home but also demanded. Dad always lead the conversations at the dinner table, and, oh yes, you did sit at the table each night and didn’t speak unless spoken to. If you broke this rule you were immediately excused from the table. Of course, you returned later to clear the table and wash the dishes.

All adults were addressed with Miss. Mrs. or Mr. Everyone had a title except us kids. Any question from any adult was answered with, “Yes Sir,” “No Sir,” “Thank you Ma’am,” “No Thank You Sir.” It was endless. I grew up hating titles.

I don’t know how many times Mom and I would be in town shopping or running errands of one kind of the other, and she would look at her watch. You could see the panic in her face knowing that she had to race home and get supper on the table before He arrived. She didn’t work and she always had to ask Dad for any money. She had to present Him with receipts to show how she spent His money. I always thought this was strange, but like I said, they would have fit in the D/s lifestyle very well, or at least what I imagined the D/s lifestyle to be like.

And myself? I grew up determined to never have any man control when or where I went, what I did and whom I did it with. I made a solemn oath to myself. Then I went to this swinger’s party and there he was – Master.

Now, the only reason I can give for going to this particular party on this particular weekend is Sue. She thought she would hook me up with this guy that was supposed to be at this party but he failed to show. I decided to stay, after all I had just paid out the teeth for a new outfit and I was determined to at least get one good night out of it.

“The sex at these parties is incredible,” she told me more than once. “If you leave horny it’s your own fault.”

Sue disappeared upstairs with her friend David shortly after we arrived, leaving me to my own devices. As much as I enjoyed sex, I was pretty shy about instigating it. Sue had pointed me in the direction of the kitchen just before she and David had made their retreat so I headed over and grabbed a glass, some ice, and poured myself a cooler. Making my way back to the living-room it surprised me how comfortable I felt amongst these people expecting to feel awkward and alone as I have at so many of those straight parties I’ve attended without a date. I found an overstuffed chair and was quite content to watch people move through the house, I curled my legs up underneath me and sipped on my drink.

I just didn’t feel “in the mood.” No – it was more like I really did not know what to do – which is all right too. A few guys did approach me but I let their advances slide unnoticed, still sharing a very delightful kiss with each of them as they leaned over my chair and cupped my breasts then moved on to other more receptive girls.

It was a fun night, the music was incredible, the guests were sociable and I stayed much longer than I originally intended. These people fascinated me, there were no crude sexual innuendos, I was beginning to learn the difference between straight couples and swingers as the expression “if your going to talk the talk then walk the walk” came to mind. Still mingling into the wee hours of the morning I walked out onto the pool deck and sat back in a chaise lounge chair sipping on my drink and noticed that Master (I mentally named him Master after first seeing him – the ankara escort name certainly fit) was still there. He had sent his harem away and he was doing laps in the pool. His body was beautiful, muscles rippling under the skin, no wonder they followed him like puppies.

The testosterone just ebbed from this man. I enjoyed surveying all the men, but my eyes were glued on Master, his long slim torso gliding through the water. His strong arms gracefully rising over his head as he pulled himself across the pool. I knew this man was exactly what I did not want in my life. Remembering my oath, I gave him one last look, put my drink on the patio table and went back inside.

Several weeks went by and our company announced at the monthly meeting that a proposal had been accepted that would create an incredible money-saving plan. When a company starts talking money and savings in the same sentence it means a lot of people are going out the door. Several weeks went by, we did have a lay off and of course “you know who” spent her days at the unemployment line. After working at the plant for over fifteen years, you would think you had at least some sort of security in the balance.

So here I was, unemployed, walking the malls to make the days go by a bit faster, hoping that my severance pay and savings would last through the summer. The single life has its ups and downs. On the up side I’m only responsible for myself, but on the down side I have no one to help with the bills when I get the pink slip.

I was opening the door after another depressing day at the unemployment line when the phone rang. It was Sue again, but this time she was positive she had found the right guy for me. I’ll never know where she finds all these guys; she’s quite the matchmaker. I always told her that I really am not interested, but she’s always so insistent that this time it is really The One. There’s no purpose to argue with her, she always won.

She said the party was Friday night, same host, same house, just put on something sexy. I half-heartedly agreed figuring at least it was somewhere to go on a Friday night.

The rest of the week was spent chasing down leads on jobs that never panned out. By the time Friday night rolled around I was ready to party. I had to reach to the back of my closet for the one-piece body suit I had purchased just before being laid off. It was perfect, no under-wear, and wet, cherry red. It had the feel of kid leather but not the weight. I spent more on this outfit than I should have but when I tried it on at the store, it was just so right. Skin tight, smooth glossy fabric that looked as though it was painted on, plunging below my waist in the back and down below my breasts in the front. I stepped into it; the fabric flowed over my body then scooped up my breasts and held them together when I fastened the clasp behind my neck. Sitting on the edge of my bed I slipped on the red three-inch heels that finished the look then stood in front of the mirror turning this way and that, pulling in my stomach, and running my hands down past the curve of my waist.

Tossing my head forward so my hair fell in front of me, I squeezed some fresh moose in both my hands and scrunched the curls from underneath to give it more lift. Then swung it back over my shoulders, the thick dark brown mane drifted over my shoulders with a cascade of soft curls flowing down my back. Looking back in the mirror I pulled a few strands loose around my face then stepped back for one final inspection.

Everything seemed to be in place so I grabbed my purse, threw in a lipstick, a small perfume spritzer and a couple of condoms. Hey … who knows?

Sue was waiting outside when I got to the house. She looked dazzling as usual. I always enjoyed being with her – loud and full of life – you just had to love her. Of course, you never knew exactly what was going to come out of her mouth or what she might do, but you just wanted to be part of it, at least I did.

The party was already in full swing when we got to the front door, the music was blaring and everyone was hooting and hollering at each other so that they could be heard over the pounding speakers.

David greeted us at the door and let us know that there were drinks in the kitchen and out on the patio. He was wearing swim trunks that showed off his bronze copper tan. Standing over six feet, with large shoulders, a small waist, muscular thighs, and a brilliant smile that could be seen across any room. Did I also mention his voice that would make even the chaste start to melt…he was definitely a charmer.

The house was located about fifteen miles from the nearest town and the nearest neighbor was a good half-mile down the road so the noise level was not a problem. I enjoyed parties here so much because everyone could just let their hair down.

A ten-by-ten-foot foyer greeted you as you came into the house with the kitchen and dining area to the left, a very large bath and a hall that ankara escort bayan led to three bedrooms was on the right. Straight ahead was the living area. An area about thirty-by-thirty…sporting a double fireplace with a hearth that had to be at least fifteen foot across and a good six-feet deep. On the hearth was a large black rod iron circle that held a supply of wood for the night and over the fireplaces was a spray of what looked like oats and a sprinkling of tiny red flowers tied with a bow.

Floor to ceiling drapes were tied back in the living room exposing beautiful French windows that extended down the far wall making the space appear even larger.

Attached to the living room was a den separated by glass doors. This area added a good twenty-five foot to the length of the living area so you were standing in a room that was fifty-five foot in length and thirty foot in depth with the doors open. Definitely a party house.

The den – more of a sunroom – was encased with floor to ceiling windows and patio doors that opened onto a back patio with a full sized pool. There was a pool table in the center of the room and an arcade sized pinball machine up against the wall.

From the sunroom, you could see a pool in the backyard. Chaise lounge chairs, a couple of kegs were set up near the pool. Further down along a dirt road you could see people next to a campfire in a clearing. Everyone was mingling, shouting, playing, hugging, kissing or just talking.

I’m going to guess there were at least a hundred people on the property – definitely a good party house.

I left Sue in the foyer to do her little flirty thing with David who was enjoying each seductive move she made and countering, and headed for the kitchen to get a drink.

With drink in hand and not recognizing anyone, I just walked from group to group sipping on my cooler. To the far right of the living area was a staircase. Still sipping and chatting my way through the guests, I decided this was a good time to explore and see what was happening in other parts of the house.

At the top of the staircase was a sizable landing. In front of me was a beautiful mural that covered an entire wall. A painting of a Centaur raising his bow to the heavens, a quiver of arrows strapped over his arm and resting at the side of his chest. His arm wrapped around his lover, holding her human form against him. She was covered with a sheer white toga that gathered under her breasts and white sandals that laced up her long slender legs. Their heads were facing into the wind and her ropes of curls laid across his flank as she gazed up at him.

To the right was an oversized cedar chest that I am guessing would hold extra blankets. It was sitting beside the door to a very large bedroom. As I peeked in I could see two queen-sized beds with a nightstand beside each one and more French doors that led to a balcony that over looked the front lawn. A marble statue of “The Kiss” sat on a small round table between the beds, creating uniformity with the large pieces of oak furniture that decorated and filled the room.

It was still early in the evening so no one was occupying any of the bedrooms – yet.

Each room contained toys laid out on tables beside the beds and fishbowls full of condoms set out like party favors, the condoms to cover those torrid cocks that would soon occupy these rooms, as well as the toys that would come into play. Knowing that the mattresses would soon be removed from the beds and spread from one end of the room to the other in each room caused a stir between my thighs. Just the thought of what was going to transpire later in these rooms was intoxicating.

The reason I had come up here was to see if I could find the balcony that overlooked the pool to see if anyone was swimming. I confess, I was wondering if Master would be here again tonight. Making a right down the hallway past the bathroom I could smell the chlorine of the pool and stepped out on the balcony. I stood there for a while enjoying the fresh chill in the air while looking out across the pool but he didn’t show, in fact no one was using the pool. People were still roaming back and forth on the dirt road that led to the campfire. You could hear the buzzing of their voices and the beat of the music that was flowing up the stairs was causing the floor to vibrate.

I sipped a little more of my drink and turned to head back down to the bustling party below when I felt a hand move around my waist and a very light kiss on my neck caused tingles to race down my spine. It was David. This was his way of greeting everyone or getting a person’s attention when he needed it. He turned me around and smiled, “I promised Sue I would find you,” he whispered while nibbling on my neck.

He led me back downstairs to the living room where I spotted Sue across the room talking. I felt a quiver in my knees when I saw who she was talking to – Master.

Was this the man she wanted me to meet? escort ankara I was getting butterflies in my stomach, as thoughts rushed through my mind: “I should run out the door.” “Oh my god he’s gorgeous.” “There is no way on earth I can ever be what this man wants me to be.” “I will never surrender body and soul to any man.” Finally, “why on earth am I getting so wet”? My decision had been made for me.

David leaned down, put his hand on my shoulder and whispered, “Sue is talking to a very good friend of ours that we really want you to meet. ”

I took a deep breath, glanced up at David with a look of pure horror but managed a weak, tepid smile. I gained a few precious seconds while I straightened my outfit, pulling at the top that fastened behind my neck and running my hands down the sides to make sure everything was where it belonged. I then squeezed his hand and crossed the room extending my hands to Sue, her eyes gleaming as they always do when she thinks she has found me a match.

“Blake, I’d like you to meet one of my dearest friends, Sandy ” Sue said as we hugged.

“Nice to meet you Blake,” I managed to force out. I held out my hand, expecting him to shake it, instead he lifted it to his mouth and gently kissed it while staring into my eyes.

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting you,” he said, as his eyes began to devour my body.

Talk about being totally floored. I didn’t know whether to let him hold my hand forever or pull it away.

Sue, of course, is smiling like a Cheshire cat as she turns and waves her hand over her head trying to get David’s attention, who comes over and whisks her off, leaving me alone with Blake.

Looking back at Blake, I notice his eyes are roaming and exploring every inch of my body, seemly pleased at what he sees – oblivious to Sue’s absence.

“Would you care to dance?” he asks, reaching out his arm to escort me to the dance floor.

“Of course,” I manage to blurt out. “I love to dance.” I’m not sure who is saying these things, because I am too entranced by this man to think clearly. Smiling and taking his arm, we join the other guests in the middle of the room.

After an aerobic mixture of three “fast” songs the music takes on a more gentle twist and he pulls me closer, wrapping his arms around my waist, nestling my head on his shoulder. I could feel the heat of his body as we pressed together. Despite meeting him just minutes ago, I never felt so sheltered in a man’s arms before. Slow dancing, it just couldn’t get better than this.

Lying my head on his shoulder with my eyes closed I didn’t notice as another man approached and tapped his shoulder.

“May I?” broke my reverie. Blake released me and I was being lead across the floor in the arms of another guest.

“My name is Edward, and I hope you don’t mind my cutting in, but I’ve been watching you ever since you walked through that door and I certainly didn’t want to miss a chance to meet you”.

“It’s nice meeting you Edward, I’m Sandy, ” I said smiling, but my eyes were on Blake as he moved off the dance floor, wondering why he had given me up so easily.

“Actually you can call me Ed. Hey, if you’re wondering about Blake, it’s ok. We go way back.” With this he pulled me closer, letting go of my hands and wrapping both his arms around my waist as he looked down into my eyes.

He was shorter than Blake but not by much and he sported the same type of physique: broad shoulders, small waist, muscular arms, big hands. I really did enjoy the way he was holding me as we danced to the slow rhythm filling the room.

“So…Ed…do you come to these gatherings often?” We did a half turn and I could see that it hadn’t taken Blake long to find a very beautiful blonde who, by the way, was swooning all over him. I had to learn how to do that.

“I try to make all the parties, I get to most of them…my wife is the one you see making googoo eyes at Blake. You’ll have to meet her.” Saying this he embraced me tighter, I could feel the heat of his body and his john henry starting to swell between us. Our mood was broken when the music sped up.

“Have you seen the backyard yet?” Ed asked. Without waiting for an answer he lead me by the arm outside and down the dirt road.

It was a beautiful night, the stars seemed endless in the clear sky, and you could smell and feel the chill of the fresh country air. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we walked, you could see the fire in the distance lighting everything around it in shadowy, wiggly silhouettes.

Over to the right people were splashing and swimming in the pool. Glancing up at the balcony I was feeling a bit childish, remembering when I stood there hoping to catch a glimpse of… Master…or Blake…now that I knew his name. Somewhere, deep inside, I knew it was… Master. We stopped just off the road as Ed waved to the group calling out their names and saying hello.

“Hey, let’s take a dip. We can jump in the pool, then dry off by the campfire. Okay by you?”

“It sounds lovely, but I didn’t bring a suit.” I tried to protest.

“We don’t need suits.” With this he leads me to the pool and starts to take off his clothes and lay them across one of the patio tables.

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