The President’s Advisor

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Author’s Note: This is a parody, satire, even. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. This takes place in a universe where STDs do not exist. This was a lot of fun to write. I hope that you enjoy it. Any comments are greatly appreciated.

The President’s Advisor

“No, Mr. President, that is not correct,” Dr. Ann Szucks, the President’s Economic Advisor, said to him as she stood in front of his desk.

Ann always felt even smaller than her 5’5″ and 105 lbs. when she stood in front of her boss’ desk, even though she knew that he had had a 4″ riser built into the floor of the desk to elevate him. Standing in front of his desk as she was now, she was practically at eye level with him, which was always a strange experience, as he was unable to hold eye contact with people when he talked with them, typical of habitual liars.

Even though she was only 28, Ann was one of the current class of lauded economics geniuses, having accurately predicted a major market correction and as a result of that, been brought to the attention of the President, who worshipped money and those able to make it. Even though she hadn’t personally made any money from her predictions, others had. Now, anyone who was anyone in the world of finance hung onto any utterance that she might make, which made trying to advise this particular President very difficult, as he never let reality get in the way of what he wanted to believe.

With her PhD in economics in just 6 years from and then immediately becoming a Wharton School of Economics professor, the youngest in their history, Ann was well used to dealing with obtuse people who were too impressed with themselves or their titles or status. She had learned early on to take advantage of her diminutive, unimpressive appearance to excel, very often surprising people when they finally noticed her.

“Why not!?” he asked belligerently, crossing his arms across his chest defensively like a pouting schoolboy, once again thinking what a pathetic excuse for a woman she was with her flat chest and slim boy’s ass. Her brown hair was totally forgettable, though what he could make out of her hazel eyes behind the thick glasses was okay. And she always wore the same, boring black skirts that came down just below her knees and a white blouse.

“Because imposing the types of tariffs that you’re suggesting would cause immediate, severe financial difficulty to anyone involved in those industries here, not to mention the price increases that will get passed on to the entire consuming public,” Ann replied. “It will not be painless at all. The numbers don’t lie.”

“It won’t be that bad,” the President said, waving an arm dismissively. “I’m never wrong about these things. It’s why I’m so rich,” he said, turning his chair to look out the window, dismissing her.

This makes perfect sense to me, living in my own Dali-esque life, Ann thought to herself as she left the Oval Office. Of course my job is science fiction.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hungry?” Bill asked his wife when Ann arrived from work at their 3-story town home in the tony Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, D.C., sandwiched between posh Woodley Park to the north and stylish Dupont Circle to the south.

“Starved,” Ann replied, eyeing the take-out containers on the table.

“I stopped at Izakaya Seki and got sushi,” he explained, smiling when he saw the pleased reaction on her face.

“Green tea ice cream?” she asked, joining him at the table.

“In the freezer,” Bill replied. “Sake?” he asked, going to the refrigerator and turning around with a bottle of Kamoizumi Shusen Junmai Ginjo in his hand.

“Is it going to be that kind of a night?” Ann asked, sighing as she felt the butterflies begin in her stomach.

“Only if you want it to,” Bill replied, smiling at her, knowing what she was going to say.

“I always want it to be that kind of a night,” Ann replied with a smile as he poured the sake.

Even at 30 and after 8 years of marriage, Ann didn’t think that Bill had really changed that much. 6’2″, 200 lbs., and still as out of shape as he had been when she met him at Wharton, he had brown hair, brown eyes, and most importantly, a 6″ cock that never seemed to tire. She had been very surprised at the degree of constant horniness that such a computer nerd had.

Bill had been a computer major in his senior year when they had first met by chance when he had absent-mindedly walked into her, scattering her books and papers all over the path. He had been very nice, profusely apologizing over and over as he helped collect her papers and books. When he had shyly asked her if she’d like to meet him for coffee or a drink, she fell back on her life-long rule about men.

Ann was under no illusions about how she appeared. Drab and nondescript would probably be the most accurate in her own mind. Men either totally ignored her or didn’t react to konyaaltı escort her as a woman. If they did, when they did, she always said yes, about anything. She told herself that she had better take advantage of any and all opportunities that she could, and she did. And discovered that she liked it, a lot. She also learned that it usually ensured another date, though they’d often cool their heels when they realized that she had no intention of anything permanent or exclusive.

So when Bill had asked her out, she had said yes and met him later that evening at one of the local bars. She had found him interesting in a boyish way, but he also had a very distracted air about him. He was unfailingly polite. At one point after actually snapping her fingers to get his attention as he disappeared somewhere in his head, he blushed and apologized, explaining that he was running a program experiment and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Ann had suppressed her outrage that she couldn’t hold his attention over a computer program, another new low for her self-esteem. When he had suggested that perhaps she’d like to accompany him back to his place so that he could check his computer, that he’d be able to relax then, she had agreed, accomplishing two things at once in her mind; getting his attention and getting him somewhere that he could try to take advantage of her, and succeed. It had been a while and she was getting bored with her toys.

Reaching for more sushi, Ann smiled inside as she remembered how Bill’s roommate, Cary, had walked in on them while she was naked on the sofa, her legs pressed up against her chest as Bill ate her pussy.

“Oh! Hey, sorry,” Cary had said, walking right over to look down and see what was going on. “I didn’t mean to interrupt. That looks good,” he commented, his eyes trailing up from Ann’s pussy to her hard, dark nipples, then to her face as she stared up at him open-mouthed.

“It is,” Bill had replied, leaning back so that Cary had an ever better view of her spread pussy, long from front to back, her inner pussy lips wrinkled and dark-tinged, now petaled open to show her pink interior with a dark, fat clit glistening above. “Wanna taste?” he had asked, smiling up at Ann. “You mind?” he had asked.

“N-no,” Ann had gasped, shocked, but at the same time thrilled, remembering how wet her pussy had suddenly gotten as Cary took Bill’s place and glued his mouth to her pussy and began to slurp at the juices flowing from her.

“You like having your pussy eaten?” Bill had asked as she writhed beneath Cary’s tongue. “You sure taste good.”

“Yes,” she had gasped, arching her hips as she ground her pussy into Cary’s mouth as she came.

“You taste really good!” Cary had declared, sitting back, his mouth and chin glistening with her juices.

Ann had been shocked and overwhelmingly thrilled all at once as her body had continued to vibrate in orgasm, two guys taking turns eating her pussy. When Bill had finally asked if he could fuck her, she couldn’t say yes fast enough, wrapping her legs around his waist as his cock slid into her pussy, Cary watching everything closely.

“You want Cary to fuck you, too?” Bill had asked, looking down at her.

“You don’t mind?” Ann had asked.

“Nah, Cary’s my friend and you’ve got a great pussy, really nice and juicy, fun to fuck,” Bill had replied, getting out of the way to be quickly replaced by Cary.

“Uh, I’m going to cum,” Cary had announced after just a couple of minutes.

“It’s okay, I’m on the pill,” Ann had gasped, squeezing him tighter with her legs as she felt his cock pulsing deep inside of her as he came.

“You’ve got a great pussy,” Cary had gasped when he had finally finished dumping his balls into her and got off of her, her pussy gaping open, cum oozing from her hole onto her very nearby rosebud.

“You’ve got a really hot-looking pussy,” Bill had said, taking her ankles as he looked down at her.

“Oh, yes,” Ann has sighed when Bill sank his cock back into her pussy, though this time it was full of Cary’s cum.

He held her ankles wide apart, watching as cum oozed out from around his cock as he continued to fuck her, Cary standing next to them watching.

“You like to suck cock, too?” Bill had asked, gasping as he pulled his glistening cock from her pussy and pulled her up into a sitting position, his cock sticking in her face.

“Yes,” Ann had replied, opening her mouth and taking his cock in, tasting herself on him, then Cary’s cum, then Bill’s as his cock exploded and cum began to gush into her mouth.

Ann’s nose was pressed up against Bill’s stomach, his cock pulsing in her mouth and throat as he continued to cum. When he finally slid his cock back so that just the head was in her mouth, he groaned as he felt her tongue stabbing into the slit, her cheeks hollowing as she sought every last drop of cum that she could find.

“You do like to suck cock,” Bill had said, smiling kültür escort down at her when she looked up at him licking her lips.

“Yes, a lot,” Ann had replied.

Ann had continued to see Bill after that, regularly, each time allowing him full use of her body, enjoying his attentions. He didn’t seem to mind that she had no breasts and he clearly loved her ‘nice boy’s ass’, as he referred to it, as he’d drive his cock in and out of it. Many times Cary would happen to be there and be invited to join in, as well as a dozen or so of Bill’s other friends from time to time.

Bill obviously didn’t mind, even enjoyed watching her fucking other people, and Ann certainly didn’t mind, never having imagined so much attention from so many different guys. She especially loved having three of them at once, one in her mouth, another in her pussy, the third in her ass. She always felt the most alive having sex. Being watched turned her on incredibly.

It had been a couple of months before Bill was due to graduate and they had just fucked with three other guys for hours when Bill looked deep into her eyes after kissing her and asked her to marry him. She hadn’t been able to believe it. She had been certain that she’d just be a blip in his life, a sexual adventure during university studies before he got on to his life and she’d have memories to last her a lifetime.

Ann had always had every intention of saying yes, but when Bill made her promise never to change, to always fuck whoever he produced, she couldn’t say yes fast enough. She knew that she was totally cock crazy and had actually wondered for a nanosecond whether she’d want to give up all of the fun to be with just one guy, Bill.

The next day, Kevin, one of Bill’s unusual friends, unusual in that Bill was the quintessential computer nerd and Kevin was a scholarship athlete, 320 lbs. of solid ebony muscle, came over to visit. Ann always looked forward to Kevin’s visits, as he had the biggest cock she had ever seen. She would cum non-stop whenever he fucked her, but she was especially fond of when he’d stand up, holding her like a rag doll while he pumped her up and down on his huge black cock while it was filling her ass.

“Man, I love making a mess of your sweet pussy, Ann,” Kevin had said as he climbed off of her, her pussy gaping open, cum running from it down to her rosebud.

“My mother taught me about cleaning up messes, even when other people, visitors make them,” Bill had said, shocking Ann when he knelt in front of her spread, cum-filled pussy and dragged his tongue up through her spread pussy lips, then speared it into her, loudly slurping up the cum-cocktail that filled her, not stopping until she was sparkling pink and clean.

Ann had never cum so hard as when Bill ate her pussy full of cum, Kevin’s cum, even though he regularly ate her pussy after fucking her and filling her with cum. It was the most erotic, nasty thing that she had ever seen and it excited her like nothing ever had.

They had been married for just over a month, known each other for almost four months, when she arrived home from one of her PhD teaching classes to find Bill with another couple, Dennis, one of his computer nerd buddies that she had fucked many times, and Cloe, a sloe-eyed beauty from Vietnam whose long, straight black hair hung down past her ass.

“I should hate you,” Cloe had said in her exotic accent, smiling at Ann to take the sting out of the words.

“Why?” Ann had replied, truly puzzled. “I don’t think that we’ve ever met before.”

“We haven’t, but I know a bit about you,” Cloe had said, laughing. “God, I’ve thought about this conversation hundreds of times. Dennis loves to tell me how much he likes fucking you, eating your pussy, having you suck his cock, always when he’s doing these things with me.”

“Oh, my, I can see why you’d be inclined to hate me,” Ann had replied, blushing. “It’s not personal, I can assure you, we just fuck sometimes.”

“Which is why I can’t hate you,” Cloe had sighed. “You really don’t mind your friends fucking your wife?” she had asked, looking at Bill.

“No,” Bill had replied simply, smiling. “She likes it and she’s hot to watch. It turns me on. You ever watched people fucking?”

“No,” Cloe had replied, blushing.

“You want to watch us?” Bill had asked, grinning. “It really turns Ann on to be watched.”

“You like being watched?” Cloe had asked, staring at Ann.

“It makes it more exciting,” Ann had conceded, “but I’ve never had another woman watching, only other guys, then they’d fuck me, too.”

“Are you going to fuck Dennis, too?” she asked anxiously.

“That’s up to Dennis, I guess,” Ann had replied. “I don’t mind. Two cocks are better than one.”

“What do you think?” Dennis had asked, looking at Chloe, his eyes bright.

“I don’t know,” Cloe had replied slowly, her eyes widening when she saw Bill unzipping his pants and extracting his cock.

Ann had markantalya escort butterflies in her stomach as she slipped to her knees in front of Bill, leaning over to take his cock into her mouth, very aware of Cloe watching her. It was one thing to perform for guys, but another woman, that was different.

Cloe’s eyes had been wide as she watched Ann sucking Bill’s cock right next to her on the sofa.

“Come on,” Dennis had urged her and she turned to look at him, gasping when she saw that he had his cock out and was fisting it, his cock larger than Bill’s, she noticed proudly.

Feeling her pussy suddenly flood with juices, Cloe had slipped to her knees in front of Dennis and began sucking his cock, side by side with Ann as she sucked Bill’s. She was only mildly surprised, her pussy getting even wetter, when Dennis suggested after a few minutes that they switch cocks.

Ann had felt a fascination as she watched Cloe slide over and tentatively wrap her hand around Bill’s cock, then lean over and take it into her mouth. She hadn’t known how she’d feel, but her wet pussy made her realize that it turned her on and helped her to understand Bill’s strange fascination with watching her fuck other men in front of him.

When Dennis had asked to eat her pussy after a few minutes of having his cock sucked, Ann hadn’t hesitated, getting to her feet and stripping naked before sitting on the sofa, her feet up on the edge well apart, smiling at Cloe as she stared wide-eyed as Dennis’ tongue slid between her spread pussy lips and into her.

Cloe hadn’t reacted, neither helping nor resisting when Bill pulled her t-shirt up over her head to reveal her naked breasts, small A-cups with hard, dark nipples, yet still larger than Ann’s hard, dark, thick nipples-for-breasts. Leaning forward, one hand on Dennis’ head, holding him tightly against her pussy, Ann had watched as Bill got her onto the sofa and pulled her shorts down, along with her panties, revealing a naked pussy with a small thatch of black hair above it. She could see her delicate, dark pussy lips when Bill parted them with his thumbs before leaning in and sliding his tongue into her. Ann had actually cum when she saw Bill’s mouth glued to Cloe’s pussy.

Things had rapidly progressed as Ann found herself getting fucked by Dennis while Bill fucked Cloe next to her. Dennis had maneuvered Ann so that she was laying on the sofa, one foot on the ground, the other up over the back of the sofa, her head resting against Cloe’s thigh as Dennis continued fucking her.

“Oh, my god!” Cloe had gasped when she felt Bill’s cock swell in her pussy, then pulse as he came.

She had been shocked that he hadn’t warned her, but that didn’t stop her pussy from milking him, trying to squeeze every drop of cum from him that she could. It was hard to say who had been more surprised when Bill pulled his cock from her pussy and leaned over and rubbed it on Ann’s lips, which parted as she allowed his gooey, cum-covered pussy into her mouth, tasting Cloe’s pussy all over him, something that she realized immediately that she liked, almost as much as the taste of her own pussy on a cock.

Dennis had moaned, his cock exploding in Ann’s pussy when he saw Cloe mount Ann’s face at Bill’s urging, cum drooling from her pussy onto Ann’s extended tongue before Ann reached up and grasped Cloe’s thighs, pulling her pussy down onto her mouth as she tasted another woman for the first time, her own pussy spasming in orgasm as the taste of Cloe’s pussy juices and Bill’s cum flowed onto her tongue as she enthusiastically ate a pussy for the first time, totally understanding why Bill was so crazy about eating hers.

Cloe had been gasping, cumming over and over again, her whole body trembling as Ann had feasted on her cum-filled pussy. When she saw Bill replace Dennis’ cock with his mouth and tongue after Dennis had finished cumming in Ann’s pussy, she had almost passed out, cumming so hard and long before finally collapsing onto the sofa, totally spent as Bill finished eating Ann’s pussy, not stopping until she was clean.

After that, Bill had more often invited other couples over and Ann had gotten to the point where she enjoyed being with another woman almost as much as being with another man.

One evening, after she had just finished sucking him off, Bill told her about the program that he had been working on, the same one that had distracted him on their first date. He had figured out how to do what he called a hyper-search, one which also reached into the Dark Web, something that made no sense to her, but seemed to excite him very much. He had explained that with the data analytics algorithm that he had written, that he was able to search far more extensively and completely than any other search currently existing.

He was conflicted between selling his ideas – he said that he’d get billions for them – or keeping it to himself and utilizing it.

“Well, what do you want to do with your life?” Ann had asked, a question that she had also been asking herself lately. “Money’s always nice, but won’t you make money if you keep it and do it yourself?”

“Probably,” Bill had agreed, “and more than I’d ever be able to spend.”

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