You Had a Bad Day

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I read your text message and make a snap decision. I run upstairs and put on something I know you’ll like. I spritz on your favorite scent and do a quick hair and makeup check. Then I grab my keys and head out the door.

I start the car and before I pull away I send you an appropriate reply to the message that prompted me into action. I continue to reply to your messages when I hit the red lights. You have no idea I’m on my way and I want to keep it that way.

When I arrive I park the car, and then tiptoe up the stairs to your door. I don’t knock. Instead I send you a message. “Let me in,” it says.

You must be puzzled because we never meet without planning it first. You don’t send a reply, and though it takes long seconds, you finally open the door.

Your eyes light up when you see me standing there. There’s nothing special about the way I look. I’m wearing jeans and a sweater, the same thing I would wear for a very casual lunch date with you. Still, you are happy to see me and draw me to you for a much needed hug.

You’ve had kind of a rough day. Not really bad, you just dealt with some irksome things at work. I can feel the tension in your embrace so I pull away, take your hand, and lead you to the futon in your living room.

I instruct you to take off your shirt and lay face down. You silently comply. I straddle you, lean in and kiss you tenderly on your neck, then sit back up and get to work. I knead the muscles of your back, concentrating first on your shoulders and working my way down to your lower back. You slowly begin to relax. Your eyes are closed and I study your profile. I keep kneading until you are pliant.

I stand up and peel off my sweater. You don’t move. I strip off my jeans then lean down and whisper in your ear “Hey, come here…” Then I move into your line of vision. Your eyes slowly open and when you focus on me I see a bursa eskort look of shock and then appreciation cross your features. I am clad in a black leather corset adorned with red ribbon and matching black leather shorts that leave nothing to the imagination. I’ve never attempted to wear anything like it before but I can see that you are pleased.

You push up off of the futon, come to me, and whisper “You’re beautiful”. You hold me at arms length and look me up and down. Then you drop your hands and circle me, drinking in the sight of me. You don’t know what to say but that’s ok. You don’t have to say anything. Once you’re standing back in front of me I reach out to you, wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you softly, slowly, and deeply. You’re shaking ever so slightly from anticipation of things to come.

You pull away, take my hand, and lead me to your bed. We stop at the foot and gaze into each other’s eyes, both wanting to begin what we know will be intensely beautiful, yet wanting to preserve these moments for as long as we can. You reach out and cup my cheek in the palm of your hand. Then you trail your fingers down my jaw and down my throat, stopping at the cross ties at the top of the corset. You are shirtless and I am itching to get my hands on you but I don’t. I’m savoring the chemistry between us.

You take my hand and twirl me so that I’m facing away from you. You slowly untie the ribbon that’s holding me inside the corset and begin to unlace it. Once the ribbon is unlaced you turn me back to face you. You peel the corset off of me and drop it at our feet. You then lean into me and gently kiss my neck. I tilt my head away from you, giving you full access. You are holding me close so that we are skin to skin. Electric currents flow between us.

I pull away slightly, staring into your intensely dark eyes and undo the button of your bursa escort bayan jeans. You keep your hands on my waist and don’t break eye contact. I slowly slide the zipper down, and then slide the pants down your legs. You step out of them. You are still wearing your briefs; I’m still wearing the leather shorts. I sit on the bed and scoot back away from you. We still have not broken eye contact and you follow me to the head of the bed on your hands and knees.

I am lying on my back, you are hovering over me. You lean in and kiss me, just a whisper of a kiss at first and gradually gaining intensity. Soon your kisses are urgent and your breathing is heavy. You raise your head and whisper that you can’t believe this is happening this way.

I lean up and meet your lips again and push myself on you, guiding you so that you settle onto the pillow. I place my hand on your chest at the base of your throat and trail it down, over your belly, and down to the band of your briefs and gently tug at them. You lift your hips just enough for me to remove them. I position myself between your legs and slide up the length of your body, creating a long stroke of friction over your hardness. You suck in a breath and murmur “Jesus…”

I hold myself above you. You hook your fingers into my shorts and drag them down. I kick them off, and then go from being between your legs to straddling you. I am slick and dying to feel you rubbing against me and so I lower myself so that the length of you is flat against your lower belly. I position myself so that you are touching my clit and I move my hips so that I’m sliding over you.

Fireworks are bursting behind my closed eyelids. I have to slow down before I go completely over the edge. I slide off of you and take you in my hand. I rub my thumb across your slick, velvety head. You put your hand on görükle escort top of mine and guide me in a way that makes you feel good. I follow your lead for a few seconds but then shake your hand off of mine and reposition myself so that I am back between your legs.

Your eyes are open and I lock mine with yours as I lean down and flick my tongue over your head. You shudder and I continue to tease you. When you don’t seem like you can take any more I take you in my mouth as far as you will go. I slide my head back up and twirl my tongue around the tip of you. I go back down about half way and stop, letting suction build. I begin bobbing up and down, maintaining the suction, establishing a rhythm, and maintaining it until I can feel you straining for more. I come to a stop before you explode and end by scraping my teeth across your tip. You writhe and grab me by the arms, flip me over on my back, and you begin teasing my clit with your tongue. You’re expert rhythm quickly sends me almost to the breaking point. You slow down, but don’t stop. You alternate between licking me and suckling. My head is spinning and I beg you to stop so you do.

I take a moment to catch my breath. You laugh and move up beside me, laying down facing me and run your hand over my torso. I am very sensitive and you linger in some places while grazing over others. We stay like that for a few moments before I stroke your erection. Before you have a chance to anticipate it I straddle you and take you inside me. There is nothing slow or lazy about the pace I set. It is fast and furious and I try not to lose the rhythm as the first orgasm crashes through me. The first wave passes and I continue, listening to you fighting your own battle to hold on.

You take advantage of my weakness after multiple orgasms to roll us over and set your own fast and furious pace. I can’t catch my breath and you are making the wave build again. I’m clinging to you as you finally fall over the edge.

You collapse next to me trying to catch your breath. We lie separately until we cool down, and then reach for each other. You hold me, my head on your shoulder, and we drift quietly off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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