2 Boy 2 Girl Cousins Volume 1

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Volume 1 2 Boys 2 Girl Cousins

I used to spend my summer vacations in the country at my Grandparents Farm. It was a large place lots of woods and a cool pond. I got to work on the neighbors farms helping to bale hay, or drive the tractor when it was wheat and oat harvest time. Lots of chores and got paid for it too. Most of the time it was just me at the farm, but sometimes other cousins would come for a week or so.

I had been there about 2 weeks, was eating breakfast and Grandma said that my cousin Tony would be coming Saturday for a couple weeks. I liked that because Tony was one of my suck buddy cousins. I knew we would have lots of private time to fool around. Saturday arrived and so did Tony, it had been about 6months since I saw him last, we both have grown some. We went to the barn and up into the hay loft. Was not long before we started talking sex stuff.

I told Tony about how I got to see our cousin Julie at my house a while back. Tony, Doug & I had had fun with her when before so. He was curious how she has changed, I said she has some cute little titties, and she has pubic hair too. He said well I have pubic hair too, I said me too. We moved some hay and made some tunnels, opened up a large are that was completely surrounded about four bales deep. Kind of a hiding place.

We talked about when we skinny dipped a couple summers ago here a the farm and how it was Grandmas Suggestion that made us think to do it. It was the 3 of us boys. It was the first time I got the other 2 to pee on me too. Damn I still love that piss play. Grandma rang the bell and it was time for lunch, we headed for the house and saw her coming out, she said you boys can eat out here, wash up.

So we sat at the picnic table and ate and joked and talked, seemed like it always turned to sex stuff, Maybe because we were teen boys. Grandma brought out a piece of cake for us both, then she said you boys going skinny dipping this afternoon? Funny thing about Grandma is she said whatever came to mind, and she sure was not shy about it. We said maybe it’s pretty hot.

Tony and I played around lots that week, the fun part about going to the pond to skinny dip was we were already naked. Now when I think about it I doubt Grandma would have cared if we were naked all the time, she never said but she just was that kind of person. I was able to get Tony to shower me almost anytime I wanted it (and that was often) He was not into getting peed on like me, but he would pee on me. His thing was getting jacked and sucked, something I was happy escort gaziantep minyon bayan to do for him. Friday came and after lunch we were mowing the yard for Grandpa so he did not have to do it Saturday. We finished up and hosed off the sweat, Grandma brought us some Lemonade and we sat at the table under the tree in the shade.

Grandma said that one of our Aunts had called and that she was bringing Julie and another cousin out later today. I asked which other cousin she said Kim. I said oh. Grandma went in and I said to Tony, fuck Kim is like a year and a half older than us, she is snooty, no way we will get to play with Julie this time. We were bummed, then we decided to go swim, we went in and grabbed the beach towels from the rack, told Grandma where we would be, She said I see you are not wearing your bathing suits, we said yep skinny dipping is too much fun and off we went.

We got to the dock and were naked before you could say the word naked. Damn nudity was fun (still is actually) We jumped into the pond and swam for the floating dock. We horsed around and floated in the tubes. This was the longest we had been naked together and not doing sex stuff. I said when did you see Kim last? Tony said it had been back around Thanksgiving, I said me too.

We were in our own world, then we hear a voice yell… Hey Patrick, Hey Tony, it was Julie and Kim on the fucking dock. Both of us in the tubes floating and naked, for me Julie was not a problem but what about Kim? Tony said what the fuck we are naked. I said yep we sure are, maybe we can get them to go back to the house and we can meet them there. I said hey girls can we meet you back at the house? Julie said why? I said well we do not have any clothes on and well Kim is here too you know.

Julie said Kim is no problem I told her what we do at night, I said you told her all of it? She said yes, she is curious too. Now things were getting more interesting 2 boys 2 girls and Kim being older and wiser, haha. I said you gonna’ swim too? She said yep we brought towels of our own, she said funny Grandma asked if we were going to skinny dip too….. I asked well what did you tell her? I told her we were, now my little dick was starting to feel sparks.

Tony yelled well come on in and swim out to the float. The two of them sat on the edge of the dock and started the process of disrobing, girls are so funny they took off pieces of clothing and folded them so nicely, not us boys take them off and toss them. We escort bayan nizip watched from about 150 feet in our tubes, piece by piece the girls got naked. I had never expected Kim to do this kind of stuff, Julie was cute Kim was getting to be gorgeous.

From our vantage point was watched as they finally took off their tops and then Julie and her training bra and Kim and her bra. Cute titties damn, I said Tony you boned, he said hell yes. Now naked the girls jumped in and swam to the float, we paddled our way to the float and joined them. Now were were all getting an up close and personal look at each other. The girls were checking us out and we were checking them out.

No hiding our boners for sure. The girls laughed and said I guess you like what you see, we both said we do how bout you and they replied yes we do too. We sat down crossed legged in a circle, I was surprised that Kim was so open and not more modest, not complaining for sure. As we made small talk my mind went to wondering if she would play tonight in our rooms, pretty sure Julie would but Kim was unknown. Kim sure had changed since the last time I saw her, never thought I would be able to do anything sexual with her for sure.

Out of the blue Kim says have either of you had sex with a girl yet? Both of us said if you mean fucking NO. I said did Julie tell you want we have done? She said yes and that’s pretty far for a young boy to do. I said I love doing it to boys or girls. She said so your not only lick pussy you suck a guy too? I said yes whenever I can I do. She said will you do Tony NOW? I looked a Tony and he was kind of WTF…. Then I said well Tony, he said I guess. I said so you want to watch me suck his dick? She said yes.

I said if I do what will you do in exchange? She said how bout Julie and I play for you? I was like hell yes. So I told Tony to get up, I turned around a bit stretched my legs out and had him walk towards me and straddle my legs, there it was his dick in my face, I opened my mouth and pulled him toward me, Julie and Kim moved so they could watch from the side. I bobbed in and out on his dick. He was a bit bigger than me, he was maybe 5 or 5½” not a real big girth. He as easy to take, I could put my face into his pubic bone and completely swallow him. I had done it many times before.

The girls were so into it, they giggled and commented, Julie asked what if he shoot his juice? On an outward stroke I pulled off and said when he does I will drink it. Then I went back to getting escort bayan nurdağı him off, it was only about 5 more minutes and I could feel him get harder and he started to pump, he grabbed my head and pulled it into his crotch, I knew he was close, and he blew his load. Kim said did he do it? I slowly pulled off licking every bit of juice, I swallowed hard and then said yep his stuff is in my belly now.

Tony moved and sat down then laid back, I said how was it and he said it was great. I was now wondering what Kim was going to do. Kim said wow that is the first time I have seen a guy suck another dick. Then she said I did not think you were gay, I said I am not gay (not that there is anything wrong with it) I said I like dicks and pussy. She said like 50/50, I said yep I would say so. She said so you would do things to me if I let you? I said yes I would but I have never fucked and would not because I would be afraid of getting you pregnant. Kim is much bolder than I expected for sure.

She said so would you kiss me down there? I said I do it for Julie I would do it for you if you wanted, then I said we will see tonight okay? She said okay we will see. Then I said well what are you going to do for Tony and me now? She said watch. Then she told Julie lay down, then she spread her legs and bent them up at the knees. She wasted no time and she went right into Julie’s pussy with her tongue, she licked munched and licked more, she took two fingers into her mouth and got them wet, then she slipped them into Julie’s wet pussy, Fuck I was hard as a rock and Tony was back up too.

She worked and worked on Julie never letting up, She worked her fingers, she knew something I did not know for sure, soon Julie was moaning and she had her orgasm….. and she seemed to lose control and pee a really good amount. It was so hot, then without missing a beat Kim turned around and sat up, she was facing us, her tits were so pretty, and her bush was hot too. She proceeded to rub her pussy, she wet her fingers and then inserted them, she worked her pussy hard. She sure knew how to get off and she did, both Tony and I did too right there in front of her. Tony and I both had cum in our hand, we were sitting the in awe, she reached over ran her fingers through my cum, tasted it and the Tony’s cum and tasted it.

I thought this is going to be a really wild week ahead, we finished up jumped in and washed off, swam back to the dock, dried off and got dressed. Walked back to the house not really saying much at all except we sure had fun. We got back to the house and went in, Grandma was in the kitchen, she said you kids have fun? We said yep we did it is so much fun out there, then Grandma said did ya’ all skinny dip? We said kind of sheepishly uh-huh. We went into the family room and turned on the TV knowing dinner would be soon as Grandpa got home from work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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