3 Blondes and a Brunette

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I pulled up to the house to get the company van. I smiled as I seen her car was in the driveway. Her is Valerie or Val for short. She works at one of the other houses for the company I work for. I manage another house. She has been a good friend and I always cherish the chance to get to see and talk to her. Val got out of her car to say hi and for to let her in the house.

Val is 5’10” tall and 125lbs and is 23 yrs. old. She has perky B cups breast and a tight little ass and slender sexy legs. She had a white t-shirt on and I could see her pink and white bra threw it. I unlocked the door and watched as she walked across in her tight mid thigh jean shorts. She went into the kitchen to put up her lunch and I followed her in there. She put her stuff into the fridge and then she leaned back on the counter. We were good friends so she was comfortable talking to me a foot in front of her. We chatted about our weekends

I couldn’t help but look at her bra and it made my cock hard when I noticed her nipples were getting hard being in the air conditioned house. She caught me starring at her breast and she smiled. She than said that she was wearing a matching thong and asked if I wanted to see. I said yes and she grabs my hand and led me into the bathroom. She turned and faces me as she removed her t-shirt. She than unbuttoned her jean shorts and they fell to the floor and she stepped out of them. She walked up to me and kissed me. As we kissed I ran my hands all over her body. After a few minutes she stopped me and asked me to eat her pussy before the girls got home soon. I lifted her up and sat her on the sink. I got on my knees and spread her legs apart. Her panties were wet with her pussy juices. I pulled her panties to the side and I dove in and ate her pussy like a madman. I fucked her pussy with my tongue. I t didn’t take her long to cum in my mouth. It tasted so good. She got off the sink. She took her panties off and stuck them in my pocket. She got dressed and said she would get them back later after she got off work.

I left and finished my shift. I bought stuff to make margaritas and a case of beer. Got a hotel room near work and waited for Val to get off work. It turned 9pm and I had drank 10 beers and decided to go to the hotel bar.

I walked in and sat at a table. This cute little blonde waitress came up and asked what would I have? I told her if I can’t have her I would settle for a beer. She smiled and said Anadolu Yakası Escort I will be right back and if you need anything baby just holler for Annie. As she said this she leaned forward and I got a good look down her tight black top at her nice small breast. I watched her nice big ass walk away. Annie was about 5’2″ tall and 105 lbs. She had a big ass and curvy hips with her nice little round boobies. She had on a tight black top and jean shorts.

She brought me back my beer and sat down. She asked if I was from around here or visiting. I told her I was from near hear and waiting on a girl to get off work. She asked if it was a girlfriend. I told her only a hookup at the hotel for now. She smiled and said she was single and was 22. Annie was getting of early now and wanted to go back to my room. I finished my beer as she went to clock out. I grab her hand and lead her to my room. I walked into the room and turned around and she jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around me as I held her up by her ass cheeks and she wrapped her arms around my head and kissed me. I carried her to the bed and laid her down. I unzipped her jean shorts and pulled them off. She was wearing a red lacy thong. She sat up and pulled off her top. She had a matching bra she took off. I pulled off my shirt and pants and than she backed up to head of the bed and I climbed on top of her. I kissed her neck and than moved to her left ear and nibbled on it. She grabs my cock and said she wanted it in her now. I lowered my cock near her pussy she pulled her panties aside and she guided my cock inside of her. She moaned as I pumped my cock fast and hard into her tight pussy. She backed arched as I continued to fuck her hard and she cummed everywhere. I continued to fuck her till I shortly cummed inside of her. I collapsed on her and rolled to lie beside her. She looked at the time and said she had to go. She got dressed and gave me her number. I walked her to her car and she kissed me goodbye.

I went back to the bar and it was about 10pm so I had a little over an hour to kill. I sat at the table I looked to the dance floor to check out the dancers. I noticed this skinny sexy brunette. She turned around and realized it was my supervisor Trish. I decided to go surprise her. I got on the dance floor and started dancing behind her. She looked to see who it was and saw it was me and smiled. She ran on head and down my body to my Avrupa Yakası Escort cock. She squeezed my cock and said it was going to be inside her soon. She grinded her ass on my cock till I cummed on myself. The song finished and we went and sat at the table. She told me Val let her know about me and that she had permission to fool around with me long as I didn’t fuck Trish till I fucked Val.

It was 1030pm and we decided to head to the room and fool around. I walked into the room and she told me to sit on the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and she stood 3 ft. ahead of me. She was wearing a black dress that went to just above her knees. It had a v neck and was form fitting. She has nice little titties with big nipples. Cute little ass and great legs. She is 5’7″ tall and 110lbs. Trish is 27 yrs. old. She started slowly dancing in front of me. She reaches behind her back and unzipped her dress and it fell to the ground. She continued to dance and she walked away from me shaking her ass and did the stripper skip. She was now just wearing a lacy yellow bra and matching thong. She leaned on the wall and stuck her ass out. She shook it slowly to the left and than back to the right. Than she just leaned forward and you could see the thong hugging her pussy so tightly. She than walked over to me and strattled me. She started grinding slowly on my cock as she kissed my neck and than pulled off my shirt. She slid down my body till she was on her knees. She pulled off my shorts and boxers. She than started stroking my cock. Trish kissed the tip of my cock and said yummy. She slowly took all my seven inches down her throat and gagged a little. She then sucked all the way to the tip and then back down. She did this for a few minutes.

There was a knock on the door. Trish hopped up and peaked threw the peep hole. She smiled and said oh goody Val is here and she unlocked the door and let her in. Val walked in and she smiled as she sees Trish in her bra and panties and me sitting on the bed naked with a very hard cock. Val said she feels over dressed. She took off her shirt and her jeans shorts. There Val stood in her pink and white bra and panties. She walked over and grabs Trish by the hand and led her over in front of me. Than they started kissing and touching each other all over there bodies. After a minute of this Trish undid Val’s bra and it fell to the floor. Val did the same to Trish’s bra. They than had İstanbul Escort me lay on the bed. Val positioned herself above my cock and Trish sat above my face. Val guided my cock into her tight pussy. Trish lowered her pussy on my face. I started eating her pussy out like a madman as Val rode my cock really hard. After a few minutes we had all cummed and lay on the bed together with me in the middle.

Val noticed some red panties by the window so I had to explain the quick sex with the waitress. Val asked me to call her to come over. I said she had to go somewhere but she wants to do a threesome real soon.

Trish had to leave to get home and Val had to get to her mothers house in case her boyfriend surprised her and stopped by like he has in the past. It was 130am and I had the room the rest of the night. There was a knock on the door.

I went to answer it and to my surprise it was Officer Thompson. Kathy Thompson was the police officer who took my case when I was assaulted at work. She smiled and said hi Jason. I said hi and asked what was going on. We got some complaints of noise from this room and when I seen it was you I thought I would take the call. She said nice boxers. I invited her in and she walked in. I asked if I was in trouble and she said no. I just needed to keep the noise down. I asked if she got off work soon and she said I am off. I just stopped in here on my way home. I asked if she would stay for a drink and she said yes. She let her blonde hair out of her ponytail and she took her utility belt off. She unbuttoned her uniform top to show some nice cleavage held up by a blue lacy bra. I was hoping it had a matching panty I would see soon. We sat at the table and we chatted a bit about each other.

I couldn’t stop staring in her blue eyes. She said she was 25 and was 5’6″ tall and 123lbs. After few margaritas’ I had her standing up and dancing close to me. I leaned and we kissed. We stopped dancing and continued kissing wildly. All the sudden she spun me around and put my right arm behind my back. She said I think carry a concealed weapon. She frisked my left side down to my cock and she rubbed my hard cock and said she found. She put my other arm behind my back and handcuffed me. She than got in front of me on her knees and pulled my boxers down and I stepped out of them. She deep throated my cock for a few minutes than she grabs my arm and had me lay on the bed still hand cuffed. She undressed till she was completely naked. She climbed on me and rode me like I never have been ridden before. We both cummed after a few minutes. She let me out of the handcuffs and we made love the rest of the night and we officially started dating that night to. I can’t wait for more nights light this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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