Affair with My Junior from College

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Anal Fingering

Hi all. This is Mr. K again from Bangalore, India and currently working in a MNC. I am sharing one of my experiences here. This time, I have written in better grammar.

After reading the story, please share your feedback or comments at my profile.


This story involves someone I knew from my university days. Jenny (name changed) was my junior and was decent looking. But she had good body build with medium height. It was more of formal friendship with hi and bye as we happened to travel in same college bus. I did not even bother to be in contact with her. I had no idea that I would meet her again.

It was during last summer that I happened to come across her in a mall. We greeted each other and had usual talk when we meet someone from college after a long time. We exchanged our contact details and were in touch often over chat. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and was in sad mood often. She told me this after few conversations. I tried convincing her that time will help to recover from that. Slowly she started to feel better and she was getting back to her normal self.

Once we both wanted to meet for a movie and spend some good time. So we met at the same mall where I met her some time ago. We enjoyed the movie and completed the dinner also. After that, she was about to book a cab to Ankara escort go home. I offered to drop her for which she agreed immediately.

So I took her in my bike and reached her home. On the way to home, she got a call from her parents stating that they are going to attend a marriage in the outskirts and would be reaching home late. She informed me the same. Then I joked that we should have some beer in her place and she replied in positive. I was pleasantly surprised by her response.

As she agreed, we grabbed some beer bottles on the way to her place. After reaching her place, Jenny told me to wait in the hall as she wanted to change her dress. I was watching some videos on YouTube while she was inside getting changed. Then she came out in T-shirt and shorts in which she was looking hot. This triggered the man in me and I wanted to make love with her right away but I had to pretend to be normal. We had couple of beers and then we started to chit chat all boring stuffs in our lives. Then suddenly she asked if I have a girl friend to which I said no. She replied that is unbelievable as I was a caring person and also decent looking. But I told her that I did not invest time to find someone suitable for me.

Slowly the effect of alcohol started to take over her and me. She started to get emotional Escort ankara again over her recent break up and started to cry. I tried to convince her by patting on her back. Suddenly she rested her head on my shoulder and told me that her boyfriend should have been like me. Then she wiped her tears and gave me a hug. In the moment of heat, I gave her a kiss and quickly stepped back. She pulled me to her side and gave me a kiss.

We hugged each other tightly and I started to run my hands all over body. She was also enjoying the moment. Then quickly we were in our inner wears. She was such unbelievable beauty in her semi naked avatar. I never expected her to be of such amazing beauty overall.

Then we quickly moved to the bedroom and I took her in my hands. I made French kiss with her for which she responded very well. We both then undressed each other till we were in our birthday dress. I told her that I have not got safety precautions for which she replied she has one in her cupboard (this was because she was having sex with her ex-boyfriend). I kissed all over face and breast. We then had amazing sex that lasted for 20 minutes. After which we both felt tired and slept off for two hours.

Then she woke me up saying that her parents would come back soon. We had another round of sex quickly Ankara escort bayan before I left from her place. That was nice experience and she told me later that she felt good too. She thanked me a lot for the same for which I said pleasure is mine lol. We happened to meet again after few days when her parents went out of town. She texted me time to bring beer home along with a wink. That made me understand what she really meant.

This time I picked up safety precaution while I was on the way to her home. Upon reaching her home, she greeted me with a hug. She was in the same type of dress which was the last time. That made me even more aroused. She quickly locked the door and took me straight in to her bedroom. We tried different positions this time and she was more than happy to listen to my wishes. Later we had beer that I had brought. She joked that if it is an energy drink for the game of love. To which I said yes while I was laughing.

It was time for another round of sex. We tried this time her being on top of me. She rode me for 10 minutes before she got climax and then collapsed on me. The power of alcohol added to the sleepiness and we both dozed off for some time. Later on, we went out for dinner and I dropped her back home as her parents would come back in the morning. We did meet up couple of times after that. After which she got married and moved to a different country. I still miss her and eagerly waiting to see if we would meet again when comes to visit Bangalore.

Hope you all enjoyed the story. I would be waiting to hear the feed back and comments from the readers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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