Anya Ch. 02

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I woke up to a hot summer night. Jesus it was hot. I threw the duvet off me, and found that Anya was still asleep in my arms. Damn even the back of her head was hot. I reached round, and held one of her boobs in the palm of my hand. I started to maul at her boob, and then started to pinch her nipple. I did the same with my other hand to her other boob, and she started to moan.

“How long have you been awake?” I asked.

“Well I’ve been rubbing my ass on your crotch for the past five minutes.” I knew she was grinning.

I laughed at this and started to rub her pussy, but found that it was already quite wet. I started to rub her clit with one hand, and then stuck my pussy juice covered fingers in to her mouth. She moaned again, and I started to then rub my cock on her clit. I slipped in her pussy with considerable ease, and started to slowly fuck her. Anya turned her head and we started to kiss. With one of her hands, she rubbed my balls and my cock when I pulled out of her. She withdrew from my mouth to lick her hand. At this point I reached down and lifted her leg up, so I could have better access to her ass. I rubbed some of her pussy juice on to her ass, and started to finger her ass with one of my fingers.

I pulled her up on all fours and really started to plough in and out of her. All the time still fingering her ass. She started to buck, and I knew she was coming. I slowed down until Anya’s orgasm had resided, and turned her on her back. I fucked her like that, and she wrapped her legs around me, and started to thrust up in rhythm. I slowed down the fucking when I was just about to come to prolong our union. Damn just being in her pussy was a joy in itself. I bent down to kiss her cute little nose, and lowered to her mouth. We kissed whilst we fucked for what seemed like hours. I could feel my balls slapping against canlı bahis her ass hole, and every time they did Anya gave out a little moan. I told her that I was about to come, and she told me to come in her pussy. I fucked her for a couple more strokes, until I could feel my come rising in my balls. I sped up and rammed in to her hard and fast. I came with some much force Anya started to scream and came too. I could feel our mixed juices overflowing in her pussy, and leaking out on to my balls, and her ass hole. After I shot my last drop of come in to her, I slowed down the fucking and finally popped out of her. I was kneeling just over her when Anya put her hand to her pussy, and gathered up all the mixture of pussy juice and come she could, and slapped it straight in her mouth. She did this about three or four times, and then reached for my cock. She sucked and licked all the juices off of my cock, and balls, and fell straight to sleep.

We got abruptly disturbed by my mobile phone ringing a bit too loudly; it must be Helen, my mobile is set to go off extra loud if she rings me: her idea of course. So I walk in to Anya’s sitting room where we had fucked the previous evening, and pick up my pants, and search thorough them.

“What do you want Helen?”

“I assume as there was no answer at your home phone that your date with Miss. Anya went well?”

“Very” I smiled.

“Well I have some more good news. I got a call from the board of directors that visited us on Thursday. They said they’ll buy!” She sounded absolutely ecstatic.

“They’ll buy huh?” I tried to sound nonchalant “But for how much? I told you yesterday…” Helen broke me off.


“MILLION?!?” I was amazed. Obviously my company was doing a lot better then I gave it credit for.

“Uh huh! They said they’ll meet with you some time next bahis siteleri week, and arrange a time when the funds can be wired over. Sorry… I gotta go now. You know things to do people to see,” She was laughing her head off.

I was especially happy for her. I have to admit this didn’t mean that much to me; hell I could easily live off my savings now. But for Helen it was very big. She was going to be in charge of one of the biggest monopolies in Europe, and America.

I heard moans coming from Anya’s bedroom. Jesus this girl was,

“Crazy,” I whispered.

I crept up stairs and peeked my head round the door frame. She was getting herself of alright. But she was lying on her front, with her arm reached round behind her buried in her ass cheeks. With her other hand she was stuffing her fingers down her throat, and effectively deep throating her fingers. I could not believe this girl was getting off having her ass and throat stuffed. But damn it looked good. She was moaning like she was having a constant orgasm!

She rolled over with no warning, and lifted her ass off the bed a little. She still hadn’t seen me watching her because her eyes were shut tightly. I then saw her wonderful little pussy, witch was of course perfectly shaved. That pussy was wide open, and just begging to be fucked. I crept up on to the bed, and slowly positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy without touching her once. I then slammed in to her so fast her ass crashed down on to the bed, and her fingers must have gone all the way up her ass to the hilt, because she gave out an extreme scream. And her eyes flew open. She looked really angry.


And started to buck like crazy. It was amazing her pussy was so deep; I was fucking her along with her own bucking with incredible force. canlı bahis siteleri I could feel the come in my balls rising, and knew it was time to come. I quickly pulled out of Anya’s pussy and aimed my cock at her face. I came with tremendous force, one blast lasting for at least 5 or 6 seconds, until it was followed by more explosions. My orgasm lasted for about 2 minutes, until Anya’s face was completely covered with my come. At which point she scooted down and engulfed my cock with her mouth. My orgasm lasted a further minute, until I was good and spent. But still as hard as a rock. Anya then started to use my cock to sweep all the come on her face in to her mouth. Each time she gave my head a fantastic swirl with her tongue, which drove me wild. I slumped down next to her, and closed my eyes.

I woke up to Anya tonguing my balls, I groaned, and when she saw that I was awake she instantly stopped. She smiled that magnificent smile, and crept up to me on all fours. She was still naked when she leaned in to my face and tried to kiss me; I pulled away and she understood immediately understood.

“Don’t worry, I’ve washed my face, and brushed my teeth, so you won’t be eating your own come baby,” she smiled again, and leaned in.

We kissed. It was a lot more sensual then the kissing we were doing last night. Much more calm, and I have to say enjoyable. Not that I don’t enjoy kissing whilst fucking the shit out of women; but more slow, and peaceful kissing is really my thing.

Anya broke our kiss.

“Are you hungry hon?”

“Yeah, starving.”

“You must need a bloody feast after last night’s performance! Or should I say performances?” She laughed her flawless way.

“I’ll tell you what: you relax in bed, and I’ll bring you some breakfast.”

“Hey I’m not complaining for breakfast in bed. I’ll get to see that great ass of your ass you walk out as an added bonus too.” She made a small o with her lips.

I walked out with a giant smile on my face and found my way to the kitchen.

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