Blue Hair Pt. 03

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Annie had a big grin on her face as she got off the bed. She came up on her toes with her hands above her naked body as she showed off to me and stretched at the same time. “Daddy, I need a hot shower before we go out for coffee.”

I was kicked back in my office chair with my feet up on the desk at the end of her bed. She had slept naked on her side with her knees drawn up. The crystal head of the butt plug in her ass was on full display for me. Watching it rock slightly as her inner muscles grabbed it made me smile.

“Do you need me to scrub your back?” I asked.

With a giggle, she replied, “My back wouldn’t be all you’d scrub. Anyway, I slept longer than I meant too. I need to hurry if we’re going to make our meeting at the café.”

“Your meeting at the café. I’ll just be along for immoral support,” I replied with a grin.

“After that walk up the stairs, I can believe the immoral part,” she whispered as she headed for the bathroom.

“Leave the door open,” I said as she went into the bathroom.

She grinned at me over her shoulder. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


As Annie showered, I packed the green wig, the shirt, the skirt, the thigh high stockings, and the high heels she had worn earlier into a small gym bag. If things worked out with the waitress then I would have a surprise for both of the young ladies.

Annie came out of the bathroom still drying off with a towel. She looked around and asked, “Uh, where did my clothes go?”

“You’re wearing the same thing you wore the first time we met,” I said with a big smile.

With a groan, she whispered, “You made me so messy that day.”

I chuckled and shook my head. “No, you made you so messy that day. I was the cleanup crew when we got back here.”

With a chuckle, she replied, “And then the cleanup crew needed a cleanup crew.”

“It was your idea to sit on my face as you sucked my dick again,” I pointed out.

She tossed the towel on the bed and went to her closet. She hurriedly found the blue wig, the corset, the half jacket, and the short skirt, she had worn that day. She tossed the clothes on the bed and went to pick up her thigh high boots.

“High heels,” I said. “Black ones.”

With a groan she bent at the waist and sorted among her shoes until she found a matching pair of black high heels. Her ass was pointed at me and the jewel on the butt plug was on full display. She looked at me from between her legs as she wiggled her ass.

As she straightened up, she looked over her shoulder. “I thought you were going to pull that plug out and plug something else in.”

I shook my head. “Someone was in a big hurry and took all the stuffing out of the replacement plug,” I told her.

She giggled and licked her lips as she turned around. “I sure did and came so hard I needed a nap.”

“So get a move on before you miss a chance at a nearly virgin pussy to lick,” I said pushing buttons.

She gave me a sharp look as she grabbed the blue wig off the bed. Her mouth opened as if she was going to protest but then it closed as she hurried over to her makeup table to put on the wig and her face.

The corset with the small half cups supporting her full breasts took the most time to get on to her liking. Putting on a pair of black thigh high stockings gave her a chance to flash me several ways. The short denim skirt was next and then the half jacket.

She had the bottom of the zipper on the half jacket connected and played with the pull as she slip on her high heels. When she had the shoes on, she turned my way and zipped the jacket all the way up.

I smiled at her and said, “The waistband of the skirt goes under the front and back edges of the corset.”

She chuckled and whispered, “So observant,” as she worked the skirt down slightly and moved the rounded bottom of the corset over the waistband. Now there was a part of her sides and hips showing where the corset was cut upward in an arch.

“Much better,” I said as I stood up and slipped my shoes on. I walked over to her and kissed her on the forehead. As I did, I pulled the zipper on the jacket down halfway.

She groaned as she looked down at the skin and cleavage showing between the lapels of the jacket. “That, that’s a little much isn’t it?” She asked with a shiver.

“That is the way you will wear it on the street,” I said and then reached over and unzipped the jacket completely. “This the way you can wear it to the lobby.”

She made a whimpering sound and slowly rolled her shoulders. A deep groan came to her lips as she did. “Daddy, the satin liner rubs my nipples even when I breathe with it undone.”

“Doesn’t it though,” I said with a grin. “Not to mention if you turn too fast, one breast or the other will be exposed. A good way to flash if the urge hits you.”

With a shiver, she whispered, “That urge as you call it, is with me most of the time.”

“Shall we go,” I said as I waved my arm to indicate that she was to go first.

As I opened the door to the hall, I asked, “Stairs or elevator?”

She giggled Anadolu Yakası Escort as she walked out into the hall without looking either way. “The stairs would be orgasmic with the butt plug in but the elevator would be faster.”

Waiting for the elevator, she put her hands in the pockets of the short jacket. She used those to open and close the front of the jacket as she flashed her bare breasts at me. Her nipples were hard enough for the circles underneath each one to have a crinkled look.

In the elevator, she stood next to me facing the door with the jacket held wide open. She took a deep shivery breath as we descended. “You know if that door opens and there is someone there, I’m going to come like crazy.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” I said with a grin.

She closed the jacket as the doors opened for the lobby. I zipped it up halfway and she took her hands out of her pockets. “Shall we,” I said as I took her hand and led her out of the elevator. I had to smile at the way her shoulders came back and her breasts rose higher.

“Excellent,” I told her as I paused to open the street level door.

She had a big smile on her face as she walked down the front steps. She was chewing on her bottom lip by the time she reached the sidewalk. She took a deep breath and whispered, “The butt plug rocking and my nipples rubbing on the satin as my breasts bounce freely. Like I said earlier, we need a building with more steps.”

I turned us in the direction of the café and said, “Your breasts bouncing under that jacket are breathtaking to behold.”

She giggled as she started to walk with one foot in front of the other. Her hips swiveled nicely and her breasts moved in counter point. I knew the plug was holding her attention on one end and her nipples on the other.

So far she hadn’t seemed to notice the old gym bag in my other hand.


We arrived at the café a few minutes after four. I led us back to the table we had sat at earlier. Annie was distracted looking for the young waitress. She wasn’t in sight. A waitress we hadn’t seen before took our order and headed off toward the serving counter.

“I was going to ask if she had left already,” Annie whispered, “But I don’t know her name.”

“That sounds like us that first day,” I replied.

A moment later, the young blonde waitress came out of a door marked ‘Office’ next to the bathroom doors. Annie’s face blossomed into a broad grin. The waitress wore a sloppy t-shirt and long shorts. She paused and looked around. Her smile was as big as Annie’s as she headed our way.

She hurried over and sat down across from Annie. They both just sat there grinning at each other. To break the ice, I said, “Do you always change clothes here after work?”

That broke their eye contact as the waitress looked at me. “Yes, they do the laundry so they have control of how the uniforms look. It also doesn’t advertise where we work as we go to and from work.”

I nodded. “That last can be very important for your safety.”

The waitress looked back at Annie and stuck out her hand. “I’m Mattie.”

“I’m Annie,” Annie said as she took the young woman’s hand.

As they held hands, I said, “My name is Mud.”

Mattie looked at me with a big grin but that changed when Annie said, “His name is Mud, Harry Mud.”

With a groan, Mattie whispered, “Your parents sure hated you.”

“The thought had crossed my mind a time or two,” I replied with a wink.

Looking back at Annie, Mattie said, “I like this outfit even better than the other one. Especially the blue hair.”

Annie’s eyes went wide as her hand went to her throat. She looked at me quickly and said, “I forgot my collar and heart.”

I reached in my coat pocket and pulled the black dog collar out and it had the red heart on it. “I don’t miss much,” I said with a wink.

“You sure don’t,” she replied, returned the wink, and hurriedly put the collar on.

The waitress appeared with our drinks and Mattie order a coke. As I stirred sugar into my coffee, I looked at Mattie and asked, “Did you like the outfit Annie had on earlier?”

She shivered and nodded. “Especially the way she had the nerve to pull the skirt up.”

“She did the same thing with the skirt she has on now, the first time we met,” I said with a loving glance at Annie.

Mattie giggled. “And here I sit wearing shorts and a T-shirt.”

I picked up the gym bag and sat it on the corner of the table next to Mattie’s elbow. “The whole outfit is in the bag, from the wig to the heels. “I didn’t pack the panties for obvious reasons.”

Annie groaned and whispered, “Because I’m wearing them.”

Mattie’s eyes were wide as she stared at the gym bag. “I, I, I,” she stammered and then groaned as the waitress arrived with her coke. That brought a bright blush to her face as she said, “Thank you,” to the waitress.

All three of us watched the older woman walk away. When she was out of earshot, I said, “You’re taller so the skirt may be short so you can wear it lower on your hips.”

“What, Kadıköy Escort uh, what size heels do you wear?” Annie asked suddenly.

“Uh, size six,” Mattie replied seemingly on autopilot. She glanced at me and shivered. A glance at the gym bag drew a soft moan.

Annie giggled. “She’s thinking about it hard.”

“I couldn’t wear that outfit,” Mattie protested in return.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Yeah, what he said,” Annie added quickly. “You would look super sexy.”

Mattie looked around quickly and whispered, “The people I work with….”

“Are any of them here or is this the evening crew?” I asked.

She groaned and took a deep breath. “The evening crew,” she replied softly.

“Go for it,” Annie urged her. “That green wig will hide a lot about who you are.”

“And that form fitting shirt will keep people’s eyes away from your face,” I added with a grin.

Mattie groaned as her eyes went to the cleavage showing in the opening of Annie’s jacket. Her eyes jumped up to Annie’s face. “Your breasts are twice as big as mine.”

Annie grinned. “How big are your nipples and how hard do they get?”

Mattie’s hands came up to the front of her t-shirt. They hovered there a moment and then returned to the table. “Right now they are so hard they hurt,” she whispered.

“Then go change but no playing with them while you do,” Annie whispered with a big grin.

Mattie’s hands came up to hover again for a moment. Suddenly, the right one darted to the side and landed on the handles to the gym bag. “I, I, I,” she stammered as she stood up.

“Bring the gym bag back with your clothes and shoes in it,” I told her.

She let out a soft moan and headed for the Office.


Annie had finished her tea and ordered another glass as I worked on my second cup of coffee. “Do you think she will do it, Daddy?” She asked softly as her head turned toward the office door.

“I think so but you never know,” I said with my eyes on the same place as hers.

The door to the office opened to show Mattie standing with the gym bag in one hand. The green wig covered part of her face. The same colored high heels made her look even taller. The white stocking drew the eye to her legs. The short black flared skirt rode low on her hips.

The icing on the cake was the form fitting pullover shirt. It was molded to her breasts, It also showed the way her nipples were upturned away from the fuller lower part. She was rocking her weight from one foot to the other in indecision.

Annie groaned and said, “Awesome. Is that how I looked in that outfit?”

“Pretty much,” I replied. “Except your breasts were bigger and your nipples more centered.”

Mattie took a very deep breath and started out of the Office. She paused to shut the door and then turned to walk directly over to our table. “So scary,” she whispered as she sat down in her chair.

“So awesome,” Annie said with a big smile.

“Beautiful, just beautiful,” I added as I took the gym bag from her.

Mattie groaned and leaned forward to cover her breasts. Annie frowned and shook her head. “The first rule of showing off is no hiding. Sit up straight and pull your shoulders back. Hold you head high and be proud of what you are showing.”

“I, I, I,” Mattie stammered but she did sit up a little straighter.

Annie giggled. “Don’t make me come over there and pull your shoulders back.”

“You wouldn’t stop at just the shoulders,” I said with a grin.

Mattie groaned, sat up straight, pulled her shoulders back, and held her head high. “People are looking at me.”

Annie whispered, “Isn’t that the point of showing off?”

Mattie took a deep breath that made her breast rise and fall slowly. “I’ve never done anything even close to this.”

“Then it is about time,” Annie replied. “Now relax and drink your coke.”

“Relax? Impossible,” Mattie said as she picked up the glass of coke.

I leaned sideways and looked at Mattie’s thighs. The skirt was at mid thigh but her knees were several inches apart. I looked around the room and smiled. The place was mostly empty and everyone who was there, was up toward the front of the room.

With a look at Annie, I said, “Pretty semi private, wouldn’t you agree?”

Annie looked around and shivered. “More people than Starbucks but….”

Mattie looked around and groaned as her eyes dropped to her lap. “The thought of flashing where I work has my sex clenched up so tight it hurts.”

Annie giggled. “Squirm down in the chair more and allow your knees to spread wider. That is the way I did it in that skirt.”

“But you started with the skirt a lot higher than it is now,” I pointed out as I leaned over and looked at the hem of the skirt in question.

Mattie’s eyes darted to me and then back to Annie. “I, I, I,” she stammered but Annie nodded her head.

I was surprised when Mattie’s hands dropped to her lap and the hem of the skirt moved toward her sex until it was an inch above the top of her thigh highs. She squirmed down in the İstanbul Escort chair as her knees spread a few inches wider. She made a soft groaning sound.

“Nice,” I whispered as I looked directly at the hem of the skirt where it barely covered her sex.

Mattie groaned louder, rocked her knees closed and then rocked them back wider than ever. Two things became very apparent. One, she was a natural blond and second, her sex was very small, round, and low down between her thighs.

“Yummy,” I whispered and her eyes darted my way again as she squirmed in the chair even more.

Annie looked at me sharply and then knocked her spoon off the table with her elbow. “Oops,” she said with a big grin as she leaned sideways to retrieve the spoon. She groaned deeply as she looked under the table. Mattie’s sex was fully exposed to her eyes.

Mattie let out a loud moan and jerked the hem of the skirt down. Her hips were rocking back and forth with a jerky motion. She was slowly leaning forward the longer her hips jerked. She ended up with her forehead resting on her crossed forearms on the table.

Annie retrieved the spoon and sat up with wide eyes as she looked at Mattie’s slow collapse. She looked at me and shivered. “That, that was awesome looking,” she whispered.

“Her showing off her pussy or her coming?” I asked with a grin.

Annie whispered, “Yes,” with a hiss in her voice.

Mattie must have heard her because she took a deep breath and held it for a few moments before letting it out with the same word, the same way. A few moments later, she raised her head and looked around quickly. Not seeing anyone staring at her, she slowly sat up.

When her eyes darted to Annie for a second, Annie giggled and said in a whispered, “That should have relaxed you.”

Mattie looked at her with wide eyes. She groaned deeply and replied, “That’s the problem, nothing is relaxed. My nipples ache, my pussy if clenched up as tight as ever, and my ass has a death grip on my butt plug.”

“Welcome to the new normal,” Annie whispered. “I’m in exactly the same state.”

Just for the fun of it and to add fuel to the fires already burning, I said to Annie, “Why don’t you show her how hard your right nipple is.”

Annie’s eyes grew wide as she looked around the room. Then it dawned on her that the jacket would shield her breast from most of the room. She still made a soft whimpering sound as her hand went to the zipper and slowly pulled it down.

Mattie looked around quickly and whispered, “You, you wouldn’t dare.”

Annie smiled as she pulled out the bottom edge of the jacket. It rose up and out to expose her whole right breast and the hard fingertip sized nipple on the end of it. She groaned deeply as her hand stopped moving. She glanced to her right and slowly lowered the jacket back into place.

“Good job,” I told her with a wink.

Mattie looked at me and then back to Annie. “Your daddy is a big instigator.”

Annie shivered and said, “Isn’t he though. One of the main things I love about him. He has a very dirty mind.”

I chuckled as I shook my head. “More like I have a very kinky daughter.”

Mattie look at me. “How about me? I’m not your daughter and you put all sorts of ideas in my head.”

“You’ve already admitted that you are shy and kinky on the inside,” I replied.

She grinned and whispered, “True, very true.”

“What is going to happen as the kinky beats out the shy?” Annie asked softly.

Mattie shivered hard and blushed. “Orgasms, bigger and better orgasms,” she whispered as she sat up straight and pulled her shoulders back.

Annie chuckled and nodded as she said, “Oh yeah, don’t I know it.”

I took my last sip of coffee and found it cold. I made a face and asked, “Shall we take this show on the road?”

Annie looked at Mattie and winked. “I know this excellent place in the park.”

“Uh, excellent for what?” Mattie asked with big eyes.

“You’ll have to come along and find out,” I replied as I stood up. I had to adjust my suit coat to cover my hard-on.

Annie giggled and Mattie gave her a funny look. “Daddy very obviously enjoyed our showing off,” she whispered as she stood up and zipped the jacket up halfway.


Outside the café, Annie took the lead through the afternoon foot traffic. Mattie walked next to me as her head swiveled back and forth. She was trying to see everyone who was looking at her. By the time we reached the corner of the cross street, she was breathing hard.

Annie looked her up and down and asked, “Yeah, being looked at is kind of breathtaking.”

Mattie groaned and whispered, “Not to mention the way these high heels are making my butt plug move.”

“Haven’t you ever walked around in heels with it in?” Annie asked and Mattie shook her head.

“I always wear flats when I’m working,” she replied a moment later. “And I very seldom go out.”

Annie groaned and whispered, “I think dancing in a club with a butt plug in would be killer.”

“I’m about to die just walking down the street,” Mattie whispered in reply.

The light changed and we crossed the street. Annie stepped up on the curb and took Mattie’s hand. She took a right and headed off down the sidewalk. I followed along behind. This street had far less foot traffic. The two young women were talking softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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