Cam Girl Ch. 02

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That first night with his daughter, they woke up and made love off camera about an hour after dozing off together. Although it wasn’t nearly as provocative as their first session in terms of positions and there was no verbal play, it was equally as intense for both of them, with lots of kissing. Her young body was on top of his considerably older frame for the most part. She came so hard and so many times she burst out in tears from the pleasure, causing him to also cry. Being able to express each other’s passion for each other had them both over the moon, and incredibly sexually aroused.

The following day he could barely wait to see her. As he heard her car pull in he got a lump in his throat, it felt like he was dating someone and was about to see her for a second date. But she burst in the door crying and ran to her room and shut the door. ‘Oh no, what’s wrong,’ He wondered

“Sierra? Can I come in?” She opened the door, shutting it behind him, and sat on her bed, putting her head on his shoulder when he sat next to her.

“My life is ruined! Ashley hates me. My girlfriend broke up with me! She called me a whore and said she never wants to see me again! And I have no idea whyyyy!” she was sobbing uncontrollably. He hugged her, telling her she was gonna be ok, these things happen at her age.

“Sweety does Ashley have your cam site info, do you know if she watches you?”

“Oh my god, oh my god, what the fuck, I’m so fucking stupid!” she was crying even harder now, understanding what had probably happened.

“Listen to me carefully honey. Ashley loves you, she has since you were babies. We can fix this. You have to talk to her, immediately. You have to explain to her this is all my fault. You were scared and didn’t know what to do. You have to do this fast, before she tells anyone. She doesn’t wanna hurt you baby she cares too much about you to ruin your life, I’m sure if you talk to her she will understand.” His first concern was his lovely daughter and her reputation but he was also nearly shitting himself thinking of what would happen to his bursa escort marriage, career, and life if this got out.

“Ok I’ll try, Dad I’m so scared. What if mom finds out, what if everyone in school finds out!?”

“They won’t honey, call her right now and just talk to her, tell her how much she means to you.”

He listened to one end of the conversation. It soundec to him like Ashley was furious but willing to listen. When he heard her say “Oh I thought you were mad about my stream last night,” then “you didn’t watch it?” his heart started to settle back into his chest. Then “What happened in the show? Oh well…” she glanced at her Dad, unsure what to say. “Know how my thing is kind of Daddies little girl? Well a guy offered me three grand to make out with my dad, and dad was drunk, so I asked him if he would make out with me for half of it and he said yes.” She raised her arms in a shrug like ‘I didn’t know what else to say’ and then said “Ok see you in a bit.” and hangs up. “She’s on her way over.”

FUCK! His wife was probably on her way home. Luckily Ashley lived four doors down and was most likely walking since they always took Sierra’s far nicer car when they went out.

“C’mon, I’ll take you girls out for ice cream” Shit, he thinks to himself, this aughta be fun. Ashley climbed in the truck, saying nothing. Obviously still pissed off about two different things now. Finally after a waaay too long uncomfortable silence. She blurted out:

“So, Alan, how did it feel to make out with your own horny daughter?”

“Ashley, I was terribly drunk last night and I wanted to make Sierra happy.” at least his first sentence could be the truth. “I love you both and have suspected for quite a while you were girlfriends, and that’s fine with me. So I am sorry for coming between you like that, but it honestly meant absolutely nothing and was just harmless fun so she could make a little more money. As you know guys go crazy for that shit, er, stuff.”

“Oh so you know about the camming too, wonderful, good job slut!” she pinched Sierra on the side.

“OW! bursa escort bayan Stop calling me a slut! What’s you’re fucking problem!?” She cried, tears leaking out again.

“Want me to say it? Right here? Fine. I found out about what you did with my mom!”

“WHAT? HOW? I mean, what the fuck are you talking about!?”

“Well, all my underwear were dirty last night so I went into her drawer, and guess what I fucking found? Your little yellow fucking crotchless panties you’re so fond of wearing all the time. And when I confronted her about them, she told me you left them behind when you snuck out the back door when my dad came home early a few nights ago. When I started screaming at her she said it was one hundred percent you seducing her, that you, the day you turned eighteen, you told her you wanted her to be your ‘mommy’, and after so many months she couldn’t hold you off and finally gave in the other night!”

Sierra just sat with her fingers over her lips, tears running down her pretty face. “I’m so sorry.” she whispered. Alan could see it being true. Ashley’s mom was almost as beautiful as Ashley, kept herself very fit and had an enormous amount of sex appeal, just like her daughter.

“Jesus Christ, all we need is my dad and your mom in the mix and we can have a real life fucking erotic novel going here!”

“Ashley you are CONSTANTLY going on about how you would love to see me with an older woman! And you always flirt with my mum! You even told me how hot it would be if we both had a threesome with her! You’re even more horny than me and I’m sick of you being the victim all the time. I did fool around with your mom but you planted the idea in my head and I’m sorry but she kissed me first and we already said it would never happen again, ok?!”

“I never planted any idea, Sierra, and you were the one with the threesome idea with your own fucking mother, I just said how hot it was. Also that was during a show if I remember right, and it made you cum, too!”

“Girls I don’t know if I should be hearing all this. Listen, when you’re young, escort bursa your hormones are crazy. You two are both beautiful and love each other, you need to dial this back and try to calm things down a little, don’t ruin a lifelong relationship over some crazy teenage lustiness. It seems like these things are a way bigger deal than they really are when you are 18 and don’t know shi… stuff.”

“Well said dad. Ashley, I never want to lose you, I’m so sorry about what happened with your mom. That was just sex, but I truly love you.” The two budding young dolls leaned their heads against each others, and soon started kissing. It’s the first time he’d seen his little girl kiss anyone, obviously, and it’s the hot girl he basically helped raise from down the block. As they pull in to the ice cream stand, Ashley spoke up;

“I just have one problem we also need to address, while we are being so open with each other here. You have now had sex with my mom, Sierra, and made out with and who knows what else with your hot as fuck Dad, and the only sex I’ve ever had in my life is with you. I think we have to come up with a solution. Don’t you guys think that’s fair”? She leaned forward, her huge tits looking like they wanted to spill from her tank top, and glared at Alan.

“Yes that’s fair.” Sierra immediately answered before he has a chance to say anything, as if he knew what to say to that. “But I want to be in the room, and I want to do it online. I’m sure it will make a fortune.” Good Lord above and sweet Mary giving birth to Jesus. What was he getting himself into here? They made their way up to the window, and both girls laugh as he is so lost in thought and distracted by what he’s just heard that he could barely even form the words to order a cone. Ashley gave his ass cheek a squeeze behind their backs.

After dropping them at Ashley’s, he went home to attempt to process what he’d just taken in. His wife said he seemed stressed and wanted to know if there was anything she could do about that. He thinks of Ashley, and her mom with Sierra, as his wife hungrily bobs her head up and down on his cock.

“So you had ice cream with the girls huh?” Now riding him on his lap. “Did you get to lick anything else”?

“Not yet.” he said. This made both of them cum simultaneously.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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