Caught by Surprise

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You tense up as you feel the first kiss. It’s light, hesitant, on the side of your neck. You stiffen, caught off guard, as you feel my hand on your hip. With the other I hold your hair back away from the flesh of your neck.

I’m scared now. I’ve dreamed of doing that, and so much more, but never thought I would. And now, having you so close, able to smell your hair, your skin, to feel the heat of your body, I can’t resist. I kiss you again, the same spot, and though still rigid you don’t object. Determined to see this through now, I kiss you again, moving towards your shoulder. Still you don’t object, and you head tilts ever so slightly to the side, allowing me access. I let go your hair and move such that I have one hand on your hip and one on this nearest shoulder. I can feel you shiver, though whether in fear or excitement, or both, I have no way of knowing.

My kiss is more confident now, more lingering. With each touch of my lips you relax further. My hand slides off your hip, around towards your stomach and I draw you to me. I draw the collar of your shirt down, exposing more of your beautiful skin and kiss this new treasure. You press back into me, your wonderful backside against my hips, turning me on still further.

I wrap my arms around you now, hands clasped over your stomach. You touch me for the first time, your hands on mine, as you melt into my soft, sweet kisses.

Slowly, I turn you to face me. Our eyes lock. I can see so much there. You’re conflicted, you’re afraid. So am I. But I’m drawn to your lips and I pull you to me gently. You put your hands on my chest as though to push away. Lip to lip we kiss. As we part I stare into your eyes, looking for any indication that you want me to stop. I see it. But I also see desire there. Our lips meet again, more firmly this time. When I move in again my arms go aroud you, one of your sliding up to wrap around my neck. Holding each other close, your free hand rubbing my chest through my shirt, our kisses turn passionate. I open my mouth, run my tongue over your upper lip. And then our tongues are intwined, dancing. You bring your arm up to embrace me fully and our bodies press together. There is a stirring in my pants and I wonder if you can feel the beginnings of my hard on.

I break our kiss, turning again to your bursa escort neck with a soft brush of my lips. I can feel the intensity of our embrace fading as you speak. “Alex… Alex, I can’t. You’re so young.” Your hand slides back to my chest, pushing gently away.

But I’m not going to give up on this so quickly. I’ve seen the desire in your eyes.

“What does it matter Carrie. You’re beautiful, you’re sexy. And I want you.” You pause as I speak, and I take the opportunity to lean in and kiss you again. The kiss is passionate, lingering.

But as we pull apart you protest further. “We shouldn’t. I…”

“Shhhh,” I interrupt. “Just for tonight Carrie, let me be your lover. Let me make love to you.” You don’t fight me as I pull you to me again. You relax into me, giving in.

We stand there for what feels like forever, but isn’t nearly long enough. I feel you pulling me across the floor, directing me. As we move our hands explore each other, you grab my butt, I fondle your breasts, kneading them through the fabric of your shirt. Your hand slides up under my shirt, touching my bare stomach. Your other hand slides down, gripping my hard cock through my jeans.

In a heartbeat our kiss breaks. You grab my shirt and pull it up, I help you get it over my head. “God Alex… make love to me,” you whisper as I pull your shirt up and off. Our lips meet again as your hands move to unclasp your bra. As it falls open I’ve already undone the fastenings of your jeans. As you shed your bra your breasts come free. As one hand cups one breast, the other hand guides your nipple to my mouth. I suck gently, my tongue flicking out to tease you. You fumble with my jeans, managing to get them open as the back of your legs hit the couch.

You pull away and sit. I bend over to kiss you, pushing you to lie back. And as you recline I move on top of you, all the while immersed in a passionate embrace…

For a time we lose ourselves in each other’s embrace. Body to body we explore each other. Somehow you manage to slide my jeans down to my knees and I kick them off. Your hand darts under the waistband of my shorts, gripping my cock. Your hand slides up and down, masturbating me. It’s the work of but a second to yank down my shorts and lose them as well. The feel of your skin against my shaft bursa escort bayan is electric.

A more challenging task is shedding your jeans and panties. But we achieve it. My hands roam over the bare skin of your buttocks, your thighs. Finally my hand glides teasingly over your clit and wet pussy. I slip a finger into you, reciprocating your attentions. You moan as I slip my wet finger in and out of your pussy.

Lost in the moment, enjoying the feel of your strokes and the warm, wet finger I’m using to play with you, I never notice as our bodies shift so that I’m between your legs. Our embrace intensifies, our kisses filled with lust and urgency now. You guide my shaft to your wet slit, the engorged head rubbing teasingly against your lip. I take over as your hands explore my back, your fingers running through my hair. I push gently against your lips, the head of my cock slowly sliding into you.

“Oh God yes, Alex! Make love to me!” you whisper urgently in my ear. You wriggle against me, pleasure sweeping through you as my penis pushes further into you. Soon I’m in you to the balls. My moans fill the air as I reach the limit of my penetration. With firm, slow strokes I begin to pump into you. I break our kiss, pushing myself up on my arms so that I can look into your eyes and see the desire there. Your legs wrap around me sensually, skin to skin it’s like we’re sharing one body.

My pace quickens and it becomes hard to tell who is whispering to whom, quiet pleas for release, lustful declarations of passion. Where do you end and I begin? I’m lost in your eyes, your touch. The warmth of your pussy calls me to you with ever increasing force. Soon the wet slapping sound of my balls against your ass is competing with shouts of pleasure. I drive into you furiously, you receive me ferociously.

Your hands glide over my chest, my arms, my butt as I feel you tense, release near.

“Oh ALEX!” you cry as your orgasm crashes through you like a wave on the shore. Your muscles clench against me, your legs pulling me to you, your pussy squeezing me for all I’m worth. You quiver with the pleasure. And though I slow, I don’t stop.

With your orgasm waning, I lean into you again, our lips finding each other. My pace slows dramatically, returning to the long, slow strokes of escort bursa earlier. With each thrust your hips rise to meet mine, perfect harmony of motion. Our kiss breaks and I rest over your shoulder, our bodies pressed fully into one another. I feel your hands, nails clawing into my back, your thigh as you draw one leg up to wrap it around me once more, your nipples hard with excitement pressing into my bare chest.

And all the while we whisper to each other quietly. I nibble lightly at your earlobe between utterances, but it becomes impossible to keep track of who is speaking, “God… Carrie, so beautiful, so incredible…hard cock pumping into me…feel so good…you’re so beautiful Alex…never want this to end…”

Our lovemaking continues, slowly, languorously. For me there is no past but this, no feeling but ecstasy and desire. I’ve never made love to a woman like this before, I’ve never felt so complete and so needy at the same time. I feel the inevitable explosion welling up inside me and my body tenses. In that same instant your muscles tense, your body shivers and you let out a long, quiet moan of intense pleasure as another ograsm washes over you. We embrace passionately once more. You draw me deep into you and I can hold back no longer, my cock pulsing, juices filling your pussy.

We lay there like that, body to body, skin to skin for a long time, just kissing each other, touching each other. Eventually my penis grows soft and I pull out of you. But we never part. Our bodies slide against each other easily. In time you feel my cock growing hard once more. Silently your legs part, inviting me into you once again.

Later, as we on the floor, the couch long since abandoned, and in each other’s arms there is time for reflection, for thought, for doubt. There is a long silence, which you finally break.

“It’s getting late,” you say. I nod and we both get up. For the first time you seem self-conscious.

There are so many things I want to say to you, to ask you. The well of my passion for you has only just been tapped and is nowhere near dry. But I put all that aside. “Yeah. I suppose I should go.”

Neither one of us can look at the other. I don’t want to go, but I can’t stay. After an awkward silence, I move to pick up my clothes and get dressed.

You interrupt with a touch to my arm. I turn to you and it’s all I can do not to take you in my arms again. My heart skips a beat as your mouth opens to speak.

“Stay.” You lean in and kiss me, softly at first, then almost desperately. “Stay…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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