Daddy , Daughter Ch. 01

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Big Tits

I have been 18 for two weeks and all I can think about is having my daddy taking my virginity. I have been sexually attracted to my daddy. My parents are divorced so I went to my daddy’s house after school on Friday. I knew he didn’t have to work this weekend so I brought enough cloths for the whole weekend and was gonna finally have him all to myself and hopefully inside of me, taking my virginity.

I was at his house waiting for him when he came home from work. He was so surprised to see me that he stumbled on his words and asked, “What are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here this weekend.”

“I know but I figured you don’t have to work and since I haven’t seen much of you lately I wanted to come spend some time with you.” As I told him this by the look on his face he was surprised but looked like he wanted me there. “I’ll just leave daddy, it’s fine.”

He walked into the kitchen and I walked out to my car. I slammed the door and left. I was just so mad, I hadn’t spent time with him and now he just was ditching me. I got in my car and was crying, when I looked up to start my car he was standing in front of my car. I rolled the window down and he said, “Don’t cry honey. Come back inside you can stay the weekend. I want to spend time with you. But I have a friend coming over so you will have to be ok with her being here too.”

Having been sexual with a girl before I was kinda excited. I could try it with my daddy and with her too. My daddy is good looking and he always has hot girlfriends. I told him, “Yeah that’s fine, I’m hungry though can we order some pizza?”

We ordered pizza and as we were eating it my daddy was drinking. Which was kind of shocking because he never drank, but he was drinking alot so I kind of thought it was my chance to try to seduce him. Daddy went to his room and changed into some basketball shorts, he never wore underwear so it was even more easy access. I went into the spare room and changed into a tank top and booty shorts, leaving my underwear and bra off having my large 38 DD’s hanging out and my tight little wet pussy showing through my shorts when I sat down.

I sat on the couch with my legs crossed so my pussy was showing. When daddy came bout out to the living room he looked at me and I know he saw my pussy shimmering in the light from being so wet.

He quickly looked away, I giggled and said, “I saw that and I will show it to you if you want daddy.”

When he looked at me and smiled real quick and started to say he wanted Beylikdüzü escort to see it he quickly changed his mind and said, “No we can’t do that, your my daughter and I’m your father it’s wrong.”

I got up from my seat and told him, “It’s fine daddy.” As I rubbed his arm and got closer to him I could see his mouth watering as I pressed my DD’s against his chest. I slid my hand down to his cock bulging from his pants, slowly rubbing his cock and making sure he enjoyed it, he started to moan.

His eyes were closed and he said, “Let’s go to the room.”

We went into his room, daddy took his shorts off, laid on the bed and said, “Take your shorts off, pull your tits out and show me everything I have been missing.”

As I took my cloths off his cock got bigger and he smiled saying, “I can’t believe I’m doing this but I’m so excited so it doesn’t even matter. When are you moving in so we can do this all the time?”

I was so excited and wet I couldn’t wait to suck his big cock and feel him deep in my tight little pussy. I have had dildos inside me before but never something as big as my daddy’s cock. He is at least a good nine inches and three to four fingers thick! I’m so wet and so ready to feel him inside me!

He pauses and says, “Wait, aren’t you a virgin?”

I stumbled for my words and said, “Yes I am, aren’t you happy that you’re the one taking it?”

Daddy said, “Of coarse I am honey. I am very excited, can’t you tell?”

As daddy said these words he smiled at me and made me smile. Daddy looked me up and down a few times rubbing his huge thick cock, he said, “Come over here baby and let daddy see that pussy up close.”

I climbed on the bed and sat down next to him, he spun me around and had my feet near his face. Opening my legs to expose my little pussy, it was so wet I could feel it dripping down to my ass cheek. Daddy used his fingers and opened my pussy lips, spreading them, exposing my little pussy hole and my clit. Even more of my juices dripped down to my ass as daddy rubbed his fingers softly and easily on my pussy and my clit.

So I told daddy, “No has ever touched my like this, I’m kind of nervous.”

Daddy kept rubbing my pussy and reassured me that he would be gentle and everything would be alright. Rubbing my pussy, playing with my clit, and slowly adding one finger into my pussy I began to moan and breathe heavily. Daddy’s cock was so hard, I started to gab his cock and jack it slowly. He added another finger, Beylikdüzü escort fingering my wet pussy, his hands were so big that I couldn’t help but tell him I was about to cum. Fingering my tight wet pussy so fast he told me to cum. Screaming, moaning, and panting out of breath I came all over daddy’s big fingers! Now that I had came I wanted to focus on getting daddy’s large cock inside my pussy but I didn’t have to wait long. next thing I knew he was holding my legs apart and his cock was rubbing against my clit.

Daddy looked down at me and said, “I am so ready to feel this tight little wet pussy on my huge cock. But we got to hurry I have company coming.”

I was excited than mad after he said that so I told him, “Daddy who is coming over. I want this to be good, if it’s a girl she can join in.” He was very surprised that I said that she could join.

Daddy looked at me as he was rubbing his cock on my clit and said, “You are so fucking sexy, I love you so much. I can’t wait to see you eating pussy with my cock in your tight pussy.”

Daddy kissed me and kissed down to my tits and sucked my big pink nipples. I was trying to move my hips down so his cock could slide into my pussy but he stopped me.

“Don’t go any farther baby girl I wanna watch it slide in your pussy.” He sat up, rubbed his cock on my clit again.

As I moaned and begged him, “Please daddy, put your big thick cock in me fuck my pussy.” As daddy slowly put his cock inside my pussy I moaned and jumped back some.

Daddy asked me, “Are you alright baby? Am I going to fast?”

“Not at all daddy, it’s just to big and I have never had anything so big inside me. But it feels really good, I wanna feel you deep in me.” Daddy smiled and kissed me on my neck as his thick cock slowly slid into my little pussy. He watched my face as I moaned, breathing ever so heavily and making facial expressions of enjoying his big cock and put all nine inches inside me as I moaned. “Oooohhhh daddy! Your cock is so big and feels so good, please fuck me now.” Daddy pulled back and slid back in, fucking me ever so slowly so not to hurt me. I begged him, “Please daddy fuck me harder and faster.”

As daddy fucked me harder and faster I was so wet I was about to cum. I screamed, “I’m gonna cum daddy.”

He said, “Cum all over my huge cock baby girl, cum all on daddy’s cock.”

I came so hard I screamed so loud daddy covered my mouth, “Shh don’t want the neighbors to hear you.”

After I came Escort Beylikdüzü daddy took his cock out, he pulled me up off the bed and forced me on my knees. Hanging his big cock in front of me, I opened my mouth and licked his cock. Put his cock in my mouth as far as I could go and sucked his cock. Licking all of my juices and cum off of him. Daddy let me do it for a little while than he grabbed my head and fucked my throat. I was gagging all on his cock and spitting and slobbering all on his cock and balls. His balls so big slapping against my chin. As daddy slams his big cock deep in my throat he holds my nose closed and one hand closing my nose so I can’t breathe. I tried to pull away but he just held me there as i gagged more.

Finally when he let me go he slapped me in the face and told me, “You’re such a good little girl.”

I than said, “Thank you Daddy. Now please can you fuck me.?”

Daddy told me, “Get on the bed with your ass in the air. I’m gonna destroy that pussy it’s gonna hurt your insides.”

I got so scared but so excited at the same time. When daddy climbed up on the bed and got behind me he said, “Are you ready baby? I’m gonna make this pussy all mine.” He slammed his big cock deep inside my pussy.

I screamed so loud, daddy slapped my ass and said, “You like that pussy don’t you baby? Tell daddy how much you love this cock.”

I screamed, “I love your cock so much daddy, fuck me faster and harder with your big thick hard cock.”

My pussy was being fucked so hard I came so many times I lost count. Daddy slowed down and said, “I’m about to cum baby, where do you want it?”

I’ve always wanted to feel cum deep inside me so I told him, “Cum daddy, cum deep inside my pussy! I wanna feel your big warm load deep in my pussy.”

Daddy screamed, ‘I’m cumming baby girl.”

I felt it all shooting into my pussy, I moaned and said, “I love feeling you cum all in me daddy.”

When daddy was done he laid down next to me as I collapsed on the bed. He looked at me and smiled saying, “You are the best and have the best pussy I have ever fucked. We just might have to do this more often and you are definitely moving in here.”

I smiled at him and said, “I’ll go get my stuff tomorrow. Oh when is your friend coming?”

Daddy looked shocked that I wanted to know when the other girl was coming because I kind of just showed that I was the only one who wanted his cock inside of me.

Daddy simply said, “I don’t know when she will be here. Why are you excited to eat some pussy baby girl?”

I smiled and said, “Yes, I wanna eat pussy, I wanna be fucked by my daddy’s cock, and I REALLY wanna watch my daddy fuck another girl’s pussy and suck her cum off of your cock.”


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