Different Kind of Room Service Ch. 03

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Big Tits

When I last left off Samuel had just finished fucking the hell out of me. The next day seemed to go by quickly and as I reentered the hotel, Samuel was in the lobby and motioned me over to him.

“Follow me,” Samuel said.

I followed him down a hall and into a storage room. Once we were inside the room Samuel shut and locked the door.

“Get on your knees boy,” he said.

I started to protest, as Samuel slapped me hard across the face. “Boy, do as your told.” he barked.

I dropped to my knees in fear of what he might do if I didn’t.

“Now boy get your daddy’s cock out and suck me, while I tell you what I expect of you later.”

I slowly unbuttoned his pants and pulled the zipper down, fishing his cock out of his boxers. It hung low as I took it in my hands and began stroking it as I licked around the head of his cock. His hands went to the sides of my head as he pushed his cock farther in my mouth.

“Your going to get broke it good today boy.” he began telling me. “I am going to bring a friend of mine up to your room in a few hours and you and my other boy Kevin are going to be our fuck toys.” Samuel told me.

He had more than 1/2 of his cock in my mouth and working its way into my throat, as he continued telling me what he expected.

“We are going to fuck your sweet man pussy and mouth over and over. By the time we are finished, you will beg for our big hard black cocks.” Samuel told me.

His cock was now fully hard and I had over 2/3 of it down my throat, he was forcefully fucking my face now as he quit talking for a few moments. He was leaking a lot of precum as I continued to bob my head up and down his cock, Samuel was now fully buried Bayrampaşa Escort in my throat and I found myself enjoying his domination over me more and more. I must have been very into giving him a blow job as I did not hear the door to the storage room open and close. I felt someone beside me and glanced over to see Kevin on his knees beside me and sticking his tongue out to lick on Samuel’s ball sac. Samuel pushed me off his cock as Kevin took over the sucking deep throating him quickly. It was a very sexy sight to see his throat swell up as Samuel’s big cock slid down into it. I couldn’t help but watch for a minute.

“Lick my balls boy,” Samuel said as he pulled my head back into his crotch.

I took his swollen nut in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it as I massaged the other one. Kevin was slurping away on the cock backing completely off and swallowing it whole again. Samuel was really enjoying the work from both of us and was letting us do all the work. I could feel his balls tightening up and knew he would be blowing his load soon. His balls were shaven smooth and I found myself enjoying the taste of his sweat and musk.

Pulling his dick from Kevin’s mouth, “Boys open your mouths and show me your tongues” Samuel said.

We both opened our mouths wide and was almost kissing as Samuel put the head of his cock on both of our tongue as he jacked off and erupted a torrent of cum onto our faces and in our mouths. It seemed as if he would never stop cumming, but when he did both of our faces was covered in his goo, and a huge amount was in our mouths. I leaned over and began licking the traces of cum from Kevin’s chin as he was licking my face also.

“That’s Bayrampaşa Escort it boys enjoy your daddy’s load, make sure to get it all,” Samuel said.

We continued licking the cum from each others faces until it was all gone, then we stared up at Samuel as he was putting his cock back in his pants.

“Ok Boys go up to the room, and get ready for Daddy and his friend. We will be there in 2 hours.” He said as he left the storage room.

As Kevin and I stood up and straightened our clothes, he began to explain how Samuel found out he was gay and made him his bitch boy. He couldn’t apologize enough for setting me up but said that he would make it up to me, as he rubbed my crotch and began kissing me. I was so horny and actually enjoyed the way Samuel had treated me that I let Kevin continue to think I was still upset.

We soon broke our kiss as we then headed up to my room. Once we were in my room Kevin said we needed to jump in the shower to get ready for Daddy and his friend.

We both shed our clothes and jumped in the shower together, Kevin turned to face me as the water ran over our bodies and began soaping up my chest, I reached down and played with his cock while he washed my chest and arms. His cock got hard quickly and I continued to stroke him as he leaned back against the shower wall. My own cock was hard as a rock and just thinking about what Samuel and his friend had in store for us had me horny as all get out. I Pushed Kevin to his knees and feed him my cock, being as relentless as Samuel was with me. I shoved my cock down his throat and face fucked him for a good 10 minutes, I could sense I was close and pushed him off my cock. I pulled Escort Bayrampaşa him back up and forcefully kissed him as our cocks pressed against each others. I grabbed the soap and began washing his chest as he did mine. I then handed him the soap and turned around.

“Wash my back side and get it ready for daddy,” I told him.

He took his time in washing my backside making sure I was clean all over. I felt him run a finger up against my hole and backed in to his advances. He took my cue and slipped another finger up in me and pistoned them in and out. What was 2 fingers soon became 4 and he was working my ass over. I felt him withdraw his fingers and felt the head of his cock pressing up against my rosebud. He kept it there for a few minutes as if he wasn’t for sure what to do. I reached behind me holding his dick and pushed my ass back taking it in my fuck chute. Kevin grabbed hold of my hips as I braced myself against the wall and began hammering my hole. He didn’t last long at all and had blown his load in less than 3 minutes. I turned around showing him my raging hard on, he just grinned as lifted one of his legs up over my shoulder and I guided my cock to his opening. I pressed my cock up until it popped into his hole as his hands dug in my chest I slowly pushed all of cock up into his man pussy. I held my cock fully buried in him for a few minutes before pulling out and slamming in back in over and over.

We fucked for about 5 minutes when the hot water finally ran out, I pulled out, and he got out of the shower and onto the bathroom floor on all fours. I grabbed a tube of lube quickly and squirted some on his hole and slammed my dick back into him. I fucked him hard and fast for another 5 or 6 minutes before I blasted my load into him. We both collapsed on the floor exhausted from the fucking. Kevin soon got up and got a towel and began wiping both of our bodies off. We were soon cleaned up and went back into the bedroom to wait on Samuel and his friend to arrive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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