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I decide that it’s best just to apologize in the morning for being late. I enter your room in the nighttime darkness, and turn up the lights to a gentle hue. Now I can see you sleeping, but it isn’t as peaceful as I would have hoped. You’re frowning, and slowly turning over and over. I guess it would be better to apologize now. I light a few candles near the bed, and turn the lights back off. I take off my shoes and socks, and lay my jacket on a chair, all the while watching the candle-light somehow make you more beautiful. But it’s still a slightly pained look, so I hurry and kneel beside the bed, and pull the covers off of you slowly. You curl up a little, so I walk over to the wall and turn up the heat. Then I hear you whisper my name quietly, and I turn back and kneel back beside you. I stroke your hair, but you are still sleeping.

I lean closer, and gently kiss your neck, all the while watching your beautiful face slowly become more peaceful. I run a hand through your hair, and lightly down your cheek, then I kiss down your neck slowly, and watch your body go still. But then I meet your shirt and frown, and know that taking it off could wake you, so I run my hands gently down your body, and massage your belly gently. I slip a hand under your shirt, and run it up your body slowly, and hover my lips down your body. I trace a few fingertips across your breasts lightly, and nibble around your belly button, and feel you arch up a little, so I take advantage and slide up your shirt slowly, up nearly to Yalova Escort your neck, making sure it’s still comfortable when you lay back still.

Smiling to myself, I try to figure out if this is more cute, beautiful or sexy, but since I’m the only one smiling so far, I decide that I’m not done. Moving down, I run my hands up your legs. I kiss them and nibble above you knees at your skin gently. Feeling your leg press back at mouth, I gently run my hands up to the middle of your thighs and firmly hold them still, while gently squeezing them and looking up at your lips. I will get to them soon enough, I think, and I may even see the candle-light dance in your eyes, but for now I still want your smile. Kissing up your left thigh slowly, I reach my hand that’s trying to hold you still.

Your other leg must feel neglected, because it’s pulling towards me determinedly, so I move across to your right thigh and lick playfully above my hand. That doesn’t seem to help though, so I suck gently at the skin. Your other leg is now the neglected one, and I can feel your foot rubbing against my side. I let that one go and bite my lower lip to stifle a laugh, and when I regain myself and try to block it out, I kiss slowly up your thigh, almost up to your hips. Now I let both of your legs go, and feel your calves move slowly across my back, and I bite gently at the skin meeting your hips. Sadly, I think pulling down your thong would be harder than pulling up your shirt, but with your hips trying to slowly Yalova Escort Bayan rub my cheek, teasing seems slightly more fun right now anyway. Smiling slyly, I try to ignore your soft moan, I move a little higher on the bed, and gently push back down your legs under and to the side of my body, and nibble above your thong. While licking up playfully, I see a candle slowly dim in the corner of my eye, and examine the two left lit and see that they’re almost gone too. But for now I can look back at your body, and see the light show me the contours of your body, with the shadows creating an amazing image that I hope makes a home in my mind and makes me aware of itself constantly. I kiss it and bite gently at your skin as I move slowly back up your body.

A look up as I lick playfully across a few of your ribs shows that I’m obviously about to tickle you, and I feel your body tense. Still not willing to wake you, I run my lips lightly up onto your chest, and see dying candle-light dim to the left side of your body, so I move above your left breast and feel one of your legs curl around my waist as I gently press against you. Kissing at the nipple, and flicking my tongue over it slowly, I finally see that your hands running over the bed, and hear you moan again softly. I look up to your eyelids, and wish to look deeply into your eyes. But for now I kiss slowly outwards in a spiral, feel you gently arch against my body, and your hands finding my shoulders to rub against them not so Escort Yalova gently. Smiling again, I see you bite at your lower lip and fight back another moan, as I lick across and nibble slowly at your chest and over your right breast, in time with my free hand running up and grabbing gently at your hair. Biting gently around the nipple, and playing with your hair, I hear you moan my name, and watch your lips licked by your tongue, but still I see no smile.

I run my tongue over the nipple, and gently suck at it slowly. Running my hand back down your body, and growling low into your chest, I feel you arch up again harder, and I growl a bit louder and press back against you. But now I see the last candle dimming, and I glance left to see a dying flame, and I frown to myself and decide to hurry up. Moving firmly up your body, I look down directly where I remember your eyes looking into mine, and I feel your body slowly tensing again, waiting for my kiss. I move closer, but press my cheek against yours, and let my lips pull at your earlobe as I softly whisper, “Wake up.” I run my cheek back up yours slowly, and lick across your lips. Your eyes I can see moving about slowly, and see a little pout as your lips try to catch my tongue. Smiling, I lay against your body, which is now very mad, and feel both your legs wrap around me, and your arms doing the same swiftly. A little surprised, I see your eyes slowly open, and a grin slowly take hold of your lips. I was waiting all day for those beautiful eyes, and now they meet my own.

I move my lips down to yours, you quickly move away. Pushing me onto my back and moving over me, and as the last light of the candle dims away, you lean down and lick my ear, and whisper, “It’s not going to be that easy after that kind of dream…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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