Feeding My Curiosity Pt. 03

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I tossed and turned all night. I remained in a sexual tailspin on what I had experienced with another man.

What the hell just happened to me? My newly found sexual curiosity dramatically outweighed my relationship and sexuality questions.

I had never been attracted to a man before this – nor had I ever even cheated on my fiancé. I was admittedly giving myself a pass on the cheating dynamic because of how all of this came together – everything happened so serendipitously that somehow I had found zero guilt in stepping outside my relationship.

And really, I wasn’t at all struggling with any sexuality questions – I just was absolutely, hypnotically fixated on experiencing more of everything I had felt. And specifically, the continued exploration of David, his body and how we touched my body.

I genuinely felt David’s interest in wanting to be my teacher, exploration partner and being my first in my sexual curiosity. His hand guiding my hand onto his body, his gentle yet firm touch and his verbal request for permission. Beyond the sexual curiosity, David’s acute interest and attention was boiling with sexual stimulation.

Overall, what was so perplexing was that wouldn’t have been able to pick David out of a lineup – I had barely seen his face in a dark room with a clouded sexual brain. I’m 100% sure if I walked by David in the supermarket, I wouldn’t recognize him. But amazingly, if I walked into a dark room and felt David’s presence – I was ready to hand him the keys to my body to explore and enjoy – it was such an invigorating, liberating experience to know someone could have that kind of power over you. Wow was I floating on an erotic cloud.

I woke up and paced with my coffee confused on what to do next – clearly I wanted to see David as soon as possible, but didn’t have any way to contact him directly. I needed his phone number or email to contact him directly. I considered booking another appointment for that day, but decided I’d prefer a more intimate, really comfortable environment for my next David experience. Since I had never been with a man before, my confidence quickly exhaled in wondering if David would even be interested in seeing me again without making a wage as a masseur? I’m assuming this happens to him often – so why would he want to see me outside of his place of work where he makes a living?

My psychotic seesaw quickly pivoted back to my hunger for David and was down for the risk in reaching out as I called the sports therapy office and made up a story that, “my masseur, David, had suggested a new diet and would love to give him my number for those details.” I left my name and cell phone number with the receptionist to provide to David. Of course once I hung up I immediately freaked out in realizing how obvious this move was, but again, my mindless hunger outweighed everything at this point.

Another learning – I was an absolute disaster waiting for him to call. The day dragged on in slow motion as I cleaned the house, worked out, read, played with myself three times, while I barely ate with all of my nervous energy.

My fiancé was out of town, but set to return the following evening, so I admittedly was hoping to ride this intense, serendipitous wave.

The clock ticked louder as the sun went down and then chirping notification arrived.

“Hi Morgan – it’s David.” With a smiley face emoji.

My heart and stomach fell to the floor. I put the phone down and purposely paced for 5 minutes not to look like the sexually desperate psycho I had become and respond back in.5 seconds.

While pacing I contemplated my response – do I be direct and invite him over? Do I see if he wants to get a beer? Should I be honest and just dump out that my fiancé is out of town and I’d love to continue where we left off?

I chose direct and honest – that’s what David had done to me – just put it all out there.

“You like the stalker move by calling your work?” With another smiley face back at him.

“You left me wanting to experience more – that was WILDLY intense and amazing yesterday. Definitely have me in a tizzy over here, David.”

As I was finger-typing my response, I could see him typing a response.

“I was hoping you’d rather come back today for an appointment – or really – somehow get in contact with me. I love when I get what I want!” Emoji face with hearts and kisses.

“So I’m going to throw it out there – knowing you probably already have plans tonight – want to hang? My fiancé is out of town – returns tomorrow – and figured I’d be insanely direct and just ask.”

Heart rate skyrocketed as I waited for his response. The typing icon appeared – I held my breathe for seconds.

“My plans are officially being cancelled.” Smiley face.

I exhaled, but then a whole new set of nervousness came about as I was now faced with being potentially minutes away from seeing David again.

“Can I invite you over for a drink? (I’m not a beer person).” Smiley face.

“Tell me where İstanbul Escort and when and I’ll be there – can I bring a bottle of wine, or anything.” My clothes were already stripping off to get into the shower.

“Just bring your gorgeous, curious self – does 8p work?” After sending the address, which was about 30 minutes away from my apartment, it gave me 30 minutes of nervousness to think about what I had quickly got myself into.

As I aggressively washed myself in the shower, I purposely held back thoughts of what I knew was potentially around the corner. I didn’t want to out think myself here, otherwise I knew I might scare myself out just being open to whatever happened organically. I knew from yesterday’s session, all the chips were on the table. I really wanted to just let the sex winds take us wherever they were going to take us. Life had served me up this serendipitous experience, which blossomed by curiosity – and i was going to milk the opportunity.

After picking up a nice bottle of whiskey, my jittery hands navigated to David’s house. I arrived at David’s house at 8:03p shaking with nerves. I was an absolute nervous wreck – serendipity was no longer – I was officially meeting up for sexual adventure. This had the blend of a date, Netflix and chill and blatant hook up all wrapped into one.

I don’t even remember knocking on his door, but I do remember the mischievous smile on his face when he slowly opened the door.

“Just wow, Morgan – wow.”

“Fucking wow, David – just wow, right?”

“Well come in – I don’t need my neighbors seeing me seduce a soon-to-be married man coming inside!”

That did wonders in breaking the nervousness, as I laughed with, “tell me you drink whiskey?”

“It’s your lucky day as I love whiskey. By the way, Morgan, who the fucks drinks beer any longer? Bloat city my friend.”

“You know, David – I say this with such love, but that is so wonderfully gay of you!. But you know what? You’re fucking right – I’m a bloated mess having to pee every 10 minutes with beer.”

He laughed loudly as we awkwardly looked at each other and then embraced for a hug. It was a strong embrace reconnecting us from yesterday’s tornado. My cock immediately woke up knowing exactly who I was hugging. David had a clean smell with a light beard. He was wearing jeans and t-shirt with no shoes. As our embrace lasted for maybe a minute, I too felt his cock pushing against my body, now knowing the beast within those jeans.

He pulled back, took my bottle of whiskey and walked further walked inside his well-decorated house. It was a nice, open flat-like, modern house with concrete floors. The art was vibrant, the air smelled like citrus and the music was subtle and sexy. It could not have been a better place to have entered with my curious, sexual appetite.

I followed David into his kitchen area like a nervous kid following his teacher. He reached up and grabbed two glasses, which quickly filled with warm whiskey.


“Please.” As I quietly responded.

“Come with me”, as I followed him to an open area with a couch and coffee table.

He sat down, placed the drinks on the coffee table and padded the seat next to him to invite me in. My nervousness had me keep some slight distance as I sat down on the couch and quickly grabbed for my drink. Once David grabbed his drink, he turned to me with a subtle smile, “cheers, Morgan – here’s to enjoying life.”

I swallowed nervously with, “cheers, David – I can’t believe where I am right now, but am loving every nervous second.”

We tapped our drinks, looked at each other and took sips, which for me, turned into a large gulp.

David laughed while almost gagging slightly as he swallowed his sip with, “I understand this is new and nerve-wracking, but I’ll try my hardest to make this a memorable experience.”

Before he even completed his comforting sentence, I took another large gulp which finished the glass. That must have been another signal David needed, because he immediately took another sip and quickly put his drink down on the coffee table. He then took my glass out of my hands and gently put it next to his on the table.

David turned his body to face me, took one hand and placed it onto my knee and the other hand reached up for my face. Even though this was all happening in milliseconds, I knew exactly what was about to happen – my first kiss with a man.

My face couldn’t resist from smiling as he turned my face towards his and I watched his eyes look down at my lips, open his mouth and there we went.

His lips were firm with prickly hairs surrounding, his breathe tasted of whiskey and his mint gum and his hand firmly navigating my face to embrace his. At first our lips just embraced, but then my tongue decided to penetrate his mouth to meet his tongue, which amplified the intensity of the kiss.

We kissed for what seemed like hours – lots of face holding, slight hair pulling and deep, loud breathes. Escort Bayan As the intensity continued to ramp up, shirts flew off and hands explored muscular chests with neither of us having too much hair on our bodies.

More minutes of surveying, which led to David standing up and pulling me with him. We stumbled into a room off the open area, which I assume was his master bedroom. Within seconds we were kissing and holding each other, which now led to us falling onto his large bed.

David flipped me onto my back and laid on top of me as we feverishly made out. His body humping into my body, hands going up and down, tongues, moans and more grinding. David’s hands eventually reached down and unbuttoned my jeans. He pulled away from my face and took both hands to pull my jeans off, which took the underwear with.

Within seconds, my raging hard cock was engulfed by his warm mouth. He took my cock with one hand and stroked it, while his mouth drenched and bobbed up and down on my cock. Another second and I would have come, but I decided to pull away from his mouth and throw him down on the bed.

My turn – I ripped his pants off as he elevated his body for me, which didn’t include any underwear underneath, and I did my best imitation of quickly placing his large, veiny, wet cock inside my curious mouth.

My inexperience quickly resurfaced as I could only fit the head of his cock inside before stumbling into some teeth.

I was on my knees with my ass in the air with one hand on the base of David’s cock and the other hand holding my weight from falling over. I in essence made out with his cock for the next 5-minutes as it poured pre-come all over my mouth.

I will admit that cock sucking is a simpler endeavor versus eating a pussy – I quickly found a comfort in bobbing, licking and stroking his large cock, which produced a result that demonstrated a rewarding output.

David thrashed his body to remove his cock from my mouth with, “holy shit, Morgan – I’m about to come.”

He again threw me down on my back, lifted my legs up to my chest and face-planted into my ass. As I left my legs clinched up against my chest, both of his hands spread my cheeks apart and dove in. My body jerked in response as he again hit some serious nerve endings with his tongue.

These were new nerve endings as my head spun as he continued to push inside my body with his tongue. Occasionally one hand would slide up my stomach between my dangling legs to rub around my nipples. His tongue would circle my anus and then dive in to penetrate, which eventually was accompanied by a finger, then two and possibly three.

I knew exactly where this was going and I was ready. My nerves had flocked and my sexual hunger had inflamed – I was ready to feel David inside me even though I knew his size might split me into blood and tears.

David continued to probe my asshole with his tongue and overall flood my ass area with fluid and lubrication, which eventually ended as David crept up towards me, lowering my legs and subtly coming into kiss me.

His tongue entered my mouth with a distinct taste of my body, but our heat was so passionate and intense that I devoured every little square inch of his tongue. We sucked on each other’s tongues for a few minutes as he reached to position himself between me. He again lifted my legs, which at first wrapped around him and immediate felt his large cock head venturing around my wet, eager asshole.

David pulled away from my mouth, never losing eye contact with me, lifted my body to particular position, grabbed his cock and began to circle and probe my hole.

Nothing was said – just staring with my mouth open in sexual hunger. I knew subconsciously he was about to penetrate my body without any protection, but I wasn’t remotely interested in stopping this moment.

David’s body weight shifted and I immediately felt his very large cock pushing into me. Everything changed quick with the pressure he was now applying. My eyes shut, my mouth opened wider and I exhaled as he forcefully pushed his cock into my virgin hole.

My body pulled back off by instinct, at first wanting to avoid the pain, but David plowed forward. I tried to spread my legs wider hoping it would make it easier for him to enter me, but that seemingly wasn’t the problem. Simply, David’s large cock was trying to find its way inside a hole that wasn’t remotely equipped to handle something of that size.

David shifted his weight, put his hand to his mouth to further lube up his cock and then took another attempt and pushing inside. My ass fought for additional seconds until it happened – the head finally popped inside.

My eyes opened, a loud gasp escape my wide open mouth and a rush of pressure and pain hit me as David was officially now inside of me.

I truly felt my virginity taken as I had never felt anything of its kind – the pressure felt like his cock was taking up my whole body, even though he was barely inside Eskort me.

David saw the undertaking effect and fell onto me to kiss me. He left his cock in this position as we kissed. This worked magic because it distracted me of the pain, while he kept us intimately engaged to help allow my body time to adjust.

We made out for minutes with his cock frozen in this position – I finally thawed out to reach around and grab his muscular butt.

My legs were like heavy weights draped around his body as we continued to kiss and moan into each other.

As my body opened up, I felt a courageous gust of wind and amazingly decided to pull his body into me further with my hand on his ass.

Another signal for David to pounce on as he lifted up to position himself for round two of pushing inside me. My body slightly twisted and adjusted to lift my legs up and again embrace the next wave. David spat on his hand to further moisten his cock and my ass for deeper penetration. I even reached down to feel his cock inside my ass and to my surprise his cock was near half way into me. During all the time kissing his cock subtly ventured further inside me without any additional pain.

The feel of his cock tightly wedged inside my spread hole was incredibly hot – I’m not sure what triggered such a burst of hunger, but once I felt him inside me, my inner animal woke up. and wanted more. I took both hands and firmly grabbed David’s butt to pull deeper inside.

Within seconds, David was now full inside me and it officially felt amazing. I’m guessing within a twenty minute span, it went from severe pain and discomfort to wanting him further inside me.

David began to rock back and forth as sweat built up on both of our bodies. I began to hear the music in the background, I saw the veins bulging from his arms, shoulders and neck – and my quiet, breathing moans turned into “David please fuck me” requests.

“So I take it you are finally enjoying this, Morgan?” David said dripping sweat onto me with a sheepish smile?

“You have no idea – never felt anything like this”, I replied while panting.

The pace picked up and my body was being thrown around now – my cock had drenched my stomach as David finally grabbed onto it. I was so worked up that within seconds I came long streams of come all over myself. I hadn’t realized that my cock had been unattended and it quickly showed.

David loudly moaned, “Come for me, Morgan – you are so fucking hot and love fucking you.”

My ass clinched in and out as his thick cock continued to destroy my body. This clinching didn’t stop David whatsoever as he continued to fuck me senseless. After minutes more of him abusing his new toy, David showed his strength by pulling out and flipping me onto my stomach.

David fell on top of my body, whispered into my ear, “ready for more, Morgan?”

Still panting, drenched in sweat, “oh god, David – what have you done to me?”

Before he responded I felt him dive back inside of me, which was a jolt of new initial discomfort coming inside me at a different angle.

My hands quickly both rushed around to try and hold his body from going further, but David’s alpha decided he was in control, as he removed my hands back down to the bed and proceeded to fuck me hard.

The pain quickly went away as his large cock found new areas of pleasure. Even to the point where after minutes of fucking me deep, I felt my cock begin to spasm again underneath my belly, as David found my spot with his depth and girth.

My virginity wasn’t taken with gentle, loving concern – this was seemingly provided to match the intensity we delivered for each other just one day prior.

As David’s pace rapidly picked up, my face and body blasted onto the bed bouncing in rhythm with his deep fucking motions – David screamed, “I’m going to fill you up with me, Morgan.”

I can’t say I felt his come inside me, but I felt the passion, his drive and his force unleash inside my body.

Within seconds he collapsed his sweaty, panting body weight on top of me, cock still deeply wedged inside me and he breathes, “holy shit, Morgan – the best sex I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

“Jesus, David – that was by far the most intense hour in my life.”

His cock slipped out, which now I could feel fluids escaping my body.

David rolled off of me, turned me towards him, grabbed my face and kissed me.

As he was kissing me, he quietly says, “let me clean you off in the shower.”

I didn’t even need to respond as my body lifted to his demand. My legs were wobbly, I felt come dripping down my leg and my ass seriously felt air on it as I’m guessing it was gaping wide open.

The feeling of being fucked hard was a feeling that hit me hard at that moment as I saw myself in the mirror all sweaty, hair everywhere and walking gingerly. I smiled as David approached me from behind. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my neck. As I felt his cock between my ass checks, my cock amazingly woke up again and wanted more.

We showered each other off with detail, both of us hard again, but holding off from accelerating our next round.

Within minutes we were both back on the couch drinking whiskey listening to music.

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