Fun Time in the Community Hot Tub

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During college, my parents had a second lake house upstate in an upscale cottage community. This community was mainly older people who escape on the weekends to hang out, drink, do outdoorsy activities, and other things. The community had a nice community center that had a pool and hot tub in it, which I always loved going to.

One weekend during college, I decided to head up to the cottage by myself to get away from everything. I got to the house around 7PM, unloaded my stuff, and chatted with the neighbors for a bit.

After about an hour, I decided I wanted to take a dip in the hot tub. I put on my little bikini, which showed off a lot more skin than my dad probably would have let me wear if he was here. After getting a few seltzers, I headed down to the community center to hang out in the hot tub at around 9PM.

I got to the hot tub, dropped my cover up, and slid into the tub. I was the only one in the tub/pool area, so I put on some music and let the jets massage my butt cheeks and feet. The center was set to close in an hour, so I just decided I’d stay until close.

After about 20 minutes, three 60-year-old guys walked in and got in the tub. They immediately started talking to me, asking all about me, as they have seen me around but never gotten to chat with me before.

They started to get a bit flirty, as we were all drinking more. I was honestly really almanbahis adres liking the attention I was getting from them, while they started to move closer and closer to me, one of them eventually putting their arm around me.

At first, I was kind of taken aback, but I immediately started to like it, so I propped my feet up onto his leg and the leg of one of the others. They started asking me about whether or not I had a boyfriend, which I don’t, and then started to ask about some personal questions, hinting about my sex life.

I answered their questions, letting them know I love experimenting and telling them about some of my crazier sex encounters. I mentioned in one of my stories that I have pierced nipples. One of the guys stopped me and pressed to see them.

I started off hesitant, but eventually gave in. I stood up, backed up to the edge of the tub and sat down on the edge. I reached behind me and pulled the string on the knot holding my bikini top on. My top dropped to my lap as the three men stared in awe at my evenly tanned, medium sized, pierced nipples.

I grabbed my top from my lap and spun around, bending over and reaching to put my top in my pool bag, totally exposing my ass with my thong bikini disappearing into my butt crack. I could feel their eyes peering directly into where my bottoms disappeared into my ass.

One of them asked, almanbahis adresi trying to be funny, why I wasn’t wearing any bottoms. I turned around and laughed too.

“How about this: if you all take yours off, I’ll take mine off,” I said, jokingly.

Not even ten seconds later, their bathing suits were floating on the surface. After laughing a bit, I decided to join them. Still sitting on the edge of the hot tub, I leaned back onto the concrete, bringing my knees to my chest. I slowly pulled my bottoms off my hips, past my knees, and off my ankles. I turned around, bending over again, and put my bottoms into my pool bag.

We all sat in silence as I slid back into the tub.

“Well, let me see what you all are working with!” I said laughing. They all stood up and I inspected their hard dicks. I grabbed each one, tugging on them, knowing I was giving them blue balls.

I told them I liked what I saw and said that its their turn if they want. I sat back on the edge of the hot tub and spread my legs on either side of the edge of the tub, completely exposing my entire body.

All three men immediately came down and started rubbing my legs, pussy, feet, and feeling my pierced nipples. After a while of them inspecting each crevice of my body, two of them started sucking my nipples while the third one started eating me out.

“How often do you fuck?” almanbahis adresi I asked them. The most recent sexual encounter from either of them was almost a year prior. I felt bad that I was teasing them, so I told them I’d let them bust their sexual slump with me if they wanted to.

They were standing in a line, so I grabbed the two on the outside with my hands and started sucking off the one in the middle. They all started moaning immediately as I felt the middle one throb in my mouth. I knew the one I was sucking on was about to cum, so I grabbed him with both hands and swallowed his load.

I went back to the other two, pulling them into the middle of the tub. I stood up in the middle, where the water came to about my mid-thigh, and bent over while still sucking on one of their dicks. I motioned for the other to fuck me from behind and he immediately shoved his dick inside of me.

After no more than a minute, the one fucking me filled me up with cum. As he pulled out, I looked between my legs to see his massive load draining from my pussy and into the tub. I then grabbed the last man’s dick and twisted around to bend over in front of him, pulling him inside of me.

This one ended the same as the last, with cum draining from my destroyed pussy into the tub. I could tell that they were done for the night, and we all grabbed our stuff and started waling out.

“If you want to do that again, there are about 10 of us who have little get togethers every weekend,” one of them said. I told him I would be in and since then I joined their little “get togethers” at least once per month.

Follow me to hear how some of these go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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